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ZombiU Buckingham Palace Trailer

Ubisoft has released another trailer of, the Wii U exclusive title, ZombiU. The trailer shows more Wii U GamePad features. For example, the Wii U GamePad acts like your character’s backpack – when you look through your inventory on the controller’s screen, your character is looking in his backpack in real time, you must be aware of your surroundings on the TV screen in order to stay alive.

238 thoughts on “ZombiU Buckingham Palace Trailer”

          1. I think from reading Aeolus’s posts on previous pages the majority of what hes going to say can be predetermined so can we just get one big comment going and never reply to him again.

            1. haha we only hated fps when there is no originality and when a company makes one a year that is identical to the last.

    1. PhantomBowser16 on twitter

      It’s the fact that whereas most multi-platform first-person shooters released nowadays aren’t particularly innovative and boil down to being merely a new map pack, ZombiU seems to be a survival shooter with real innovation – mostly stemming from the nature of the controller itself.

    2. I gotta wonder how much time you’re wasting doing all of this… I don’t believe you play video games at all, considering all the time you waste being a fag.

    3. If it happens to come to the PS3 or Xbox, it will be one of those “inferior ports” you’re always screaming about to bash us, so stick that in your craw and choke on it.

    4. Clearly you know nothing. Just cause a game has a gun in in doesn’t mean it is a FPS. This is a First Person Survival Horror. The gun is just one of the many tools used to survive.

    5. I have no problem with that argument, but not all of us moan at FPS’s, just the generic ones, namely Call of Duty and Battlefield etc. that don’t introduce anything new to the genre.
      If you look at the trailers, it isn’t even a true first person shooter, as the majority of the game play seen is third person, with the odd bit of first person on the TV screen and gamepad.

      It’s more of a first-third person survival horror.

  1. This game keeps getting scarier. I love how real it feels. You get the sense of desperation that comes with being a survivor trying to make it through this zombie world with limited weapons and ammo. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. And that feeling is only multiplied with the in game character’s hyperventilating. I also like the real time aspect of zombies being able to get you while you go through your items. This is looking very good, might be my first survival horror game.

      1. I absolutely love the way this game looks since the first day I saw the trailer. I’m not sure if my nerves can handle this game at all but I will own it if not at least to watch my friends play it.
        In reality I would only be doing my zombi hunting during the daylight hours. None of this “shit my pants” dark hallway with the lights flickering out shit!

          1. thenintendoreviewer

            But that’s the best time to play horror games lol. And btw I recommend you get Resident Evil for the gamecube (remake of the original). It’s a great survival horror title to have. And a great remake of a landmark game that had a huge impact on horror games forever.

      1. Create an account at then you can add a pic you have saved on your PC as your gravatar. Create an account on and your gravatar will become the picture attached to your wordpress account.

        I miss Kevin and Olivia too. I’ve barely watched the show since Kevin left.

        1. Me negative? only one company to blame. Nintendo for bringing the Wii and HARDLY ANY third party support and shove lware by the masses! I am entitled to my own opinion!!

            1. So what does the Wii have? mostly made up of casuals who moved on to smartphones and tablets and with a good few million Nintendo fanboys and girls who never break away from Nintendo created games :P

              Also Most people Wii’s r picking up dust. Go all over the net and search game sites. Nintendo sites dont count. Try NeoGaf for one. I dont care if u think they are biased or not… you prob hate them cos they TELL it how it is when companies make foolish mistakes! Indenial fanboys are the worst…

                    1. YET IGN always report on RUMOURS :p

                      Great site…Least in Neogaf there are sources linked to the actual source. I ignore the rumours on the site.

            2. And this doesnt account that MS and Sony will make a massve cockup. Then again Nintendo is prone to do very stupid things that bite them in the ass so… I’ll wait and see.

                    1. Stop guys you’re making him man. He’s gonna cry. He’s entitled to an opinion, but don’t bother the boy. Sheesh!

        2. Aeolus likes to suck off monkey dicks, and the monkey is Icy Dead People, and they also seem to be a idiots

          Finally you notice him, or have you been banning him, since his profile picture changes so much (It changes with every new e-mail addres.).
          P.S. I know my username is fanboy-e, but it just shows what I think about this disgrace.

  2. Wow, that looks amazing! This will be in my stocking this year. It looks amazing, I think the Wii U will FLY off the shelves this year.

