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Former Rare Composer: ‘Microsoft Has Completely Ruined Rare’

Rare, once a Nintendo second-party developer, is a subsidiary of Microsoft. While working with Nintendo, Rare developed many memorable video games that include Banjo-Kazooie, Donkey Kong Country and Conker’s Bad Fur Day. Former Rare composer Grant Kirkhope is saddened by the current state of Rare and claims that “it’s Microsoft’s fault.” Kirhope goes on and says, Microsoft has “completely ruined that company [Rare], and it makes me cry every day of my life.”

320 thoughts on “Former Rare Composer: ‘Microsoft Has Completely Ruined Rare’”

      1. I hope Nintendo is listening and buy them back so that we can have the glorious games back on the NINTENDO platforms.

        Get N or get OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. Nintendo were the ones to screw them over and get rid of them. Nintendo does not deserve Rare’s talents back when they were a 2nd party.. I’d rather have Rare just die out and call it a day.

            1. Technically Nintendo made the call and sold their shares. “Up from the end of 2000, people from Activision and Microsoft visited Rare. In September 2002, the Stamper brothers sold their 51% interest in Rare to Microsoft; following this, Nintendo sold their 49% stake in the company as well. Microsoft paid a total of $375 million to own 100% of the company.”

              1. And by that time Rare wasn’t making Nintendo much money. They had some gems, but many mediocre games and clones as well. The money Nintendo got out of it was more than Rare would have made them. They were already going downhill. And I don’t think it’s entirely fair to say Microsoft ruined Rare… Rare ruined Rare. Microsoft may have had a hand in the sense that they didn’t inspire or guide them as Nintendo had, but employees leaving Rare and just lack of creativity is what caused it. Maybe they left because of Microsoft, I dunno… but I think they’re both to blame. And I can’t really blame Nintendo for selling the shares. They just weren’t profitable anymore.

    1. Everyone who was ever good at making video games has left rare already.
      Nintendo should NOT buy it back, What they are doing with Retro is good.

      1. They could buy the company solely for the franchises.
        That way they could let the more talented developers make anot Banjo Kazooie or something.

      2. They don’t exactly want to buy Rare for the people there, they want it for the characters, they wanna try to buy rare back so they can use the characters again, in fact there’s a big rumor going about that Nintendo is trying to buy back the Ips (the characters) of rare so nintendo can use them again. I doubt it’ll happen but you never know.

    2. No, he is a right. Rare is a shell of its former self. Most went to other studios by now anyway. I don’t want Nintendo to have them back. Rare is more than competent enough and there are other studios more worthy nowadays.

      1. The fact that it’s just a shell now means that Nintendo could fill said shell with more competent staff and gain the ability to revive franchises that Microsoft have basically allowed to die.
        Face it; their glory days are behind them and Microsoft is NOT the company that will help them to rediscover the glory of what they once were.

    3. peteriuss evil twins clone

      You know, it’s odd, it’s like, back then, Rare was once Nintendo’s gf and then break up and now dating Retro Studio. Now Rare was crying and wants to leave her bf, Microsoft and wants Nintendo back, but damn, You know what I mean.

      1. What a unique metaphor…
        But Nintendo already married Retro, which became a first-party studio, while Rare never passed third base, being a second-party studio.

      1. Isnt it second party? First is the actually company, second is the one console only, and third is the Ubisoft ect

        1. Second party means for example that Nintendo doesn’t fully own the developer, such as in this case, Nintendo only owned 49%, so Nintendo didn’t own even half of Rare.
          So, if the other part of the owners (Stamper brothers, 51%) sold their stake to another company (Microsoft), that company would own the biggest part of the company. Nintendo pretty much had no choice but to sell the rest of the company, since there’s no way two competitors would share a company.

          As for the GameBoy games, they went into an agreement so that Rare could develop for handheld games for Nintendo, since MS didn’t have any handhelds.

          1. Ahhhh ,but your missing something to that……Nintendo had first dibs at the 51% and they turned it down, which allowed Rare’s majority stock owner to sell to another company. Nintendo didn’t now want to own all of Rar, and it was smart because Microsoft had to pay Nintendo for their shares. Look what Nintendo could have gotten stuck with. A company that’s a shell of its former self and its main objective now is to copy Nintendo games and ideas, Kinect Sports and Kinect Sports 2 as well as making Avatars (replicating Wii Sports & Wii Sports Resorts as well as the Mii’s)

      2. Umm if you mean second party, both Retro and Rare were second party, Rare was purchased from Ninty by Microsoft

            1. You sure did.

              Even before the official purchase, Nintendo helped form Retro for the purpose of making Nintendo games, specifically Gamecube games, so by that time it was already a Nintendo first party in all but name.

