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Nintendo: ‘Wii U Criticism Similar To Wii Reaction’

According to Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, the feedback of Wii was “similar to that of the Wii U.” Iwata believes that the reason for this is because the Wii U, like the Wii initially, is a unique product, and “it’s difficult for people to understand it at the beginning.” Iwata mentions how people were skeptical about Wii when it first launched, because they thought Nintendo wouldn’t be able to compete with its competitors, but changed their minds when it began selling well. Iwata claims that people will eventually understand the Wii U.

“For the Wii, before its launch and right after its announcement, the feedback was similar to that of the Wii U. In other words, when something unique comes up, it’s difficult for people to understand it at the beginning. A lot of misunderstandings and pessimistic observations, like, ‘Will a product like this really spread in the market?’ prevail and then after some time, after being able to experience it, the atmosphere changes.”

“In fact, when the Wii was showcased at E3 in 2006, there were a lot of news stories which reported the strong receptions of the Wii by the visitors to the show; however, the questions I was asked then and there were all tough questions. Almost every one of the reporters asked, ‘How in the world are you going to compete with SONY or Microsoft with a product like this?’ Everyone has forgotten what the real situation was. Then, in hindsight, I think some people say, ‘I was convinced about the success of the Wii from the beginning’ only after looking at the results. Nintendo has to fight the lasting impression of the Wii business that once exploded.”

92 thoughts on “Nintendo: ‘Wii U Criticism Similar To Wii Reaction’”

    1. Ermmm, i dont think ive ever seen a single thing on the WiiU that was on another console. and dont say rehash, the market is still there, i didnt buy NG3, now im glad i didnt, and dont say graphics because they are the least important thing.

        1. Yeah because arkham city on the ps3 and 360 allowed you to use a touch screen for all your gadgets and menus

          1. Yeah because that’s a good reason for buying a current-gen game for what should be a next-gen console.

            I’m sure I’m going to love the games, but this is not right what Iwata sais.
            Consumers don’t give a shit about the sales, the investers do. The reason consumers sometimes do care about it is because it makes them think they will get a top of the notch console. That’s what I expected at least when I knew how much profit the Wii gave Nintendo.

    2. all good things come in time. let have patient before the storm there alot we don’t know but it will be reveal in time

    3. *sigh….Another person who “believes” those stupid articles made by Trolls. Lets make this simple. Xbox 360 and PS3 are last gen. Wii U is the next gen. Wii U has superior graphics(1080) and processing power. It is a true fact not a rumor. What IS A RUMOR is that the Wii U is like a curent Xbox.

      1. Actually from the Digital Foundry analysis on the games on the E3 show floor, the vast majority of them were running at 720p and without anti-aliasing. Not that it would be impossible to run games at 1080p with anti aliasing (Mario Bros U was for example) but so far most of the games shown were simply the same as current gen games on the 360 and PS3 despite the fact that the Wii U has a superior graphics chip. This is probably due to lack of experience programming for the Wii U though and in time I’m sure developers will squeeze more out of it.

        1. Its not a matter of squeezing more out, most of the AAA games shown for the Wii U are direct port of games built around the 360/PS3 hardware. This is why the launch games will be 720p. When developers get the time to use all the capabilities of the CPU/GPU and enhance their engines according… then we will see 1080p games.
          I look to 1st and 2nd party developers like Retro to show what’s possible on the Wii U since their games will be built from the ground up, using the latest engines and tools for their AAA games.

      2. I’m not believin any rumors at all. I’m just goin by what Nintendo “chose” to show us. It wasn’t much and Sony and Microsoft are already scramblin to copy the ideas. Not sayin I wont get a WiiU cuz I’m gettin that bad boy at launch, but who really can brag about a system that isn’t capable of blowin away the competition, but instead just 1-up,n them

  1. I don’t really know if I want one or not. Leaning towards not wanting one as of now.
    It’s weird to have to look at the TV and then also on the little screen on the controller. It comes only with one controller and I heard you cannot buy them individually. I suspect the controller is vulnerable to damage because some games has it sitting on the ground to play, or what if it gets dropped. Anyway, I will surely follow experiences and reviews from early buyers.

