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Camelot Wants To Make A Donkey Kong 64 Sequel

Camelot has worked on a few Mario titles, such as Mario Tennis Open, and the developer wants to work with another Nintendo character. Camelot president Hiroyuki Takahashi revealed that he wants to develop a new Donkey Kong game. Takahashi is apparently a fan of Donkey Kong 64, for the Nintendo 64, and “would love to make a sequel to it.” Should Camelot work on the Donkey Kong franchise, or should it be left for Retro Studios?

183 thoughts on “Camelot Wants To Make A Donkey Kong 64 Sequel”

    1. I’m Camelot can do something too, Retro is to busy, and have you seen how beautiful the games look by Camelot? Mario golf toadstool tour look extremely amazing I would love for Camelot to make this!

      1. ^ This

        Theyre very capable of making a great game, we need a company like them to ease the load of demand for first party games that people want, like Metroid, Star Fox, DK, and F-Zero, and hopefully with the free time, Nintendo can create some new IP’s.

    2. If Retro Studios is hard at work on a project, than another studio should have the chance to work on this.

      1. I agree they should leave it to other studios to work on it. Just have some people to check the game out to see if it is good we don’t want another Mario is Missing!

    3. I’m sorry but there is no way of me buying this game DK64 was my favorite game ever but without rare this game will do terrible

  1. Donkey Kong? I’ll tell ya what Camelot should do, they should stay stay the f*ck away from DK, leave that to Retro, and make more Golden Sun. That’s what they should be doing.

      1. i really liked dkc:r. but yes i would rather have someone else make a dk game because i just want retro to finish whatever game they’re working on right now so i can play it lol

    1. Implying Retro did any good with DKC:R that peice of shit platformer, Retro needs to go make my Metroid FPS’ and let Camelot deal with it.

  2. Donkey Kong? I’ll tell ya what Camelot should do, they should stay stay the f*ck away from DK, leave that to Retro, and make more Golden Sun. That’s what they should be doing.

    1. avert_from_the_norm

      dude are you f***ing kidding. serious, i would agree if we got anything other than f*cking sidescroller DK games. I know i’m not the only one who wants more open world style donkey kong like 64. and besides, companies can branch out and still have some people work on golden sun. don’t be a b*tch.

      1. He’s talking about a donkey kong 64 sequel, that game wasn’t a side scroller, now donkey kong country returns, yes that was a sequel because it was based off of the original DKC for the SNES, which was a side scroller. If they were to make a sequel to Donkey kong 64, it’d have a world just as big, probably bigger, than DK64

    1. I love retro, but that also has alot to do with the games they had to make. Say for example, if Nintendo told Retro they had to make a game in a genre that very few people like, and even if they executed it perfectly, I would probably not think as high of Retro as I do now.
      That’s why I think other studios should get a chance to do one of those ‘major fangames’ too.

      Since the people over at camelot appear to be fans, and they brought this out themselves I think it shows all the more that they wouldn’t want do damage the series that they love, so they’ll probably do one hell of a good job.

      1. Too true. At the moment people are relying too heavily Retro. We need another developer like them, in the same way Sony has Naughty Dog, Sucker Punch, Insomniac Games (although theyre allowed free reign now, Overstrike is a multiplat title)

          1. Insomniac games a game company- they invented spyro and made the ps1 games of it. They also make the ratchet and clank games and they did make the resistance games, but have stopped now.

            1. racther and clank haha.i remeber this game its so anoying and for babies.But spyro is the best game i ever played on my ps1 when i was younger

              1. How is Ratchet and Clank for babies? Its very teen oriented, over the top crazy fun, and often, pretty challenging.

        1. Whats with peoples obsession with retro. They make great stuff but Nintendo already has their Naughty Dog ,SP, and insomniac.their called Monolith, Retro, and Sora.

          1. That’s what I mean ;P
            Except I’m personally not too keen on Kingdom Hearts, and therefor not on Sora but they do make good quality games (despite what I think about them)

  3. Hell. Yes.
    DK 64 is th best 3D Platformer there is and only good can come of a sequel.
    By Retro. And no one else.

    1. Best 3d platformer? Not quite but very enjoyable and worthy of a sequel. Retro isnt the team to do it though. Camelot, or better, outsourced to a competent 3rd party. Maybe nintendo can sway some Sony developers over to the Wii U – Suckerpunch comes to mind….