            1. woooooow 15th best game… Not hard considering Most games on wii were shovelware with the exception of Smash bros, Dnkey Kong, Metroid etc. Tell me something else that I dont know about the Wii software ;)

              1. Wii had awesome games like Conduit, No More Heroes, MadWorld, Fatal Frame 4,Excitetruck, Tatsunoko Vs Capcom, Rayman Origins, Mega Man 9 and 10,Sin & Punishment: Star Successor, Monster Hunter Tri, etc…

                1. Thats almost exactly the same list I saw the other day from a different fanboy. Do you all copy and paste this list from somewhere?

                  From that list only rayman origins is worthy…PORT. and Monster Hunter…prob one of the only decent games in that list and on Wii

                  Excitetruck… i rly hope you are joking. I was expecting you to tell me Metroid or Zelda. but excitetruck!? LOL

                    1. BETTER PORTS ;)

                      look at Cod on Wii… CRAP! and if u think otherwise… you are a moron

                      Wii cant even handle most PORTS haha! bet u wudnt see skyrim on Wii!

                2. Conduit 1, No More Heroes 1&2, MadWorld Monster Hunter Tri, Tatsunoko vs Capcom, Brawl, Zelda Twilight & Skyward, Mario Galaxy 1&2, Paper Mario, DKCR, Metroid Prime, Metroid Other M, Resident Evil Chronicles 1&2, Dead Space Extraction, Red Steel 2(to me best Fps gameplay mechanics ever), Last Story, Sin & Punishment 2, Muramasa, Disaster Day of Crisis and more these are just the ones I could name from the top of my head and theyre all good game too..

              2. Xenoblade The Last Story Pandoras Tower Tatsunoko vs Capcom Monster Hunter Tri Dragon Quest 10 Project Zero 2 Little Kings Story Sonic colours was suprisingly good despite segas ah uh usual preformance. Sonic 4 Cough. I’ll come back when ive thought of some more.

  3. One thing I like is how the guy tells you to recover your ammo for the crossbow. If there was a real zombie apocalypse and I had a crossbow, I know for a FACT that I would be reusing arrows. Realism FTW!!! lol

    1. That would be SO cool!
      I like your thinking, they could do a lot of creative things with this game that haven’t been done in other Zombie fps games.

  4. Is it just me or does this Aeolus person make up about half of the comments on this website?

    He must REALLY love nintendo

    1. Believe it or not I was a big Nintendo Fan up to N64. Then Nintendo sucked rly hard and still do today with maybe one or two exceptions.

      But the fanboys make me wanna punch them all in the face. So blind! No wonder everyone else hates Nintendo fanboys the most out of the entire fanboy family

      1. You are a huge fanboy. Whining 24/7 about Nintendo and shit. Shut up! Nobody cares! Just go play video games if you call yourelf a gamer!

        1. Your elf? Playing too many zelda games are? ;)

          How am I a fanboy you faggot if I PLAY ALL SYSTEMS but DO NOT AGREE with what Nintendo is doing? DO YOU WANT CORE GAMES OR THIRD PARTY TO LEAVE THE WIIU HANGING DRY YET AGAIN with huge gaps between Nintendo IPs!?

                1. NOT ENOUGH. Even Nintendo admitted 3rd party was bad. Hence why they keep banging on about 3rd party now. Even if they wer the most powerful. Nintendo consoles r for Nintendo games. Sales speak for themselves. Shooters etc do far better on PC and ps 360. If i was a dev I wud never touch a Nintendo console if I wanna make a mature violent game. This is exactly what the GTA developers are thinking.

                  Who knows… if WiiU does well then thats a first… but if it flops… man u fanboys r gonna get ripped apart and I will sacrafice my life to laugh at ALL OF U :P

                    1. wiiU will fail. Nintendo lost the magic. Sad to see them go but time to move on. You can always replay the games on your PC ;)

                  1. If it fails with getting 3rd party I will still have Mario, Zelda, Metroid etc. which is good enough for me to get a new system as that’s the games I enjoy playing the most. Quality over quantity all day.

                    1. At least the 1st party games will be there………………………………………………….

            1. I think everyone who owns a Wii at least has either a PS3 or Xbox, my point is they dont really care if the Wii doesnt have those famous third party exclusives on the Wii.

              1. You are an idiot. Some people CANNOT AFFORD to buy more than one console. I had A SNES and PLENTY PLENTY PLEEENTY of 3rd party support without needing to buy a sega crap system.

                I would rather prefer to own just one console if I lacked the funds

                1. SNES had the games. Mario World, mario RPG, Contra 3, Super Metroid, Link to the past, Super Castlevania 4, Mega Man X,Donkey kong Country, Star Fox, Street Fighter 2, Mortal Kombat 2, Chrono Trigger, etc.. best Nintendo system IMO.