    1. It’s like driving a car, you need to take your eyes off the road to check your speed etc. if one can drive a car like this and almost all the time avoid a car crash, I’m sure taking your eyes off the screen for a split-few seconds won’t hurt. Also never really bothered my with the 3/ds

      1. Except theres no risk of death and injury :p
        But yeah, i dont see what the big deal is about it being distracting.
        Only a hands on feel can sum it up i guess.

          1. Not lazy, just stupid.
            I love innovation in gaming. Playing a FPS on the Wii is just as good as it is on the PC, the WiiU will be comparable to a PC experience, rather than a 360/ps3, because from a “true gaming” perspective, you have that control that PC has, not just in aiming ect, but in keyboard commands as well. Mass Effect on PC allows you to issues an ability to the number keys, thats doable on the WiiU.

    2. Ive never dropped any other pad (even the Wiiremote and i never used the strap on condom sleeve.
      I am curious what they’ll do in case anyone breaks one, and wants new one, maybe theyll replace it (not likely), but ive neer broken a pad, theyve just been broken by other people i regrettable lend to -___-
      Should be a sturdy piece of tech.

    3. Actually you can buy more, the wii u supports 2 game pads and up to 4 classic controller pros (same buttons as the upad without the screen.)

  2. You mean the same reaction the DS got, and the 3DS, and the Gamecube, and probably every other console Nintendo make?
    Haters gona hate

    1. I think Nintendo are bein pretty damn clever, and if they package nintendoland, even more so, because it has the potential to basically combine the casual and core gamers to a new demographic. Imagine this, a family buy a WiiU, they play the Zelda Battle Quest game, and love it. Then, 2 years later, they see a new Zelda game is out and say, “oh, Zelda, that was fun on NintendoLand, i think i’ll buy it”. Genius. Granted, it wont happen to every person, but it means theres more core gamers, and still casual without sacrificing the market of one or the other.

      1. I couldn’t agree more. I’ve been telling a lot of people that, especially the “Nintendo fans” that hate on this great game.

        1. To be honest, as a core gamer, i think it looks like alot of fun. It probably the only “casual” game i could get into, because it uses the core elements of games a already love, along with new stuff, and at the same time being multiplayer

        2. there hatred is missguided its because everyone was hoping for to much that they forgot what nintendo about FUN its about enjoyment & from what i seen at e3 they still nintendo i was happy because apart of me was hoping that nintendo don’t forget who they are because all the pressure but see e3 it was a relief in my book & honest they have good third partys for a start im get the wii u because i like the message of casual & core having a system we can all play together nintendo wii United are U?

          1. To be honest, their press conference left a poor impression, they shouldve spent more time on other games

            1. Well i wont lie the showing of nintendo land was kinda long but we still gotta remember they was going. Show something else but didnt they couldn’t do anything else but drag nintendo land till the end do i mind no because whatever that game is its going to be epic

  3. Journalists are usually biased to Sony and Microsoft but come out second best once they see how much everyone loves Nintendo’s products. Nintendo get a bashing at E3 but once their system sells well (like the situation with Wii) all of a sudden journalists are praising Nintendo for being so innovative. It’s so funny to watch the analysts have to forgive Nintendo for their over-the-top comments.

    1. just to retain popularity, just to retain their goddamn face they suck up to the bigger crowd.

      i thought journalism is supposed to be independend and if it conveys an opinion, it should convey a solid one. not this wishy-washy crap, wobbling back and forth between the opinions just to stay with the more popular ones.

  4. I was never skeptical of the wii and am not skeptical of wiiu. the wii was and still a blast to play so I’m sure the wiiu will be too. of course I’m speaking about the games.

  5. All I want is my Mario and the best third party games and I am all good. :)
    I don’t want to buy a PS4 or a Xbox 720 just to play 3 or 5 games that I can’t play on my Wii U. In other words, hope the Wii U won’t be in the same position that its predecessor is facing right now.

