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PlayStation All-Stars’ Developers Want Super Mario To Join Sony’s Brawler

During a Q&A session at Comic-Con, the developers of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale were asked who they’d like to see in the game that they have no chance of getting. The developers revealed that, if they had the option, they’d want Nintendo mascot Super Mario to be a part of Sony’s upcoming brawler.

280 thoughts on “PlayStation All-Stars’ Developers Want Super Mario To Join Sony’s Brawler”

      1. Maybe Nintendo and Sony should team up and do some damage to Microsoft. make a super console that plays both haha fuck microsoft

        1. Back in the days when Sony and Nintendo did work together on gaming, the games were amazing.

          But when they did try to make a console together, that fell through, and now we have PlayStation out of that. I’m glad both companies exist. Both the Nintendo and PlayStation brands have caused the industry to evolve in a way I don’t think would have happened if they did stick together.

        2. Agreed. Im not again the 360’s games and its developers, i like Halo, and its other exclusives but Microsoft are a disgusting company who dont give a rats ass about the customer.

      1. “Planet Crashers 3D coming To Notendo eShop July 26th” – who’s going to take your site seriously when you spell like that? Stop spamming other sites man.

    1. then it’ll just be like some other crossover fighter. honestly, they only want mario for the extra sales revenue adn they said it right now to get people hyped

      1. Nah, I’m sure they’d like mario because they too are videogame enthusiasts. They know they won’t get him though, so they havn’t been thinking about sales for this particular question. Remember, they’re people too

        1. wen i say lol, i do laugh out loud especially if its about misfortune on others or myself lol ..i mite get this game on gamefly but still unsure about purchasing.. i mite wanna try playing thru its story & ridiculously easy difficulty 2 see if i like the general idea. OKAAAY. cuz i gotta have priorities dood, i can’t jst run out ze door & buy evry mario title bcuz these recent one’s surely did’nt impress me. same damn things happening w/zelda.. minish cap was ze last gud 1. x_x

      1. It’s not the same at all. Sonic & Mario were “enemies” when Sega sold it’s own consoles being competitors but now Sega just creates software and they’re friends now, so this is not the same. But Nintendo and Sony are competitors in the console market so it’s like saying there could be a game with Master Chief, Crash Bandicot and Mario in the same story/universe/game/DVD/etc. That WON’T happen at least not officialy (maybe a fan made game or something…)

        BUT There will always be MUGEN =P

    1. that’s why it was “a character that they knew they would never be able to get” im starting to believe most of you just read the title.

  1. Please don’t Nintendo. The day Mario shows up on any console besides a Nintendo one is the final nail in your coffin.

      1. That doesn’t count. He said consoles not poorly designed computer-VCR hybrids that some company tried to pass off as a video game console in desperation.

      2. I don’t know what you’re talking about *tries to forgot the horrible memories those games gave me*

  2. LOL? this is hilarous XD but nintendo should agree nintendo got solid snakeint brawl;) but knowing nintendo they say no for sure haha !

    1. Snake isnt Sony, hes Konami. In fact he appeared first on the NES and MSX (i think thats what it was called)

      1. Yes, that’s right, Solid Snake belongs to Konami, appeared on MSX before appearing on NES, then GameBoy I believe.

    2. Actually Kojima’s son I believe asked his dad if Snake could be in his favorite game SSB:M. So he called up Sakurai and asked if he could have Snake in his next game.
      That’s how I heard it.

      1. Non-Specific Action Figure

        >.> Man i know your feelings about the …….mario hotel……………….wait what wtf did you said? oh yeah mario never appeared on sony consoles good one :)

        Together Wii U.

  3. To be honest, id like that xD i’ve always seen Sony and Nintendo as competitors, but all in good fun competitors.
    Id love to see a Sony X Nintendo game

      1. Yeah, and? Nintendo always give sly comments on their competitors, Iwata said SmartGlass was “flattering”.
        End of the day, they need to run a business, and Vita was doing very poorly.

