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Sony Targets Nintendo 3DS In This PlayStation Vita Advert?

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe released a trailer for Resistance: Buring Skies, which is an FPS (first-person shooter) PlayStation Vita game that holds a score of a 59/100 on Metacritic. According to ManPac, the trailer – shown above – targets the Nintendo 3DS for not having built-in dual analogue sticks for FPSs. There is text that reads, toward the beginning of the trailer, “with only one thumb, it’s only half the console FPS experience.” Should handheld gaming deliver the “console experience” in the first place?

419 thoughts on “Sony Targets Nintendo 3DS In This PlayStation Vita Advert?”

    1. why would we play a console like handheld if we already have a console ? We want a different experience right ? handhelds are made to do it not to be a console.

      1. Exactly right. This is also what Sony is doing wrong with their handhelds and what Nintendo does right.

        1. Well I feel Ninty had that right perfectly in the DS era. However I feel even they themselves have been a little skewed in the direction of console experience. Think about it, the majority of games are pretty darn long, graphics comparable to the Wii, and tons of old console games being rereleased. The only thing the 3DS has to separate itself would be its touchscreen, something the WiiU is getting.

          Actually, I think the only thing that really gets the idea of handheld games is the Iphone and other smartphones. Short games and level that only take a little while to beat so you can do them when you get bored every now and then. Actually, the Iphone is really the only device I use on the go. Not saying I don’t love my 3DS and the games it has nor that Apple has better games on the Iphone, but 3DS’s games are usually long
          games with fewer save points plus a somewhat short battery. The only time I really use my 3DS is at home.

          1. It also has the 3D distinguishing it from other Nintendo devices. And, actually, from most other devices in general, really.

            1. Allright the 3DS has 3D, however there’s still a problem with that when it comes to handhelds. For the 3D effect to work, you must be directly staring at your console and keep your head still. That’s something you can’t really do when you are walking around with your 3DS or in a twisty car ride. I mean, it does work and it works well, I just don’t think its really suited for a handheld device you’re supposed to play anywhere

                1. ……………………………………………..if you read my previous posts you’d find out I love my 3DS, however I feel Nintendo has lost the idea of handheld gaming like Sony.

                  To quote my own post “However I feel even they themselves have been a little skewed in the direction of console experience. Think about it, the majority of games are pretty darn long, graphics comparable to the Wii, and tons of old console games being rereleased. The only thing the 3DS has to separate itself would be its touchscreen, something the WiiU is getting.”

                  Then a couple people mentioned that the 3DS also has 3D to differentiate itself from consoles, to which I replied that I feel it isn’t really good for gaming on the go due to what I said on my previous post.

                  1. Agreed. Sony just doesn’t capture mobile gaming for me. It’s funny how desperate for sales they are, though. I received a letter advertising the vita the other day. Pretty sad

            1. I came back and saw that you replied to just about every single one of my posts without a single thing constructive to say or add to the conversation(s).

              In fact, 99% of it was just pure personal, degrading shots at me. Huh. Interesting. Says a lot.

              1. I will be fair, I replies more persons than you, but is truth that 99% was for you. I don’t like and don’t agree with your comments and I’m free to say whatever I want, If I offended you is because I’m stupid troll (yes I’m) to Who I think is a fanboy that says isn’t fanboy, and you are.

        1. psvita games sucks ball the feel like iphone games and its not backward compatible i have a 3ds and the games are way better than vita as far as gameplay goes i could buy a vita right now but i rather spend my money on a new 3dsxl it just has better content. sony fell off and trying to rob nintendo of there game ideas is not helping them

      1. I’m sure that is what Jimmy was saying. The initial title of the article was “…. In this PS Vita add.”

        It was spelled incorrectly.

  1. WOW. Way to fail sony. And as cool as the idea of having ‘console experiences’ on handhelds is, some games are meant to be played on the big screen and some are meant to be on the go.

    1. Seriously? lol The Vita is BOSS. I own both handhelds and honestly I cant stand the 3d gimmick, which is the 3Ds. There are more games for the Vita right now thanks to backwards compatibility and such, and it will STILL have a BIGGER and BETTER screen the the “bigger 3ds” coming out as well and that thing still only has one stick lol honestly, all Nintendo is now is a 3rd party publisher. Even if the Wii U hits the market “good” its still not up to par with the newer consoles from M$ and SONY. Back to your comment about not wanting a console experience on a handheld…..who in their right mind, WOULDN’T want that?!

      I pause Skyrim and take it on the go! Or Disney’s Brave or BoarderLands 2 when it comes out! If you think for one moment that people now wouldnt like to take their next gen gaming on the go, your sooooo wrong! I hope Nintendo stops making home consoles and goes strictly with hand held market. This way they can always have Mario and still deliver that same awesome experience that everyone has come to love, along with Samus, DK, and of course Link as well.

      Nintendo would make a killing if they put everything towards the handheld market and going 3rd party! They would have all publishers back them, minus one or 2 maybe. So until that happens, which I don’t see ever….Vita is so much better price wise, game wise and fun wise.. And I’m 33, so I’ve seen my share of consoles that lived ..and have died…ie: Virtual Boy.. ><

        1. handhelds are meant to experience what a console cannot do. Just like 3DS, it has 3D and touchscreen. Yes Wii U has a touchscreen but it doesn’t have 3D. Thats what Nintendo is doing and thats why their unit sell more. Vita is good too, it has touchscreen at the back but thats it. It has advance graphics but you cant tell the diff. between Vita and a console. Thats why it doesn’t sell more. In japan they think before they buy. Its not about the price tag.