      1. Really? This i didnt know. I thought they just scattered to different places, i wanted them all to come together like disbanded super heroes and make a new developer

        1. You want all them to come together like “The Avengers” and form the mighty team that was once RARE…..hahaha good one!

          1. Well, one’s got an Apple for a logo, the other’s got their name as a logo… And… Umm…

            Yeah. That’s about it.

      1. I didnt really like the first game, the combat is like…ugh, and it just looks odd, but 3 was fantastic (extended cut ending is out so its officially fully great), but 2 was amazing, the best one

          1. Rare died when Microsoft got hold of them. They’re like Death – anything they touch turns to sh*t. So Microsoft doesn’t ‘doesn’t ruin anything’.

              1. It’s called a joke. I know that Rare started to drop severely in quality at the end of their Nintendo life, as has been highlighted NUMEROUS times on these comment sections on Rare articles before.

            1. haha, yeah, I agree, mr devil´s shit, but let me dream one day nintendo will buy rare when the company is totally ruined, they will have to pay a couple of dollars, and all the employees will return and nintendo and rare again …

    1. I thought Rare still had the ability to make games for Nintendo’s Portable Consoles, as Microsoft does not have on themselves. A couple of Banjo games were made for GBA after Microsoft took over Rare.

          1. Diddy kong racing ds was better for multiplayer but i could never get past that i couldnt choose the plance for everything anymore :(

    1. He tried. If you remember, there was a story a couple of days back, where a former Rare composer said “they were full up!” when asked if he would try to get a job at Retro at Twitter. We could see it happen someday. Just have to wait for a position to be open!

        1. CrytekUK, and I doubt they would leave, you know, considering they founded the studio after they left rare.

  1. I couldn’t agree more. Notice how every single rare games since the big Microsoft took ’em over has been either a disappointment or a flop? I’d smash a jar of babies happiness just to get my hands on a -new- game as good as DK64 and the Original Banjo games.

    1. I heard something about there not being a good relationship between those compaines some time ago, but I’m not sure if that’s true. Nevertheless, I know that a group of developers left Rare after developing GoldenEye 007, to form their own group (Free Radical Entertainment?) Crytek later bought out that company, and renamed them Crytek UK.

      1. blah blah. they should just become a 3rd party team and make games/exclusives for all three consoles. that way their own success and or failure won’t be blamed on anyone else.

            1. Microsoft has purchased them. The only way for the company itself to get out of it is if someone pays Microsoft to let them out. A person can quit Rare, but Rare can’t leave Microsoft

              1. Rare is dead, microsoft doesn´t have anything but only a name, people like David wise, Robert beanland, Eveline fisher, Grant Kirkhope another guy I don´t remember the name who said microsoft is shit, the Stamplers, etc… everyone is gone , as I said they only have a name, nothing else

  2. He cries everyday of his life? And change ruined Rare, sale to anyone and extra control would have sent lots of employees running and almost all the workforce is gone, they still make good games and have some great people on board but just don’t produce the same games as before. They just need to make a good Banjo Kazooie game and people will believe them. This guy clearly has no respect for the Rare of today, it’s sad because it was ultimately his choice to leave the company but no-one else’s to get this treatment. And anyone who thinks they should release another Nintendo game- I envy your stupidity.

    1. Microsoft forces them to make sports games for Kinect, also if Nintendo owned Rare they would have the rights to make a bad ass Banjo Kazooie game. Microsoft doesn’t allow for people to be creative when it comes to making games, they just want the same generic crap, ask any of their developers.

      1. Note that he sports games a creative and… Good. And do you fail to remember the two Banjo games released in the last 10 years? Been living under a Donkey Kong Country shaped rock have we?

          1. I must apologise for my damn iPad keyboard. I was just pointing out that the Kinect games were good, really good. And have you actually played Nuts and Bolts.

            1. I played Nuts and Bolts. It’s a pretty mediocre platforming game. Too much focus on vehicles. Piss-easy difficulty, flawed controls, bad graphics, bad soundtrack, do i need to continue?

    1. My grandpa used to tell me that he was in his golden days because he was so old that he had to wear diapers because he would wet the bed a lot.

  3. I don’t particularly want Nintendo to buy back Rare. They may share the same name, but fact is they’re no longer the same company who made the Donkey Kong Country trilogy, the Banjo duology, Conker’s Bad Fur Day, GoldenEye, Perfect Dark and the like.

    What would be great (although it will probably NEVER happen) would be if Nintendo bought back all notable properties of Rare’s from Microsoft – So Banjo-Kazooie, Conker, Perfect Dark, even Kameo and Grabbed by the Ghoulies – and then handed them to Retro Studios. Retro did a fantastic job of bringing back DKC, I’m sure they’d do an equally fantastic job on restoring the others to their former glory.

