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Sega Reveals Wii U Launch Month?

Ubisoft previously stated that Rayman Legends for Wii U will be released in November and, according to the SEGA Blog, the Wii U version of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed will be released during that month.

“Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed will be available on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, the Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo’s Wii U, and Windows PC Digital Download this November.”

Update: A Sega spokesperson told CVG that the Wii U version of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed doesn’t have a release date.

136 thoughts on “Sega Reveals Wii U Launch Month?”

        1. You must live on the wrong side of Idiomville, cuz I’ve never heard it used with “hits” before. Do people have a high boiling point where you live?

    1. Meh, i thought the first was alright, was a solid racer. Sega need to make Sonic Adventure 3 if im honest, Colours and Generations were proof they can make a good game, damn good in Generations case.
      But they need to get back on top and only Adventure 3 and Shenmue 3 (in my fcking dreams) will shoot them back up again

      1. Adventure 2 was POOR. Apart from the sonic levels the rest was a mess! Sonic trilogy will never be beaten no matter how hard they try.

        1. It still doesnt mean fans havent be wanting 3 for a long time, they know how to make a good game now, the basically got rid of the bullshit, and the controls are pretty tight. They just need to improve on what make it annoying, like, include a run button like in AC, so talkin to NPC’s isnt like playing with a spidergram

      2. I disagree with SA3 for a few reasons
        1. SEGA now has their gameplay style down pat (Boost) and to change gameplay styles right after they finally got everything down will probably end up worse than you think
        2. Its been over 10 years since Adventure 2 came out. Because of this, I feel like that it will become a Sonic 4 ordeal on a smaller scale. What I mean is that fans that have wanted Adventure 3 to come out since Adventure 2 will have such high expectations of the
        game they’ve made in their heads that reality won’t be able give us, so we’ll just end up disappointed
        3. This is completely opinion based, but I really feel the Adventure games aren’t something to right home about. About a third of the two games were any good, Sonic controlled kinda wonky, story was bad with many plotholes and Sonic trying to go for a serious route, which is a terrible idea and led us to Shadow and 06. I feel the adventure games are held so high because of nostalgia, that’s really it. Just my opinion though :)

        1. I know where you’re coming from, but i had more of a Adventure 3 at heart kind of view, so make it open world, and have a story and talk to characters, and explore, but on a larger scale, but then tweak the gameplay to more of the recent gameplay styles.

        1. Again, I kinda disagree with that. Granted, I know where you are coming from and Colors is definitely more original than Generations, but I feel Generations does a lot as well. For example, Sonic definitely controls much better in G, has much, much more 3D segments, and IMO, has better level design. There are so many different little secrets and alternate paths you can find in all of his levels, so a relatively short level can actually be very big. Great unlockables, great music, great gameplay, its just great. I mean don’t get me wrong, Colors has great level tropes, ideas, music, and I feel the better story of the two, I just feel Generations is slightly better and definitely is the best anniversary title we’ve got

          1. Same. I actually prefered alot of the modern sonic levels to the classic. If it was all totally new levels that we’ve never seen, it would be fucking incredible

            1. I agree with you on that. As much as I like Classic Sonic’s games (Sonic 3&K is my favorite game ever) and I do enjoy him in this game, there’s something about Modern Sonic’s level design and speed I really really like

              1. Yeah, they had a perfect balance in that game, and it really looks like they hit the nail on the head in making modern sonics fun yet still challenging and most importantly, playable

      3. I would LOVE a Sonic Adventure 3!!! I think the Chao gardens were awesome! If anything SEGA should come out with a Chao Garden game for the Wii U that you download off Nintendo shop or somthing and you can raise chaos with new gardens along with Hero, Dark and Neutral. I would like a return of the formulas that you find throughout each level too!! Bring back CHAOS! :D

    2. Is it just me? I remember when Mario and Sonic were rivals. It still doesn’t settle well in my stomach seeing them side by side in games. Is this what makes me a Nintendo Fan? If so, then how should I feel about Aliens: Colonial Marines? This game looks awesome and it makes me glad Sega is still around.

  1. ECCWii is predicting a November 18th launch. That would be cool, now all I need is a launch price and hopefully some bundles that include a Wii Remote Plus. Leave luck to heaven.

        1. I thought I seen you commenting on ECC the other day he has some good videos. i wonder if he gets on here

          1. I like him too. He’s probably the best debater on Youtube. I also like Darkcloud1983, Videogameher, DigitalgreenTea and Jodecidion.

        1. So why he posted that shit?
          Because him believe in that realize date,
          i won’t insult to your boyfriend anymore cuz you get angry like a bitch.

          My Body was ready.

          1. because its not his prediction in the first place, it eccwii; he never said that’s the official one he just try to make a prediction, why do U want it to be released the last Sunday of November? that is way to late for the holiday and the black Friday as well.