        1. not mad, just well versed in the now. I dont get into flame wars with kiddies its pointless when Ive seen how the video game industry works :D

      1. “There are more games for the Vita right now thanks to backwards compatibility”

        Dumbass fails to realize the 3DS can play DS games (and unlike the Vita, can play ALL of the past games, and even Game Boy games). Fail. This fagboy fails to realize that the Vita’s failing. Epicly. While the 3DS is outselling the DS, the SECOND/FIRST BEST SELLING GAME SYSTEM in IT’S FIRST YEAR.

        1. No I realize this..Again with the swearing…lol kids… i swear lol..and your best selling system still didnt compare to the PSP’s sales in Japan AND in the USA..Do your research from the right places Donny. :D

          1. “and your best selling system still didnt compare to the PSP’s sales in Japan AND in the USA”

            Oh, really, the handheld that’s been out for more than 5 years sold more than a year old handheld? Shocking. Love how you fail to realize that I’m not TALKING ABOUT THE FREAKING PSP,TARD.

          2. And, moron, the PSP sold like shit compared to the DS, WHICH IS THE HANDHELD I AM RELATING THE 3DS TO. Fail fanboy is fail.

              1. “but saying that a system failed after selling over 70 million units?”

                Are you talking to me or the other twat? I never said the PSP failed.

              2. I said COMPARED to the DS (which sold over 100 million), the PSP sold like shit, but for what it did, it didn’t fail.

              3. Let’s make math… DS = 150 million – PSP = 70 million = 80 million more … or you can say that DS sold more than double the PSP, you fail.

          3. You know…I’m a Nintendo fan. And I read your post. And there’s…nothing wrong with it. It isn’t flaming Nintendo. So why are these guys getting mad? It’s COMPETITION people! Be rational!

          1. rather play skyrim on a HD TV and see all the tiny details :P And anyway Skyrim is much better on the pc because of Mods and tunneling through the heaps of bugs in the ps3 version!

            1. The fact that the Vita can cross play with the PS3 implies that games like Skyrim will be technically playable on the PS3.

            2. No, it wasn’t. But the update opens the door for full PS3 games to be played on the go. It could happen in the future. We’ll just have to wait and see.

        1. yes it can. if its hacked. Look it up. there was a hacker that had an exploit to play almost ALL PS3 games via Vita..

      2. Well think what you want, but the Nintendo 3DS is selling more than the Vita worldwide, and especially in Japan lol! Plus there are MANY games for the 3DS and they still make normal DS games that work with 3DS. e.g: I just bought a non 3DS game, Pokemon Conquest(BEST POKEMON SPINOFF EVER!!!).

      3. You obviously don’t own a 3DS. And you probably never knew the virtual boy existed while it was on the shelves. Lying to yourself is unhealthy.

      4. Boy, are you ever wrong buddy. first off the Vita is expensive. not only do you have to get the system but you have to buy a memory stick separately and also the game and btw the 3DS is backwards compatible to the DS. So technically the 3DS is much grander, better and more appealing then the PSVita has. but not only that it also has more better 1st party and 3rd party games for the system.

      5. “There are more games for the Vita right now thanks to backwards compatibility”

        wut? i cant play cd ver of retail games on vita that was a big fail sir^^^

    2. You mean, the same way Nintendo advertises the Wii U game pad as being able to play a full console experience away from the TV?

      Those darned Sonys! Always trying to do something stupid!


      1. sorta. big diff though is that Nintendo doesnt have 4 quad in their “tablet controllers” so they are limited to what they can do :( Wii U looks cool though

        1. The hardware isn’t in the gamepad, so why does it matter that it doesn’t have a quad in it? You are a dumb and ignorant person.

          1. because he is a Sony drone, trying to blend to both N and Sony fans so he wont be bully but his comments don’t prove it.

          1. Idk if u heard or not but Nintendo already announced last year that they were making SSB a cross play game between Wii U and 3DS, so the “we can play wherever” thing with the vita is about to lose ground especially if NINTY does this with most of their games, can we say turn PKMN into a MMO?!

            1. It’s only for Cross-Play, I honestly doubt that you would be able to play Super Smash Bros. that’s on the Wii-U on the 3DS from a far distance. It’ll be most likely used as spare controller or for some connectivity.

  2. Wow……you sound…kinda…..mad Alba……… I mean, the way you worded the article, and the spelling error (ad, not add) in the title….. you sound mad…..

    I’m not trolling, I’m just saying….

    1. Also….they might not be talking about the 3ds at all…… They might be talking about the original PSP….you know, the one with only one stick?

      You know, just a possibility…..

        1. Why naive ? I think that Sony does know that there is no FPS on the 3DS. Even if not, their business is not about thinking of ways to make Nintendo look bad or sonething, they obviously got better things to do. And they probably also do know that there were FPS games on the PSP, so it does not really sound unlogical if Sony is actually trying to show what they’ve done better this time with their new handheld and *why* exactly it is better than its predecessor.
          But hey, who am I telling this here ? This is a community where the majority of members are not-so-smart fanboys, after all. Sorry for having taken your time.

      1. It inevitable that a console experience is going to portable one day but until they can blend perfectly let the dedicated gaming devices have unique experience apart from the console but I’m plain Zelda 3d right now and thar game is an experience no matter what console it’s on.

      2. I actually agree. It does sound more like they’re targeting the PSP then the 3DS. Does the 3DS even have an FPS?

      1. I agree. I think Nintendo is a bit desperate to post something like this, or whomever the mod is on here lol

        1. Alba posted it. Although it’s most logical, as the 3DS is the Vita’s current competition. The PSP is just gone.

    1. Somebody could come along and respond with, “Yeah, it deserves a WHOLE thumbs up!” Just saying, your comment was set up in that fashion.