    As said, it’d never happen, but one can dream…

    1. It’s not a question of probably, it isn’t even a question at all. Microsoft would never sell any part of Rare. Apart from their hearts. Microsoft sucked the life out of them but Rare asked for it, their games before they became so soulless (yet still good) were awful. Star Fox Adventures my foot.

        1. I guess I am a bit old fashioned. It was good in soe respects but god dammit, I just wanted to shoot some monkeys and barrel roll myself into a certain toad fellow’s face.

          1. I do love the SNES and N64 ones but if they were released now, theyd be lacking, i liked the direction Assault went in, with the on foot, they just werent done that well.
            I hope Retro dont basically do a Lylat Wars 2… I do want the fly in one “straight” line stages with sub and landmaster varients but i do want on foot done well, aaand, massive space battles, like i thought the begining of Assault was gona be. Nope, on rails :|

      1. I know it will never happen. I was merely expressing what I wish would happen in the very, very best of situations.

        Yeah, I honestly didn’t think Adventures worked at all. Even when you remove the Star Fox element, it all seems a bit lifeless. The first section of the game involved throwing barrels at things which… is the furthest from fun a game could possibly be. From my understanding, prior to being sold to Microsoft, a chunk of Rare employees had left, which was part of the reason Nintendo sold them in the first place. So, Microsoft or no Microsoft, Rare’s fall from grace was inevitable.

      1. Davin (aka Platinum Lucario)

        I’d hate to say this… but there’s no way Nintendo or Retro Studios can get the franchises from Rare. ‘Cause since Rare is owned by Microsoft… all of Rare’s franchises are owned by Microsoft. And it’s sad to say… but knowing Microsoft is a hoarder… they would not sell their franchises.

        We should read the article on Wikipedia… it was not Rare’s fault for joining Microsoft in the first place… nor was it Nintendo’s. It just happened… when Microsoft was looking for the most skilled development studio… which was Rare. Microsoft noticed that Rare had 49% of Nintendo’s shares in it, but since Microsoft had alot of money… they bought the remaining 51% of the shares in Rare and that’s how Microsoft then launched a takeover bid… and BAM! It was bought out and owned at the end of 2001.

        So what happened after Microsoft bought Rare? Several games that were originally planned for GameCube such as Donkey Kong Racing were cancelled, it’s sad… but true. Microsoft did not allow Rare to create games with Rare’s characters mixed with Nintendo’s characters anymore, they had to be sepparate. However Microsoft did permit Nintendo and Namco to use the character Krystal for Star Fox: Assault, but a several years later… things changed. Bill Gates retired from Microsoft as CEO, and so Steve Balmer became CEO after he was previously co-executive of Microsoft. But it only gets worse… Microsoft with it’s new CEO broke the long time agreement that Nintendo had with Rare, so Rare had no rights to create anymore games for Nintendo, as they used to be allowed to only create games for their handheld devices when Microsoft first bought them out.

        And THIS… is why Nintendo can no longer make a sequel to any recent Star Fox game, ’cause Nintendo no longer has the rights to use the character Krystal anymore. So Nintendo’s only option to the continuation of the Star Fox franchise… is to create a prequel to Star Fox 64.

  4. Dont cry no more and get back to Nintendo !!!
    We Need Rare to work on WiiU !!!
    Fantastic games CAN be realize on it … Thanks for banjo kazooie …

    1. Right !!!
      But he CAN try to convince Iwata-san !!!
      Microsoft had always been piece of shit ( gaming ) …

      1. Wrong Nintendo didn’t sell Rare, In September 2002, the Stamper brothers sold their 51% interest in Rare to Microsoft; following this, Nintendo sold their 49% stake in the company as well. The company was sold once the owners of Rare sold it Nintendo doesn’t want to own part of a Microsoft studio.

    2. Only becuase Microsoft owned 51% of Rare. Nintendo had no use with 49%, so they were basically forced to sell.

  5. Microsoft took rare into a back ally and beat it to death with a blunt object, how does the studio that created donkey kong country, banjo-kazooie and golden eye go to creating the shittiest shovelware games for the kinect. They destroyed everything that company was and ever will be.

    1. So I guess, the Rare staff that worked on Goldeneye 007 and Perfect Dark are now Crytek Uk and the staff that worked on Conker, DK are now in Retro. Makes sense.

  6. In all honesty, people are taking it way out of proportion. Microsoft had to restructure them, because Rare weren’t going in strong, So, when Kinect came about, Rare was made to make games for them – causing Rare to, not only be considered a “shadow of its former self” but also a company gaining the much needed sales.

