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Sonic Adventure 3 Domains Registered

Sega, or an unknown party, has apparently begun registering domains for Sonic Adventure 3 leading some to believe that a follow-up to the Dreamcast titles is underway at Sega HQ. If it’s a hoax then it’s a very thorough one as numerous domains for Sonic Adventure 3 have been registered. Is this the Sonic game you want to see?

365 thoughts on “Sonic Adventure 3 Domains Registered”

        1. The Sonic the Hedgehog for ps3 and 360 was definitely similar to Sonic Adventure, but it wasn’t meant to be that. Obviously Sega is putting the Sonic Adventure title into it this time, so we can expect it to be the real deal, which I honestly hope it is. I would choose Sonic Adventure over any Mario Galaxy any day. But sadly, Sega isn’t what it was before, so this can go south really fast.

          1. Another SOnic adventure? Great…the first two have aged HORRIBLY. They are horrible games now. Only a covered in wool fanboy would deny this fact. Speaking of facts noone cares. Few people will even buy these shitty Sonic games. What makes everyone think that just because they changed the name means it will have the same impact in terms of quality. It’s all bullshit. Just like Sonic. Hahaha

              1. Lol not a fanboy at all
                Go play Sonic 3 and Knuckles, Colours or Generations and tell me SA2 Is the best

                1. ^ this

                  Games in the N64/DreMcast/psone are damn difficult to play now, because theyre just buggy, and ugly.

                  I actually find it hard to play Ocarina of Time onVC, its just just feels….gruelling…itjust holds nostalgia at the moment

                  1. I agree so much, most games of that time have terrible cameras and issues with stuff like that

                    1. They are. Colors and Generations are so far inferior to Sonic Adventure 2, it’s embarrassing that they’re even in the same series.

                      Actually, as a Sonic fan, it’s embarrassing that there’s even a game with the word “colors” in the title, to begin with.

                      At least, to anyone with any dignity. I’ll never forget, after Colors came out… Some friends came over one afternoon. As soon as they saw that on my shelf, they burst out laughing.

                      It’s not like it was a fun game to play, to start. Actually, given how poorly its levels are designed – in how they require almost no input from the players at all – it’s probably a stretch to say one even “plays” Sonic Colors. You actually sort of just… watch it go by.

                      And try to hope for a better game next time while you listen to the structureless, rubbish, junk music…

                      (Except for me. I put the sound on mute after hearing Sonic’s new voice for the first time. And left it that way until I saw the credits. Upon hearing the music, I immediately put it back on mute.)

              2. Not only that but true fans of the series look closer and realize that all the Sonic games were great. Why? Because they stuck to the formula that made the Genesis games great. Go really fucking fast and get to the goal. REALLY FUCKING FAST!

              3. Horrible now? well yes they’re what over 12 years old.Idiot and no tbh it’s one of the best games.Better than the shit we get now days which is just multiplier because the campaign is utter shit.Go play your shitty overrated call of duty black cocks 2.

                1. You all sound like fags! It’s a video game that people had fun with, yes i definitly don’t agree with SA1 and 2 being the best and im a HUGE sonic fan, furthermore most true and old time sonic fans would say that the games have NOT aged well. But i think this is what they need to do to get the wheels turning for sonic games again because they just built new ground with colors and put another layer on it with generations, and tbh SA3 sounds like a title to get the series back into the swing of things.

              4. The first two Sonic adventure games are virutally what made sonic what it is today. Before them, you had the original sonic. Without sonic adventure 1 and 2, I doubt there would have been a sonic 06, or any of the other newer games either. Sonic adventure 1 and 2 has the best gameplay (In my opinion), and how could we forget the chao? They got rid of chao, I stopped buying new sonic games.

              5. Dude you suck. end of, You are probably a 15 year old Call of Duty warrior, get off this post you silly little individual.

            1. They also made a game called “Sonic The Hedgehog Genesis” to make up for Sonic 06, but it sucked. So Sonic’s 15th Anniversary was his worst.

        2. You all have some serious issues. Maybe you shouldn’t play games for a while and avoid the internet for some time ;)

    1. Mm… Not sure. Most Sonic titles recently have been… Well… Bathing in suckness. So to speak. But I’d love to see Sonic return the quality of the glory days, so who knows. I could give this a shot.

      1. I’m going to safely assume you haven’t played Sonic Generations, as that was far from “suckness”

          1. you guys are all alone in your opinions, Sonic Generations was ok, Sonic Colors was a piece of shit, and Unleashed was a fail, starting with the voice acting.

