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Capcom Has Unannounced Digital Projects For Wii U And Nintendo 3DS

Capcom were recently quizzed about why Nintendo platforms have missed out on the wealth of Marvel Versus titles that have graced the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 over the years. Capcom’s VP Christian Svensson says one of the reasons is that the majority of active digital consumers have been on the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3, but the company already has a number of unannounced Capcom projects that will come to Nintendo platforms in the future.

“It’s not some sort of spite thing. It’s just that on current generation consoles, the most sizable base of active digital consumers has been on the X360 and PS3. Bear in mind, this game was green lit more than a year ago when I did the deal with Marvel.”

“Don’t worry though, on some future unannounced Capcom projects, Nintendo platforms will get digital love from us.”


    1. No, I think Marvel would win. JK, in reality, you can look at both universes and see many comparisons (Hulk = Solomon Grundy as one example). Imo DC vs. Marvel would be pretty much a stalemate.


      1. I believe that’s because everytime one company did something new, the other practically copied so as to stay popular. I mean, look at the Justice League and the Fantastic Four!


      2. The similarities between the universes is one reason why a Marvel vs. DC game makes so much sense to me. In my mind I see it becoming a ridiculously great fighter, especially if the same people making Injustice made it. I could see the slogan now, “the wait for the ultimate battle is over, which side will you choose”? Truly epic.


      3. Superman: Do you even know how to kill me?

        Wolverine: Yeah im gonna chop your GA damn head off.
        And the rest
        Marvel vs DC it would feel a lot like clones battling it out Death Stroke v. Dead Pool, Green Arrow v. Hawkeye etc..

        Carnage would kill Everyone and be Happy, Lex and Nick Fury would run away


      4. I was thinking more similar than direct clones. Batman and Iron Man are similar. Both have multi-billionaire alter egos and both don’t have powers and instead rely on gadgets. At the same time they’re very different. Direct clones like Green Arrow and Hawkeye I don’t think should be included.


      5. Solomon Grundy ain’t no match for the Hulk! All the heroes in the Marvel universe got together to try to kill the Hulk and the best they could manage was to send him into space. He of course came back to lay the smackdown on them eventually.

        Would love to see Iron Man vs. Batman though.


      1. I can’t believe the fans actually voted that Superman would beat the Hulk. LOL! The only way Superman could beat the Hulk is if he flew him into space and left him there. In a battle of pure strength, Hulk is unbeatable.


  1. DLC the Game? No offence Capcom, you’ll have pull out some pretty big cards to sway be back over to you after what you’ve become.


      1. That’s why I added the question at the end.

        Besides, half of this discussion has been about the picture, why are you calling me out?


      2. Oh wait, at first I thought you were questioning my comment’s, not the picture’s, relevance. Sorry. :/


  2. Just give me Mega Man Legend 3 and Viewtiful Joe 3, with the same people who worked on the first two or you can just fuck right off.

    Oh and I want both game without the crappy DLC.

    If you don’t give me want I want then you aren’t welcome to my wallet and you forever become one of the worse company ever and is dead to me.


  3. A Tatsunoko vs Capcom sequel is something I want to see from capcom the most. Although MvC on WiiU will also be pretty sweet.


  4. Oh good, they haven’t technically announced whatever it is yet! Cool, now we’re not allowed to be upset when they inevitably cancel it!


  5. That picture makes me want a DC vs Marvel game so bad!! Developed by Capcom, of course. The people at Capcom may be douchebags when it comes to DLC, but they know how to make fighting games, and I just don’t like the way NetherRealm does fighting games.


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