    2. Opinion.

      I’m actually enjoying the game, the controls for it are decent, but its just my opinion.

      I will say this though. The game is EASY.

      1. Sony ain’t stopping the pot anytime soon…how else could they come up with masterpiecies (insert irony here) like the ps3 baby add without it?

      1. Ha, you fail at being original, that argument has been used about 50 times.

        Way to make yourself feel important mother-fucker!

      1. peteriuss evil back up clone

        This guy is the new Master Troll? He wont stfu and is on nearly all the comments xDDD

                1. Hi.I’m spiderman.i’ma knowitall who keeps satingthe same thingover and over and over and over.

            1. “Any replies I get it tells me immediately.”
              well not mii idk why, but some comments i get and other i never receive them, there something wrong here.

                1. well on the computer looks ok i got your reply but my laptop does not notified mii with replies…. odd?

  3. Who wants to play a fps on a handheld anyway? The whole point is to have a whole different experience than on consoles, that’s why the 3DS is doing so well and the Vita is not. Why does Sony not realize this?

      1. The DS DID have FPS’s. Shitty ones.
        And I’m marking another sratch on the wall for your incessant responses.

    1. Because they’re targeting a more “mature” audience. Everyone knows that mature people love blood, violense and wars more than anything else in this world….

      1. yea but games with high violence are dangerous for kids and teenagers too so you should be aware of wich game you choose to play.

        1. It is true, how many people now-a-days want an actual zombie apocalypse to occur?(No joke…) and how many kids want to join the army because they think its wicked fun shooting people’s heads off? Its not right they should pick good games like Mario and Kirby. They are better for your health.

    1. You can do touch screen and motion controlled aiming on the Vita as well.

      But this article is a bit of a troll, this ad has absolutely nothing to do with the 3DS.

      1. yeh.. it kinda does. sony are obviously jealous that the 3ds are doing so well… there are only 2 popular handhelds are market now. the 3ds is winning by hundred of thousands of sales. sony are failing and they are angry at the biggest competition: nintendo. phtttt… losers

        1. For god’s sake, whiny crybaby much?

          He’s a follower of this blog, he can comment wherever the frick he wants to. At least his comments are actually intelligent….

      2. lol.. Have you played Metroid Hunters on DS? You aim on the bottom screen. Just look how fail would be on PSV, you put the stylus on the screen to aim and… hey look, I can’t see anything because MY FUCKING HAND IS BLOCKING MY VISION….. Jesus Christ….

    2. The problem is that yes, it is more precise, it also means that lefties are screwed, you can’t use the other trigger to get a closer view, and that you need a stand to hold the device itself, which destroys the point of it being on a hendheld

      1. Wait? You NEED that stand? I swear, I never even knew it was a stand and still completed the game just fine.

        1. Soo… you’re denying the fact that the Vita and the 3DS are in direct competition with one another?

          1. Of course they’re competitors. Direct? Not necessarily as the handhelds are targeted to different demographics.

            Still, this console war is pretty much an imaginary “my dad can beat up your dad” contest that has come up from fanboys and the media.

            There’s no “winning” per se. Both companies can sell their products and profit. One doesn’t have to necessarily outsell the other to be successful. “Best” is a matter of opinion. Etc.

            Fanboy wars are dumb. End of story.

            1. There’s no winning, in that, the success of one does not mean the death of the other.

              But the fact is that Sony wants the Vita to sell more than the 3DS. It is their only competition.

              Was this advertisement a direct stab at the 3DS? I don’t know. I don’t care. But the “War” between the two is more real than you think it is, because the Vita has only one source of competition: the 3DS.

              1. Incorrect. Gaming handhelds are less in competition with each other as they are with other portable devices such as tablets and smart phones that are now grabbing consumers by storm.

                Yes, they are competitors, I agree. Would both companies like to sell more than the other? Absolutely. Which company would not like to make more money?

                Yes, they are the main handhelds on the market dedicated to gaming. But does that necessarily mean they are directly in competition with each other? Still, not necessarily.

                Their demographics have always been different. Let’s face it, while Nintendo does market to a wide variety of gamers including the core crowd, their main source of sales come from buying a system for younger individuals and casuals.

                The Vita on the other hand has mainly been focused at core gamers and those more technologically inclined.

                But at least we can agree that both companies can succeed without necessarily outselling the other. I’m sure the 3DS will stay on top for sales. That doesn’t have to mean the Vita will die out though.

                1. I’m gonna have to disagree with your first part. Gaming handhelds are not in competition with smartphones, etc.

                  Why? Because everyone would buy a smartphone regardless of whether they had games or not. Because people buy phones. That’s what they do. Smartphones, etc are “grabbing up consumers” because phones, specifically smartphones, are almost a necessity these days. While yes, some people might say “Why do I need the 3DS when I have Angry Birds?”, it’s clear that a person like that wouldn’t buy a handheld anyway, because they’re clearly not a “gamer”. So that’s not a lost sale.

                  The target audience of the Vita and the 3DS (gamers) will own both a phone and a handheld. Because everyone needs a phone, and because they also want their good games, not those 99 cent games that only last one day before they get boring.

                  Therefore an increase in smartphone sales doesn’t mean a decrease in handheld sales (Whereas an increase in 3DS sales could very easily mean a decrease in Vita sales).

                  1. Both Nintendo and Sony have explicitly expressed that the smartphone and tablet industry are a “threat” (if you want to call it that) to their handhelds.

                    That’s all.

                    1. they may be a threat in the future, but they’re not now.