              1. Before we delve into any discussions of game design, one must first address the fact that there s major input delay in Sonic Generations, which relies on fast movements of the hands (because the boost gameplay borrows heavily from GTEs) moreso than Sonic Adventure, which, for all it’s glitches and RPG elements, was playable.

            1. What the hell was wrong with Colors? That was one of my favorite games of 2010. Generations was also one of my favorite games of last year.

              1. So what? That still doesn’t make them good games. Andit sucks, ’cause Generations had serious potential.

                But there was no hope whatsoever for a game called Sonic Colors. The title alone will send anyone with any self-respect running as far and as fast in the other direction as they possibly can. -_-

          2. I didnt mind it to be honest, it kept the game from getting stale, but they just went on for too long, Sonic is such a fast paced game that those buts just seemed to drag when Sonic can just homing dash into enemies and kill them in one, Werehog (still sounds silly) has to pumch them repeatedly, just seems weird. Also, Chip can go burn in hell, most annoying little fuck ive ever seen in game

            1. Generations was AMAZING
              Colors was AMAZING
              Episode 2 was GOOD
              Episode 1 was…… Yeah.
              Unleashed was pretty okay.

              1. I hated episode 1, i dont see the point in it when Generations got the old school 2D platform PERFECT. its looked new, but played old, had the same tight controls. Sonic 4 is just…ergh.

          3. i agree sonic gen is ok , colors was crap, unleashed wasn’t a fail but really difficult, but the voice acting was terrific, Jason Griffith is truly the best voice actor for sonic its been voted.

      2. well the most recent one, sonic 4, sonic colors, and sonic generations, were actually pretty good. i think they’re back on track with sonic tbh.

        1. I just want them to use the engine they used for SA2B. I’ve always loved how Sonic moved around in that game. And it’s not a Sonic Adventure game without CHAO and CHAO GARDEN. They should make the Chao Garden like SA2B… Chao World, Chao Garden, Hero Garden, Dark Garden, Chao Kindergarten (Black Market, Classroom, Doctor, Fortune Teller [give them an option to name the chao or get your fortune told]). :)

          1. Yeah, I disliked how they changed Sonic’s movement and move-set for the Modern Sonic games. Sonic just moved just moved so much better in the two Sonic Adventure games.

            1. it’s because you suck at high speed movement, it’s good how they have it now, just get better at taming him it’s not that hard, i like it more because it’s more realistic for sonic’s speed, instead of needing speed and trampolines to get his speed, they’re just used to change his direction which is still reasonable.

          2. the only thing i didnt like about adventure 2 battle was that there was no real overworld, if they brought that back that would be fantastic

            1. You mean the hub worlds from SADX? If that’s what mean then yeah, they should definitely bring that back.

                1. Miles "tails "prower

                  I would love to have the hub worlds and the and have tails and knuckles and silver playable to

          3. yes yes you are smart except for the engine part that’s terrible and would only downgrade the experience.

          4. everything sounded awesome except for the engine change, that needs to stay otherwise the experience would just get downgraded because noobs can’t learn the game.

            1. They could at least replace boost with with spindash. How about this…
              * Move left analog stick up to move forward, down to turn around and move backwards, left to go left, right to go right.
              * Analog triggers for camera control.
              * Shoulder buttons for Quick-Step technique.
              * Tap the B button when not moving for Somersault technique. (SA2)
              * Hold the X button when not moving to charge Spin dash. Release to Spin dash.
              * Tap A button to jump. (Like SA2) Tap again to home attack.
              * Hold B button when moving for Drifting technique.
              * Y button for Ring Dash.

                  1. We will… We WILL…
                    Okay!? WE WILLLL… See what they are doing with Lost World? They are just fine tuning Sonic’s gameplay, to where other characters can feel naturally fit to be in a Sonic game. In Generations, Sonic was WAAAY too fast for other characters to seem fairly added in playable. Once everything is in place, and things are looking well, other characters WILL be playable. Now do people a favor and stop spamming every Sonic related article here with your Tails Fanboy/girl comments. You are filling our inboxes with spam.