                2. And SOME people can, not everyone lives in proverty and everyone that is into gaming would shall out the money to buy both, Console nowadays with better deals are easy to find..And a person who calls others an idiot is just labeling himself or herself as one..

      2. The only one blind here is you, Aeolus.
        You’re calling us out for liking things you gave up on.
        Your opinion is only that; your opinion!
        It isn’t the truth for anyone but yourself and other haters like you, yet here you are, strutting around on this site for anyone that will read, proclaiming things about the Wii, Wii U, and all of Nintendo’s most recent successes as if they were god-given truth’s when in fact they are nothing more than your own arrogant little word-of-mouth for a company that didn’t cater to your “mature game” fetish the moment you started crying like a pussy over the issue.
        Do everyone a favor and just leave.
        You’re an embarrassment to ALL gamers, core and casual alike.

      3. so if they pissed you y do you go page a page about a nintendo console its obviously coming to nintendo fans here moron fuck off and get a life whats the matter you know now that the wii u is a beast and your worried because sony360 fanboys cant bring up the graphic anymore lol. WII U will sell its going to be great so AEOLUS piss off NOOB

        1. Thing is…. no games at E3 showed that wiiU has better grafics than current gen. Aeolus is right about that…No need to get mad over it. He speaks the truth dare i say it

      4. Nintendo Gamecube was awesome too.After Wii Nintendo started to dissapoint gamers and maybe fans around the world because they just didn’t 1 important thing or maybe 2.They didn’t put HD on the console and they didn’t improve the console’s power BUT the wiiU is defenatly a next generation console and it won’t fail!

        Nintendo will always be 1 step ahead because it’s the only game company that they create things and other companies like phony or microvirus are copying those things and they make them better but it makes no sense,stealing or copying ideas is NOT an option and it’s not creative!

        1. sorry after gamecube nintendo started to dissapointed me BUT I just know that the wiiU will restore nintendo completly

    2. yep, i honestly read the comments to see if anyone got some more info about the news and all i find is @aeolus spreading his *love everywhere, i won’t read his comments anymore

          1. He is the reason why I even bother to comment <3 He is funny, have some points that sadly don't shine because for everything that he writes that has a good point he types 10 that's just bad and factless opinion that also sometimes opposes facts.

            1. He does make some a valid points here and there, but he just dont get why people loves Nintendo so much. It’s sad how people like him was raise or grew up with Nintendo and now he’s all grown up then start calling Nintendo is for baby just because he feels like a big boy now playing those mature game, he never stop to think maybe Nintendo is the type of company that wants to keep that childhood fun we all had over and over again and for me personally I never get tired of Mario, if I want to play mature game I’ll game on my ps3 and xbox but the kind of joy I get from Nintendo is (No words to describe it make up your :)

              1. A quote by C.S Lewis can sum this up
                “Critics who treat ‘adult’ as a term of approval, instead of as a merely descriptive term, cannot be adult themselves. To be concerned about being grown up, to admire the grown up because it is grown up, to blush at the suspicion of being childish; these things are the marks of childhood and adolescence. And in childhood and adolescence they are, in moderation, healthy symptoms. Young things ought to want to grow. But to carry on into middle life or even into early manhood this concern about being adult is a mark of really arrested development. When I was ten, I read fairy tales in secret and would have been ashamed if I had been found doing so. Now that I am fifty I read them openly. When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up.”
                ― C.S. Lewis

                1. Well said. That saying sums up the way I look at all these “Nintendo is too kiddy” arguments. Nintendo doesn’t target any specific audience with their games, they make games for everybody. It’s only after the fact that consumers want to put the games into metaphorical boxes of “kiddy/casual” and “mature”.

                  If you’re an adult and you pay for your games with money you earned yourself from your job, you really shouldn’t give a damn what other people think about the games you choose to play. You paid for it, enjoy it.

  5. I notice how the game doesnt have a target ridicule when free aiming, hopefully there’s an potion to change this for players who needs it, but I do in fact is going to play the game without it for more intense experience..

    1. thenintendoreviewer

      Hopefully that option for a ridicule will be there but given what we know about the game it may have been left out on purpose to add to the realism and tension. I better practice my fps aiming lol

  6. Pokemon Trainer Tobi

    This the game that will apeal to hardcore this could be the zombie genre definition. I love the gameplay and use of the controller for the scanner, inventory check and the real time use of it just great might be my 1st zombie fps

    1. Hey tobi are you geting black & white 2 because if so i all was need a training partner if you intrested

    2. Nintendo needs to rebuild this hardcore userbase for it to be sucessful. That damned Reggie isnt doing them any favours by sending out mixed messages.

