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Ralph From Disney’s Wreck-it Ralph Confirmed Playable In Sonic Racing Transformed

Wreck-it Ralph director Rich Moore told attendees at Sonic Boom that Ralph Reilly will feature as a playable character in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. Sega confirmed earlier this week that the promising racer will be released on the Nintendo 3DS, November 16th.

120 thoughts on “Ralph From Disney’s Wreck-it Ralph Confirmed Playable In Sonic Racing Transformed”

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  3. ^^ xdd? who is ralgh from wreck it? and im not sure about sonniku racingtransform, i stopped playing sonic titles since he started using drugs *cough* crystalmeth*coughs* which started shortly after sonic&knuckles.. ppl who use crystal meth look like their in the french revolution.. i gotz a contempt polizy!

    1. from wikipedia i got that hes from a film called Wreck-it-Ralph and its supposed to be realesed at 12 novemeber 2012 but why the fuck is he in a sonic game ?

      1. Wreck-it-Ralph is a movie about video games. It has this one bad guy who wants to be a good guy. So he jumps from game to game. He meets people from street fighter, mario, and the sonic series. Dr. Eggman is in it, and Sonic gives a lecture in the movie saying that if you die in a video game that is not yours, you will not regenerate.

      2. .. ikr. i played this disney game once on ds, it was horrible. disney corp should stick to their loins and keep pushing their theme park and keep the tv network but stay away frum vgames.. hell lets keep sonic that recent sth4 on virtualconsole was gnarly, he still has it; sorta.. im str8 but i wouldnt mind watch zac&cody ‘doin it’

    1. yeah. We have like 60+ off-topic comments going on up there.

      But anyway, I wasn’t expecting Ralph to appear in a game either. Guess him appearing in a sega game has to do with Eggman making a cameo in the Ralph film

      1. Actually, it’s from Walt Disney Animation Studios. (You know, the folks behind many animtated films, like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs all the way to Winnie-the-Pooh (you know, the 2011 film))

        Pixar created Brave, whereas WDAS’ film is Wreck-it-Ralph.

  4. A crappy C-mark character from an awful looking Disney movie and a female NASCAR driver. Why? Takes two character spaces up (God knows which Sega chatacters will be excluded to make room for them) and nobody will ever play as them. What is the point? Even as DLC they would be shit.

    1. “A crappy C-mark character from an awful looking Disney movie”

      Looks like the dumbass is high again.

      1. How would I be high – or a dumbass – for saying a bad looking Disney movie looks bad. It’s not even up for debate, it looks dreadful. I grew up on Disney films and hold them close to my heart but they’ve been on a deathly downwards slope since the latter half of the ’90s. With the exception of Lilo and Stitch every film by The House Of Mouse has been crap since The Emperor’s New Groove. It’s a good job they own Pixar otherwise Disney would have been dead and buried (film wise) a good ten years ago.

        Oh and he is a crappy character. Why him over, say, Kid Chameleon, Axel, Ristar? You know, Sega characters in a Sega racing game that was criticised the first time for being too Sonic-oriented. Put this numpty and the NASCAR bint as oppositional DLC, not on disc. Rant over.

      1. Only in a shambolock “marketing” attempt at trying to get some Disney fans to buy the game because they saw the film. Really do not understand why games put in these useless characters that don’t belong to them. Especially “exclusive” ones (Banjo should never have been in the original and why the fuck is Snoop Dogg in Tekken Tag 2? Fucks sake). Well I do, the same reason American rappers/popstars have to have a guest on their songs, so fans of both buy it. All about money and it’s sickening,

        1. of course its all about money, dumbass, do you think people just want to make a good game and not get paid? Of couse not! Plus SEGA is really running out of cash fast so they need everything they can get

  5. Oh no, he’s gonna wreck it….

    Horrible jokes aside, I hope he is exclusive to Nintendo versions of the game, seeing that the movie he’s in has Nintendo characters in it.

      1. Franchises in the movie so far confirmed:
        Mario, Sonic, Street Fighter, Pacman, Q*Bert, Mortal Kombat, Altered Beast, Paperboy.

        No Sony/Microsoft exclusive characters in there.

    1. …………….so, because there are some Nintendo characters in the MOVIE, Wreck it Ralph IN THE GAME should be Nintendo exclusive, despite many other franchises appearing in it.
      …..That’s the worst logic I’ve ever seen

      1. typical Nintendo fanboy attitude. This game is going to be shit anyway. Surprised Sega has prolonged it’s life this far before they hit the bucket.

      2. Or maybe, like me, he didn’t know other companies characters were in it. I only knew of Bowser, Eggman and Zangief. Maybe he did too. Try thinking that maybe everybody doesn’t know as much as you Oh Great Wise One before you start acting like a pompous ass.

      3. Nintendo characters are the only characters EXCLUSIVE to certain consoles in the movie. Plus, the Wreck It Wralph movie game is exclusive to Nintendo platforms.

  6. Hello,I now love all Nintendo fans! Sony sucks. Nintendo is far better. All hail Nintendo! And to apologize for trolling,I’m going to leave this site.

  7. hi people, I’m so sorry for my trolling to all of you guys. Because of this I’ll worship Nintendo and not sony and ms. Both are shit

    so I will leave this site forever :)

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