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New Third-Party Wii U Games To Be Shown In The Fall

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata says that Nintendo will be showcasing unannounced third-party Wii U games in the Fall. Speaking to UK newspaper The Independent Iwata said that there are other games in the works that haven’t been announced yet, and these unannounced titles will be shown to the public during the Fall.

“I think some of these projects have already been announced at E3, but there are other games in the works that haven’t been announced yet and in the autumn, when we announce price point and timing of the launch, we will also be able to announce some more third-party titles.”

60 thoughts on “New Third-Party Wii U Games To Be Shown In The Fall”

    1. I bet you one of the cry engine games Crytek mentioned earlier this year is one of them…when they said the engine runs beautifully on wiiU

  1. when exactly is freaking Fall. Im in a different country so i dont know which country’s Fall they are referring too. USA or Japan.

    1. They are both the same timeframe (Sept 20-Dec 21). Countries north of the equator have Fall or “Autumn” at this time of year. Countries south of the equator have Spring at this time of year. Both Japan and USA are north of the equator.

    1. >> 3D pokemon RPG
      >> Earthbound (I still hate the fact that they were working on a 3D Earthbound for N64 but cancelled it. I know Itoi said he wouldn’t do another one though)
      and probably a shitload of other stuff, but these two are my biggest Nintendowishes.

      Also I would very much like to see:
      – Dishonored (published by Bethesda)
      – Ni No Kuni (currently PS3 exclusive, but the spell book would work amazing with the gamepad I think. Also we don’t get the DS version so I think it would be kinda fair.)
      – DK64 sequal. I was quite exited when I saw Camelot would like to do this.

      Announced games I’m interested in:
      – Pikmin 3
      – Lego City Stories
      (and of course Super Smash Bros. but we hardly know anything about that so I’m not sure I should add it)

      You may be surprised New Super Mario Bros. U isn’t in the list. That’s right I hate that series and am not lookin forward to it att all :P

      1. lol deluded fanboy. None of the above in your list will come to wiiU just old ports and gimped games. PC > WiiU

        1. How the fuck can this be considered being a fanboy?!
          You are a fucking retard if you say that, plus: I never said I ”expected” these games, just that I would really like to see them. Also you are stupid for stating that the PC is better than the Wii U, because everybody knows that the PC will always have more power, the Nintendo exclusive games however will never come on PC, so in that aspect I don’t give about power.
          I would be a fanboy if I said that the Wii U is better than all the other consoles, without knowing anything about them, which is not the case.
          So please get cancer you motherfucking trollcunt =))

          1. lol u do realise I can use the dolphin emulator for my wii games :P i played skyward sword in 1080p! beat that on your Wii. Btw I PURCHASED MY GAMES so it is not ilegal.

            As for wiiU… You do realise you can hack the control to use for PCs… its been done with wiimotes and before you know it, it will happen. Look it up if in doubt

            1. Good luck on playing Wii U games on PC. Oh wait, there is not even a decent PS3 emulator up there! HAHA! FAIL!

            2. It kinda…is illegal. So I dont know where you found that it wasnt. Anyway, most people have no idea how to port their Wii games to the PC or whatever you said up there(or at least I have no clue!) So getting the actual console is still a better option.

            3. Got a point there indeed, but that was not the point of this discussion AT ALL, so you just point out that little thing and ignore the stuff of which you knw I’m correct and which actually does matter to the discussion.

              The fact of the matter really is that you are accusing me of being a fanboy while I’m only stating what I’d like to see (not what I’m expecting), to which you respond that I’m a fanboy and start a console/PC flamewar, which is not really cool.

              As for it being legal, I am not totally sure of that either, but I’ll give you that since I can’t prove otherwise.

              And of course I know they will hack the controlls, you can do everything on pc, but it doesn’t give me the same experience (yes, I used Dolphin Emulator too, so fuck off with your ”beat that” as if it’s a contest).

              If you decide to respond to this again (which I wouldn’t mind at all, that’s what th einternet is for of course), respond to the point that are relevant in stead of starting a stupid flamewar, I didn’t have any idea anybody would be stupid enough to start with that in the first place, while I was just stating what I’d really like to see.

              TL;DR I’m not going to write a shorter version, just read already.

          2. lol wishing me cancer makes u the troll. Good trolling though…. *sarcasm*

            and It is bloody obvious what the specs are, they have been leaked and confirmed by several developers. Deluded fanboy

            1. Please give me a link to those ”official” specs, I havn’t come across them yet. And you are definately the fanboy here, not me.

    1. I bet you one of the cry engine games Crytek mentioned earlier this year is one of them…when they said the engine runs beautifully on wiiU

    1. Already confirmed
      Look up the wiki games list and there’s a link on the source of activisions website with wii u version in dev

  2. I think we’ll all be pleasantly suprised with what they offer. Start saving your money now. Leave luck to heaven.

      1. If possible, but it doesn’t seem likely. Money’s tied up in other places for the while. But as soon as it’s free, I’ll start the saving. I should have it by mid next year hopefully.

        1. @donzaloog: start a kickstarter bro :) your one of the faces of mynintendonews. LEave luck to heaven im sure things will get better and u will have a wii u in no time.

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  4. GTA 5 on WiiU makes a LOT of sense, it would be much more profitable and a great idea if this game was exclusive on the console.

  5. The most obvious game that would benefit the Wii U would be Okami. The touchscreen on the controller, and the beautiful graphics would make Okami awesome.Come on Capcom, make an Okami game for a console that seems to give you the best of both worlds for Okami.

    1. This. Okami was an amazing game and I just don’t seem why it did so poorly to end Clover Studios’s carrer.

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