  7. So totally getting this game once I get a Wii U, the other one I am getting is New Super Mario Bros. U, I don’t give a fuck if it is the same thing over and over again, I JUST WANT MY MARIO GAME DAMN IT!

    1. And so the Nintendo fanboy flame burns brightly inside you…

      enjoy spending FULL price (or a bit cheaper if you actually use your brain cell and buy ONLINE)

      1. The troll has spoken once more. I myself will get it in store as I am a strong supporter of retail. Why? Because I simply love having a physical copy of the game. That’s why.

        Also once more you show of your extreme ignorance by calling someone a fanboy without any reason other than that they want the latest game of one of the greatest series of all time.

        1. @Aeolus, Full price with endless fun playing with my family and friends time and time again, then Nintendo will in fact get my money every time..

              1. As long as it’s fun to play, I dont care how it looks, I’ve already know Uncharted tramples over everything seem on a console( my fav is Uncharted 2 btw) so I’m ok with however it looks..

              2. Aeolus likes to suck off monkey dicks, and the monkey is Icy Dead People, and they also seem to be a idiots

                Are you saying that a 2D Mario needs a story? Really? I’m fine with enjoying awesome platforming, and then just finishing my game when I rescue the princess. There is no place for ”OMG, Princess Peach is the actual bad guy, and she forced Bowser to stage all of this!”. And besides, because it is a game for kids (There’s nothing wrong with that, we all played Mario when we were kids, so other kid should be able to have that enjoyment and memories.), it would be way too complicated for a child to understand. When was the 1st time, you, as a child, were interested in the story as opposed to the gameplay, am I right in the assumption of the NES FF games?

  8. I’m a Nintendo semi-fanboy
    I want Nintendo to prevail, but I have no control over that.

    Nintentdo isn’t making all the good choices that they should be doing. WiiU is, of course, a great deal of a jump from the Wii—but how much?
    They still haven’t even release the full specs of this “So called” powerful machine.
    This is good and bad.
    Good, so other competitors like M$ and $ony doesn’t Blah blah blah…… which doesn’t matter because they’re going to make their console stronger in the first play.
    Bad because people are leaving their install base..
    Ninty, step it up abit.

  9. Pokemon Trainer Tobi

    Sure .am a huge pokemon fan but am little bit behind due to am in my 1st year college and have been pretty busy. But by the end of this month ill be done for the year and be getting a 3ds. So will get black(i know, promised i wud not get it untill i get a 3ds) and black 2. So depends on when i finish black. Thanks anyway

  10. Aeolus is a Genius. He comes on here to wind you all up! And it worked! You are all whining and bitching about him! He knows he has you around his or her little finger!

    Just saying

      1. why? he makes a point though about the rehashes and Nintendo losing third party support since N64. The Snes had amaizng support.

        1. But they have third party support? They have EA, Ubisoft, Tecmo, Namco bandai, Level 5, Activision if that COD leak was legit, Blizzard said the WiiU is, quote, “perfect for MMO’s”, Rocksteady, Bioware, Platinum games.

          The only one i cant think of them having is Take Two, and all they fucking make is GTA, probably the most overrated rehash of all time.

            1. Thats funny because mario is a different game, different levels everytime. Seriously, dont try it mate, its not a path you want to go down

              1. same games engine ;) I lov mario too but lets face it… it looks exactly the same as wii version

                3ds = ds version

                1. GTA looks exactly the same as it always has. Except sometimes you’re a black guy. Seriously, its the same game over and over,with a new city, thatsit, and a
                  Story no-one gives a fuck about. The only difference from that and Mario is their gameplay.mario is mario and GTA is gun everyone downbecause i have daddy issues, its a pathetic excuse fora game

                2. And judging Mario from the New seriesis a joke, its 3 games,how many GTA games are there? They dont changeanything, just wastetime tryingto make it realistic. Imsorry, anyone whos playing a game thatstryingto berealistic that isnt fora story like Heavy Rain, is a fuckingidiot.

                  1. PWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                    WHAT A FUCKING TOOL YOU TRULY ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                  2. Love both game GTA and Mario but saying both are rehashes is a bit of an understatement. Both game have their similarities and both has their differences to their previous title, the main thing is they arnt rehashes..

                    1. I for one am looking forward to GTA5 and what they can bring online, GTA 4’s online was a fantastic idea but was underrated, hope they fix it..

                3. It’s not actually. Wii U Version = HD, Wii = Not HD. 3DS = Widescreen. DS = 4:3. Power-ups affect the engine. As for the graphics themselves, what do you expect, it’s Mario, he’s not going to bleed every time he takes a hit, GTA graphics have just gotten more refined, as have the graphics for Mario games. Heck, go look at NSMB U’s trailer, completely different lighting engine.