        1. He said that because it took about 4 years for Sony & Microsoft to copy Nintendo’s motion control idea and now like a week for Sony to copy Nintendo Wii U and Microsoft a year. So it’s like Microsoft and Sony are really starting to like Nintendo’s ideas. They seem to be acting like wannabes. :/

          1. UGH!!!! I forgot to type in my username……
            He said that because it took about 4 years for Sony & Microsoft to copy Nintendo’s motion control idea and now like a week for Sony to copy Nintendo Wii U and Microsoft a year. So it’s like Microsoft and Sony are really starting to like Nintendo’s ideas. They seem to be acting like wannabes. :/

            1. I know they copy Nintendo, although Nintendo have haved copied before. But its not blatant stealing. The Move was actually better than the original Wii remote, because it had 1:1 motion, although once the motion plus came, it became worse.
              But in the end its the game that matter, each have amazing games, and if that means they have to steal then so be it, but this game looks fun if you ask me.

              1. what i like to see from Sony is that they should focus on there own market not the competition, look at Nintendo there 3ds was going to bomb and what did they do, they save it. Sony should do something too. they need to stop saying “oh Wii better that Nintendo or M$ because…” they need to stop talking shit rather than doing shit. If this keeps up, vita will end up like PS move all over again.

                1. The One Who Wrote This

                  Eh, it’s good to focus on competition as well. When businesses compete, the customer tends to win.

                  However, I do not agree with Sony’s bad talking.

        2. The One Who Wrote This

          My main problem with Tretton was him addressing the fans of a company.

          The babysitting comment about the 3ds did not make many happy.

    1. I did this, I read the title and was about to kick up a shitstorm about how stupid they were, then I read he part where the question specifically mentioned people who had no chance.

    2. no, but it adds more omph to the whole “sony wants to be nintendo” idea. it’s like they are trying now.

      1. More like Mario prints money. Strike that, he turns everything to gold, haha. But yeah it does make sense that they’d want the most notable character in video game history as a part of their game, hypothetically

        1. Yeah… Just watch the next Mario game with the gold flower where he simply turns everything to coins. I think that game is a good symbol for what the Mario games does for Nintendo.

          1. I never really thought of that that way till now…hahaha it’s like Nintendo is saying “Muthafuckaz Mario turns everything he touches to gold!” Sells millions….

  4. You basically steal Smash Bros from Nintendo and have teh gall to say you want Nintendos mascot on your game. Why not say you would love Zelda on the PS3

    1. Do you guys have no reading comprehension skills whatsoever? It specifically says they were asked about a character they could never get. It’s clearly a joke, why are all you guys taking this so seriously?

        1. Get a more robust vocabulary, and stop using the word “Fanboys” every post.

          We ARE fanboys. Are you illiterate? “my” “Nintendo” “news.” Get over it asswipe.

          1. You amuse me, fanboy. I’m sorry that you are butt hurt over my comment because you are a fanboy.

            It’s unfortunate that a fanboy as you, would get so troubled over a simple statement. I guess, that’s just a fanboy for you.



            Kids these days.

      1. Haha xD That game is pretty much old Zelda with music that isnt as good.
        Even on the IGN review, one of te good points was, “its like Zelda” hahahA

  5. I can’t even begin to describe the amount of humor I got out of this.
    It’s basically like they are admitting that they’d love to see someone more iconic on their game to help drive sales.XD

    1. Why? Right now we have Mario and Sonic at the Olympic games. That says alot according to the fact that big N and Sega used to be competitors and a Sonic game for a Nintendo system was like “It will NEVER happen”.

      1. That was back when sega still made consoles, they aren’t doing that anymore so nintendo isn’t competing with them anymore. Sony is making consoles so nintendo is competing with them.

        1. Idk with you, but I really like the idéa. I also think it’s great that Sony admits that they would love to have Mario on a game on their platform.

          1. I like the idea and wish it could happen. I would love to see Mario in all stars and maybe Nathan drake in smash bros. but unfortunately it’ll never happen so long as they’re competing :(

        2. Oh hi. You know that Crackle is on Nintendo systems, right? Did you also know that Crackle is OWNED by Sony? Huh, you didn’t? Interesting….

          Oh, what? 3Net is on Nintendo 3DS as well? Really? CRAZY! That too is partly owned by Sony.

          Must be a truce in that console war! /s

              1. Has nothing to do with games. It shows that this farce idea of companies being so at odds with each other, in some sort of “console war” that none can ever cooperate or work together.

                Wrong on so many levels. Certain extremists just fail to see that.