          1. while it would be fun to play as them, im glad that they’re focusing more on refining sonic’s gameplay rather than shoehorning more characters to play as

            1. It’s like Sega saying fuck the tails fans and fuck knuckles fans we don’t give a Danm about you playing as your favourite characters you play as sonic or don’t play it at all ps I hope my comment wasn’t to bad it’s just the sonic only is getting old and it not as fan with one playable character Btw tails is my favorite character but I can’t play as him or knuckles oh well :(

              1. i absolutely dissagree with you. i think them focusing more on gameplay rather than playable characters is a godsend. i honestly dont think that not being able to play as those characters is an insult, more of a sign of focus. and when you look at the levels, a lot of them were clearly designed with sonic in mind, being able to fly or glide around the would almost defeat the purpose. and please try to contain your replies in one comment, rather than four.

                1. I dissagree with you!! they need to make tails playable again playing as just sonic is boring as fuck and tails is my favourite character so you saying I can’t play as my favourite character tails b you like to playing as just sonic we’ll it’s not far for me and the tails fans

                      1. tails is a faggot and only faggots want to play as tails. they don’t want the mainstream media to think they’re making a game for faggots, so they excludes tails. good choice on there part

                          1. Miles "tails "prower

                            I am not trolling I just don’t like the w faggot btw I don’t know what trolling is anyway

                          2. Tails is not a faggot and that’s not a nice thing to say and btw I love tails when I was 4

                        1. Tails is not a faggot why does everyone call tails a faggot calling some one a faggot is like calling some a Niger it a bad word and I know my sepling sucks but I can’t help it

                    1. Miles "tails "prower

                      Do you like knuckles he’s cool to he’s my 3rd favourite character and my 2nd is silver and my 1st is tails and my 4 is sonic and my 5 is shadow

                        1. And you you saying a 4 year old is a faggot is not nice a 4 year old that is just sick so stfu you Danm troll!!

                    2. I have to disagree with you tails is not a faggot and I have to agree with miles”tails”prower telling someone he/she is a faggot is not nice at all

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              1. It was Sonic Adventure 3.

                -The story overlapped
                -We could play as different characters.
                -Once we finished each of the characters story is then we unlock the final chapter.

                Hmm if only these point was in Adventure 1 and 2, oh wait they were.

                Sonic 06 is Sonic Adventure 3, even if it doesn’t have the name.

                1. New Super Mario Bros Wii is the second game, yet it’s not called New Super Mario Bros 2.

                  Your argument is now invalid, form a better one. Because this is terrible logic.

        2. Yes. I have wanted SA3 for over a decade. I really hope they make it. And hopefully they keep Chao in it. But at least I’ll have SA2HD later this year.

        3. I don’t get why the 3D games always look so childish.
          The robots and son on looks more like toys than high tech robots…
          Bring the more metal feeling the 2D games have aswell as the more serious tone.
          And no stupid glitches…

          1. I think I’ve been playing a different set of 2D Sonic games my entire life than you have. The ones I played featured a blue hedgehog running through meadows and factories and breaking a bunch of tiny manned robots built by a fat Teddy Roosevelt lookalike in order to rescue the squirrels and birds inside.

            Not exactly gritty realism, is all.

            1. i know right lol. i really dont get what “metal” feeling the originals had o him. i mean seriously, some of the best games out there are cartoony, so i dont mind the cartoonyness, in fact, if they made sonic adventure 3 realistic looking, i would be a little upset.

          2. Er because it was a children game in the first place.

            Did you honestly think that it was a game for adults?

            1. Fun fact: Back in the day, Sonic was considered a very “adult”-esque game despite being family-friendly, due to Sonic’s personality. People were fed up with happy-go-lucky Mario, so Sonic was created for more serious gamers.

              1. Er, no.

                Sonic was created for Kids but was marketed as a cool guy compare to Mario.

                Sonic was never made for adults.

        4. As unlikely as it may be, I’d be surprised and very welcoming for a new addition to the SA Series. It was my favorite series for sonic and it’s gameplay was pretty solid to me. Here’s to hopin they bring back Chao Garden/Adventures

          1. I would love if they also made a 3ds app so you can transfer your chaos to the 3ds and look after them/train them when you are away.

        5. Most definitely!! Why couldn’t they see that we wanted this sooner? And btw it better have chaos in it. I miss my chaos :(

        6. Sonic is way better than mario


            1. First off

              1. Level 1 is weak whereas level 9 is strong.
              2. Brawl isn’t cannon to measure strength.
              3. Mario is a normal human while Sonic has super speed and can easily overpower Mario.
              4. The 90 called and said that Mario and Sonic are friend now.

