Sega has finally announced the official release date for Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed for the Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation Vita, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The promising racer will be arriving on November 16th. Sega has yet to announce a release date for the Wii U and PC versions of the game. Will you be purchasing it?



      • He was racing in cars in Sonic Drift, Sonic Adventure, Sonic Heroes, and Sonic Generations. Plus, it against to rule to not be in a vehicle in a race, which also explain the Sonic Riders games. There’s a track in the game that involves racing on lava and Sonic can’t fly or brake/drift while running on water.


        • It was a joke. This is a game based on stuff that doesn’t exist. It really doesn’t matter if he’s in a car or not.

          If we’re going to start debating over that stuff, then we should also note that animals cant talk or drive vehicles.

          Everyone complaining: Just enjoy the game for what it is or don’t play it at all.


          • I see what you mean. I’m just hate how people question Sonic being in a car. Though, no one had a problem with Yoshi driving. Other than that, I’d take this over Mario Kart 7 since it was the worst Mario Kart IMO.


  1. Wow sega is now resulting to copying others for quick cash…whatever happen to sega does what nintendont…like going out of busniess


  2. Does SEGA realize that they put a hedgehog that can run at the speed of light, in a sports car which doesn’t even come near the speed of sound?


  3. @aelos it will sell and theyll jerk off smh ive never ever Everseen people happy that trash sells lol thats like praising such a garbage junk like shamwow selling and scamming by the hundreds smh. Btw wii is garbage. Btw ninty block dvd on wi lol FUCK YA


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