    Nintendo never wanted Rare in their company, they were okay with them as those who just made games based off Nintendo’s IP: Donkey Kong. They had a partnership, but only through agreements. The founders of Rare held 51% of the stakes, while Nintendo was not the main holder with 49%.

    When the founders, I believe the Stamper Bros., decided to sell it; Microsoft took it. Nintendo decided to hand the rest to said company.

    As a business, Rare is doing better than before. Nintendo doesn’t need Rare, nor does Rare need them.

      1. It makes sense to be a soulless machine than to be a creative soul that produced some of the best damn imaginative games yesteryear.

        Yeah, I’m sure that makes a lot of sense.

        1. I never knew you supported Animism, the belief that all things have souls!

          All joking aside, I did say “As a business” did I not? Yes, I do not like how they make their games; but it’s business and they do what they’re told. If you don’t like it, then don’t join the business or even get a job, because you have to be doing something in said job that might make you a “soulless machine” as you put it.

    1. The owners behind the business might be doing better, but their older, more beloved franchises are suffering from the decision.
      That’s the part of Rare that was ruined; their heart, not their wallet.

  7. Microsoft ruined Rare, but it’s Nintendo that sold them. Nintendo was stupid to do that. It’s both fault.

    If Nintendo could buy back Rare franchises, that would be good (but will never ever freakin’ happen.)

    1. Here’s the thing though. In Microsoft’s eyes, Rare isn’t dead. They just made two games on the Kinect that sold very well. Why get rid of something that is making money?

  8. Feeding the fanboys much? All this is is pointless complains against Microsoft and no thoughts for Rare who are still filled with young creative minds. Kirkhope can go shoot himself, he clearly hasn’t even thought that in many peoples minds, Rare have made some great games in recent years, they don’t deserve this guff. No matter Microsoft’s influence, Rare is and will remain a great developer. And don’t get me started on who created the fastest selling consumer electronics product of all time.

      1. Perfect Dark Zero, Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts, both of the Kinect Sports games, Viva Piñata, Jetpac Refuled. And don’t say they were bad games. I promise you that very few people here will have played them all. None of them are classics like the old days of course but in their final years with Nintendo, that was true too. Oh, and let’s not forget that he invented the Kinect hardware and all that.

        1. i would see it like this:
          He helped the company he loved by making games he was proud of and genuinely loving his job and rare then they got sold and were no longer the team that he made all his favourite games with and in his mind it was because of microsoft buying them out

        2. Perfect dark Zero it’s a meh prequel to perfect Dark. Nots and Bults it’s a mediocre sequel to banjo Tooie. kinect games are shovelware. Viva Pinata it’s a casual mess. jetpac Refuled it’s a half-assed remake of a cool classic.

  9. Microsoft just did it to hurt Nintendo anyway. It’s not like they care about gaming at all, just the money.

  10. This is actually depressing…you can tell he loved working for Rare and everything it stood for. Fuck you Microsoft…just get the fuck out. I hope nobody buys your piece of shit profucts anymore.

    1. One sided much? Seriously, am I the only human being alive wp thinks that unless you are Sony, your products can co exist in the world? Unless I can have a non-Rare related list of things that are genuinely wrong with Microsoft and that isn’t opinion based then I am officially branding you a biased little prick who has o idea how life works. Just because you don’t like something, doesn’t mean the rest of he world must believe you. Shall I tell you who thought that was right? Hitler.

      1. Okay. You asked for it.
        1. Console was broken on purpose.
        2. Paying for online
        3. Restricting downloads so they can only be played if your connected to the internet
        4. That whole $90 360 bullshit theyre playing now
        5. Buying out great games, like Splinter Cell
        6. Not including a wireless adapter either build in or with the console until the re model, last year
        7. Red ring
        8. Advertising all over the dashboard
        9. Ridiculous prices for sending your 360 to be “fixed”, i know some people who have sent theres to be fixed 4 times in a row.
        10. Overpriced HDD’s
        11. What they fucking did to Rare

            1. Wow. I didnt even know about that, thats 12.

              Oh, 13. the whole, i cant copy MY music, onto MY console

          1. Damn right we do. I hate Microsoft, theyre just that annoying little shit in your classroom who walks up to you, tries to be your friend but is really just copying your work and trying to get all the praise

            1. True. The only thing I care about M$ console is that they have Halo. But GOD what would I give to have that franchise on another console. That’s pretty much the only reason I have a xbox -.- And paying for online… you got to be kidding me.