      1. As long as we’re talking dream developer/franchise projects, I’d love to see Rocksteady take on Earthworm Jim 4…

      2. There’s certainly no better one.
        Or for that matter, a better video game.
        Weeeeeelllllllllll, maybe Banjo Tooie but that is it

  4. I say do it. Retro are busy with their secret title anyway. Star Fox is being made, Zelda is being made, Metroid is being made, a new Mario may be in the brainstorming stage, Smash Bros is being made, so only DK and F-Zero are missing.

    1. Lol, so you think a new mario is being brainstormed and you KNOW star fox and metroid are being done?

      Rubbish rumours is all that shit is. Dont get me wrong, it’s a safe assumption about metroid, and i would love another star fox – i think star fox is many years away due to the under selling 3ds release. And i’m confident that Mario (3d platformer, not this years side scroller) is beyond brainstorming – it’ll be a release next year for sure.

      1. What was the point in this comment? You said “rubbish rumours”, then its safe to say its being made.

        A few people from Nintendo have mentione Metroid, and Retro is probably most likely doing Star Fox, seeing as its the most requested franchise that people want, and Retro said, “we’re making a game people have wanted for a long time”. Mario is always at least in the brainstorming level of design, ever since they finalised the WiiU.
        Shut up, if you dont like the games, or Nintendo, then go away

        1. Plus, Nintendo said a few years ago that they’d love to see a new Star Fox made, as long as it was handled by an external developer that they trusted…

          1. Exactly. Star Fox went in the right direction with Assault, but the delivery wasnt as good as we hoped. Retro can do that. I hope it isnt just another Lylat Wars, its just not enough these days, need more variety. Hopefully they’ll add in massive space battles, that arent on rails like Assaults first level, as well as multiplayer. Starhawk is a perfect example of how it could work, with adjusments

  5. Camelot making DK64 sequel… hmm… I don’t know… I think I prefer Retro for that. Camelot should do the follow-up on GoldenSun:DD instead.

    1. Retro cant make EVERY game. Even though i’d like another Prime/DK Country, id be more interested in some new. I dont think Nintendo will be giving a title to a company unless they cant deliver, after what happened with Other M (i thought it was ok, which is bad for a Metroid game)

      1. I’d love to see Nintendo/Team Ico collaborate on a Zelda title. They already borrow ideas from each other anyway.

    1. DK64 is a unsung hero of the Nintendo library, hope they revisit it, need a good old 3D platformer

    1. haha. Nice try. Everyone thinks DKCR it’s as good as the SNES trilogy. You never even played the damn game. Haha.

      1. As somebody who is obsessed with 2D platformers and has played all four Donkey Kong Countries to death Far too many times i can tell you DKCR is better than DKC1 and 3 but just under (and I mean just) DKC2 so God knows what you’re moaning about.

  6. Maybe Nintendo needs to buy back rare to do it or camelot needs to hire Grant Kirkhope if retro don’t want to hire him

      1. Rare arent exactly a good developer these days seeing as the good people left…they should hire a new developer called Old Rare

  7. When I read the last sentence, I actually read it like “Should Rare work on the Donkey Kong franchise, or should it be left for Retro Studios?” :P

    Anyways, I think it would be best that Camelot worked with the Donkey Kong game. My reason is that Retro Studios is obviously busy working with other franchises and if we want a new Donkey Kong game see the light of the day, then it would be best letting another company do the work. And who knows, maybe Camelot could be the next Retro Studios with that game, besides making Mario Tennis games. :P

    1. Rare was awesome when they worked o n nintendo games. Perfect dark was good on 64 and then on xbox it sucked.

        1. Banjo kazooie was good on 64 and it sucked on xbox as well. I guess money talks and thats all microsoft are good for.

          1. I thought B&K N&B was pretty cool. Not amazing, but it was better than the tired go-into-a-stage-and-collect-x-amount-of-x formula.

              1. Kinect is potentially cool technology with no good example of it’s full potential. As of now, yes, the games are horse shit.

  8. Well since Retro already said they werent doing a sequel to Donkey Kong Country Returns, an most likely are working on something non-DK related (my guess is Metroid again) – i say Camelot should be given the green light for DK64 2 (named more appropriately, of course). If they start tomorrow, they could have a Wii U DK platformer ready for Dec 2014 – sounds great to me!!

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  10. I don’t think ANYONE should make a sequel to DK64. 3D platformers just don’t sell as well as they used to in the 64/PS1 era, unless a radically fresh idea is brought into the mix (i.e. Super Mario Galaxy). If a 3D Donkey Kong was released tomorrow, it would be on a level with Epic Mickey; not bad, but not good enough for Nintendo.

