D3 Publisher claims that Rise of the Guardians, the video game, will be released on November 23rd for the Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo DS, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii and Wii U. So far, this is the third Wii U game that, according to their publishers, will be released in November.

According to Sega and Ubisoft, the Wii U versions of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed and Rayman Legends will be released in November. Nintendo, however, has yet to confirm the Wii U’s release date and will do so in the autumn.



      • I do not belive for a minute that Nintendo would release their new console THAT close to christmas…sorry don’t think it is going to happen…and my comment was refering to the announcement of a release date and not the console itself releasing. Sorry I should have been more clear with my words!


        • In my opinion, Nintendo needs to let their console launch at least two weeks before Black Friday. They need those two weeks to mass advertise and let retailers restock from day one sales.


          • Yeah I agree but the sad truth is that they will release it on Black Friday and all the retailers carrying it are going to be a mad house… so I think I am going to preorder it so all I have to do is make the pick up on Day 1.


          • yup i know Nintendo will have to release it somewhere before holiday and black Friday. some dumbass think they should release it on the last Sunday of November, that’s way too late for a console released.


  1. All big Nintendo releases are in November, DS, Wii, Super Mario Galaxy, Skyward Sword, etc.
    So yeah the Wii U is coming out this November.


    • Good point, Gamecube was also out in November, and so was even the Wii, America though, but Europe was December, so yes, probably November.


  2. Fall will rock

    Wii u
    Black ops 2
    Kirby anniversary collection (is the 16th of September fall or still summer?)
    FIFA 13
    Pokemon black and white 2
    Wii u launch games
    Adventure time for 3ds
    Castlevania LoS MoF
    epic Mickey 2
    Lego lord of the rings
    Sky landers giants

    And other stuff, I think I Covered most stuff that comes out for a nintendo console in fall.


  3. I can’t wait for Wii U. This is as bad as Wii release… I CAN’T WAIT!!! My body is already ready, my wallet is full of Rupees and my heart burns with the intense of a thousand fire flowers…


  4. The Wii U needs to launch in early November or before to take advantage of Black Friday and holiday season sales. Leave luck to heaven.


  5. My guess is Wii U will come out November 18 in North America. Just look at the pattern: GameCube was released on Nov. 18, 2001 and Wii was released on Nov. 19, 2006. Considering that Nintendo always does their big releases on Sundays, November 18, 2012 sounds perfect to me plus they could take advantage of Black Friday and all of the Holiday shopping. It just makes sense to me but we’ll see.


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