                      At this point in its lifetime, the 3DS has outsold the DS. If smartphones were a current threat, then we’d see this generation of handhelds selling less than the previous generation. Handheld gaming is actually increasing.

                      People are smart enough to know that 99cent app store games will not satisfy their need for on-the-go gaming.

            2. Two different demographics? Sorry but wrong both are targeting the same consumers people who play games on the go. Just cus one has broader appeal (3ds) and one is more niche “hardcore”(vita) doesn’t change the demographic. Let’s not pretend that they aren’t fighting for pieces of the same pie. Nintendo knows this in handhelds which is why they are on top. But console Nintendo doesn’t get it.

          2. That’s like people who say the Wii is in direct competition with the 360 and PS3. It isn’t because it’s a completely different console, which does different things and targets a different audience. The 3DS and Vita aren’t similar enough to compare with one another. The main similarity is that they’re handhelds.

            1. They are in direct competition because they’re the only two handhelds on the market.

              Unless you have enough money to buy both, then you have to choose between the two. One of them will get your money, the other will not.

              And while Vita may appear to skew a little older, their audience does overlap. Sony may only try to appeal to older gamers, but Nintendo tries to appeal to kids and older gamers. Someone my age (22) has to choose between a Vita and a 3DS because I don’t have enough money for both. They’re in direct competition for my money.

              1. Still, the consoles are drastically different. That’s the main point I’m trying to get across. This ad has such little relevance to the 3DS because the 3DS doesn’t focus on first person shooters, whereas the Vita does.

            2. well there always will be variations of “Mario” and “Zelda”..etc..on the 3ds and such so…It doesn’t have to be a “port” though… Honestly the video game world is (has)getting boring… Everything has been pretty much done and if it hasn’t, those games go way overlooked, which is sad. The wrong people have gotten into the wrong roles at companies and turned them inside out and either told the world that: “Westerners don’t like Jrpgs” (like with what happened to Working Designs back in the day at the Eshow) to everyone just wanting more and more eye candy and hardly any story, like the newest FF games…I think “ports” (unless awesome like Crisis and say Skyrim) are useless. People mod their handhelds regardless and then put the roms on there despite if a company likes it or not. Then the consumer has their fill of roms from the past lol I totally agree with you though :D

              I worked at Game stop for over 3 years and with every Nintendo system its always Mario, zelda, Kong, etc…Which is cool for kids. I’ve played ALL of Nintendo games pretty much and Nothing ever caught my attention cept for Mario 1-3 and Killer Instinct 1 and 2 with their partnership with RARE. Sure with SEGA it was Sonic but SEGA does better as a 3rd party publisher then a console dev. over all I think. If Nintendo went 3rd party they would make so much cash on iOS and other platforms. it just hurts me too see these huge companies do better in appliances then video game consoles all together lol

  4. I really don’t think it was trageting the 3DS at all. It was just stating they believe a FPS with only one stick is half the game. Plus, the 3DS has the Circle Pad Pro so I don’t see how it’s trying to insult the 3DS at all. Cmon man, this isn’t Nintendo News.

    1. It’s targeting the 3ds directly since its the only competing handheld without a second analog stick… Hell, it’s the only competing system…
      Sony always does this in their commercials… They always talk about other system’s flaws, aiming to make consumers one-sided…
      They do this all the time… Instead of trying to tell me why I should get this system, their ads are meant to show me why not to get other systems.
      It’s a resiculous marketing plan, but it works. Commercials like these create trolls and fanboys.

      1. Except the Vita has been promoted as a system with dual analog sticks even before the 3DS was released.

        They talked about the advantages the dual sticks have over the limitations that were seen on the PSP.


        It’s the first handheld of its kind with dual analog. A lot of devs love that. A lot of gamers love that. Stop being so butt hurt.

        1. PSP has this limitations, but DS hasn’t because on DS you aim on the other screen, the same thing happen with 3DS… aren’t you fanboy? Right…

      2. C’mon, now. You guys are looking for anything to try and bash. Now we now Sony is the one to always point flaws at other companies but not try to fix their own but you guys are getting childish about it.

        I mean really? Making articles about Sony that have NOTHING to deal with Nintendo besides some possibility to do with them? This is called MyNintendonews for a reason. I come here to be informed about news directly about Nintendo, not some implied bullshit that no one but fanboys care about. Someone, get rid of this kid who’s been posting these articles because they’re just flame baiting at this point.

        1. Well it was the owner of this site that posted the Vita commerical in the first place, so are you mad at them as well? I didnt start any “flame war” I was being honest. Most people are in the dark about a lot of things and dont really care. Honestly I CARE what I play and rather not be stuck with “kid games” on my 3ds until it dies out and something new comes along. Besides, this is Nintendo site right? When did Nintendo fans swear? lol Nintendo has always been about “family” not abotu people that get “mad” over posts :)

          1. I thought Sickr was the owner. Not Alba. And I wasn’t talking to you. Look who I was posting to. And thinking Nintendo fans don’t swear. lol

    1. Just because one game people dont like, doesnt kill the system. Teh vita has a TON of already good psp games for it and then soon comes the PS1 games as well and of course the Vita games too. The Vita has done REALLY well in the states and has recently picked up in Nippon (Japan for those who don’t know) . Facts are facts though. People shouldn’t complain about a system over all. If anyone has issues with a system they make, send the mail to the 3rd party publishers that make the games as well. We all need the feed back for what people want. :)

  5. Resistance is a great game but tne Vita version actually sucks :/ also I prefer an FPS gameplay like Metroid Prime Hunters or Dementium on a hanheld.

    1. Hunters? For real? I mean, it’s better than Resistance but those controls were horrible and it wasn’t exactly stand out otherwise.