    1. TheDragon234 i CAN COUNT BECAUSE i AM SPECIAAAAAAAAAAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      do you work for Nintendo or any game company? if not… shut the fuck up

        1. TheDragon234 i CAN COUNT BECAUSE i AM SPECIAAAAAAAAAAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          I loved other M. Got a problem? I hate faggots like you who think they can do better. Join Nintendo if you think you can make a masterpiece…

          1. I liked the gameplay in Other M. The story was trash, and looked really bad on Nintendo’s reputation. After that E3 trainwreck, they need to avoid all the bad press they can.

      1. If you say dk64 sucks u obviously had the game on mute. Best music from any game. That shit had me groovin while looking at the awesome scenery. Fuck golden sun play a damn emulator or 70% of the games out there. And also dk64 had a variety of different style gaming in it so it never got old. The mini games were facing amazing. And if u say other wise. I. WILL. FUCKING. CUT. YOU!!!!!!!!!

  11. I’d love for Rare to do it, but it probably won’t happen. Perhaps Camelot and Retro could collaborate (Not sure how well that would go but yeah). I’d just love to see it, a real quality 3D Platformer/Collectathon is something I really feel we need these days.

    1. Rareware has lost many talented or all the talented developers they had unfortunatly.Nintendo shouldn’t let that happen…

    2. avert_from_the_norm

      there ya go. take some of the best and brightest from both. just so long as retro didn’t make it too donkey kong country esque.

  12. If I had done my DK64 review I would so post it on this page, but sadly I haven’t done that review yet. But I shall.

  13. Oh man, please make this game… Donkey Kong 64 was probably my favorite Donkey Kong game I played. I wonder if Retro would work on it (As others has wanted)? I hope they have time for it if Camelot asked Retro to make the game though. xD

    1. They should go for it let camlot we will get the 64 type of donkey kong fix & when retro have the time sidescrolling donkey kong fix everones happy everone will throw money at screen then at retailers face at launch

  14. I would love it if retro ready to takle on the donkey kong franchise again they make a under water stage & snow level for some odd reason i was hoping for it in return but other wise return was a great

  15. I loved DK64 but a sequel is pretty late. Maybe another 3D game. Did Super mario 64 have a sequel? No they went to a different direction and went with Super Mario Sunshine followed by the Super Mario Galaxy. A sequel would be nice but make a new thing with a differet story but bring back King. k Rool because the Takis werent that big they sucked or bring a mixture of the two

    1. Kid Icarus got a game, that was waaaay overdue. If the fan service is strong enough, a sequel for any game can be made, like the petition to get Timesplitters 4 made

    2. Nope a FUCKING sequel will do it. You can’t change how amazing that game was. DONKEY KONG 64 over every mother fucking game. I play that shit when I get tired of my shitty ps2 Xbox 360 and wii u. Fucking mother fuckers r about to ruin my life cuz there were def af and probably played the game as a 30 year old dk64 will forever be fucking amazing

  16. I think Camelot can do it. Since the president is a fan of the game I’m pretty sure he would understand how to make an awesome sequel to donkey kong 64…hopefully.

  17. A sequel? No thanks. DK64 was just Banjo-Kazooie 1.5 with monkeys instead. It was the biggest disappointment on the N64. By all means make a new 3D DK game but don’t have us collecting the obscene amount of crap that the 64 game has us do. It got boring very quickly and only the final boss saved it. But make it an eShop release as sadly 3D platformers just don’t sell anymore.

    Oh, and leave Retro to the 2D DKC games – would love to see them make a 3DS sequel as it would look beautiful (especially the shilouette levels).

    1. TheDragon234 i CAN COUNT BECAUSE i AM SPECIAAAAAAAAAAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Mario galaxy would love to have a word with you

      1. Mario is always the exception to the rule and why I didn’t mention a comparison. But what other 3D platformers sell nowadays? Or are even made? They’ve been evolved into other genres/titles such as the Arkham games.

        Oh, and THE monkeys? Tiny, Lanky and Chunky were dreadful additions to the roster. If Camelot do a game it should be DK, Diddy, Cranky and possibly Dixie, but no-one else. At all.