            1. do you have proof of that? how can you be so certain that Sonic would never exist without Mario? I will bash Mario if I want to. it is not like you are omniscient.

        7. Depends on the gameplay if its anything like the 2 adventure games then, I’d prefer the colours/generations style and story… just as long as it doesnt take itsself to seriously like adventure 2 or 06

        8. If this is true there’s a few things I want SEGA to do with it.
          First off spend as much time as you need to perfect it even if that means waiting up to three or more years for it to be released.
          Secondly make each of the characters different as well as being fun.
          Third, NO FUCKING FISHING!!!
          Finally Chao Gardens as well please.

            1. man,i really hope that they make a sonic adventure 3! i can’t buy the first 2 adventure games :(

        9. Hell to the yes but pleeeeeeasssse pleeeeeeasssse keep the elements and gameplay the same. I want the same feel as before but better graphics of course and story better than the last which will be pretty hard. Oooh and please for all that is good in the world BRING THE F*CKING CHAO BACK!!!!!!

        10. The Sonic Adventure games were the best 3D Sonic games in my opinion. Hopefully, they don’t make a substandard game like most companies do when they drag out sequels, if true.

        11. I would enjoy a Sonic Adventure 3 game but I was never too fond of the treasure hunting or robot stages. While it’s cool to play with the other characters, I just wish that the other sonic characters would still have a good sense of speed but have different abilities that sonic doesn’t have so that it can still variety kinda like sonic 3 and knuckles. And to please the people who like that gameplay make the treasure hunting stages etc extra missions that are optional.

          Oh, and Sega…BRING THE CHAO GARDEN BACK!!!

          1. YES! 100 times yes. I really am hoping for new Chao gardens and races and animals and evolutions. I was playing Sonic Adventure 2 Battle just today thinking to myself “Wouldnt it be great to have a third installment with new and improved Chao’s?”

        12. Five different domain names………all related to Sonic, yet not registered directly by any known branch of Sega……….and yet Sega has done nothing to quash the acquisition of said domain names, indicating that they either haven’t noticed[unlikely] or that they have some underlying reason for allowing it……..
          And as stated before, this is pretty thorough for a mere hoax…..I mean, who would really bother doing this as a prank? It would take a true no-lifer with an unsurpassed hatred of the Sonic fan-base to pull a troll moment of this magnitude…..

          I hesitate to say this, but all evidence, IMO, points to Sega hiring out a third party to acquire these names for them in preparation for the title itself.
          Aside from a nuclear-level-hate-filled troll, what other possibility is there?

        13. aceofplaces

          What I meant was that the levels and enemies had some metallic feeling the 3D games don’t have.
          Everything from Sonic the Hedgehog to S&K felt outstanding and just came together.

          I think the biggest mistake the Sonic series ever did, and not only refering to the games but also the later cartoons is for the series to play out in a “normal” human world.
          The old games didn’t have that really and is why they owned and still are the best of the series.
          Sonic Generations is several steps into the right path though.

        14. OHMYGOSH!!!(Gasp!!) This was the game I was talking about on a forum like literally a week ago. I was talking about how SEGA needs to come out with a Sonic Adventures and bring back everyone’s beloved Chaos! :D

        15. in my opinion this game should be like unleashed, colors, and generations gameplay with the characters from generation plus more and the teams like heroes like team sonic, team dark, team silver, team rose, team choatix, and make them have their own stories with hedgehog engine graphics

        16. We already have Sonic Adventure 3 which is called Sonic 06 which was a disaster.

          This story is not only is wrong but is fake.

          Beside even if Sega did registered the name it doesn’t mean that we will get Sonic Adventure 3.

          The Adventure Series ended at Sonic Adventure 2, which was crap, just let it die in peace.

          1. Sonic The Hedgehog is now named Sonic Adventure 3?

            Oh wait, it isn’t so you’re WRONG.

            Also, prove that this is fake. Shouting “fake” without presenting any sort of an argument or case is pathetic. Sega would have taken those domain names down if it was a fake, since they freaking OWN Sonic Adventure. How would these have possibly lasted so long without Sega taking action? *And still haven’t done so*

        17. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!

          1. Bad Ass Ghetto Pimp


            Some lame rapper said he might release a new song, so you assume it has to be Sonic Adventure 3 ???

            Get concrete proof before you make-up these attention-seeking stories next time pal.