                I’m not saying that character cross-overs will happen, I highly doubt they would and this article is about a hypothetical “what if” they could add a character they KNOW they can NOT have.

                However, it’s not impossible. Gaming companies work together a lot more than the media would have you to believe.

          1. The fact that Sony is letting that happen means that
            1. Those franchises must not be very important to them
            2. Sony doesn’t have majority ownership over those franchises
            3. Sony studios are not developing the games nor are they publishing them.
            We may see some lesser known and less important franchises come out multiplat, but we will never see uncharted or little big planet on a nintendo system, and we’ll never see Mario or Zelda on a playstation system.

  6. that would be an awesome stunt. mario will draw in sonydrones and turn them into nintendrones hahaha. I think they should do it and charge sony a shit tons of money for his guess appearance.

  7. Nintendo will never let Mario appear on another console. Thats why he doesnt appear on hanhelds like the iPhone, etc…because Nintendo doesnt put it’s MASCOT onto other people’s stuff! It is too absurd!

  8. I actually think that is a pretty cool idea…provided they no longer call the game PlayStation All-Stars, for obvious reasons. I can just picture Mario beating up on Nathan Drake and showing him what a real platformer star can do

    1. ….what? A real platformer? How is Uncharted ANYTHING like Mario. If you said Tomb Raider, i could agree, but….ugh * facepalm*

      1. I didnt say uncharted was anything like mario. However, both charters DO spend the majority of their games jumping from platform to platform

        1. Id say Drake spends more time saying “oh crap”.
          And that still makes no sense what so ever. Go on COD, everyone jumpig around like a bellend. Oh must they must be trying to be Mario. I think its safe to say, 99% of games have jump button, and the fact Drake jumps is irrelivant

  9. I really feel like no one actually took the time to read the dang article… “During a Q&A session at Comic-Con, the developers of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale were asked who they’d like to see in the game that they have no chance of getting.” <— I think thats the important part people missed. (The title of the article is very misleading)

    1. Again, alba. He likes to make shitstorms happen and doesn’t have the ability to post actual nonbiased news

      1. Its not only that, but the spewing amount of idiotic fanboy comments, I don’t want to live on this planet anymore…

  10. … another lame article.. and im not flattered by sony’s influence seeking nintendo’s mascot.. i mite play battleroyale but i want my ssb to be completely separate. like solid and liquid shite. their businesses after all, to each his own.

  11. Mama Mia!

    Although, the prospect of Mario appearing canonically on a competitor’s console is intriguing.

    1. I just spoke to 15 years ago. I told them about Mario and Sonic at the olympic games. Their reaction was something like this.

      Not that I say that it will happen though, but I think you hate on the idéa too much.

      1. ^ this

        Although Sega respectfully accepted defeat, and decided to work with Nintendo when they can.

      2. When either Sony or nintendo drop out of the console making business then we can talk about a crossover game between the two, until then this will NEVER happen.

          1. Do you think nintendo will ever hand over Mario to Sony? Do you think Sony will ever hand over uncharted to nintendo. A big reason why smash bros does so well is because it has the iconic character Mario in it. Do you really think nintendo would ever hand over their most prized mascot to be on a game that’s directly competing with one of their biggest series? Not that it wouldn’t be cool, cuz it would, but it’s not gonna happen.

  12. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahloloolololololololoolollololololololololololololoolollolololololololloolollolololololoolololhahahahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahhahhahahahahahahahhahahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahhahaahalololollololololoolololololololoolololololololololoollololoolollolololololololololololololoololololololohahahaahahahahahahahhahahaahhahaahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahha
    that the funniest shit i ever heard! dam sony is desperate, sony could never use mario. first they steal everything about ssb now they want mario sony eat a dick

    1. Fanboys like you piss me off. It says the character they want but have no chamce of getting. They arent asking for Mario, they just respect him, and know he’s the face of gaming, and MOST gamers would love to see Mario and other Nintendo mascots go up against Sony mascots like Crash, and Drake, and Jak and Daxter, because it would be fun.

      1. Frankly you don’t know sony’s thoughts. So you don’t know if they want mario for fun or for sales because if he was in the game you know people would buy the game and or a PS3 for the game. I know I would if I didn’t all ready have one.