        1. I only ment Donkey, Diddy, Cranky and Dixie.
          It was still a quality platfromer, with lots of charm.
          I want more platformers like that, but just re-invent it so it isn simply, collect 150 random objects

    2. Bitch I’m going to find you and hang u from a n64 wire. U dirty bastard I’ll rape and kill your whole fucking family while I play DONKEY KONG 64. I’ll cum on it mom’s chest every time I get a golden banana. I’ll slap your sister with my dick every time I beat a level. I will burn your fucking house down once I beat the game. Moral of the fucking story is DONKEY KONG 64 will forever be better then every other n64 game and if they don’t make a sequel cuz of all of u hypocritical nerds then go fuck urselfs with the fucking cartige. Maybe Ull appreciate the game when it’s lodged up ur loose ass holes! Dumb mother fuckers!!!

  18. i would like to see what Camelot can bring to DONKEY KONG but that doesn’t mean RETRO shouldn’t make a sequel to DONKEY KONG COUNTRY RETURNS (2) in the future specially Camelot wants to make a sequel to the 64 its nice to see all the kongs are back in action but they have to make something new to what Rare has done with Donkey Kong 64 to make it more fun ….
    looking forward to see a Donkey Kong game from Camelot :)

    1. avert_from_the_norm

      while i think expounding on what was done in dk64 by rare would be fantastic, and certainly with a more traditional controller available for use and more buttons new regular attacks for certain, if they simply brought back the same cast with more or less the same moveset and a new story, that was maybe a bit more involved, and a plethora of new areas and bosses and everything, that would be enough for me. tweak it a bit, but keep it what it was for now. Besides, if they fix stuff like the camera problems and what not with a true sequel that would be perfect.

  19. Let’s hope that Camelot pushes the graphics envelope for a DK 64 sequel for the Wii U. I’d rather have Retro Studios to develop the Donkey Kong Country franchise, but I’m sure they’re busy working on a top secret Wii U title.

    Leave Luck to Heaven

  20. I don’t care who makes it, I just want that DK64 sequel to actually happen. I’ve been waiting for a long time.

  21. I’ll say go with it, I just got Mario Tennis on VC and it is fantastic! Camelot is welcome in my book to take on this challenge. But, it would be a lot better if Retro Studios did it. On that same note, Camelot should get a chance to gain their rep as well!

    1. avert_from_the_norm

      who says they can’t do both? sure, it would be harder, but maybe if they expanded a bit. besides, the last golden sun game came out in 2010. seriously, if the golden sun games are so great, go back and play the old ones again. and before anyone says we should do that with donkey kong, it’s only 1 single game. fantastic to be sure, but it’s been 13 years since DK64. seriously, you guys can wait a couple years for another golden sun, it may not be desirable, but you can be sure they’ll come back to it. With retro doing whatever else, and camelot being one of the first to say that they want to do it, i would rather camelot actually went ahead with it, than wait for another company to step up and do it, because that may never happen. seriously, find some other games to satisfy you, so that other fanbases can be satisfied.

  22. Retro would probably do a better job, but I’ll be damned if I said I don’t want a DK64 sequel!! Yes please!

  23. Camelot should try it. They are good a character controls in the MTennis games, and that’s what a platformer needs.

  24. Its problems like these that keep/prevent games from showing up on Nintendo consoles! Stop worrying about who is making the game and just make it!!! The more developers the more games! :) Its also not about if you “trust” them or not, because how do you know if a company could do somthing good for a game if you dont give them a chance? I say let them..and if it sucks oh well we werent getting a Donkey Kong game to begin with anyway!

  25. I think Camelot should be able to make a sequel to Donkey Kong 64. Just look at all their amazing games they’ve developed for Nintendo.

  26. I don’t have too much of a problem with Camelot making a Donkey Kong game. The biggest problem with that is that it’ll probably assure that we’ll be waiting another 7 years for a Golden Sun game.

    Of course, if Nintendo could just get someone else to make a Golden Sun game, then this wouldn’t be a problem.

  27. if i recall retro studios won’t be making anything donkey kong related for a long time because of the hassle it was to get donkey kong country returns’s camera working properly. so if they are working on a different franchise then by means let camelot do this, the more main franchises on one system the better!

  28. Francisco Alvarado Vega

    The more developers that are capable, like Camelot, the more great games from first party IPs.

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  30. I’m shocked. Y’all like that Collectathon Donkey Kong 64. DK 64 was ridiculously sub-par—it was nowhere near the masterpieces of DKC1-3 or DKC:R! Heck even the Banjo Kazooie games very vastly superior. I guess ALL you guys are obsessed with collecting stuff :)

    1. It was just a hilariously quirky and fun game. The levels were imaginative and even challenging at times, the story wasn’t super spectacular but it had its moments, and the best part; unlockable in-game cheats.
      The multiplayer was amusing but wasn’t genius by any stretch.
      The one-player campaign, though……that shone brightly.