        18. Bad Ass Ghetto Pimp

          Here is the plot of Sonic Adventure 3 …

          Tails smashes-up the Death Egg with his cock and whacks -off on Eggmans curtains that cant be washed out.

          Eggman threatens to blow-up Sonic and Knuckles unless they buy some new curtains within 24 hours.

          But Sonic is too busy riding Amy to bother and Rouge is giving Knuckles a blowjob so they dont buy the curtains.

          Now Tails has fucked all Eggmans robots to death anyway, so it doesnt matter.

          THE END

        19. I’ve been waiting for one since Sonic Adventure 2 Battle so this is big news for me. Oh and yes, I know Sonic ’06 is sort of like Sonic Adventure but that sucked so hard I can’t see it as a Sonic Adventure title and, ntm, it lacked the ‘Adventure’ part in the title.

              1. I know, but eve from a gameplay stand point. He get thrown into these something small spaces amd tight turns but he either runs or stands still. Have a run button like in Assassins Creed, it would make the game tons better

                1. More fitting, a walk button. Sonic naturally goes fast, so have a button to slow him down to a walking pace. It’s more fitting for him, I think

                  1. I just meant in general. For the overworld and the levels, its just annoying having no control, the best thing that happened to sonic IMO was the slide/drift ability

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        21. Sonic 4, Sonic Colors, and Sonic Generations were great games, but short. If there a Sonic Adventure 3, I hope it is longer and has a good script. I personally prefer if Chao Garden is optional (not required for 100% completion) or a separate game. There are some things I do not agree with in Chao Garden.

        22. I want a button that makes Tails get a massive boner and SPRAY FOX BATTER EVERYWHERE!

          FOX BATTER FTW!

            1. Actually an epic refers to a very long poem. It’s a word that has been around for a very long time.

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        24. I would love to see a third one, i really love the big storyline the complex character cross overs and the uniquie game play for each character, i do wish that it was longer. i rember i hated that part of SA1, was the lack of gameplay, and that was when i was like 12, now im 22!!

          1. Me, too, dude. I spent so much time with all my friends and family members playing Sonic Adventure when it came out. And SA2 was even more of a time killer for us. This is going to be amazing! It was bound to happen sometime!

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        27. How much do you wanna bet that if they put an Adventure Sonic ( with adventure voicing) that people might actually stop complaining about no Sonic Adventure 3? After all, from what Ive heard, people liked adventures for a few reasons. 1. it had smooth controls. 2. It gave you more of a platformer experience which is a main part of Sonic, not just the blistering fast speeds, and maybe if SEGA was smart enough to include him and make Generations for the Wii ( for gamecube controls) with the same SA2 engine, it would’ve given everything all the Sonic fans wanted for either Classic, Dreamcast, or Modern Era…..

        28. Another nice thing to bring back would be the spindash. And get rid if the red or green lock on on enemies, cause for some reason I always found that annoying


          the conversations here, are why people HATE the sonic fandom most of you are opinionated as fuck and see everything you don’t have a boner for as shit and nit pick so bad that it’s useless to ever try and discuss things civilly

          1. Good point. I don’t really care, but in my opinion, i liked the adventure games. I think people should just state what they like and that’s that. Don’t argue about what other people like or how the games were. Just move on in your life. I’d like a Sonic Adventure 3, but that’s all I’m saying. I’m not going to make a shitty argument about something that people like and dislike.

        30. This is definitely the Sonic game I want to see! The Adventure formula is an incredible one with so much potential, and all they need to do is use it.

          No more running in a straight line and cringe-worthy jokes, please. It’s long time for Sonic Adventure 3.

          1. So you’d prefer far fetched melodramatic cutscenes and more useless anyoing characters? Plus, Sonic Generations had much more platforming and alternate paths than SA2’s Hold Forward to Win gameplay could ever have.

            1. Sonic’s a Japanese franchise about an anime character with super speed and strength that saves the world from an evil genius and his army of metal killing machines. This is the wrong franchise to look for laughs. The terms “far fetched” and “melodramatic” are invalid in a series like this one. If you want frilly, cutesy, shallow cartoons, give Mario a try.

              The characters had their problems, but at least they were other characters besides Sonic. And at least they didn’t all play the same.