  6. The Troll With A 3DS

    the wii didnt get this kind of reaction. the wii got nothing but good reaction. the wii u is only getting this kind of reaction cause the wii sucked dick in alot of peoples opinion and nintendo neglected alot of their franchises in favor of stupid shit

        1. But we did get Donkey Kong (The REAL Donkey Kong) and Punch Out back, ntm other franchises such as Fire Emblem, Mario, Zelda, etc. Just because the Wii missed out on some doesn’t mean it didn’t have other ones.

          1. I know, but they still missed some, i blame it on its capabilites and life span. Hopefully we’ll get at least one from each franchise with the WiiU, we already got Pikmin, and Star Fox is on the way, so just F-Zero to tick off the list, although i think that’ll do better as a download title, like Wipeout HD was.

            1. I have my doubts on every major Nintendo franchise making it on the Wii-U but here’s to hoping for it.

              Here’s to hoping for an F-Zero, cheers. *Clink glasses*

          1. Its being made at this moment. We just dont know which developer, some people think its Retro with Prime 4, but i think theyre working on Star Fox (its the most requested franchise), but there were also rumours about Epic Games making it too.

            1. I, personally, would love an open world, nonlinear Metroid. Samus is a bounty hunter. Think about all the missions that could possible come from a Metroid like that. I think Metroid could definitely appeal to a much larger “core” audience if Metroid went in that direction.

              1. Well Metroid’s always been non linear, and had backtracking, so i agree, would love them to expand on that. Remember the city from the Other M cutscenes? It could start off right after Fusion, where Samus and Adam are attending the hearing the talk about at the end of Fusion, and Adams a well established character too. But then space pirates lead by Ridley could over run it, and you have to stop them, but then uncover the outcome of the labours of all those secret Metroid projects that sciencist are always working on in other Metroid games.

                Would give you this massive playground thats more traditionalto older Metroids, rather than traveling to different planets or locations on planets.

                But above all, as a series pretty heavily influenced by Alien, they need to add more, scifi thriller aspects. Like strobbing lights, and the light running down a long corridor. Remember the intro to Super Metroid? That scared the crap out of people, we need that atmosphere back, thats a MUST for the next Metroid

            2. the prime series ended with prime 3 (prime hunters was just an epilogue) but they might make an fps metroid with some platforming like other m and as for who will make metroid it might be a 3rd party as retro said they will take a break from metroid.

    1. the wii did actually get this kind of reaction. the current reaction is, that we’re buying a current gen console and the graphics will be “just as good as xbox”. also that it’s basically an xbox with the new pro controller, etc.

      the wii reaction was: this bullshit graphics wtf guys pls give me a good controller too to play games (bam nintendo released the pro controller) hur hurrrrr… shit the wii’s popular.. OH THE WII IS SO INNOVATIVE AND SHIT.

      anyone see a pattern? nintendo completely deviates from the “classic” console (again) by not driving the graphics much further and going for a new control scheme since gamecube with almost the best graphics and a classic control scheme didnt work for some reason (small disk size didnt taste well and stuff… i loved the disks though). and received a lot of praise but also a lot of flak by the “serious” gamers. then sony made move and the “serious” gamers found it (suddenly) cool. also xbox made kinect so they have their own motion controls. now nintendo has to make something new so they make a tablet controller and while at it iron out some stuff that haters hated at. mainly… give it a “normal” controller right from the start up. BAAAM people hate on it because its so similar to an xbox (i thought people hated because it was too different… now too similar? also where was all the hate for move imitating the wii controller) while they also decreased the total size of the console (taking your ps3 everywhere is… heavy at best… i found this decision cool as hell) they also upped the graphics up and beyond the current gen consoles (how much? we dont know!) but probably not beyond the “next gen” consoles by MS and Sony. of course, people hate on it because now the graphics are going to be bad as soon as ps4 comes around. it’s not about conveying your honest opinions anymore, it’s about trying to search “bad points” on nintendos console and just bashing them relentlessly because they’re a kiddy console maker RITE. they’re also trying to appeal to the hardcore guys more now… so be fucking thankful that there’s one more console upping the ante so more quality games can be released. the more competition, the more quality will be done to convey users to switch.

      also a small opinionated rant about graphics:

      aren’t we soon reaching a limit in graphics? I think what square enix showed us a few days ago in that youtube video was pretty batshit awesome for live rendering… but at this point, it doesn’t even look very playable anymore. i dont know how a game with movie graphics will try to look playable. with those movie graphics i cant really focus stuff anymore… maybe that’s the reason though…

      1. Only sony dick riders find the move “better”, most of us gamers found it useless, the only good thing about it is that its Optional for most games. so if you want you can use the DS3. which I always do.

