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Nintendo: ‘Wii U Is Going To Be Important For The World’

According to Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, the Wii U will be released this year because “it’s going to be important for the world.” Iwata explained that portable touchscreens, such as tablets and smartphones, are common household items that consumers use on a regular basis. Iwata believes that the Wii U GamePad, which will be bundled with the Wii U console, will be an important device for people who use electronic devices at their homes.

146 thoughts on “Nintendo: ‘Wii U Is Going To Be Important For The World’”

  1. Interesting to see how Nintendo is going to handle this Challenge. They got a one year headstart to prove the world why everyone must have a WiiU.

    1. iPhone vs Wii U for game enjoyment-
      Wii U’s got’s two eyes… and can see right through U!! i1UP! i1UP! i1UP!

    1. Yup. It can be a great gaming machine but as for an electronics staple like a phone or tablet, it’s not the same thing. I’m not sure how they plan to really market the system and controller but I don’t think their target should be people who use tablets and those type of electronics.

      Target gamers, like they have in the past, casual and hardcore alike, and you’ll do great.

      But it should be interesting how the technology evolves.

      1. well they got like a year or more when the next consoles arrive, they have time to make fix on there new marked.

          1. Not until 2029-2035 because astrologists discovered an asteroid that would most likely destroy the Earth around that time. I belive it’s called Aphophis something.

            1. you know what, people need to stop talking stock in all of the “end of the world” predictions. seriously, since the beginning of written history, people have always feared that the end was near. we’ve ALWAYS had a prediction for the end of the world that is supposedly coming up very soon, and then when that prediction inevitably ends up not being true, which is impossible to come true anyway, people immediately disregard it and go onto the next doomsday prediction. it is seriously idiotic to believe that there is a set time and date for the entire planets doom. and if the world does end, why does it matter? what would YOU be able to do about it? why even worry about something that is impossible fo you to have no control over?
              ……okay that’s the end of my rant lol

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              2. I think it’ll be game over on November 18th, 2012…..for seXbox and pLayStation! Nintendo had put the last shovels worth of dirt on a few other console companies. At least X comes with its own coffin.

                      1. The end of the world won’t happen until the sun implodes and thats almost 6 million years away.

                        1. So we got 6M to figure out inter-stellar travel, assuming we don’t render the planet uninhabitable ourselves…….
                          Suddenly, I don’t like our odds for continued existence.

                          1. oh my gosh

                            firstly the sun will not “implode” this would imply that it could collapse into a black hole, which it can’t
                            furthermore the sun has about 5 billion (not million.. duh) years left before it will start swelling to a red giant.. however this is all irrelevant to us considering that long before that happens the sun will have gotten much brighter and hotter thus ending all live on earth (scientists expect this to happen in about 1 billion years of time) and we’ll likely cause our own extinction long before that time or move on to another planet that we can exploit

                          2. It’s got a chance that is 10 times stronger than ever before. And that’s still less than 0.1%. I wouldn’t worry.

                            1. “No one knows the final hour except the creater himself. Not even Jesus knows when the world will end” So quit worrying and I will continue to play the sport of gods.

                              1. Um… Yea… I said it as a joke if you didn’t get the idea the 1st time and I really don’t care when the world is going to end honestly.

                                1. Seems like a cocky thing to say. Not bashing the controller but just the semi contradiction of the statement. Iwata says that tablets and smartphones are common household items. With that being said, what can the Wii U controller do that those already common household items can’t, besides play games with dedicated buttons? He’s saying it will be important, but if he’s talking about features not necessarily game related, I’m pretty sure I can take care of all of that with my phone. Now if he had said something similar to the controller changing how home console games will be approached gameplay wise, then I would agree no problem, but I just don’t see how it will create other functions that are already being used now.

                                        1. Forums… those were the ancient days for me, now I can’t even stay on one for two days(activity wise).

                                        2. If you know the guy, could you please ask him to stop trolling people on every article. I mean seriously scroll down and look at the comments that he’s made.

                                          P.S. you can tell it’s the same person making the comments by looking at the symbol next to his name.

