Capcom were recently quizzed about why Nintendo platforms have missed out on the wealth of Marvel Versus titles that have graced the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 over the years. Capcom’s VP Christian Svensson says one of the reasons is that the majority of active digital consumers have been on the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3, but the company already has a number of unannounced Capcom projects that will come to Nintendo platforms in the future.

“It’s not some sort of spite thing. It’s just that on current generation consoles, the most sizable base of active digital consumers has been on the X360 and PS3. Bear in mind, this game was green lit more than a year ago when I did the deal with Marvel.”

“Don’t worry though, on some future unannounced Capcom projects, Nintendo platforms will get digital love from us.”



  1. DLC the Game? No offence Capcom, you’ll have pull out some pretty big cards to sway be back over to you after what you’ve become.


  2. Just give me Mega Man Legend 3 and Viewtiful Joe 3, with the same people who worked on the first two or you can just fuck right off.

    Oh and I want both game without the crappy DLC.

    If you don’t give me want I want then you aren’t welcome to my wallet and you forever become one of the worse company ever and is dead to me.


  3. Oh good, they haven’t technically announced whatever it is yet! Cool, now we’re not allowed to be upset when they inevitably cancel it!


  4. That picture makes me want a DC vs Marvel game so bad!! Developed by Capcom, of course. The people at Capcom may be douchebags when it comes to DLC, but they know how to make fighting games, and I just don’t like the way NetherRealm does fighting games.


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