        1. Its not Sony who said this though, its the developer, they just want to make a great game, they wouldnt gain from ps3 sales. But still, fanboys on both sides piss me off

          1. im no fanboy but seriously why are you fucking playstation noobs on “my nintendo news”?
            go suck sony’s dick please! :)

            1. Wow, clearly you have no idea of anyones views on this site. Fucking idiot, i love Nintendo and Sony, i love both their games. Thats what REAL gamers are, they arent bais towards one console, they should respect all forms of gaming. You’re a fanboy dipshit.

            2. He’s not attacking Nintendo, he’s just correcting something you said. Are you that stupid as to take it as an attack on you or Nintendo?

              1. The worst thing is he didnt even say it -.- he just decided to be a ultra douche because i put the words “i like” and “Sony” in the same sentence

  13. Just port all your characters to the real gaming company NINTENDO, and come back home Sony playstation. Remember the psone was a N64 disk drive originally. I always knew Nathan drake wanted the Nintendo official seal of approval. You mean Sony and microsofty will always copy Nintendo! Shake my head.

      1. its clearly an enhanced wii classic controller pro & anyways who cares if it looks similar to x360 controllers… microsoft has copied nintendo shitloads of times!

    1. Well its probably already flattering enough for them that Sony admitted that they ripped the game of from Smash Bros. Nintendo has always had the upper hand, but now it just seems like Sony is Nintendo’s bitch.

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  15. Why all this hate about this?

    It would be really fun I think :) To play with Mario and kick some ass and take the names from some of Sony’s mascots. And then in return big N could borrow a Sony char for next SSB and that char could take the names from N characters. I think it would be fun and allow multiplayer across the fandom barrier that exist today. That could help kill the hate between Sony and Nintendo fans and the only thing left would be love and tolerance for each other :3

    1. Same. I never understood where this console hating came from, each one has good games, isnt that what matters? (maybe not with MS)
      Its like the Berlin Wall with Nintendo and Sony fanboys. Break that fucker down.

    2. I like how you think. From what I read ppl are just over overreacting and getting butt hurt about nothing. “sigh” Why can’t we all just get along. :\

  16. Am i the only one who’d actually want to see a Nintendo X Sony crossover released for whatever consoles would be out at the time?
    Like the Marvel vs DC comics. It would print double the money

  17. Actually….I’d think that’d be kinda cool. It’d be even cooler to see a Sony character in Smash as well as Mario in Sony Smash. That’d actually be very, very neat XD

  18. Well at least that was an answer to the question “Who would you want to see in the game you have no chance of getting?” Of course, like my dream of having a Snorlax, it’s not going to happen and I’m sure folks around me wouldn’t be pleased with the result.

  19. I like how everyone whines how Sony never gives Nintendo respect, yet when they actually show respect by saying it’d be cool to have Mario in their game, people whine at Sony and call them stupid. Its not like they’re actually asking Nintendo for Mario. The question specifically said “A character that’s impossible to get in”, so why the hate?

    1. The title is highly misleading, that’s why… As I see it Sony respect Nintendo, but their fanboys doesn’t and vice versa.

      1. It’s actually a group of 3 developer studios, one being Sony Computer Entertainment Santa Monica. Sakurai did a similar thing with Smash Bros. Brawl when he got Game Arts and Monolith Soft (which became 1st-Party during development in 2007) to help through Sora Ltd.

    2. It’s very simple: A lot of people here are looking for a fight, and most of the rest get dragged into it. That’s why the most controversial topics (even if only by the title) have the most posts.

  20. O_O Did hell just freeze over? This last thing I was expecting… ever. But, it’s good to hear that the VG competition isn’t horribly bitter from Sony’s end. Of course, that will never happen. Nintendo isn’t close to dying. But it’s interesting to imagine how it would be if Mario was in PSASBR.

    1. ‘Of course, that will never happen.’

      No surprise, since the person who asked the article specifically said;
      ‘like to see in the game which they had no chance of getting.’