                                        3. lol Jackz

                                          Well, if it turns out there are features they still haven’t released that completely changes how you use your home entertainment setup, then yeah, some people will find it desirable.

                                          There will still be those who won’t though. It really comes down to how they market this device.

                                          1. But what can they do to your home entertainment set up that hasn’t been done already? There’s even touch screen tv remotes that can operate everything from your tv, to your stereo, and even your lights. Of course we don’t know everything about the controller yet as it hasn’t released, but I feel as though Iwata seriously jumped the gun on this one. We’ll see though.

                                            1. Bringing the family together? That’s always been important. Trying to get the old/ out of shape fit? There’s probably other things we don’t know yet, but Nintendo seems to be the light of the industry.

                                              1. But that is what the console as a whole is made for right? Not just the controller. That was their goal with the Wii, which succeeded, so how can the Wii U’s controller become of equal value to a household full of already fully functional electronic devices? And the getting into shape thing was covered already with Wii Fit. Yes you’re right, there’s still plenty we probably don’t know. I’m just curious as to how a game controller will become that important in a home already full of devices that operate everything.

                                                1. 1. Turn on the TV
                                                  2. Play higher and better develop games
                                                  3. Has Traditional SNES, Wii U Pro Controller and Classic Controller Pro Buttons and Set Up.
                                                  4. Nintendo innovating on gameplay again
                                                  5. Cost less than Apple Products
                                                  6. You can stream games, videos, internet, photos, netflix and others.
                                                  7. Built in Camera and others features to enable Online Video and Voice Chat.
                                                  8. Bigger and Better games from Third Parties.
                                                  9. Will sell like hot cakes in New York and California since those states were the first to try it out.

                                                  1. 1. Can already do that with a remote, tablet remote, and other devices.
                                                    2. Notice I said “outside of gaming”. We already know it’s a gaming console, that plays games.
                                                    3. Notice I said besides having buttons.
                                                    4. Refer to 2
                                                    5. Who said I was referring to just Apple. Don’t make this a typical “must be Apple related” thing.
                                                    6. You can do every one of those things on phones, tablets, and other devices.
                                                    7. Once again something that is already common with other devices. My phone, like most phones of today, come with front facing cameras and support Skype and other video/voice chat features.
                                                    8. You keep going back to the game thing, making that 3 times, which takes away two of your points and puts it in to one.
                                                    9. Since you mentioned Apple in point 5, their products sell like hot cakes as well, despite even the stuff they make that is no way worth the price. Tablets and other phones sell like hot cakes as well and Iwata already stated most homes have them already.

                                                    Which goes back to my previous question, what functions can we expect that aren’t being done already besides the games? This isn’t a bash Nintendo thing. I love Nintendo (for the most part). I’m just curious about Iwata’s claim. But I guess we’ll see in due time.

                                                    1. Maybe the meaning behind his statement is more to the effect of, having a high-tech console without those things would make it less important to the world at large in this day and age of smart-phone-enabled-features, so by having most of the same functions, it automatically becomes something just as good as they are, as far as gaming goes?

                                                      1. Well, has been announced that not all features are known yet about the controller and don’t forget about the console itself.

                                                      2. I thought it sounded a bit pretentious too, personally. I know it’s a big deal for gamers, kicking off the new generation and everything, but to think it will be bundled with smartphones and tablets in a list of common household devices is unlikely. It will never be that huge.

                                                        1. It will be for me because I don’t even like tablets nor smartphones. There is nothing a tablet can do for me. I only get on the internet when I’m at home and when I’m out of the home I’m enjoying life.

                                                      3. This is one of the many reasons I love Nintendo as a video game company. Kickin’ ass and takin’ names like there’s no tomorrow. I’m sure the millions around the world will be purchasing the Wii U by the time its released to the general public.

                                                        1. plus all those games come in launch window and launch, man listen people would be running in store this holiday for it, i hope they have eunuch for everyone at launch, U know what happen to ps3 launch dont U?