                  1. lol GRAPHICS does not = Blood

                    what a fucking moron you are! Excuse me whilst I post on Neogaf that comment you just made and watch everyone howl with laughter. Nintendo Fanboys should all be comedians and watch them praise Nintendo with fucking stupid comments like that!!!!

                    what a joke hahaha


                    1. Dude, don’t you feel guilty for wasting so much time of your life trying to prove a point that ultimately on one will care for? People won’t stop buying Nintendo games because you criticize them. So, what you are trying to do is useless. If you have so much free time, why not use it to help someone else instead?

    1. Meh despite disliking his overall demeanour. Now i dont feel the slightest bit fustrated replying to him so its all good. ^^

  11. People ignore that idiot aeolus just don’t leave comments below him because that story with aeolus wich i know who he is has pissed us off!

    1. Lol not gonna happen. People are too think on here. He will do it again and again. He controls this site now.

      1. Can’t @sickr or @alba do something?

        I know who the fuck is aeolus and i am sure that 1 day he will be on prison and no1 will bring him ciggarets or maybe drugs…

        1. You know who he is? Tell me so i can kick his pussy ass a shove him spine down his throat for being a racist prick

                1. Good, ivebeaten him in an arguement many times before, thanks to hislittle racist stunt,all i have to dois mention it and he cowers like a child, hes a pathetic piece of shit from a backwards country

                    1. Yes.

                    2. I think Aeolus is actually a pretty decent person overall. All of you are just amusing him with your blatent fanboyism. But then again you are a bit of an ass.

                  1. I am actually from England like u :)

                    and coward? least am not bitching about u behind ur back ;)

                    silly kid needs his breast milk from his mummy

                    1. Thanks,nowthatiknowyourefromthesamecountryamekickingyourpussittleasscanbecomeareality

                  1. No I am not! I am just saying dont answer him or he will continue commenting…

                    and stop with the U and wii and Mii shit. It was clever at first but now its a bit sad.

                    1. U need to know that fool will attack no matter what, he has been ban more that 5 times, wii cant ignored him because he keeps trolling in every comment wii all make.

  12. this will cheer u all up

    Why does donkey kong brush his teeth so often? To Prevent Tooth DK


  13. The game looks fun, looking forward to real survival horror experience seeing as resident evil and dead space jumped that ship. Just want to see a new level, seen these 2 already from E3

      1. Well, i do, because i just said i did? Seeing 1 other level showing something new will set itself as a day 1 purchase.

                    1. “I play all THREE CONSOLES?”
                      and U still bitch(fail), if I recalled I remember U said U only played Sony console a while ago.
                      Santa would put you in the naughty list little boy.

  14. be prepared for tomorrow guys!




          1. errr how did wii take down vita if ther not fucking competing with one another?

            wow you have a severe case of aspergers. HUURRR DUUUR

          1. I’ve already knew you arnt the real Aeolus, the real one wasnt a troll like you and he would always tell people that he isnt a troll, not like you who calls yourself a troll…

        1. Wasn’t it obvious that you were just impersonating the real Aeolus the whole time? I mean, the real Aeolus knows how to spell. And knows how to use grammar. And has a working caps lock.

    1. Ditto.
      RE6 is fine and all, but this looks much more exciting. More tension because you can’t just pause to prepare yourself. Everything is done in real time and your character only has one shot at living.

      1. The Nintendo Reviewer

        Exactly. Can’t wait to play and review this title. What you said about doing everything in real time is a brilliant concept for a survival horror game. And if this game gets a lot of positive recognition after release who knows. Maybe a Resident Evil game on the Wii U will be made with those same gameplay mechanics of the Game Pad and TV working together for more real time sequences adding to the tension.

  15. I’m not easily scared, but generally get nervous when playing games like Resident Evil 4 etc. This is not the kind of game I’d usually pick up and play, but the more I watch, the more I want. I’m definitely going to buy this, even if I stand there hidden behind something too nervous to fight :D

  16. Given how easily the WiiU handles ports, they created this game to be a launch title to help boost sales. It’s not first party, so of course it wont fully utilize what the WiiU can do. When Retro reveals their game, and other 1st party franchises come to the WiiU, that’s when we’ll really get to see how great these games could be. So with a little patience and time, the WiiU could very well be the console to satisfy everyone, unlike the Wii. There’s still no guarantee that a Ps4 is coming out. It’d be too expensive, and games would take a long time to develop. The next Xbox could suffer from the very same thing. Nintendo knew what they were doing this time around. As long as Nintendo execute things the right way and continue to gain 3rd party support, the WiiU could sell quick

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