              1. I agree, i do enjoy Halo, its a good game, but Bungie are a good develope,so. Bungie are going 3rd party now though, sweeeet

        1. 1. Of course it was.
          2. I’ll give you that one.
          3. I have no idea what you are talking about.
          4. Cheap consoles? Terrible!
          5. Giving good games to their customers, tragic.
          6. Because no-one needed one as we used to have these things called cables.
          7. It’s a fault? Not actually Microsoft’s fault. Also, that’s he same as number 1.
          8. I’ll give you that one too.
          9. I sent mine once after I got some toast stuck in it and all they did was charge me for postage.
          10. £60 for 320GB? Scandleous!
          11. Do I need to quote myself?
          Now, I would do my 10 things wrong with Nintendo list but I’d probably wake the cretins. Good night.

          1. There are a lot of things wrong with all 3 companies. But seriously, I can’t imagine a 10 things wrong with nintendo list
            could be anything but opinion. But hey, I could be wrong…. I’m not asking for it….I’m just saying.

            1. Nintendo does have the fewest faults but the most serious. What would number one be? Lying directly to consumers. Even releasing the Vita is forgivable compared to that. Three rules of business:
              Do your job well.
              Look after your employees.
              Please consumers.
              They broke all 3 of those in a matter of days. I can live with lack of first party games, lack of detail on upcoming consoles but they can’t lie to us. And if you wonder, yes, I am I about the “no future 3DS revisions planned” thing. In case you need reminding, they said that, then announced a 3DS revision jus days later and just days after that, announced they would consider more in future. The XL is a novel idea but will I be buying it from a company that lies to me? No way.

              1. Those arent complaints, thats just you being a fanboy. “i didnt get my first party games i wanted”. Well boohoo, tough shit, you WILL get them eventually.
                As for the 3 faults, thats bullcrap, and not giving details is just nitpickingbullshit too

              2. And the 3DSXL isnt a revision, its just another option, it has no major differences from the 3DS to make it a must have

                1. The 3DS XL is the very textbook definition of a revision, you blithering idiot.

                  Improved battery life.
                  Clear signs of a design change, the system is more ergonomic than the original, and virtually all of the notable design flaws the regular 3DS has are nowhere to be seen.

                  No matter how incremental the differences are, a revision is a goddamn revision and Miyamoto lied to you little fanboys. Deal with it.

              3. 3DS XL isn’t a revision, it’s just a 3DS with larger 3D screen, there is nothing wrong with that. The same thing happened with DSi -> DSiXL, just a biger screen… Revision is DS ->DSi (DSi has even more RAM)

                1. Revision =/= added features pertaining to the hardware. Once again, this is a revision that I’ve already explained above.

                  1. It’s not. Revision you have to change the hardware internally, DSL->DSi is a revision, It has more RAM (16 MB vs 4 MB), better processor (133 MHz vs 66 MHz), CAMERA, E-SHOP, can’t run some softwares that DSi can…. DSi->DSiXL isn’t a revision, it’s just a bigger screen…. 3DS->3DSXL is the same thing, there is some game or software or anything that you can’t play on 3DS but you can on 3DSXL? Nope! There is hardware improvements besides battery and the bigger 3D screen? Nope! IT’S THE SAME F*** THING THAT DSi->DSiXL, it’s so hard to understand that?

            2. Same, making a wii list would be unfair, it would be like comparing the ps2 to the ps3, for the wiiu and 3DS, i can try and think of a few, but theyre not exactly disgusting lime M$

              1. No adapter for the 3DS
              2. 3DS WAS overpriced
              3. Some people might not like the fact theres no build in hard drive, unless theyve changed that, but it doesnt bother me, because i already have an external or i can buy a big ass 1tb hard drive.

              Thats it, i cant think of anything else, other than stupid shit like battery life bit thats not exactly a big issue

          2. For 3, i’ll give an example, i lived at my mates and we didnt have internet, so i took the 360 to my brothers, downloaded Super Meat Boy and an Alan Wake dlc, took it home, couldnt play it. Bullshit.

            4, its not a $90 xbox, its $90 and then money over time, like a mortgage.

            5, buying out a game that was multiplat is bullshit, and just a childish way to try to get people to buy an xbox, funnily enough, ubisoft are making the next one mulitplat, probably because they lost money.

            6, not everyone can use wires, i cant for my ps3, as much as id like to, we have about 3 devices in my house, and i cant connect it to it.

            9, i mean console crashing, and having to be repaired, not you being an idiot and getting toast in your xbox.

