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Trine Developer: ‘With Wii U, Nintendo Will Match Or Surpass Other Platforms’

Trine 2, from developer Frozenbyte, is already available on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. An upgraded Wii U version of the game, Trine 2: Director’s Cut, will be releasing on the Wii U eShop during Holiday 2012. Frozenbyte is “confident that the Wii U online store will be a very different experience.” Frozenbyte is also intrigued by Miiverse and says that its features are a “very good fit for Trine 2: Director’s Cut.”

“We are confident that the Wii U online store will be a very different experience.”

“We’re going in with the expectation that Nintendo will be able to match or even surpass the other platforms this time around. Miiverse seems very intriguing and some of the features are a very good fit for Trine 2: Director’s Cut. Our goal is to provide one of the best online multiplayer experiences for Wii U users.”

63 thoughts on “Trine Developer: ‘With Wii U, Nintendo Will Match Or Surpass Other Platforms’”

  1. Miiverse features are a very good fit for Trine 2.
    Hmm…i keep getting the feeling that, people are basically going to able to create there own challenges/achievements both worldwide and between system accounts and friends.
    In a NSMBU screen, it shows a challenge in orange over a level, to do a speed run.
    It would make sense for Trine, its a good game for speed runs ect.

    1. when U see the word surpass… that means it will be ALOT stronger than current gen. They could of said its just as good or a bit better but no…. SURPASS the other platforms. Now that is high praise!

      1. I know, thats why im thinking its ttying to surpass in more than just graphics, user made achievements would be awesome, and make sense, seekng as the achievements for wiiu arent mandatory.

        Cant wait to hear more news, theres alot they’re hiding

        1. Die 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 times to unlock some extra detailed tash hairs for mario

          achivement created by Aeolus

          1. Lmao, im guessing it’ll be more developered leaderboards, so speed runs, no death playthroughs, stuff like that.

  2. That’s good for gamers who only play on Nintendo systems. Both Trine 1 and 2 are great games. At least they’ll get a chance to play one.

      1. I honestly don’t remember. It’s a bit harder for me to say since I played it in spurts after work, taking care of family, classes, and other responsibilities, etc but it’s not that long.

  3. wiiU is a beast so i know that it will mutch (and maybe surpass) the playstation4 and the next xbox

      1. That’s what I don’t get… Are they talking about the Wii U compared to the Xbox 360 and PS3 or the PS4 and Xbox 720?

        1. They would be talking out their ass I they said its better than the 720 and ps4, so they should be talking ps3/360 which the wii u should be better than.

          1. Yeah, it’s likely the current systems since this will be the first the team will be developing on Nintendo platform but they already have developed for the other systems. They’re probably comparing it to the 360/PS3.

            Considering it’s a next-gen system, it should match or surpass them.

            1. I’m not saying it again, the 360 and the PS3 are 7 and 6 year old consoles, it is not hard to surpass them at a low price. And Frozenbyte did not mean the power of the consoles, they meant Nintendo Network vs. XBox Live vs. PlayStation Network.

          2. Why people think that the only way to surpass its competitors is with graphics? He didn’t mention about the Wii U “power”, he just said it will surpass.

            Maybe he meant it in a whole different way than you seem to think. Maybe he meant surpass as in be more enjoyable even if it has shitty graphics or more popular among the gamers?

            Anyway, he is just speculating.

        2. Likely the 720/PS4, everybody should know that the Wii U easily surpasses the 360/PS3 (6/7 year old hardware, my dad’s bargain laptop surpasses the 360/PS3, it’s not really a big deal.).
          Though, I think Frozenbyte was talking about the online features, as someone previously said, Nintendo’s online system might allow user created achievements, and that would be a HUGE deal for online progress.

      2. He did only say maybe surprass other next gen.
        I think it’s possible, as time has proven, the weaker console has pretty much always “won”, although the start and finish line for consoles arent linear. But with ps1, ps2 and wii, its happened. The graphically differences will probably only go as far the ps3 did over the 360, ps3 exclusives look amazing, but most of the content looks the same.

          1. I cant wait for it :D was playing Lost Planet earlier, and the energy weapons remind me of Metroid, and that games sexy as hell, as its from 2004! Star Fox or Metroid will look unreal.

  4. Trine 2 looks gorgeous on the Wii U. I expect it to be a nice hit for the eshop this holiday. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. “We’re going in with the expectation that Nintendo will be able to match or even surpass the other platforms this time around.”
      “This time around.” Meaning they are talking about 8th gen not 7th.

    2. No, it will surpass the 360/PS3. They’re 6/7 year old consoles, it is not hard to beat those consoles. You might even find PC’s under 100$ that surpass those consoles.

  5. Love this, it complements the Wii U so perfectly as what it wants to be, while still matching competitors.

  6. What is a WiiU? is it………………Oh wait, that’s Peteriuss troll comment, TOO bad it was also his last warning for for his annoyance…

        1. its ironic how you always ask to ban some trolls on here and when you start to troll yourself YOU got the warning, the universe works in mysterious ways….

  7. ok i am already starting to see comments about graphics for wii u compared to ps4/720. This is not talking about graphics, it is talking about the online features, and how miiverse will function compared to Live/PSN. The words “visuals”, “power” are not even here.

    1. IKR!!!!, I dont see how these retards or fanboys cant understand that graphics arnt everything and always brings it up in debate. WE DONT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT WIIU OR PS4/720 GRAPHIC WISE…So STFU FAGS!!! and YES IM MAD BRO, IM HULKING MAD BRO…..

  8. Played both Trine games. If I hadn’t I would definitely be getting this. Though will see what kind of differences there are to see if get the Wii U version. Great games

  9. Additional comment we can add to the ”Anonymous developers say this vs. these, these, and these devs say this” if you know what I mean, I’m looking at you ”Wii U does/doesn’t surpass the 360 and PS3” debate.
    P.S. The 360 and PS3 are 7 and 6 year old consoles, the Wii U doesn’t even need to make a sweat beating those. As I said in previous comments, my dad’s bargain laptop beats both the 360 and PS3.

    1. It would actually cost Nintendo more money to make them weaker, seeing as the tech wouldnt be produced anymore.
      Graphics will be comparable, but even ps4/720 will only be a small step up.
      Sony’s CEO said “they dont think the graphics will get much better than they already are on ps3, at the moment, and it can definintly improve”. Which is true, compare a multiplat game to a ps3 exclusive like Infamous, The Last of Us and Killzone, nuch noticable improvement. I doubt we’ll even see a ps3 till 2014, maybe even 15, its too expensive to make that leap an people will be pissed off if they buy a console and the graphics arent even much different, which is where microsoft could really fall high, there new console is rumour to appear next year, and its not gona be that powerful, near enough the same as wiiu, just build in with kinect shite, and other stuff gamers dont want. People will buy it, but not many.
      People will go to the ps3 or WiiU.

  10. Please explain something to me, as i dont understand …

    Nintendo fans always argue “graphics over gameplay” when Wii games are compared to PS3.

    Now the same Nintendo fans are excited that graphics on Wii U that are better than PS3.

    So im confused:
    Do we want “gameplay over graphics” OR “graphics over gameplay” now?

  11. stop jerking off i as a gamer will alway play video games no matter what system its kind of funny because the wiiU is either better or weaker but it wont be likd wii weak so why are ppl talking shit why because your scared nintendo will be caught up and surpass the other consoles

    1. There is no need to get upset. We are just having a debate and im personally not a fanboy of any company.

      Oh, and im not jerking-off as i dont have anything between my legs to pull. XD

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