    2. avert_from_the_norm

      sub par, are you fucking kidding. it wasn’t simply a collection game. it was a game that was filled to the brim with challenges and fun and incredibly innovative gameplay, because of having to use 5 different characters with different abilities and everything. a fantastic game.

    3. Come back and talk when youve found another N64 came that made them invent a bigger memory card just to fill its fucking awesome adventure that made my childhood

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      1. Most of the original team that developed Donkey Kong 64 have since left Rare. If this sequel by Camelot comes to fruition, I think the development team may include DK64 developers that might choose to join in, just like the DKC staff that helped with DKCR.

  32. Ganon's Apprentice

    I’d be very happy if Retro Studios continued the Donkey Kong Country-style lineage of games while Camelot continued the Donkey Kong 64-style lineage of games. Anything like the original Nintendo arcades (and DK on Game Boy) and the Rareware DK games will be great! King of Swing and Jungle Climber were fun, but, to me, they weren’t DK; they were Clu Clu Kong Land. =)

  33. Whoever is making a sequel to DK64 needs to call upp Grant Kirkhope and have him do the music and sound design. He did a great job on the first DK64, Banjo-Kazooie and recently Reckoning: Kingdoms of Amalur, and thanks to Big Huge Games he is now unemployed again, so why not?!!

    1. I agree! Wouldn’t it also be awesome if he voiced DK in the sequel, just like in DK64 and the unreleased Diddy Kong Pilot and Donkey Kong Racing?

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  35. avert_from_the_norm

    I say that if a company wants to work on a game that people have been requesting for well over 10 years, and no other company wants to make that game, then let them make the god dang game. oh you poor golden sun fans who have been waiting 2 years for a new golden sun, grow the f*ck up, and replay one of the golden sun games. and don’t even say that shit to me, b/c we only have the one single open world free roam Donkey kong to go off of. true, i will probably be replaying it soon, but having a brand new DK game in the same style but with the bugs fixed and new gameplay mechanics would be the shit. Seriously, if you don’t like this game because it was filled with collecting then don’t play it, but don’t B*tch because you didn’t like it. Find something else to tide you over during the wait, because you B*tching isn’t going to stop them from doing it. If everyone is lucky, they will have 2 teams that can work on both games, then most everyone can be satisfied, so long as both games come out quality. But if they have to decide on one, then they NEED to do the one that has been left to gather dust because no one wanted to step up and fill the shoes rare left with that. and i’m sorry, but no, it is not just a copy of banjo kazooie. Yes, there are similarities, but there are plenty of differences as well. Case and point, if you are a fellow fan, sound off, and let’s share what we would like to see, and if you are in the negative nancy camp, grow the F*CK UP and deal with it.

  36. RARE should make this for xbox 360! let the OGs make the games For ex: DKCR was shit and i dont think any die hard N64 players still play wii! mainly because theyve grown up

    1. Not all of the diehard Nintendo 64 players have left Nintendo behind. The Nintendo 64 was my favorite video game era; I loved the Wii, and I’m looking forward to the Wii U as well. =)

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  39. Yes please make this game!! I love this game one of the best N64 games ever made. I will preorder this game the moment I hear it announced for sure for wii u and Camelot should definetly make this. This was my favorite game growing up

  40. YESYESYES!!!! I too am a fan of Donkey Kong 64 and It would be my dream for a sequel of it to finally come out!!!!

  41. they should make dk64 sequel dk64 was an all time favorite at my house
    make the sequel in 1080p hi-def and 7.1 surround sound plz only on wii u btw nintendo does wii u have a digital optical cable port ??

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  46. Blueberry Projectile Kong

    ! IT’S 2013 AND I’M ADDING TO THE LOVE ! A Donkey Kong 64 sequel would be superb! If this developer loves the treasured game, then git it a DK “!OK!”. I only ask to continue its magical music, Kong variety humor, and individual collecting :)) 64’s unmatched in many of its elements. Ocarina of Time is unique. Donkey Kong 64 is also extremely unique. and K.Rool’s a wayyy harder final boss than Ganon/dorf! : P ( I just started a new file today with an eager audience :’) They’re all like “Was this the first Donkey Kong made in this style?” )

  47. I’d rather Playtonic develop the game, since we have ex-employees from Rare. Let Camelot stick to the Mario Tennis games. That series has peaked since the N64 days. Their attention is better needed there.

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