            10, i can buy a 1000gb harddrive for about £70

            11, i threw that one back in for dramatic effect

            1. 3. It’s a DRM thing. If you make the first play while connected, all future plays will be fine.
              4. So? It’s just more options for those who arent able to pay all at once. It only works out at about $50 more than up front.
              5. I don’t care how childish it is, it’s business. Sels consoles. Sells other games. Makes money. All of the hardware manufacturers have done it.
              6. I’d honestly rather use a wire than be told that Nintendo are too lazy to allow me to connect to my WPA2 network. Wires just make it clunky, not impossible.
              9. It wasn’t my toast to be fair and my point is hat if they’d only charge me postage for my accidental damage, they can’t be too rediculous with legit errors.
              10. Use that then? You can do that with the Xbox you know, it has USB ports for it.
              11. Of course you did.
              All things considered though, these are all faults. Necessary ones or ones they’ve fixed. Well, except the Rare thing, I’ll shoot ’em for that.

          3. Look guys, every company has its faults. Ninty isn’t the greatest company ever but neither is Microsoft or Sony. They all have their own strengths and weaknesses. There is no such thing as the better console, its all opinion based. If you prefer Ninty, great, they have fantastic games. However, if you feel Ninty is the greatest company ever, has no faults, and is %100 original, you’re wrong

            1. Oh theyre not perfect, i mean look at the Wii, and some of their E3’s, ect, makes me feel sick sometimes, but they’re alot more forgiving than some of the crap MS pull…
              I actually dont really have a problem with Sony, they fall in the same catagory as Nintendo, they just make silly mistakes like the PS3’s original price ect, but ive never been physically angry at Sony, and only a mad on specific moments with Nintendo, like Wii Music, and dumb shit like that. Microsoft just enrage me though, i can barely think of anything positive to say about them

            2. Actually, Nintendo is pretty much the clear winner here. This isn’t an opinion, it is fact, and your inability to admit that is in itself a form of trolling. No amount of what Sony and Microsoft has done in video games can ever compare to what Nintendo has done for video games. So don’t you dare say all three are equal just because you’re too much of a coward to admit that your closeted low opinion of Nintendo is wrong. That distinction is unfair to Nintendo, and puts Sony and Microsoft in a position they still have yet to deserve.

              1. Wow Jesus Christ you’re a fucking huge ass
                blind fanboy. The idea that Nintendo is the best is a
                fucking opinion. Nintendo has had plenty of problems, just like Microsoft and Sony. Sony and Microsoft have made plenty of great games and consoles.

                And let me get this straight. This dude is trolling because he feels that Nintendo isn’t the absolutely definitive best company? Dude, seriously, go to fucking hell. Another question, why the hell would he be on a FUCKING NINTENDO SITE and say that Nintendo was a great company that made great games? If he was trolling, he wouldn’t be scared to call Nintendo the worst company. Seriously dude you are a huge fucking dumbass that seriously needs to take a good look at yourself

                  1. No, he was saying that someone was trolling because they didn’t feel that Ninendo was the absolutely best company with the best games and did nothing wrong. The idea that someone should be called a troll because they don’t hold Nintendo as high as a fanboy is so fucking stupid. It’s not like he said Nintendo was the worst company ever, no in fact, he said they were great. Also, if you actually read what the original person said, he didn’t even mention which company has done the most for the industry, it was who had the best consoles and games, and he felt that they all had great consoles and games.

                    Seriously, are actually trying to legitimize a comment that said that someone had a “closeted low opinion of Nintendo” despite the person actually fucking praising Nintendo in the original comment? This maker dude really is a very stupid fucking fanboy that calls a person a troll because they feel that Nintendo isn’t the absolute best and should be treated as such.

              2. Umm dude I legitimately think you might be a fucking dumbass. So because you feel that Nintendo is the best, it is therefore fact and everyone else that has a different opinion is trolling. Seriously? How the fuck is he trolling?

              3. Allright bro I think someone needs to calm down. I don’t have a low opinion of Ninty. They were my first video game company and like I said, they make fantastic games. However, they do make mistakes and I love games on the 360 and PS3 as well. The idea that Ninty or any company is perfect is just wrong. Also, why can’t I think all consoles are great in their own ways? Is there some sort of fanboy rule that you must only like one console and if you like things about other consoles, you’re wrong and considered a troll?

              4. Allright, let me get this straight. This dude is a ‘troll’ and has a “low opinion of Nintendo” even though in the exact same fucking comment he praised Nintendo and talked about how they make great games.

                This….. may be the stupidest comment I’ve ever read. Really? Are you truly that stupid?

  11. well its kinda to late for rare to come back to nintendo because retro studios is doing a fantastic job with donkey kong and metroid maybe they will be doing a star fox game soon but as of now rare needs to show interest in returning back to nintendo and dont get me started on silikon knights

  12. Face it. Rare is dead. If Nintendo sold rare then its Nintendo’s fault not Microsoft. Though rare WAS a good company, the developers left so that is why rare sucks. Though we need banjo.