        1. Yeah, exactly. All the fucking idiots who don’t relate to gaming technology, only to gaming companies. It’s sickening sometimes.

  7. That’s right, Nintendo sold a ton of Wii consoles because people were amused from seeing people wave that white plastic in front of TV screens. But most people barely powered them on and left them to collect dust after the novelty wore off (which was pretty quick).

  8. I’ve said this from the beginning. No one thought the Wii was a good idea and then everyone and their brother bought one.

  9. I know most people will disagree with me, but I really don’t understand the console wars, to me it’s about the games. I couldn’t care less if the PS360 can do everything a Wii U could, I can’t get Zelda or Pokemon or Mario on a Sony console, nor a Microsoft one.
    I can see it being more of a competitive thing if it was between Playstation and Microsoft because other than a few exclusives they do have most of the same games, but even then I don’t see the point in arguing, just pick your favourite console based on what you prefer. If you’d rather have Zelda over Uncharted or Halo over Heavy Rain than go for it! Or if you prefer Microsofts online to Sonys, then go for the 360, why does it matter? :/

              1. True, as well as Miyamoto, Sakurai, Gabe Newell, ( when hes not being a dick about Half Life), Hideo Kojima, and of course Regginator.

    1. ^ This

      The only reason i dont own a 360 is because none of its exclusives interest me, and i dont want to pay for online. I do have a very negative outlook on microsofts abusive business plans lime paying for online, and basically make a console thats meant to break, but that doesnt make the 360 bad, i can just live without its games, unlike Zelda, Mario, Metroid, Pokemon, and from Sony, Ratchet and Clank, Metal Gear, Infamous and God of War.

      1. Meant… to break…. more of this shit?! Already computer parts are ment to break after 1 or 2 years… the fuck?

      2. I pay $50 for an entire year of XBOX Live. That’s ridiculously reasonable considering the quality of the service and how much I use it. That’s less than $5.00/month. If you can’t afford that, or think that’s too expensive, you need to get a job and stop worrying about video games.

        1. It may be reasonable but not everyone’s willing to give out $50 just to play online, even though Xbox Live, in my opinion, has the best online and is the best at multi-tasking.

    2. I’d take Halo over newer Zelda games in a heartbeat. This coming from someone who has a wallet with the world map of the original Zelda on it, the overworld theme from A Link To The Past as his ringtone, and and owns every Zelda game ever made.

      Why? Because everything after Ocarina of Time has been rubbish in my opinion. The games stopped being fresh after that, save for Wind Waker; I love that game. Twilight Princess was Ocarina with better graphics and nothing else (the Wii controls were rubbish and shoe-horned in), and Skyward Sword was Twilight Princess with a different art style and crap 1-to-1 motion controls that really wasn’t as awesome enough to keep me interested. At all. I played it for 2 hours and then never touched it again.

      Which is why I’m excited about Miyamoto talking about a 2d remake and/or 2d sequel to A Link To The Past; it’s time for Zelda, like Mario and Donkey Kong and Rayman and Mega Man did, to return to 2d and give us a break from the same old 3d gaming.

  10. I don’t know. I’m hopeful, but not convinced. I think the appeal of the Wii was that anyone could pick it up (esp Wii Sports) and play it, even people that had never really played video games before. I don’t see that with the Wii U, in fact it seems like it would be kinda intimidating and a little overwhelming, what with two screens and all. Hopefully the appeal of a tablet in your hand will outweigh that feeling. It all depends on what features they haven’t told us about yet, once I see those I’m sure I won’t be disappointed.

  11. There is no doubt in my mind the Wii U will succeed. People may be frustrated right now, but that’s only because they’re impatient. All the information you want will come in time. Nintendo never disappoints imo. Leave luck to heaven.

