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Ubisoft Says Nintendo Is Taking Lots Of Risks, But Wii U Will Be A Success

Ubisoft CEO and co-founder Yves Guillemot is adamant that Nintendo has created something that will be a success with consumers. Guillemot says the company has taken a lot of risks with the console and the games, but he thinks those risks will undoubtedly pay off.

“I think Nintendo has very often surprised us, so you never know. I think they’ve created something good, if the customer uses everything they have created, I think we can see a good success with that machine. That type of collaboration can be fun and also challenging at the same time. It’s something has never been done before. … Those guys are taking lots of risks with the games they create — and they’re extremely successful.”

66 thoughts on “Ubisoft Says Nintendo Is Taking Lots Of Risks, But Wii U Will Be A Success”

  1. Of course they will. Ever since the DS launched Nintendo have take risks and always come out on top proving everyone wrong. “oh the DS wont work”, 2nd best selling console of all time, in the space of, what, 7 years? If that. “no-one gona buy a Wii”, 3rd best selling console of all time. “3DS wont work”. Its killing the market right now.

    Haters gona hate, and morons gona be moronic (looking at you Pachter)

    1. Actually, the Wii isn’t the 3rd best selling console of all time, but is behind the Game Boy and PlayStation also at 20 and 10 million respectively.

      Despite this, Nintendo has dominated over the last generation and has made more profit than any other game company has at any time.

      1. Fair enough, although we dont know how many consoles have been sold since they last added up the total

        1. Yeah, and I’m pretty sure that the DS may even have a lead over the PS2 now, seeing as it continues to sell well in the US and other western countries, but sales aren’t published there so are estimated.

  2. I’m hoping they are right. The only doubts that I have are over the thousands of people that won’t realise that it is a whole new console!

        1. My sister knows it’s a game console and she doesn’t watch the normal news, let alone gaming news. In fact, the only game she plays is Pokemon.

    1. Yeah, Nintendo’s really taking some risks, something that most companies in general do not do. If it wasn’t for the few companies who take risks, products would be pretty boring, consoles and otherwise.

  3. Wii U’s going to be awesome…people complain about an overwhelming consistency with games, and on the flip-side, they complain about something innovative like the Wii U. The Wii U’s going in the right direction, definitely taking risks in all the right ways.

    1. Nintendo took the risks of the last generation perfectly and have so far repeated it once again this generation. People I know who criticized the Wii for being a gimmicky, low-powered console now say that Nintendo are doing things right again. And I agree with you.

      1. I’d have to agree – the 3DS is by no means doing poorly…especially when looked at in comparison to the Vita, a console not taking so many creative risks & only really upgrading the hardware. And I agree with you as well.

  4. It better launch in black!! Looks so much nicer! As they are leaning towards the hardcore side of things I like to think its quite Likely. Finger crossed!

    1. I don’t think that being black, it would be more “hardcore”. in fact, that doesn’t matter.

      in my opinion, white is cool. it’s more clean, and it’s different than the most of the videogames. That’s one of the reasons i like the Wii and the WiiU

      1. I agree, but I’m getting bored of black and white consoles, I’d rather have the option of replaceable casing. Of course, in such a fashion that there is a permanent inner casing and a replaceable outer casing.

        1. the same anonymous of the comment above

          and there are also the bundles. anyway, i’ll buy a white version. There are cases for the WiiU GamePad and I won’t look at the console itself while i’m playing so that doesn’t matter much

  5. Bullshit !!! this is gonna be a fail , it overpriced and is current gen FUCKING FAIL !!! im fucking angry !! and they havnt even anounced the price & release date yet , and they are having a conference to anounce the price and release date and all they will say “it will be released this holiday season” and for the price they will say $600 ..THATS IT …How can nintendo be this stupid ??? FUCKING HELL !! Might aswell stick with my PC

          1. Hey, its that show that isnt funny that ripped off a show that is funny, like 10 other american rip off shows

    1. You mean overpriced with a price that haven’t been announced yet? And you know what they will say at the conference they haven’t actually announced is gonna happen, how? Please, sir, grow a brain before posting. It makes things alot easier for all of us. Also, one question/exlamation mark is quite enough. We get it.

    2. I’m sorry, but trolls are only ever fun/annoying if they have at least 1% fact in their comments. Please, next time, DO SOME RESEARCH!

      1. $600 is the exact price of the PS3’s console launch. There’s a possibility that the Wii U will be priced between $299.99 and $399.99. For now, let’s wait until this Fall’s Nintendo Direct presentation.

    3. Idiot it is 1080 P/ 1080i native resolution. It Runs both unreal Engine 4 and CryEngine 3. It is up to developers with brains to make great games like Ubisoft and Capcom do. Wii U is next gen, in fact the third next gen console after the 3DS and Vita, then followed by the Xbox 720 and PS4.

      Last gen is the Wii, ps3 ( 720 P native ) and xbox360 ( 480 P native ) both of which ps3/360 could be UPSCALED to 1080 P.

    1. ya Nintendo are cool they dont wait for someone to do it first to see how it goes.Look at the move and kenict


    This is kinda from a while back, but this guy that was at e3 states that he asked a rep about if wii motes need motion plus for wii u, and he said yes, for all games.

    It’s near the bottom of the second post –
    “One bad thing, only WII MOTION PLUS wiimotes will work on the WiiU however. The one rep I talked to wasn’t sure about classic controllers. Pretty sure ONLY this means the ones with Motion plus built in. Old wiimotes? They’re junk now.”

    1. Not that big a deal. Most people will either be using the Wii U pad or the Classic Pro pad, and upgrading to the Plus mote isn’t a bad thing for the few games you’ll need it on anyways.

    2. Thats good if you ask me, looking forward to see how developers will using motion plus, it was kind of ignored

    3. Yes! I wanted nintendo to do this! Motion+ remotes are so much better than the old remotes, now developers will have to use the new ones.

  7. And they didn’t tale a lot of risks with Wii’s motion controls and DS’s dual screen? Of course Nintendo is taking a lot of risks. But in the end, it will sell great.

    1. Nintendo’s risks are the thing that is smashing the video game market. That’s where Nintendo will always be one step ahead of the competition.

  8. Well, it’s very obvious that Nintendo is an innovator and a risk-taker. They’ve been taking risks ever since releasing their first console, the NES. Unlike the competition (excluding former rival, Sega), everything they put out in the industry are successful despite what the naysayers would think of them. Within industry’s history, Nintendo had ONLY one failed system and ever since that failed console hurt them, they’ve learned from that. Sure, the N64 & GameCube were two of the worst selling consoles Nintendo has ever put out there, but at least both of them were successful and gave Nintendo profits from them.

  9. This risk will definitely pay off for Nintendo. The Wii U has a lot of amazing potential. I’m definitely looking forward to playing it.

    I think people will look back on this time in gaming in 20 years and see the innovations Nintendo is bringing to the table (DS,3DS, Wii, WII U) as a turning point in the industry. Leave luck to heaven.

        1. I don’t mind if you reference Pokemon, as long as you do it properly. Should be “Wild Wii Vitality Sensor appeared!”.

          You’re very welcome

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  11. im really fucking excited for the Wii u!!
    i think im more excited for the wii u than I was with the ps3!
    it will be a day 1 buy for me!

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