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Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Features Online Connectivity

Nintendo hasn’t revealed whether Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon will feature online connectivity but the European box art of the game, which was apparently leaked on NeoGaf, displays the Nintendo Network icon. This confirms that the upcoming Nintendo 3DS title will feature online connectivity of some sort. Perhaps the game will have an online multi-player mode or will offer downloadable content.

81 thoughts on “Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Features Online Connectivity”

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  1. For the moment, I can’t see this being used for more than extra content. They haven’t shown us a whole lot. But anything’s possible.

  2. probably street pass and maybe ghost of friends playing it. as in you can see a transparent version of a friend who has laready completed the level if you’ve gotten stuck or something. i think something like that would be really cool if it was implemented in a future mario galaxy game or zelda rather than just having the game tell you what to do you can have the option of actually seeing a friends ghost playing.

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  3. I seriously doubt online multiplayer. NSMB2 would get online multiplayer before Luigi’s mansion. Plus, its not really a multiplayer game. the gameplay mechanics don’t really work for two players. I’d expect DLC or something else of that nature

  4. I’d expect DLC for extra mansions. I don’t quite see how multiplayer would work on a game like this, but sharing ghost data (I lol’d myself) on like how fast it takes to speed through a mansion or something.

        1. That was my idea as well.
          Multiple mansions or new ghosts to hunt down in the ones we’ve already explored are the two most likely forms of DLC for this game.

  5. Nintendo already stated there wasn’t going to be multiplayer in the game. It was on a article about 3-4 months back. Rumors had spread saying there was going to be multiplayer and nintendo dismissed it saying it was single-player only.

    Possibly it’s for seeing how much money they got or how fast they beat a mansion.

    DLC is probably going to be mansions with some new ghost bosses.

    1. Obviously pure speculation on my part, but seeing as it is coming out “Holiday 2012”, around the launch of the Wii U, it could be some sort of Miiverse connectivity. We do know that Miiverse and Nintendo Network accounts are to be back ported to the 3DS, maybe this is set to be the 3DS launch title of the service.

      Again, pure speculation.

  6. online could be cool. like zelda phantom hourglass, people could either play the phantom, in this case the ghost or the hero.

      1. ^ This

        I dont even think they should have Ganondorf. If Link and Zelda take after their SS renditions, which is most likely, then he’d look out of place. And he’s not even appeared in a game for about 6-7 years since TP, and hes just a slight variation of C.Falcon.

        Ghiriham has way more potential in his move set and final smash

          1. Demise was in the game for 1 fight…

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  7. If I remember correctly Nintendo did say the game would have some sort of online features.
    Can’t remember where they said it but…it is not multiplayer though…

      1. I take it that you don’t know the rating system in Europe? Don’t go assuming that a game sucks without any reasoning whatsoever.

    1. It WILL NOT have new mansions, i guarantee it.

      The game cartridge will not have the enough memory to render entire new things that big with any amount of detail.

      Its a 2GB cart maximum … NOT A FUCKING BLU-RAY DISC!!!

      1. Actually, Nintendo 3DS cartridges can go up to 8GB. 2GB is the default for developers at the moment though. But, they can increase the capacity if they so choose.

      2. Even though they said at E3 last year it would have multiple mansions. Also, let me give you a brief summary on games and disk space.

        Because i download games on PSN, i know the amount of GB games take up, it says it right in front of me.
        On average, most of the games are between 6-9GB, on PS3. Rayman Origins is 1.5GB, ive seen demos use more space than that.

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