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  22. ok so why is this game called playstation all stars when there isnt any all star characters to begin with i can see sega calling a game like this sega all star brawling cause of there history but this shit is retarted and fuck sony mario is nintendo and always will be nintendo i bet the know people will only buy the game if mario is in it fuck u sony

    1. Kratos, Drake, Jak, Cole McGrath, Sly Cooper, Sweet Tooth, that guy from Tekken (i forget his name), and without a doubt, Ratchet and Clank, and Snake will appear.
      Its safe to say they qualify as All Star characters

        1. We can hope, even though they dont belong to Sony anymore, they go the Big Daddy from Bioshock so its possible.

    1. Thus it was the answer to the question “Who would you want to see in the game you have no chance of getting?”

  23. Good job with the headline there. Going through the comments, it looks like you got what you intended.

    1. And I hope people notice that Alba is the one who consistently uses these kinds of sensationalist headlines. I get that it catches people’s attention, but you can’t expect everyone to read the article. That’s like asking most people who read a scored game review to actually read the review instead of skipping to score and complaining about it.

      1. I’m not sure he’s even doing it for the article to gain attention. I feel like he’s doing it because he is a biased fanboy that wants to make Nintendo seem glorious and all other companies assholes. Just look at his article about Sony apparently “attacking” the 3DS, despite no real indication that was Sony’s intention

  24. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH…… Plus after all the petty smack talk coming from sony’s exec about nintendo and its games, I dont think thats even right. Plus he knows if that happened EVERYONE would buy this game.

      1. Never liked LBP but Sackboy is cool,Kratos,Sweet Tooth,Ratchet,and sly.
        They give us five we give them five DL characters.
        Hate it or love it you can download them or not. Smash Bros
        If not put Megaman and Viewtiful Joe in the game

  25. Wtf how is Halo like metriod prime? Halo has better weapons,tactics and the graphics are eons in advance. Not to mention the enemys have better ai,bigger enviornments,mods,customizations and glorious xbox live with headset and multiplayer -_-

    1. In a whole, Halos only comparison to Metroid is its a scifi game. In comparison to COD, everything you said is correct, but in comparison to Metroid, its like comparing Mass Effect to Metroid, nothing alike, other than its scifi.

  26. @Guy Well he has posted good and bad news . And some of his headlines & articles take funny deadly jabs but compared to kotaku hes a saint. Besides grow some balls lol do you have sex with the systems to be butthurt? Everyone must die even GODS!

  27. @dragon I miss 2d metriod. They should have a 2d metriod with realistic enviornments. Its the only game besides zelda that could pull of real world type settings. Wind waker would be cool with realistic graphics.

    1. I do want a 2D metroid, but i stil want a 3rd person one too, and i liked Wind Wakers design, i like how they go for a new visual style for every Zelda. Id like one similar to Okami, like water colour

    1. the ultimate crossover fighting game from capcom, nintendo,sony,konami,sega will be the best ever, too bad it wont happen.. :(

        1. Let it go man. They’ve made some bad decisions but they are still one of the best developers. They have a huge amount of franchises and they seem to try to support all the consoles as best as they can.

          1. Not really. UMvC was disappointig as hell. It has less characters that does anyone manage to do that?!
            Asura’s Wrath, great game, but its about 70% of a game.
            Im looking forward to RE6, some what, but appart from that, theyre not even half the developers they used to be.

              1. imagine playing a VS in a brawl type game…fucking awesome, I agree with dragon about capcom, but they have been getting my attention lately, revelation was awesome and re6 looks to be good too, still reserving my judgment until they bring MH4 for 3ds over then they’ll get my thumbs up..

  28. To be honest, all this makes me wonder is what character Sakurai would want that he could never have? Thats the hard question. Mario is an easy answer, sells extremely well, dozens of alternate games have been made around it, I mean Mario RPG, Mario Kart, Paper Mario, Mario vs sonic, and those are just the original titles, and I’m sure I’m forgetting some. Has millions of fans young and old and can appeal to all ages. But would Sakurai choose sony or microsoft? Interesting indeed.

    1. Hmm….that is a question. Sony doesnt really THAT mascot that rises over the rest, seeing as Crash isnt theirs anymore. Id have to say Kratos, Drake or Ratchet, they’re the 3 most consistant characters.

      1. Yes, but thats only assuming they chose sony. Its possible that they would have chosen Microsoft instead. I personally agree and say Sony would be their primary target, but you never know. Microsoft does seem to dominated North American sales, and thats where the true money is. Yen is almost worthless.