                                                      4. I already own an Iphone so too late for that title

                                                        @unation um yeah kickin ass by quickly lowering their price when a supperior competitor arrives. Cowards=great gaming? Also wii was made from failing ever since the n64 so they took a huge gamble andmade a cheap garbage even spicks could afford

                                                        1. And that coming from a troll who don’t knows fucking shit about Nintendo. First of all, Nintendo doesn’t compete… especially the so-called “competitors” gaming console won’t be a quanum leap, according to Epic Games director Cliffy B. When it comes to Wii U, Fun = Great Gaming. U mad because the original Wii was sold over 90 million units. If you can’t accept it, GO FUCK SOMEONE ELSE, ASSHOLE!!!!!!!!

                                                          1. I already own an Iphone so too late for that title

                                                            @roo yeah but the features so far announced all were completly stolen from apple like appstore and such. Shitendo akways gets away with theft except in 1970 when they got sued by danish lego company.

                                                            and more examples i cannt fitt

                                                            1. Hmmmm
                                                              I have one thing to say to you f*ck you, Nintendo lowered the price so the poorer (like myself) could get a game console.
                                                              I have played on other consoles too, but Nintendo is my favorite because of the awesome gameplay, they are always the first one like the wii with an controleren you must shake, or the wii u with a tablet controler.
                                                              I’m pretty sure that Sony and Microsoft will get something like a tablet controler too.

                                                            2. Nintendo has stolen alot. Got sued by danish and lost=proof they theives=only fanbiys argue facts=ninty r worse crooks=thats wby earthbound not release because they stole shit tons

                                                              Ppl will buy by million hmm well if they price it at cheap=console haz outdated inside garbage parts with according to ign 720p not 1080 hd=lietendo. Millions bought pokemon made by a mental retard=oh thats why there cliche,overuse recycle crap sells

                                                              1. “720p not 1080 hd=lietendo”

                                                                Yeah and I’m playing all games at 1080p at 120fps on my ps3, I also enjoyed the toy story like graphics on ps2. Not to mention the level of detail that was close to Toy Story 2 on the original Xbox.

                                                                  1. No though I’m a pc gamer and Nintendo fan, this troll was pointing out that Nintendo lied about its graphics, when clearly Sony have in the past well over exaggerated their system, same with microsoft

                                                                    1. Okay, what we have here is a failure to do your homework. While it is true that Nintendo are developing their first Wii U first party games at 720p, the Wii U DOES support 1080, and it won’t be long before every single game on the console is developed in that format. The reason they are doing it now, is simlply that its early in the console’s lifetime, and they have to figure out what works the best on it. Also, what do you mean by saying that Pokémon was made by a retard? The inventor of Pokémon, Satoshi Tajiri, is not only a very talented developer, but also proved his worth and, well, unretardedness, when he created a franchise that can stand on it’s own two legs without support from any major publisher. Please explain your idiotic claims in the future, so that people can prove you even more wrong than I have now. Thanks!

                                                                    2. Nintendo has stolen alot. Got sued by danish and lost=proof they theives=only fanbiys argue facts=ninty r worse crooks=thats wby earthbound not release because they stole shit tons

                                                                      @unation doesnt take the fact they lost the lawsuit by danish company =hardcore stealers. Just look at earthbound its pirate heavens. And thats just one in many cases of stealtendo

                                                                    3. Nintendo has stolen alot. Got sued by danish and lost=proof they theives=only fanbiys argue facts=ninty r worse crooks=thats wby earthbound not release because they stole shit tons

                                                                      @unation yeah according to epic which have been known to fumble lol. New news from kotaku revels a different story..theyll have monster power at 99 plan=nintendo huge Spick fans will be able to AFFORD GOD!

                                                                    4. Nintendo has stolen alot. Got sued by danish and lost=proof they theives=only fanbiys argue facts=ninty r worse crooks=thats wby earthbound not release because they stole shit tons




                                                                      1. nope!~ not even close! it opens up avenues for indie developers to work with a console and in bring them to your living, something they can rarely do. it is very VERY expensive to get your game on on a console, case and point the recent debacle with polytron and their game fez. no one should have to pay money to 40k to make a patch and as far as i know it’s only XBLA who does.
                                                                        the ouya is going to be affordable and easy to make for as well as challenge the status quo, how is that moronic? or being a sheep? you sound like the sheep who purchase the mediocre, who saturate the market with the same things and who are afraid of change. take a good look now, no one is hiring new talents or using new ideas, in the coming years there will be a huge gap and people will go to steam/ouya and nintendo for games because they are ready and have the young new talents.

