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Check Out Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Launch Trailer

Square Enix has just released a launch trailer for Theatthythm Final Fantasy which is released in Europe today. The game has received largely positive reviews from a number of publications, and subsequently has an average Metacritic score of 80. Theatrhythm Final Fantasy was released in North America on Tuesday, July 3rd.

34 thoughts on “Check Out Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Launch Trailer”

      1. This is actually my first ever FF game! My friend always played and I liked the music, also I’ve always wanted a rhythm game.

  1. crap game. Generic shovelware. People only like it because it has final fantasy pasted on top of it. You know it’s true…

    1. Like it because it has the FF name pasted on top?
      Erm, i dont know if you’re aware of this, but there’s something called a spin off? They’re pretty popular, you MIGHT of heard of games like Mario Kart, Luigi’s Mansion, Smash Bros, Paper Mario, they’re just some Mario spin offs.
      Remove your head from your ass.

      1. TheREALgPadWatcher

        I know it’s a spin off… but doesn’t make it good unless you are a final fantasy fanboy who buys anything with FF stamped on it. Mario is Missing is a spinoff of the Mario franchise. Is it good? You can bet it’s FUCKING NOT! Unless you wanna learn geography lol

        Dont like my opinion? Tough because I have been playing games for over 20 years and seeing Final Fantasy get butchered like this is pretty painful. Fucking focus on making a FF5,6 3ds remake like promised ages ago SE!

        1. Mario is Missing is bad, but picking a CDi game is a pretty low blow.
          Spin offs can be bad or good, i dont really care for Sonic and Metroid pinball, but some people like them (im think), but i actually prefer Mario Kart over NSMB.

        2. If you dont like the game, thats fine, but theres no need to call it shovel ware, just because its not the original gameplay.
          And remakes are lazy ( im sick of people whining about a FF7 remake, was overrated as hell anyway)

          1. TheREALgPadWatcher

            Notice how I said 5 and 6? ;) I agree that 7 was overrated. ^ is far superior and NEEDS a remake. WiiU remake would be a dream!

            1. 5 and 6 were old 2D ones right? They’re ones i can accept as a remake, because it could feel like a new game, and not as many people have played it. But anything after 7, no. Im looking forward to Versus 13 though, if it ever comes

              1. TheREALgPadWatcher

                correct :P ff5 was alright. 6 was masterful. Amazing game and a huge masterpiece back then on limited technology. I would kill to see square make a game of that caliber… but they wont :P

        3. I hate Final Fantasy but this game looks fun because the only aspect I DO like IS the music.

          So shut the fuck up. You don’t know what you’re talking about. This isn’t shovelware, it’s another game I shall be proud to put in my collection.

      1. TheREALgPadWatcher

        For me FF died after 9. ( being the best of the bunch followed by 6). X was average. Past that FF is a laughable franchise that deserve to die and new rpgs to come and take the throne.

        Dragonquest is now the king of RPGs. If it’s not broken DONT FIX IT. I was playing ff9 thinking to myself… why squaresoft/squareenix why did you change a already perfectly formula? Bunch of money grabbers ever since The creator of the series left with Uematsu. Pity. The Last Oddesey or Mono’s Xenoblade are the REAL final fantasy quality rpgs.

        1. Exactly, but that doesnt mean theres anything wrong with this game, and its hardly shovelware. Pokemon has tons of spin offs that some people even prefer to the originals, like Conquest, Mystery Dungeon, Stadium, Gale of Darkness, and the fan favorite, Snap, and they like those because theyre good, especially Conquest and MD, not because the names there

          1. TheREALgPadWatcher

            Game freak or whoever made the games make GOOD games. Square enix make mistake after mistake and It will kill them eventually. FF7 on steam? WHY!? O right achievements… that will please the fans… NOT They want a HD remake so GIVE THEM A HD REMAKE! I guess they dont like money ;)

          2. TheREALgPadWatcher

            Snap was terrible. I never saw the appeal in that game :P apart from the fact it was pokemon in 3D

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