  12. The Wii U will be great. I beliveve this console war is going too far to where we are focusing on competition more than actual games. One of the reasons I own multiple systems, so I can play games and not complain about which system is better.

  13. 98% of people i speak to don’t know what wii u is. what is it anyway? a new controller for wii?

    1. peter1uss the wii u has already been confirm by nintendo that developers are only using 50% of the wii u power and looks slighty better than ps3 and xbox360 so imagine the wii u at full power and stop trolling on nintendo no matter what u says u can’t change anyones mind without reasonable and non biases opinions why can’t u like all consoles ?oh and fuck u loser

          1. Microsoft had plenty of good games. Not only do multi-platform games run smoother and look better on the 360 about 95% of the time (case in point: Crysis 2), but they also have games like Gears of War, and Halo. Two massively popular series. Halo alone is a juggernaut; it pretty much defined modern FPS games, along with Half-Life. And judging by the pre-order numbers and internet hype around Halo 4, it’s still very much a hugely popular series. And for good reason: the game looks ridiculous good, and also is one of the best looking video games on a console to date. Good story, great gameplay, plus amazing graphics? That’s a great package. You may not like it yourself personally, but millions of people do.

            1. Multi plat games are made on the 360 kits and ported to the ps3, look at all of the PS3s exclusives and compare them to the multiplat games. Their is a HUGE difference.

    2. Wii U is the continuation of the Wii with better hardware. It uses the same controllers of the Wii plus a new “Touchscreen controller”.

  14. The difference is that the people who had negative reactions were largely “core” gamers who regularly play video games (that’s the definition of “core gamer”). Many of the titles they play are third-party titles. The original Wii failed on that account. Epically. The Wii sold well not to core gamers, but to “casual” gamers that used it for games like WiiFit and Wii Sports, not to gamers who play Mass Effect, Skyrim, Portal, and Call of Duty.

    These games are hugely popular, and have tremendous replay value. It’s not just first-person shooters the Wii missed out on, it missed out in the largest titles from third parties. Even though it got games like some of the Call of Duty series, they were terrible underpowered, and thus suffered from bad frame rates, poor graphics, and little to no online presence in the community.

    The Wii U, while it may not be a huge gap from the next XBOX or PlayStation, will still be underpowered by comparison. And who’s to say those new consoles won’t also be able to offer dual-screen support as a default play style? If they do, Nintendo may be in trouble. But even if they don’t, many developers favour power simply for the new possibilities it offered beyond just prettier pictures: improved AI, better physics, lighting, shaders, larger more detailed game worlds, etc. The novelty of having a second screen, while exciting, doesn’t compare with that too well. Not for very long anyway.

    I have no doubt the Wii U won’t “fail”, but I don’t automatically think it will have the same sales success as the original Wii did. And even if it does, that doesn’t mean it will be a go-to console for core gamers to flock to, like the XBOX is right now, for example.

    I know I always make post expressing disappointment lately, but that’s because I’m not just a blind Nintendo fanboy who forgives Nintendo for anything they do. Trust has to be earned, and as of right now, as a core gamer, they have not earned that trust. Let’s hope they turn that around soon. Because despite the many Nintendo faithful on this website, I am definitely not the only one they have to convince.

    1. your points are well thought out but you cannot say it is the core gamers that are complaining. You cannot back that statement up. There were concerns about third party on the Wii but there were third party games just wasn’t visually impressive as the PS3/Xbox 360 version but had a different way to play. As I have said before, I enjoyed Scarface and Godfather more on the Wii than I did on the PS3/Xbox 360 because of the different way to play. There were more third party support than what people realized and no I’m not talking about “shovelware”.

    2. “The Wii-U, while it may not be a huge gap from the next Xbox or PlayStation, will be underpowered by comparision.”
      There’s no evidence to support this so you really can’t say that.

      It’s understandable that you’re not interested in Nintendo’s Wii-U. I’m definitely not getting it on launch-day, mostly because I don’t buy consoles on launch-day but also because it lacks compelling software for it’s launch.

  15. Well, most of the wii criticism proved accurate. The only time it became good was when an update was released (The plus thingiemajigg). THREE YEARS LATER.

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