                                                                        also, if we’re being literal here about “theft” shouldn’t everyone be sued by nintendo and sega for creating a video game appstore in the early 80’s (japan only, famicom. 90’s for sega, remember the internet channel?)? what about motion controls(late 80’s)? the D-pad? Z-targeting(herp a derp software patent wars anyone?)? the list goes on.

                                                                        also i tend to frequent kotaku and, no, next gen will not blow anyone away! there will be nothing drastic. kid, just look at the facts right now and the state of both sony and microsoft are in. to put it simple and straight, sony is bleeding money and people are losing trust in microsoft.

                                                                        also, about your trolling. it’s terrible. never do it again please.


                                                                        @unation THE ONLY PPL I RESPECT IN HERE IS MR. DRAGON ATLEAST HES RESONABLE AND MAKES ACTUAL POINTS!
                                                                        CAN U BY ANYMORE OF A SHEEP CONSUMER TOOL WHO BUYS GARBAGE BECAUSE OTHER DUMB NOSTALGIA SHEEP BUY IT
                                                                        FUUUUUUUUCKKKKKK ARRRRFRFFRRRRRRRRRGGGHHHHHHHHHH

                                                                      3. Is it me or is Nintendo starting to be a bit cocky? They are starting to act like Sony and I don’t like it.

                                                                        Nintendo don’t be like the other companies

                                                                        1. Agreed, but as for me, I blame anti-Nintendo-faggots like the idiot multiposting above for pushing Ninty’s buttons so often.
                                                                          Everyone has a point where they have to say something snarky just to shut the idiots around them up for a while, you know?

                                                                        2. Eh, all companies are like this. The fact of the matter is, no company puts out official statements targeting the other company. Media outlets ask direct and specific questions that have answers that no doubt will include these type of responses.

                                                                          I really don’t blame the companies, it’s business they’re doing. The media just always puts a spin on things. *Sensationalism*

                                                                      4. I think what many people are forgetting is that the purpose for developing the Wii U (with the GamePad) was described by Mr. Iwata in the Pre-E3 presentation. He let everyone know what their aim was then, to bring people together better. Successfully done, that will indeed be important for the world. How many times has Mr. Iwata said over the last month or two that Nintendo is not trying to “compete” with MS, Sony or even Apple?! I am excited to see how well they accomplish the goals they have set.

                                                                      5. Ugh. Why is Nintendo being so damn rude, cocky and ignorant? “You ask for too much!” “We will be important for the world!” Just say that your bloody console will be good, you aren’t winning anyone over with this shit. They don’t need to be dicks like this, they’re awesome enough.

                                                                      6. Pingback: Nintendo: El Wii U será "Importante para el mundo" | Gamer Nation Pro

                                                                      7. Important to the world or not, I don’t give a fuck, I want to play the games!

                                                                        And when it comes to the sun, it will die in about 5 billion years not 6 million years, 6 million years is far too little.

                                                                        1. You should care. If it wasn’t important, then people wouldn’t have interest and then there would be no games.

                                                                          I hope it does become important – in what way? Hopefully mainly as a great gaming machine.

                                                                      8. Well, when it is important for me to own a WiiU then I’ll consider buying one. Going by how Nintendo releases games in the west it likely won’t be worth buying a WiiU until 2014 and by then I would be more interested in something else.

                                                                        Here’s a better story: Nintendos’ stocks are at the lowest that they have been for the last 12 months – Nintendo is important?? HA!!!


                                                                        @jason wtf are you talking about ninty has patch ups too. Also as Xbox is rich RICH trustvme they know what theyre doing heck kotaku even reported theyre intrested in buying activision. Btw there getting a mission to mars simulation unlike ps/ninty

                                                                        1. microsoft has no idea what they’re doing, what are you talking about? many devs have come out saying they hate working with microsoft, i even get the feeling the next polytron game won’t even be an xbox exclusive. you realize indie devs don’t get a lot of money right? they are small time developers. most of the money goes towards microsoft if you have a contract with them, so you have to sale more to get back what you’ve spent and pay even more for a patch and go broke, unless you’re one of a the very few who made it big. they are effectively driving people away from their console, look no further than this year’s E3 and you will see no games.