      1. I can say that controls are better than any controls on PSP (playing FPS). You do have more than an option of control and can aim on the lower screen of DS.

  6. This doesn’t have anything to do with the 3DS, the 3DS has the circle pad pro. Ever think that maybe it has something to do with the PSP, and they’re referring to the fact that they added another thumbstick?

    1. But they aren’t competing with the PSP and if they were, it would be a terrible idea. The PSP still very almost outsells the Vita in many places. This is clearly a stab at the 3DS, even with the Circle Pad Pro.

      1. Ads aren’t only to compete. They’re also to inform.

        When the Vita was first revealed, it was compared to the PSP which has one analog versus the dual analog on the Vita.

  7. Come on Sony, i like you, and i know you can be childish sometimes when it comes to your competition, but then theres just being stupid.

      1. Yes it is. Its just as childish as the “get N or get out” and “the Sega do what Nintendont”, just saying “ooo look we have this, nintendo dont”, but the main point is the game isnt even good…

        1. They’re advertising their product. The same way Nintendo 3DS advertises that the 3DS is the ONLY handheld gaming system to have 3D, and the only gaming system on the market to have glassesless 3D at that.

          This ad made NO mention of the 3DS or Nintendo. C’mon, now.

            1. Once again, the PSP only had one. And before the 3DS came out, Sony talked about how the Vita is a step up from the PSP because now it has two analog sticks and is the only portable gaming system on the market to have one out of the box.

              It’s a selling point. Developers love it. It doesn’t mean it’s a hit at the 3DS. Even if it was. So what? Nintendo sells loads. Do you think this commercial would sway that many people?

              Nintendo shows off features of their systems all the time. Things that only Nintendo systems have. All companies do that. They highlight their products and what makes their products stand out from the rest. Advertising does not mean they’re jabbing.

              Some people take some things too personal sometimes.

              1. Nobody is even thinking about the PSP. And why would they, when the Vita is out, right? Sony wouldn’t downplay a previous system they made because they already have a system that’s intended to surpass it. Face it, the only other relevant system now that uses only one “analog stick” is the 3DS, and Sony would of course count on everyone to make that connection so they can ditch the 3DS for the Vita. The PSP has been dead forever, dude! Nobody’s going to think about THAT when they’re watching this ad! Why don’t you think about that instead of posting the same damn incomplete argument over and over again?

                1. Ever thought of the possibilitythat they are referring to the PSP because they want to clearly show what they did better with their new handheld ? It’s nothing new for companies to compare their new things to their old things to emphasize new features and to show why exactly the new thing is better than the old one.
                  Instead of telling people that they should think maybe you should start doing so yourself.

              2. All people have been moaning about is why the XL has no circle pad, and suddenly sony releases and advert saying, “with only one thumb stick”.

                And the main point here, bashing at nintendo or not, theyre doing it with a bad game…. Its just stupid, people will end up buying it and being disappointed

          1. you dont need to mention anyone to bash. Stop commenting to everyone. You sound like a fanboy protecting the god damn plastic thing we call a console or handheld :P Why does it matter to you that everyone else hates the vita? Are you a share holder? does your life depend on the success of vita?

            1. I’m anything BUT a fanboy. If you actually read my comments, then you’ll see that.

              Plus this is an open community, I can comment as I please unless the mods think I’m breaking some rules and need to go.

              “What does it matter to you”? :)

              1. Who are defending Sony in every comment? Not you? I mean, PSV competes with PSP? or 3DS? That video was a message for the PSP owners? and the same PSP didn’t belong to SONY? One thing or another, or you are a fucking fanboy or a retard.

              2. ……finally….someone else….with some actual non biased or fanboyish intelligence on his site…….

                I think I’m going to cry…… :’)

                Simply G, I don’t know when you got here, but you’re my new best friend. :3

        1. No. I’m a gamer. A gamer who plays and enjoys games from a variety of genres and companies.

          I am an owner of (or previous owner of) every gaming system that has made its way to North American shelves.

          I am a gamer who sees the positives and negatives from each system and game that I play.

          I am a gamer who is also a business owner. Thus I know what goes into business practices.

          I am a gamer who is not blinded by fanboyism. I know when companies outright target each other, when companies are just advertising their products, when companies have practices that are less than appropriate, and I know when sites are also essentially trolling for hits.

          I am a gamer. Not a fanboy.

          1. I think you are the only person in this community who has a sane mind and actually is able to enjoy video games as a whole.
            You are a really nice person, yes.

                1. Yeah, I don’t see the irony in that. You can be a huge fan of Zelda and a huge fan of other things too.

                  It’s not like his or her name was, “OnlyNintendo4Lyf!”

                  Side note: I flippin’ love the Zelda franchise.

                  1. Her. I’ma girl. (:
                    And yes, that’s exactly how it is; I reaaally love The Legend Of Zelda (And Nintendo too) butI’ma huge fanof Sony’s stuff as well.

          2. You’re full of such bullshit. And the pretentious way you structured your comment is evidence enough of that, bullshit content notwithstanding.

          3. May I ask, but are you somehow GAY??just wondering not trolling or anything, when I see your name Simply G(Simply Gorgeous<–that's how I see it) and reading your comments it made me suspect that you are indeed GAY..

  8. Wow. Actually trying to sell a console by pointing out faults with its competitors. Nintendo sold the Wii by saying it had motion controls, not by saying other consoles didn’t. Nintendo sold the 3DS by saying it had 3D, not by saying other handhelds didn’t. While it is my belief that a second analogue device is important to a handheld, this isn’t my point. Sony have never been good advertisers, they just can’t point out their product’s real strengths. However, this is real disappointing stuff. No wonder the Vita lives in the 3DS’ shadow.

