Marvel Avengers: Battle For Earth is being developed, and will be published, by Ubisoft. The computer-generated trailer – shown above – confirms more superheroes and villains who will join the game’s roster. Note that, toward the end of the trailer, the Wii U logo is displayed. The game is coming to Wii U and Kinect for the Xbox 360 this fall.



      • Thanks, come to think of it, I did see he had an arm similar to The Thing’s. Never really read the comics, born in the 90’s you know ;)


                • Well, it can be intimidating. In your case, I would say, narrow it down to characters you know. For example, let’s say you like Spider-Man because of his movies.

                  I would look up a Wiki of Spider-Man to get a general overview of the character. Then, check out their official sites. For instance, Marvel has a guide for comic noobies –

                  Other companies have the same. Then maybe check out some of the TV shows in the past, especially from the ’90s and early 2000s. (I wouldn’t go for anything too new as they tend to deviate a lot unless it’s something like Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, or Young Justice).

                  Anyway, if you can narrow down the characters you like, it shouldn’t be too hard to find out where to start. You can always find collections of comics, events, stories, etc. From there, you’ll likely learn about characters you didn’t know about before.


    • I’m not sure about #1, but in the ending, the green Cap was a Skrull. The game is based off the Secret Invasion storyline, where, as you may know, the Skrulls replace the Marvel heroes.


    • It was Super-Skrull, he’s got all of the Fantastic Four’s powers (being invisible a la Sue Storm) & the ending, I’m guessing that a Skrull (or even Chameleon – but I doubt it was him) was disguised as Captain America, but I could be wrong about that one.

      Totally agreed though, I’d rather see actual gameplay before I make any sort of decision about getting it.


    • The “Invisible guy” is a Super Scroll. The Scrolls are an alien race that have the ability to take on other people’s likenesses AND can have up to multiple super hero’s powers. The Super Scroll in this video had all of Fantastic Four’s powers. There was a Marvel Comic’s event called “Secret Invasion” where the Scrolls invade the earth and take on the image of numerous super heroes, ruining (and for some, devastating) the hero’s public images. Some characters were greatly effected by this invasion for years after the event.

      You can watch the motion-comic called “Spider Woman: Agent of Sword” on youtube to watch Spiderwoman try to sniff down and kill the remaining scrolls in hiding. It’s five or six episodes long.


        • When are people going to learn how to spell Skrull(aimed at all you with your Scrolls…wtf)? Yea, the first one was Super Skrull, and the one at the end was a Skrull impersonating Captain America. Ugh, even if you people don’t read the comics, go watch, The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, they’re currently doing the Secret Invasion storyline that this game is apparently using, at least for some of its characters.


        • Thas been a Spiderwoman for many years now…and the girl at the end of the trailer is Blackwidow not Spiderwoman if thats who you are refering to.


  1. For the record, this was “the Kinect game” that was referred to at the Marvel Video Games Panel this weekend. The answer was NOT a confirmation of Deadpool coming to Wii U. In fact, unless the recently reported announcement was a separate statement, no platforms have been confirmed for Deadpool.

    You’ll find said Q&A around 2:32 (or sometime around there) in the 8th liveblog down:


  2. Not sure what to think about this game. But as I am not a fan of The Avengers I don’t think that it’s likely that I’ll buy it.


  3. Trailer looks good but then I saw the gameplay for the kinect and it sucked. The gameplay might be the same for wii u unless they actully redo do it all for the wii u which I doubt


  4. Why does it seem everyone on here hates this game?!? This game looks AWESOME!!! and not for the graphics(I know they are computer generated and it isnt a “real” trailer) I’m talking about Super Skrull and all the Avengers in a game! It sounds awesome! If they do it right this will be one heck of a game!


  5. > “he computer-generated trailer – shown above – confirms more characters including, Dr. Doom”

    Out of the people you mentioned, only Dr. Doom was shown in the trailer.


  6. One thing for sure, it is going to suck on the laggy Kinect. Wii U version (using controllers) may out sell the Xbox360 version. How funny would that be.


  7. Am glad Nintendo fans dislike the avengers game. Most people don’t realize it but due to Nintendo fans mostly having every day awareness and free will so to say. We all know DC has better story lines and is not sold out like marvel. Just remembered they are now Disney. Shake my head. Stopped following marvel when the fools made wolverine to seem like he is the most intriguing X-man. Or making iron man annoying generic one hero throwing commands drones follow kind of character.


    • You got it all wrong. Nintendo fans are one of the most close-minded people in the industry giving the other fans of the company a bad name. Seriously, all we do is whine and complain about every single new installment to their long running franchises: New Super Mario Bros. U, Skyward Sword, Metroid Other M, Pokemon BW2, etc. And must I remind you that Marvel was going bankrupt in the 2000’s, so Disney buying them was a good idea, and now there are plans to make a Marvel-based theme park at the Disneyland Resort.


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