              You do realize that the majority of Generations is “hold forward to win”, right? If you look up the word, “Underwhelming” in the dictionary, Generations is pictured right beside it. And the parts that aren’t are really severely stunted by their loose controls, bad camera angles (that can’t be adjusted, no less), and generally archaic design. There’s a reason most platformers don’t use that kind of level design anymore – it’s not fun, it’s frustrating. Generations was a boring way to spend my afternoon.

              And overall, cut the high and mighty “I know better than everyone else” attitude. It will get you nowhere.

              1. Please tell me you are kidding me…..
                Did the orginal games need to be as you describe “cutesy” or “frilly”? No. In fact going back to the adventure games, it’s actually harder to take those seriously compared to to originals. Try again.
                Right… Having a game where all the characters don’t play all the same, but are constantly doing the same thing in all levels, which might I add are blatantly reskined throughout the entire game, sure adds that huge touch of variety, right? Besides, like Cobanermani456 said, While it’s cool to play with the other characters, the other characters should still have a good sense of speed but have different abilities that Sonic doesn’t have so that it can still variety like Sonic 3 and Knuckles.

                1. No, they weren’t. The Genesis titles were actually very dramatic and serious for their time. Saying that the Adventures are harder to take seriously is a subjective matter of opinion, though, and not a fact.

                  You seem to be laboring under the illusion that Sonic & Knuckles was “THE BEST SAWNEEK GAMEZ EVUH”, and it wasn’t. It certainly was a fantastic game, but it wasn’t the best. Dispell that illusion from your mind to begin with.

                  Having three separate gameplay styles is more variety than just tweaking one or two things about the different playable characters. True, that doesn’t automatically make it better, but it IS more varied.

                  And stop trying to make Sonic & Knuckles sound like some kind of art form. It wasn’t. It was just a great Genesis game. But it’s over now. Time to move on.

                  1. Like you said… and strangely contradicted your self with…. it comes down to opinion. But I think I’ve given some good reasons why I think it’s the best. So no, I will not be dispelling that from my mind when that is no illusion to me, and that’s what I believe.

                    It kinda detracts away from that when not only do they turn it into 3 completely different games when you give them these playstyles, but 1. Each play style comes off as bland because most of the levels for outside of the speed stages tend to all look the same. 2. If it doesn’t make it better, then what’s the point in the first place??? Playing as Knuckles was always fun in Sonic 3 and Knuckles, but searching for gem shards with that horrible rap music playing in the background the whole game get’s real old, real fast…. Plus it sent games in the future like 06 into a bad spot.

                    Yes, Sonic and Knuckles is a great Genesis game, but not the best. But when it’s the Complete game with Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and Sonic and Knuckles stacked on top of each other, it’s my and a lot of other people’s equivilant of a perfect Sonic game. A.k.a Sonic THREE and Knuckles. Saying “But it’s over now. Time to move on.” would be like me saying the exact same thing for SA2. But why should I? Just because you don’t like it as much for some reason.

                    1. I like how you’re only willing to admit that it’s a matter of opinion when it’s YOUR opinion. But when it comes to mine (or probably anyone else you disagree with), you try to make it sound like your opinion is fact, and the other person is automatically wrong.

                      It’s not “variety” when the only difference between Sonic and the other playable characters is one or two moves – that’s not enough and it doesn’t cut it.

                      1. Perhaps it was bland to you, but that doesn’t mean it is. It just means YOU thought it was. SA2’s alternate gameplay modes are frequently regarded as some of the better in the series.

                      2. Here’s a thought that’s probably never crossed your mind: because there’s a lot of people that DO like it. This series isn’t made just for you. I’m afraid you’re going to have to accept that you will have to tolerate things you don’t like in the Sonic series. They’re never going to make a game that’s basically like Sonic & Knuckles in 3D.

                      06’s problems are 06’s problems. SA2 isn’t responsible for them. 06 would have been much better if it had been completed and adjusted. But it wasn’t, and that’s because SEGA chose to push it out onto the market for the Christmas season of 2006, not because SA2 had more than one playable style.

                      Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles are the same game with different levels. The only difference it makes combining them is how long the game is. If a person likes or doesn’t like one, then they will like or not like the other.

                      No, it wouldn’t be the same thing. Not at all, actually. Because whether you liked SA2 or not, it’s a far more relevant game to the grand scheme of things than Sonic & Knuckles is. When developing future games, SEGA are more likely to SA2’s strengths and weaknesses into account than they are to even think of Sonic & Knuckles. When the fanbase forms opinions about future games, they’re likely to remember SA2 far before Sonic & Knuckles even occurs to them. The only person with such a strong fixation on Sonic & Knuckles is you.