  9. Sales do the talking Sony :) ] backwards compatibility and a great library of games and great future releases!

  10. psp vita has nothing new but nintendo 3DS has something new.3D without glasses and better resulation than the original ds

    1. dont worry. Sales speak volumes :) and plus u can resistance on a ps3…. not even sony fanboys are buying the handheld

  11. If you honestly think about it, it might be more about their predecessor, the PSP. The reason is that the PSP had only one thumbstick, which meant FPS games would never have worked. Case in point – the Call of Duty spinoff. The controls were godawful.

    It could also be a hidden stab at Nintendo, but honestly, who cares? It’s an ad to BRING in new customers. I hardly see why people will go to such lengths to actually criticize Sony. Sega did their best to undermine Nintendo and tried to make the Genesis more appealing – even going as far as making their slogan, “Sega does what Nintendon’t.”

    To answer Alba’s little question, if the handheld console can bring in console games and make use of what the actual handheld can do; then let them bring it. I’m not saying it just HAS to be console gaming experiences in the handheld system, but it shouldn’t be just as one sided. Take for example the Gameboy Advanced, it brought console games like Donkey Kong Country and Super Mario Bros 1 to Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island to the small cartridges for portable play. They even did it with Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.

    Clearly it means the handheld market can be capable of producing their own portable titles, but also bringing in console experiences into the mix. Why be one-sided?

  12. Honestly, I don’t know why I even bother with MyNintendoNews anymore. The website supposedly claims to be the source for Nintendo related news, but it’s just a Nintendo fanboy trying to start flamewars with other fanboys. The guy who runs this site hardly ever reports anything that can technically be classified as news. This right here is not news, it’s bitching. Yeah, we get it, Sony is trolling Nintendo again. But how many companies don’t do that on a daily basis? Remember the old Sega commercials? “Genesis does what Nintendon’t!” Even Nintendo trolls their competition. Heck, Nintendo had the voice of Mario at E3 a few years back who was demonstrating his voice and syncing it with Mario on screen, and he said “Boy, that Sony! It’s fantastic!” And after saying that, Marios nose grew long like Pinocchio. It’s called competition in the industry. Get used to it! Seriously MyNintendoNews, I’m still waiting for you to stop the flamewar bullshit and actually report NEWS!

  13. i can see sony losing the handlet console war and losing money too.
    They try hard,they fail hard

  14. It’s still only half the console fps experience because it’s a handheld…

    two sticks doesn’t make up for the small screen.

  15. This could be taken both ways: either an “attack” on 3DS or an acknowledgement of the upgrade from PSP to PSV.

    I see it more of the former.


    Yeah because 3ds doesnt have console ports like cough zelda 3ds,mario kart,smash brothes,virtual console games like mario on nes and so on. Gameboy-ds have had console versions or ports like donkey kong country oh but ninty 3ds doesnt have ports lulz

    1. ‘console ports like’
      ‘mario kart,smash brothes’

      Mwap Mwap Mwaaaap
      Seriously though, so the 3DS has ports; at least it ALSO has new games. The Vita is near enough JUST ports.

  17. Oh no! Sony might be slightly dissing the 3DS in an advert about a crappy game with a Metacritic score of 59%, which didn’t even sell 90,000 copies in its first week! Whatever shall we do?


  18. For everyone doubting that this is not targeting the 3ds:

    Why the **** would they try to outsell and craptalk their own system? Ofcourse they craptalk the 3dsfor not having build in dual sticks. And with all rights to be fair. No matter how much I love Nintendo I think it was a misstake to not have the other circle pad as a standard, at least for the 3ds XL (as there’s a risk that Circle pad pro might not work on that one). This is indeed a selling point for the vita contra 3ds. And according to the fact that the vita us owned harder than a 12 year old in a MMORPG so is it required for them to point out what their system does that the 3ds doesn’t.

    1. Exactly. No one in his right these days would even care about the PSP at this point. You know, unless you lived in a hole for the last three years or something.

  19. With only a handful of games and no 3rd party support in the near future, Vita isn’t even like 1/4 of the 3DS experience.

    1. No 3rd party support? I’m sorry, what? PlayStation has every major publisher on board and literally hundreds of developers as well.

      Both systems, the 3DS and Vita, offer great experiences depending on the game.

      1. I hope you didn’t think you were actually smart with that comment. Maybe the fact that you sounded smart deafened you to the ridiculousness that is your statement.

        1. I hope you realize you sound fucking retarded with that comment. Dont try to act like you’re smarter than the rest, dumbass. And way to prove why his statement was redicilous

      2. Who is fanboy now? “I am a gamer. Not a fanboy.” BS! Exemples to you: Monster Hunter 4 and EX Troopers… Are you satisfied fanboy?

          1. Ok… “No 3rd party support? I’m sorry, what? PlayStation has every major publisher on board and literally hundreds of developers as well.” Not, sony haven’t.

            1. Wha…? While I don’t think hundreds of Game development companies are on board with the 3DS or the VITA, there’s plenty of support for both systems, it’s just that the VITA doesn’t have too many games that stand out at THIS moment. You have to give systems time to get must-have titles, it’s kind of like aging wine.

  20. Well considering the games rating, it has nothing to do with the control scheme, look at all the call of duty games on DS. They got decent scores and there wasn’t a single analog stick in use. Sometimes sony doesn’t know what they are talking about.

  21. Umm…I’ve played Metroid Prime Hunters and Moon for DS and at the time, they didn’t need any analog stick requirements for them. Any dummy would realize that when it comes to aiming in a DS/3DS first-person shooter, they would use the Touch Screen & stylus to look around. Sony are a bunch of idiots. No wonder why they got below average scores on their Vita FPSes.