    1. you know there is this dude that’s trying to make a banjo kazooie spiritual successor, him and some other people are ex-rare employes trying to see if they should work on the game, the more support he gets the more likely he’ll make the game, all you have to is follow him, and if enough people follow him then he’ll make the game. And also there’s been a very peculiar announcement by retro that apparently there working on a game that “everybody wants” allot of people think it’s a banjo kazooie game, and it’s not a Zelda game if your wondering, Miyamoto has confirmed that is is not a zelda game.
      hmmm very peculiar indeed….

  13. Also, i think all the GOOD developers RRe had along with Grant should make their own company. Lets face it, everyone would love it, they can work for Nintendo again, and make great games again, along with Retro and HAL

              1. They should make Metroid, theyre probably my first, amd biggest choice. Lots of experience in shooters (Golden Eye, Perfect Dark, Timesplitters), which means we could see a really good multiplayer, and access to CryEngine3….Metroid…using Cry Engine 3….my god…

                1. Nintendo should acquire Free Radical/Crytek UK if they want to do that. They’re a talented group that could bring a LOT to Nintendo.

    1. Retro and HAL are Nintendo’s second parties, same with Naughty Dog, Sucker Punch and Insomniac (although theyve become multiplat now, if theyre still making Overstrike)

      1. Retro is a first party. I don’t know about Hal because some sites says it’s first while some other site says it’s second. I actually sent a message to Nintendo and asked if Hal is first or second.

        1. Found a old mail from Nintendo where they answered if retro, hal, sora and intelligent is first party. They said everyone was first party. But te strange thing is that sora ltd isn’t a first party, maybe they meant priject sora. Just have to wait for the new email.

  14. Nintendo just needs to leave Rare to Microsoft and negotiate with Microsoft and buy back the franchises if that’s possible, because back in the late 90’s Rare was one of the best game makers next to Nintendo.

  15. R.i.p rare I’ll never forget when i start up your games in i see your R and the hear your great thx sound before the title screen then have great hrs playing your fantastic games at my young age took most my cartoon time but was worth ever second you never be forgotten

  16. Guys, Rare is never coming back to Ninty. Ninty is not about to pay what Microsoft paid to get Rare in the first place. Even if Ninty did, almost the entirety of Rare has already left the company. I’m not saying I wouldn’t love to see Rare make a glorious return (Banjo-Kazooie is one of my favorite games ever), I just don’t see it happening. Besides, Nintendo has plenty developers to fill Rare’s hole, like Retro

    R.I.P Rare

    1. This guy is complaining more about the idea of Rare being dead, not the company itself. Everything that made Rare what it was back in the day, its awesome games, is no more. The company itself is irrelevant. It’s the rich spirit of the company to produce games with such love that’s what he misses. And I can’t blame him for feeling that.

      1. I was referring to everyone in the comments saying that Rare should return to Nintendo and everything would be perfect again.

  17. Guys, enough! Rare sucks now, get over it. It wouldn’t be the same if they were back a Big N… witch they will never be, just face it. All the good people left. And you can just buy them for their franchises (Banjo and Conker), they would want to work on them, not Retro. They could make their own quirky musical platformer and ridiculas parody game. Quit living in the past.

  18. I just wish Nintendo had the rights to Killer Instinct. I loved that game and really hope to see it come back to a Nintendo console. Leave luck to heaven.

  19. After Nuts and Bolts rode on it’s predecessor’s success then blew off the collect-a-thon gameplay, that we know for certain no one would want that again. After making tons of money on the Kicnect Sports series that apparently only works for some people. At least some of the new games are good. Not the greatest but… some people seem to like it. I guess I’ll go watch this again… [youtube

  20. i hope microsoft closes rare then the devs rebuild at nintendo. Imagine a
    game made by both Retro and Rare *drools

  21. Hes only mad microsoft didnt hire him back the guys unprofeesional. Also i where did he state that he crys at night

    1. The Killer Instinct franchise is the one I’d like Nintendo to buy back the rights to. All the other Rare IPs don’t really interest me. Imagine KI on the Wii U! That’d be the shit!