                      Were you even born when Sonic & Knuckles first came out? ‘Cause if you aren’t, then you’re not old enough to call it your perfect idea of a Sonic game.

                      1. Love how you say that, but when it comes down to YOUR opinion, you literally do the exact same thing. It’s gonna go on like that forever. That’s what this debate is about. Am I supposed to curve my opinion so I can make it sound “better” in your eyes? No. And you most certainly wouldn’t do that for me….

                        Here we go again… -___-

                        1. Nope! Not just me!!!! take a look around the web, you’ll find a lot of people who don’t like the idea of Tails, the character who’s gimmick is his ability to fly, being restricted by a clunky gun machine that is super slow and can’t fly. And you gotta be kidding me…. I really hope you are trolling here. *Sigh* Yep…everybody sure loved those Knuckles and Rouge sections from Sonic 06… Oh, and let’s not forget about that amazing Werewolf idea….(Speaking of which, did you know Unleashed was originally supposed to be Sonic Adventure 3? What are the odds, right?) And let’s not forget that wonderful idea of bringing a certain “Psychokinetic Marijuana plant” into the Blue Blurs life…. Those were the better halves of the series right? Or were they viewed as pointless, gimmicky, filler that slowed down the pace of the game and held back their true potential to increase it’s length??? Maybe if you think into that a little more, you may see it for yourself.

                        2. Here’s a thought that’s probably never crossed YOUR mind: a lot more people dislike it this time around, because they know when the nostalgia has run it’s course. Of course this series isn’t made just for me. But does that mean that SEGA and Sonic Team are looking to make the series not for the ones people who enjoy the Sonic series the way I do? Nope. In fact, they are doing the exact opposite. They already have, it’s called Sonic Colors. And the way Iizuka-san sees the style of the series is almost exactly what the franchise was missing from 2001 – 2006. (outside the hand held titles, which were the only games during that period of time that were consistantly good in my opinion.) His vision of what the Sonic series should be pretty much throws away any chance of a SA3 ever coming out. So you and all the Adventure fanboys just gotta deal with it.

                        1. Uh, yes, you are supposed to curve your opinions in a way that sounds far less arrogant and much more cuteous of other people. It’s not a question of what debate is about – debate is anything in which people disagree. It’s a question of acting like a mature grown-up in a situation in which you don’t necessarily agree with the person you’re talking to. If you choose to act like a self-righteous jackass, that’s all your fault. And don’t give me that – not only have I presented my opinions like the opinions they are, I haven’t pretended that they are facts, and I haven’t thrown a huge fit about it. That’s what you’ve done.

                          Writing in all-caps is exactly the type of behavior that makes you look like such a jackass, for starters. Second of all, don’t repeat that same fanboy crap again. Yes, the name of the franchise is Sonic The Hedgehog. No, that does not – in any way, shape, or form – mean that the franchise is JUST about Sonic. Actually, it stopped being just about Sonic back in Sonic 2. I didn’t mention a thing about the fishing, either. The shooting and treasure hunting wasn’t perfect, but it was still an objectively well-designed element that fit just fine. The only reason you and most people who agree with you don’t like it is because it’s in a Sonic game. That’s unreasonable and ridiculous. You shouldn’t be surprised that SEGA pretty much ignore you. Especially when you post petty diatribes like this one.

                          Let’s get this out of the way before going any further: you don’t know that any of the things you’re saying are true. First of all, I’ve met many people that were not only pumped for SA2’s HD release, but to this day are still having a great time with it. And I’ve read thousands of comments that say the same thing. I’m not denying, there are people out there who either weren’t so excited or who never liked it in the first place. But this IS the way it is: SA2 is a Sonic game that is held in high regard. To try to deny THAt, you’d have to be insane.

                          1. So-so. Like I just said, not everybody found it to be their idea of a good time, but it wasn’t a universally-hated thing like you’re trying to make it sound. It’s also worth pointing out that people who would criticize a game just because Tails can’t fly in it are just as unreasonable (and self-deluded) as the people who think Sonic should – or even will – always be the only playable character in the franchise. In other words, they’re not reasonable.

                          No, they didn’t love those Knuckles and Rouge sections from Sonic 06. But they would have if the characters moved faster and had better attacks.