                                                                          microsoft stated they have an endless budget for their system but they sure as hell don’t really care about getting games for their console.

                                                                          seriously kid, do some research.

                                                                        2. Nintendo sued by danush company for theft heck even wii had lawsuits

                                                                          @dexter i do my research and yes zeldas has won awards by unoffical sites like ign. Skyrim has won 3yrs stright. Halo even won awards. Cod won world votes on guiness. Zelda wind waker,twilight and skyward have failed to win official accredit

                                                                          1. First of all, how can Skyrim have “won 3yrs stright” if it has only been out since last November? Second, are you telling me that the only awards that matter are the ones paid for by institutions? So “unnoffical” awards don’t count? Because why? Skyward Sword won alot of “Game of the Year,” something that counts to me, even if the people behind them aren’t backed up by loads of money.

                                                                          2. Nintendo sued by danush company for theft heck even wii had lawsuits

                                                                            Heck on my wii ninty posted the video game awards where wind waker and twilight both lost to skyrim for visual,style and art catagory.

                                                                            1. The gaming world has never seen anything like the Wii U before. It will suprise many people with its versatility. I also think it has the potential to become a very important device in the household. They need to market it right, get the pricing right and get the Miiverse and it online shops and functionalities right. Leave luck to heaven.

                                                                            2. @dexter what paid off? Wheres the proof in that? If so why did nintendo post the awards via wii even though they lost granted theh had the balls to show the event.

                                                                            3. Don’t forget, Nintendo. Powerful console with tons of 1st party and 3rd party games and it will sell like hot cakes. Don’t forget….

                                                                            4. it’s a pretty bold statement.. though I take it that it’s important because it offer variety and competition to the market… competition is always important..

                                                                              and im sure some one would disagree, that nintendo is even up to par to sony and microsoft, wii u is doomed, wii u is weak.. that if it’s not in the market it would effect nothing… meh, i dont care, it got my attention and i’ll buy it if the price is right

                                                                              1. Yeah…. If the Wii U wasn’t going to be in the market, of course things would change. Nintendo has great influence over how the gaming industry evolves.

                                                                            5. Oh wow. Look how many posts Aelous has made with all these different names.

                                                                              Hey Sickr, is it possible to ban his I.P. address?

                                                                                1. No matter how many trolls we have and keep feeding the real truth, Nintendo is gonna win in 2012. Not only the Wii U will have the best looking graphics of its next generation, but also the gameplay and versatility this system will have when it’s released worldwide. Nintendo of Japan President Satoru Iwata really means business because they want the Wii U to be the most unique video game, social, and entertainment game console… at a very affordable price.

                                                                                        1. Your “mii” and “u” usage, as well as your screen name, as well as your “omg Nintendo will win 2012” attitude as if it were a contest, makes you a fanboy. Nintendo themselves said they’re not competing against the other 2 companies, yet here you are talking about them “winning”?

                                                                                          It’s stupid. Completely stupid. THAT is why fanboys are 100% worse than trolls. Both are bad, but people like you are far, far worse.

                                                                                          1. i use that for fun, U on the other hand take online very serious especially the way U act like a troll here.

                                                                                          2. “omg Nintendo will win 2012″
                                                                                            when did i said that, did U forget that Nintendo direct is now the new e3, i would not be surprise that e3 2013 will be boring because there’s Nintendo direct all the time.

                                                                                        2. They better come up with a way to use the controller I don’t expect. I am not hyped at all atm. Nothing I have seen yet, made me want to have it. If BF4/Skyrim and other multiplats come in a clean graphic (AAx4 at least) and run smoother than on PS3/360 + Nintendo gives me 3D Metroid Prime 4/Zelda/Mario in a reasonable time frame I might buy it. If not my GC/N64/SNES will stay alone again.

                                                                                          1. I can see in your future that you’re an effing failure and will die sooner than you think. Wii U FOREVER!!!!!

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