        1. Yeah, i dont think Nintendo would ever choose Microsoft over Sony, one main reason being Microsoft dont give a damn about the Japanese, and in reality, Master Chief is probably their only real mascot, you could say Banjo though but im not couldnt that one

  29. To the people saying Mario would beat Kratos…no, not even close. >_> Kratos would bend Mario over a chair and make him his bitch.

      1. Oh not much aside from kill each and every greek god and titan, survived the pits of hell, came back from the dead, etc. Yeah, that’s nothing. Nope. Mario went to space, but what was his trials there? Stomp a goomba? Rack up certain amount of points in a minigame? yeah, so life threatening!

        1. But you have to remember the difference between the two. Mario has toon force and by that I mean he’s practically invincible as he can survive things that should be impossible. Kratos can survive some pretty impressive things to but he can’t survive the kind of things Mario has.

    1. Wait, a topic where Aeolus actually has a more rational answer than most of the people posting? When did I step into Bizzaroworld?!

    2. It’s funny because none of us are crying. We’re just saying stuff like about how it would be a bad idea if this happened. And if this is what you call crying, think of it like this: if Nintendo wanted Nathan Drake in the New Smash Bros, Sony fanboys would probably be saying the same thing. If Sony wanted Masterchief in PABR, Microsoft fanboys would probably be saying the same thing too. Even with Mario, it doesn’t change the fact that this game will suck… and this is coming from a PS3 owner.

  30. Well….they DO need some sort of iconic character in the game. Drake and Kratos aint really up there. And I’m not so sure Sackboy has the pulling power Sony think he does.

    I find it baffling how the chars who actually defined the PSX in it’s earlier years aren’t in this game. Lara Croft, Cloud Strife, Spyro and Crash don’t seem to be in this one. Nor is anyone from Resident Evil, Dino Crisis, any JRPG like Suikoden, Star Ocean etc. Closest they got is Snake. XD

    1. Its early days, they’re slowly releaving characters, they shows Cole from Infamous and Jak and Daxter at Comic Con.
      Cloud and Lightning are both rumoured to appear.
      Id rather not know all the characters all at once, i like the excitement of unlocking a new one i havent seen before, like with Toon Link, Wolf and someone else i forgot from SSBB

    2. what about parappa the rapper? back in the days when sony actually kinda interested me :P
      just need some ape escape in this game lol, still wont buy it though, since i dont have a ps3 anymore

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  32. I’m still hoping for Super Smash Bros x Playstation All-Stars. Come on Sony and Nintendo! You can make it happen!

    1. I can imagine the commerical….

      “You dont own a Nintendo CD?!”
      *shakes head*
      “what you gona do, wait for microsoft to make one?”

  33. If Mario was in it, they’d might like Nintendo and Sony will probably start making games for Nintendo and Nintendo would start making games for Sony :P It would be intresting to have Uncharted 3 on a Wii U console.

  34. You all are idiots who jump to conclusions and never read deeper than the first line of text before you begin to ramble about nonsense.

  35. Sony-They may be in a corporate clusterfuck right now, but its moments like these that remind you they may be not that bad after all

  36. those sons of b@#$%#s, they rip off nintendo and now they want their mascot to join their rip off.
    GO TO HELL!!!!!!

  37. Honestly I support this. The gaming world has become so fragmented due to ridiculous company fanaticism that including Mario in a PS3 game seems like a nice gesture. These guys obviously have a lot of respect for Nintendo and the Smash series, so what’s the problem?

  38. Well it does seem like a great idea.
    Although i know that Nintendo won’t “lend” Mario or other Nintendo Characters.
    I’m both Sony and and Nintendo Fan,
    And honestly i would love to see this two companies take on Mocrosoft. Hehe, great idea. Then again it backfires. Because of the “Hardcore” fans will be bitching. “No Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Star Fox BELONG TO NINTENDO”
    ” Oh Hell NO Crash, Sack Boy, Kratos, Nathan BELONG TO SONY, WE DONT WANT NINTENDOGS WITH US!!!”
    That’s how i see it.
    We can all dream can’t we?

    I “Might” buy the game, but im currently waiting on other games, and the Wii U.
    Also, i heard that the dude Behind Borderlands2 Said that there could be a ” Chance to see Borderlands on the WiiU”
    Can someone please confirm me if this is true.

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