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NPD: Nintendo 3DS Crosses 5 Million Units Sold In The United States

Nintendo 3DS, which lets users see 3D images without the need for special glasses, has now sold 5 million units in the United States, according to the NPD Group, which tracks video game sales in the United States. With Nintendo 3DS XL, which features 90 percent larger screens, and New Super Mario Bros. 2 both launching on Aug. 19, and a holiday lineup that sees the Luigi’s Mansion and Paper Mario franchises make their hand-held debuts, the system’s momentum should continue through 2012 and beyond.

“Nintendo 3DS is entering the next phase of its life cycle with new hardware, new games and proven franchises. This milestone shows we’ve got a great foundation to build from, The game lineup for Nintendo 3DS last holiday season was one of the strongest in our history. We’re poised to top it this year. Every week, gamers will have the best franchises in the world in a glasses-free 3D experience that can’t be found anywhere else. Add Wii U into the mix and it’s a great time to be a Nintendo fan.”

– Scott Moffitt, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of Sales & Marketing.

42 thoughts on “NPD: Nintendo 3DS Crosses 5 Million Units Sold In The United States”

  1. im not a fan of nintendo i just happen to purchase and play their games quite often, moreso than other gaming platforms.. i probably am a fan or unsure ..maybe, but if nintendo 3ds sales reach 50 million, ill suck Aeolus’s cock.. i got sharp teeth [;

    1. Not to sound rude or anything, but after reading your comment, your profile image looks like a face with a wiener held in front of it…

  2. Wow great job 3DS, you outsold the worldwide sales of the Vita in just one of your territories. It’s so sad to see the Vita end so prematurely, but I understand why Sony will be pulling the plug soon (PSV was a non-factor this past E3) as it had only sold 2M units since officially releasing this past Dec 17, 2011. That’s almost 8 months now (only 9 months after the 3DS officially released) and the 3DS had already outsold it by a margin of 9:1 (19M vs 2M). I clearly understand all the wishful thinking that MH4 was going to be announce for the PSV, but I clearly understand Capcom’s hesitation to support a dying system.

    1. I am impressed by the sales of the 3ds. I hope they increase with the Xl coming out.
      But to call a console 5 months old dead is rather ignorant as 3ds sales did not pick up untill after its price drop and the mario games came out
      I hope the PSvita does well and I will probably buy one when it is slightly cheaper if it comes with a memory card and a AAA game and Everyone should wait until the AAA games come out and sales of the vita pick up it will help both companies by adding competition and consumer choice to handhelds. If the PSvita succeeds it cannot be a bad thing for anyone

      1. What is ignorant is when ppl insist that the PSV only came out 5 months ago. It was officially released in Japan (arguably Sony’s strongest territory) on Dec17, 2011. That would make the PSV 8-9 months old by now and it is tracking less than 1/3 of what the PSP did in all territories at the same time period. With the impending release of the Wii-U this year and X720 & PS4 in early 2014, momentum is not on that systems side!!!

  3. This is truly a milestone for Nintendo of America. 5 million 3DS units sold in the United States… now this is something worth celebrating. But it’s not over yet… The Wii U will be comin’ to town like Santa Claus. Both units (handheld and home console) will truly define video game fun and entertainment!

  4. the ps vita is experienting a tough time.. poor hardware sales , mediocre software titles, unsuccessful consumer feedback.. they have a bad reputation in general.. even the system specs are’nt worth 250 dollars, the batter’s life is worth a fu** sony the fony. silly sony, tricks are 4 nippers .. i dont even noe why i got a psvita wtf?, im getting a 3ds nxt week its guna b gr8!1!!

        1. I dont know why people persist on bashing other consoles without any reason other than it being a competitor. PSVita discontinuing is a bad thing for Nintendo wouldnt have any incentive to grab the consumer. Vita is a good handheld and so is the 3DS, you fanboys might not know this but it is very possible for both systems to coexist. Its good to be a fanboy but just not a close minded one.

          1. Vita is over priced!!! Almost everything the Vita can do, could be done on the 3DS and at half the price!!! Can’t wait to see all the ports that come to the 3DS once that systems goes under.

            1. Sure the memory card is over priced but the vita itself is good for the price. The specs rivals Galaxy S3 with the GS3 being slightly better.

              1. There’s the problem you mentioned. Vita is trying to compete against smartphones; it won’t work because the market is too giant for it. On the other hand, Nintendo is just trying to keep separated from the others by its unique products as is the case with 3DS and will be with Wii U. It doesn’t need to rival phones with power and specs, it’s all about the games mate!

                1. Even though Sony stated that their competition are smartphones it still is competing with 3DS, there is no denying that. Software sells hardware so expect Vita to pick up sales with the release of must have titles just like the 3DS.

                  1. you sir.. are becoming a nuisance! .. i like that lol oh i just remembered how about an f-zero title for 3ds? pleasureful right..

  5. “Nintendo 3DS, which lets users see 3D images without the need for special glasses”…..Thanks Sikr I needed to know that

  6. So does this mean western developers are going to make some shooters cause unlike most Nintendo fans I enjoy first person shooters not stupid Jrpg all the Damn time please let there be a shooter announcement soon.

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  8. know this wen i tell you these things, its because of my personal experience or ive seen it with my eyes.. i have a psvita its use is only netflix and reading material online i dont recommend it to others w/my tastes rather, a nintendo console for gaming because its tried and true and nintendo surely stands the test of time moreover than other companies in the industry: for this hour of the eon anyway..

  9. Congrats Nintendo. With the 3DS doing so well and Wii U launching this holiday, it’s all Nintendo this year. Leave luck to heaven.

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