      1. That’ll be awesome, unfortunately nintendo doesn´t like the gory genre.. so, I don’t think (wish tho) nintendo is interested in killer instinct…

  22. Also hoe did microsoft ruin rare when the original developers left. You guys are jelouse of microsoft how about when developers where bashing nintendo hmm ya didnt agree and thought it wasnt professional nevermind go on fanboys bash the great microsoft

  23. Okay, that was a really sad and upset news. I mean, like you guys said, it’s not like they’re gonna be back on Nintendo and start making AAA games all of a sudden. Sure, getting a new Banjo-Kazooie and Conker would be easy since it’s already a big franchise and doesn’t need to change too much, but then I ask: will the fans approve it? I mean, aren’t there people who are sick tired of playing Mario, Zelda and etc and want new IPs? What makes you think they would be pleased to play games based on franchises from one-two decades ago? With games today like Batman Arkham City, Skyrim, Assassin’s Creed and Mass Effect, do you really think the fans (in general) will be pleased to see Banjo-Kazooie and Jet Force Gemini on their 3DS and Wii U? It’s a tough decision to make. In my opinion, it will generate more controversies rather than benefits. And controversies is something that Wii U must NOT have at their launch. I won’t say that Rare was a shitty developer, it really wasn’t! But, trying to revive dead souls from the past doesn’t seem to be the solution of the Wii U success anyway. Only if Rare would agree to join forces with Retro Studios (like Square did with Enix), then I think it would be a good idea: they would re-learn how to make good games, step by step, with the help of a really big and awesome game developer!

  24. Guys, we should sign a petition for them to come back to nintendo and for nintendo to forgive them for their wrong decisions …Please, we can all make a difference :)

    1. You are stupid aren’t you.
      “Oh hullo, I’m Microsoft. I mess everything up. I’m just going to GIVE the most profitable 1st party studio we have to our greatest competitor.”

  25. what nintendo needs to do is buy these franchises; conker, banjo, perfect dark and make them part of nintendo and part of its share of Rare. at least Rare can be half saved.

  26. What’s done is done. No use complaining about it now. Especially if nobody’s doing anything about it. And I doubt anyone really has a reason to now. Just make a new company and recreate that same spirit again.

  27. @rick actually it wasnt it had terrible controls.poor animation,framerate issues and cut sequences. Compared to the arcade it was also graphically butchered. Let me guess youd prefer that lasy port that didnt take advantage of snes over arcade? What jokes

    1. Can’t you read? To the snes it’s a very good game, one of the best fighting game of snes, you deny this? Are you really comparing the arcade version with snes? Really? lol

  28. Rare work independantly while ninty tired cockblocking their gory games. Nintendo would disgrace their ips. Nintendo is not the same anymore just look at metriod m.kirbys yarn,zelda skyglitch and kid icurus the failed analog experiment

  29. Nintendo dosnt need rare anymore ..nintendo can BUY rares franchises like Banjo kazooie, perfect dark , conker ..becouse microsoft arent using those franchises is pretty much only letting rare make kinect games that pretty much means those franchises are dead now and are usless to rare nintendo can atleast buy those franchises and make those games to make fans happy how nintendo bought half of the fatal frame series …

  30. @dorkstar bitch please smh ill never here the end of this listen they bought half yes but fatal frame is a useless garbage ip even ninty fucking suck migthy ass in spirit camera getting 5.0 ratings guess theyre nothing without miyamoto -_-

  31. @noob no its someone thats talking about ninty losing their touch with gaming. They have produce stagnant overused,overplayed cliches and gameplay snd are getting praised, they are overrated. Let me guess next mario u fight bowser than big version awsum

  32. @thedarkstar Nintendowill not be able to buy Rare’s unused franchises. If I remember correctly the rights to several games, such as Goldeneye got split up making it virtually impossible to reuinte the pieces with the current relationships the owners have.

    But more to the point with anywishful thinkers. Chris and Tim Stamper are totally out of the Industry now and have moved onto other things and many of the other big names are knee deep in new projects with other companies. So it would take much work for us all to get what we wish and isn’t very likely. But we have Retro now, and there are absolutely on par, if not a smidge better.

  33. Mr. Kirkhope was totally right on the money and it’s definitely a proven fact: M$ ruined Rare ever since the buyout from Nintendo. Though, StarFox Adventures on GCN was the black sheep of the Nintendo-Rare partnership.

    Games like Kinect Sports and Kinect Adventures are just subpar to gaming quality.

  34. I don’t know if the Rare representative, a representative of what is probably a million dollar company, should be pointing fingers and blaming a single target for a poor quality. He should either explain why it ruined Rare, or start thinking differently. I’m sure with the talent of people everywhere they could get back to making great games.

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  36. Its really sad but truth. I’ve never been able to play a game made by the Microsoft Rare because of that. I only stuck in playing donkey kong country, gemini and banjo as they were in the SNES. The damage is done and Nintendo can’t take then back and I prefer that since Retro Studio has earned my respect by making a decent Donkey Kong Country Returns.

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  43. It’s okay, Grant Kirkhope, don’t get upset about it, I think Microsoft is a douchebag who buys Rare from Nintendo and Microsoft just let go of Rare and sell the company back to Nintendo!

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