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Check Out This Cool Picture Of A Transparent Nintendo 3DS XL

A picture of a transparent Nintendo 3DS XL was showcased during a recent Iwata Asks interview. The Nintendo 3DS’s top screen is small and requires a black frame to enhance the 3D effect. Because the Nintendo 3DS XL’s top screen is considerably bigger than the original’s top screen, it does not require a black frame to improve the 3D visuals. Perhaps a transparent Nintendo 3DS XL will be released in the future.

43 thoughts on “Check Out This Cool Picture Of A Transparent Nintendo 3DS XL”

      1. well stupid people like u know who will say
        “butt the PS vitanic has ll n 3D ds has une”
        yeah the battery is right beneath it(ps vita battery is somewhere in the touch pad, not underneath the analog pad), put a circle pad there and the 3ds will HAVE to be make longer.
        why can people understand this?

        1. why do you have to be such a scumbag prick to the guy?? its ppl like YOU that make this world a worse place to live

  1. I’m no designer but what if some of the necessary circuitry was moved to the unused space on the top half of the console? Couldn’t they maybe fit in a second slide pad then?

    1. Nintendo had a choice of having built in circle pad(2x) or having an improve battery; what happen is if they choose the circle pad, the battery will be much lower than the original 3ds because of the bigger screen takes more power(sounds crazy but think about it). the 3ds xl has an new battery much bigger than the 3ds(explains why battery is much better than a normal 3ds.). Nintendo wanted to have both but its not possible without having to make the 3ds console any more bigger than it is(keep in mind people, its a handheld not a laptop).

      1. Let me correct you. The 3DS XL’s battery life is not “much better” than the 3DS’. It is marginally better, by like half of an hour. Also, the size increase of having two sticks not doubt dwarfs in comparison to the Circle Pad attachment that will be available for it.

    1. It’s not showing they’re MAKING a transparent 3DS, it’s just showing what the circuitry within the 3DS looks like.

  2. so they didn’t lie about cannot put the 2nd circle pad… I can’t see how large the battery is from the image though..

    but still, my respect for nintendo… not many company is this honest..

  3. I wasnt going to buy the new 3ds design because I thought it was a shitty move (even though nintendo always does it with their habdhelds) But this? Instant buy if it gets released state side.

  4. I still really want the white one :( because it matches the colour of all my other gadgets- my headphones, Wii, DS lite, my iPhone… I wouldn’t want my XL to clash with everything.

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