    And guess what? Both DS FPSes I’ve mentioned were pretty good.

  22. Allright Alba you are terrible. Not only is the article truly debatable of whether or not they were attacking the 3DS (it doesn’t even make sense because the 3DS has the CPP), but you also obviously let your feelings get tangled into the article itself, something a news reporter should never do. Finally, this really doesn’t have anything to do with Nintendo, does it? You are showing us an add of the PSV and claiming that they are attacking the 3DS with no actual evidence to back it up. Seriously, I could tolerate some of your previous lackluster posts, but this has gone too far.

    1. Alba and Sickr are not news reporters. They are merely bloggers. They are not supposed to be held up to the same standard as news reporters. Don’t be stupid.

      The only thing they are required to do, which I always make a point of whenever necessary, is that they post entries relevant to the intent of their website. In other words, they must post news relevant to Nintendo, since their website is called My Nintendo News. They are not legally required to do this; however, if they care that much about their credibility as viable sources of information, they’d do well to stick to that requirement.


      1. Last time I checked news reporters ‘report news’. Also last time I checked, this is a site that reports Nintendo news

      2. Ya know its funny, for a person that calls a lot of people “stupid”, you’ve been making a lot of fucking stupid comments.

  23. Funny, even with me buying a 3DS XL, a circle Pad, and a game, it’s still cheaper then a Vita with a game.

    And Nintendo wins again.

  24. Could it be that this community is full of retards? How in the fking hell is this targeting Nintendo? You know, Sony once had a handheld, I think it was called… Uh… Oh right, it was called PSP! And you know, this so-called PSP did only have one single circle pad. It is just a guessing, but don’t you think Sony could be talking about the Vita’s forerunner here in this ad.? …No, surely not. They have to be bashing Nintendo here because that’s the one and only possibility! /sarcasm
    Seriously? What the hell is wrong with you all? But more importantly, what the hell is wrong with the owner of this site? A sick little fanboy ranting over an ad. And because it’s from Sony, it has to be insulting Nintendo and make them look weak, or how am I supposed to understand it? Really, this site is not a news site but rather a site where fanboys seem think it’s okay to talk bullshit. But listen, it is not okay to talk bullshit at all. Doesn’t matter where you are. It is never okay.
    Seriously, trying to make stupid wars out of anything that has to do with Sony and Nintendo. And it seems to me that Nintendo unfortunately is the company with the most moronic and most retarded fanboys. I’ve never seen stupidity to such an extent in any other communities than Nintendo communities.
    Please, just grow up as fast as possible.

      1. Yep, he is obviously a troll who hates Nintendo because he talked about how bad NIntendo games are and how Sony is the best

  25. You’re reading too much into this – this isn’t attacking the 3DS at all – it seems to me like it’s merely promoting the Vits’s second thumb pad, considering the PSP also only had one.

    And I’m saying this as a 3DS owner who dislikes the Vita (Too big to be a handheld in my opinion, same reason I passed on the DSi XL and the 3DS XL)

  26. 1) its called circle pad pro
    2) its called touch screen accuracy waaay better than dual analog, as seen on kid icarus (precision)
    3) they really are out of ideas and have nothing else to show off, don’t they?

  27. “Currently, there are no FPS 3DS games in Europe.” You guys didn’t get RE: Revelations or the MGS remake? Then again I guess they’re not entirely FPS.

  28. This article seems a bit extreme. I mean, they are just advertising two analogs. Nothing wrong with that. I wouldn’t complain if Nintendo advertised their circle pad pro.

    P.S. They really shouldn’t use Resistance though. That game is just terrible…

  29. hopefully, HOPEFULLY the next revision of the 3ds includes a second circle pad. otherwise shit like this will continue to happen.

  30. UGH. I hate Sony’s placement of their left analog stick! That looks sooo uncomfortable! The thing about consoles is that at least you can buy a different controller if the first party ones completely suck *cough* DUALSHOCK *cough* but with a handheld, your stuck with that crappy layout for life.

    1. they use to do that but not anymore because they don’t car about competition, they care about there own market now, but many people don’t see that.

    2. Umm to quote Nossida89 “Nintendo had the voice of Mario at E3 a few years back who was demonstrating his voice and syncing it with Mario on screen, and he said “Boy, that Sony! It’s fantastic!” And after saying that, Marios nose grew long like Pinocchio” Dude, its how the industry works, everyone does it, get over it

  31. Being a fanboy must be shit…

    Imagine this scene:

    You see a game or console that you really want to play, but its on a non-Nintendo game or console.
    So instead of buying the thing that you really want to play, you skip it and make yourself miserable just to keep your inner fanboy happy and prove you are some kind of hero to “the cause”.

    ALL fanboys (not just Nintendo) are their own worst enemy, and i feel really sad for you.

    1. I’m not rich so I can only pick one side. Do I wish i could play all games… yes, but I’m glad I picked Nintendo.

      1. So let me get this right…

        You only have a Nintendo console, so you think everything not made by Nintendo is evil?

        So going on your argument:
        Would you think Nokia phones were evil, if you only owned a Samsung phone?

        Jesus christ, i will never understand the demented world of fanboys.

        1. What the hell are you talking about nowhere in my comment did I say Sony was evil. And by the way, I have had both a Samaung and Nokia phone, but I do like Samsung better. (and by picking one side, I clearly meant console not fanboyism) So you need to get your panties out of a wad before you lose them for good!

  32. Play Station Portable only has one stick… did you ever think about that sickr? Mabey they are comparing it to the first Playstation Handheld.