            1. Id rather be warching normal DBZ, most of its lines are funnier anyway xD “i think i left them in my other pants pocket…although i doesnt make a but a difference guys, the balls are inert”

  2. November seems to make sense, not too late, not too early, and in the thanksgiving/christmas time frame.

          1. Dont forget about money for the games, i think theyll likely be around $60, though I herd a rumor that they could be $50…

      1. Uhh actually yes it does. At Christmas lots of people buy things as gifts that they probably wouldn’t even consider buying otherwise. And sales of the console will be strongest around it’s release when there is still some hype around it. So the best possibly position is for the hype around the Wii U to coincide with the time people are buying gifts for Christmas. Whether it’s good or not it doesn’t really matter, that would still make a significant difference to the total sales

        1. oh yeah that might be a problem for people celebrating christmas well as long as before christmas doesnt matter right ?

  3. we just need Nintendo to confirmed if Sega is right or not, I have a sneaky feeling we might find out soon on that date

    1. They have plenty of good franchises, they just don’t use em. Which I can perfectly understand as of right now. SEGA is in real financial trouble and in reality, Sonic is the only series they got that sells very well.

      1. I like the original Phantasy Star Online. It was the only online game for the GameCube and it was really great.

          1. If the Wii U has good 3rd party support then chances are we will see Phantasy Star Online 2 on the WIi U.

                    1. what u mean im just getting it for phantsy star only and i called u called u a sony fanboy not a sony drone and this was because u bashed evey console but sony

                    2. If u actually read every comment i made in the past, I BASH EVERYONE

                      Again twisting my words. Fanboys tend to do that

                    3. ahmedalqamzi, he’s a troll, he isn’t going to come on a site filled with Nintendo fanboys (It’s shameful), and bash Sony. He comes on here and winds everyone up by constantly speaking down upon Nintendo, and it works.

                    4. was that sarcasm by any chance because i never talked down about nintedno Im not good with sarcasm soz

    1. I loved the original on DC. I can see MMO’s working well on wiiu with the screen doubling as a small KB.

  4. Haven’t we had loads of people say it will be November? And with Nintendo’s track record of releasing the Gamecube and the Wii in November previously then I think it is a pretty safe bet that the Wii U will be too. And since the Wii and the Gamecube were released on the Sunday around the 18th every time (Wii on Sunday 19th 2006 and Gamecube on Sunday 18th 2001) then my guess is that WiiU will be released on Sunday the 18th 2012.

  5. .. i would like 2 comment but i gotz sylvia browne on the other line exchanging wii-u details such as launch/price among other things. brb :)

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  6. I’m not caring about the launch date whatsoever. Right now, that’s months away. I really want more information before I make the judgement of buying the console or not.

    1. I think you should have all you want by now. The Wii U has great games coming out for it right at launch and it is a completely new and innovative console. The Wii U is going to be a huge success especially with all the 3rd party support. Thats all you need right!?

      1. It has great games coming out at launch. But if you have a PS3 or 360, almost half of the games will be utterly useless to you.
        I’m not sure if I want one right now either.

      2. great games? 80% are ONE YEAR OLD PORTS. Wii had this amount of support to begin with and it DIED AFTER. I love how you think sometimes Andy Pandy!

        1. SHUT THE FUCK UP AMIR. Everytime you go on a topic that’s good/bad news, you come here whining and crying like a bitch getting raped and the fucking ass!

          Andrew is right after all. The Wii U is completely new and innovative… and it will be a very successful video game system worldwide. The Wii U will have great games, improved online interface, video chat, Miiverse, and app and I’m sure they’ll enjoy.

          Next time you bitch and bash Nintendo (games and/or systems), Sickr and Alba will be watching you and shut your mouth.

    1. That seems a bit too late considering Black Friday is on the 23rd. Nintendo is probably hoping for strong launch window sales, and they probably need at least a week beforehand to mass advertise and allow retailers to stock up.

        1. LOL If you see me as Dark Pit, then my birthday is the same as Pit’s, but I was talking about the actually me. By the time its November, I’ve saved more than enough money for the Wii U. So I’m really guarenteed the Wii U… and I hope I didn’t jinx myself.

  7. Technically, November is the start of the holiday season, so this is realistic. Also, didn’t a Batman Arkham City Armored Edition booth say “Coming November 2012” or something like that?

  8. My birthday is November 16th!!! So the 18th is a perfect date for the Wii U to come out! :D Looks like I know what my B.D present is this year ;)

  9. Its funny how rockstar games are skeptical about bringing hardcore games to the wii u. I mean look at the great sales max payne 3 achieved lol.

    1. Ikr, dont get me wrong, MP3 was a great game, but pretty much all their audience is just, “mergggggg GTA, where is it?! Is it a E3? No? Cunts”.
      2K are a shitload better than Rockstar (yes, i know theyre both part of Take Two)

      1. Why would you just wait for gta 5 to come out? There are so many great games. Why would take two/ rockstar announce gta 5 before max payne 3 comes out? They are the stupid ones.

        1. I know, thats what im trying to say. I mean, i literally saw someone write, “they should have GTA character in Playstation All-Stars”. I mean for fuck sake, GTA is more overrated than FF7, its the same shit over and over in a different city. Its an embarressing game.

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