      1. Yeah, because Sickr wouldn’t have known this before it got posted on HIS website, right?

        For all you know, they’re both the same person.

        1. And for all you know, everyone else on this blog is the same person. Anyway, does Sickr know when we post comments on HIS website? Or whoever runs IGN?

  33. Even with one stick, the 3DS is still better thatn the Vita. It’s not all about hardware power. If it was, then yes the Vita is better, but it ain’t. Leave luck to heaven.

      1. Hes didn’t say he would… you need to calm down. He is saying if he got both the 3DS and Vita for Christmas, then he would probably play the 3Ds more. So go suck a dick, ya prick!

      2. No I wouldn’t. Because it was a gift and I appreciate the things people give me. But if I was to buy a handheld gaming device with my own money, it would be the 3DS.

  34. Heh, this sounds to me like Sony saw the sales numbers of Kid Icarus Uprising[which is arguably a shooter, in a way, though it does more than that], got scared that Nintendo would make a similar success in the future, and decided to try and bash it indirectly once again, in an effort to brainwash people into thinking the 3DS can’t handle any sort of shooter title.
    Sony is REALLY starting to show just how intimidated they are by Nintendo lately.
    The Wii U and 3DS have Sony frustrated because not only is the 3DS trouncing the Vita in sales[which is what Sony cares about most], Nintendo is also declining to state more definitive information on the Wii U and its titles/functions/accessories/games, so with nothing to bash on or indirectly copy via making a similar product, Sony is digging REALLY DEEP AND HARD to try to find SOMETHING to bash Nintendo for.
    This pathetic video is one such sad result.

  35. I’m not a fan of attack ads, but Nintendo really should have put a second circle pad at least on the new 3DS.

    1. They’ve already said that they aren’t doing any new revisions of the 3DS so soon.
      That’s why they didn’t put in the circle pad; it would have been a bad move to force people to upgrade so soon after the 3DS’s launch.

  36. “Does this Sony PS Vita ad mock the 3DS…or the PSP?” I just read on Gonintendo… So my thoughts is, Sony would mock their own console? I don’t think so…

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  38. The Vita is the first handheld device with 2 analog sticks, no other handheld, including the PSP and the 3DS, has had to analog sticks, so why isn’t Sony allowed to advertise it’s biggest feature on the Vita? You fanboys really have to stop whining.

      1. Yeah, yeah, circle pad pro, the difference is, the CPP is an accessory that isn’t included with the system. And if that’s what Sony has to do to get people to buy the Vita instead of a PSP, why not? I don’t see how this is mockery.

  39. Yes Sony, how DARE you not be able to play CONSOLE FPS games on a HANDHELD system. Also, boo hoo, I can’t play CoD Clone #2567.

  40. This “bashing” is sort of debatable if you ask me. I don’t if you guys know but having the first handheld to have both analog sticks BUILT in is something worth talking about, kind of like how Nintendo would talk about their 3D and the games they develop for the 3DS.

    1. The thing is, is bad for any company talks shit for their own products, if one analogue sucks by half, sony can’t throw that to PSP, the 3DS is the direct one. If nintendo praises the 3D effect, at least it’s something that just nintendo has. That’s what you people aren’t seeing, or don’t want.

    1. Nobody Mentioned Kid Icarus until you started banging-on about it.

      And Kid Icarus is not an FPS,
      Its for babies like you that cant handle adult games.


      1. It’s indeed not a fps…however that whole adult game/babies seems bit like trollololing to me…unless ofc ur willing to name some examples of “adult games” according to ur opinion.Also the only adult who can use the word “babies” and still be taken seriously is the Heavy from tf2, ’nuff said.

      2. 1: it has a feature where it can be switched to first person

        2: you would have to have never played the game to talk that kind of hate to it

        3: i dont care how much older you are. fanboy talk like yours reflects your mental age

  41. Site hits must be down today. Guess that means its time to feed the trolls.

    Have at it you fucktards!


    @noob are you on drugs 3ds is full of ports . New games my ass its more than half its catalog is made up of old games,ports and upscaled old games. As for the new games lol feel like Ive been playing the samd old shit over and over and over and over again

    1. At last, someone who is talking sense!

      3DS owners cant get enough of Mario knock-off #50001 & Zelda remake #4000000.

      And dont forget all the GB / GBC / GBA games that Nintendo make you re-purchase for your 3DS every time on the shitty e-shop.


    @anonymous i dont hate 3ds but these morons are ful of it. What is a handheld exps? What like iphone? Besides theyd rather buy a 40 dollar near console price game on 3ds just to play and beat it in 2hrs or less …srsly


    Also its funny how she uses metacritic to beat a dead horse yet if we use metacritic nearly half of wii games had shit review and 3ds is not anybetter. Hmm seems to me she is jelouse lol

    1. Wii had the lowest game-to-console sales ratio of all time.

      1 game sold for every 36 consoles sold.

      Even casual gamers who bought a Wii werent stupid enough to buy all the remakes!

  45. I dont care if this site is posting Nintendo news or not I come here for Nintendo news and to enjoy reading comments from trolls,fanboyism,worst fanboyism, related information on games from people and also to laugh on some of the most stupidest comments ever…

    so thanks everyone for making my day..PEACE :)

    1. Thanks for the kind words.

      Now go and shove your dick into the nearest plug-socket, and have a nice big explosive piss.

    1. The problem with someone seriously like you (apparently your comments don’t sucks, for now) is that you guys keep feeding and feeding again and again… like rich said is fucking hilarious. Today I chose Simply Gay for their secret (to him) fanboysm, but, I don’t like be a troll, I just don’t like Sony and their fanboys that thinks to be the experts of shit..