                          The Werehog was an objectively-well designed game mechanic. It had a large variety of attacks, it had a large variety of enemies, it had a useful and well-implemented platforming ability, and it made extensive use of all its strengths. Granted, the combat didn’t call for a lot of skill. But that is its only problem. The major criticism against it is that it’s in a Sonic game. And that’s not a good reason.

                          What does its original title have to do with anything, exactly? Sonic 06 had good intentions, too, but all that people care about was the way it turned out. So that means that the way Unleashed turned out is all that matters. And the way it turned out was actually pretty good.

                          Silver wasn’t universally-hated, either. In fact, a lot of people actually thought he was the good part of 06. Many people also thought he would be better if he moved as fast as the other two. And many more people still thought he would be better yet if he – like the rest of the game – were completed. Most people don’t just look at the game’s glitchy, half-complete state and blame it on the presence of side-characters.

                          They were well-received by some and not well-received by others. There’s no universal agreement for or against the presence of the side characters or their alternate play styles.

                          2. Here you go contradicting yourself again. First, you try to make it sound like SA2 was hated from the start, and then you try to make it sound like everybody used to love and now they don’t. But the fact is, even if people have criticisms about the game (and they do, I’ve never denied), it’s still considered one of the series’ better games. That is the bottom line.

                          Did YOU honestly think that you’re the only ones they care about? Did you think every game would be like Colors and Generations? Did you think they were just gonna throw all their other fans out the window? No way. They stand to make way too much money from them. It’s time for you to face a fact: the things you don’t like about Sonic will never fully go away forever.

                          Um… nooo. Iizuka-san sees the series needs to be re-examined and treated with a better sense of quality, but what you don’t seem to be understanding is that in the big picture, that doesn’t mean just making games like Colors and Generations – there are now more and more people complaining. What that does mean, however, is combining styles from both major fanbases. It means taking at least two years to develop each Sonic game. It means making games that include elements from both styles of Sonic. SEGA is a large company with a LOT of Sonic ground to cover. They can’t afford to think in the same simplistic terms that you’re thinking. In other words and once again, the things you dislike about Sonic will never fully go away, and they will never be gone forever.

                          His vision of the series is the same as all the other game developers: what do our fans like? But Sonic has what is likely the largest AND most varied fanbase alive. It takes a lot more to please the masses than what you want to see.

                          The bottom line is: you’re not right, and it is not how you say it is. You’re just one more person in a large fanbase of people with an opinion. And sure, SEGA are taking that opinion into account to the best of their ability. But they are taking the opinions of other Sonic fans into account, too.

                          1. Hey! Wait your turn buddy!!! I didn’t get my chance to counter all your SA2 Defense Essays. Oh, and this went straight for us sharing our views, to you firing a bunch of insults at me like a loaded hate pistol or something… Sort of ruins the whole premise of you being a more mature person than me, when hearing people think differently then you causes you to go on a raging, hate filled, temper tantrum.

                    1. I don’t run my life based on your schedule. I will reply whenever I want to and it is convenient for me.

                      There’s no point in you countering them. It won’t change my mind, or the mind of anyone else who likes SA2. Let it go.

                      And don’t pretend this just started out as a friendly discussion about Sonic, either. You came right out and started acting like a jerk from the get-go. Don’t do that thing where you pretend I’m doing everything that you did, either. You responded to me with insults. You’re the one throwing fits because Sonic doesn’t always go your way. Not the other way around.

                      1. Well, my schedule runs on a bit more content than Essay-long video game related posts dude.

                        And you don’t have to pretend, because you are doing it right now!!! Lol, you said what you thought, and then I did, then you did about what I thought, and so on. How am I acting like a jerk and when did I ever insult you? This may not have been a friendly debate, but I never went out right and said you are a Jack Ass…. -__- Sound familiar? Tbh, Sonic has been fine to great ever since Sonic ended his “What lane should I take…?” Phase from 2001 to 2006. Colors was Sonic’s real ‘Yeah, I’m back” game in my opinion, but the games from 2007 to 2009 where fine to me. I’d much rather play the games of that time period in comparision to the previous one.

                        1. Then… why are you even posting?

                          As I said, don’t pretend that I’m doing what you’re doing. You’re the one blatantly running around acting like your opinion is fact, not me. And I am the one willing to admit that everyone’s entitled to their own opinion (and that everyone deserves to be considered as long as they’re reasonable about it), not you. But since you can’t reasonably and logically argue your way around that, you’re projecting your own behavior onto me to try to make your position look better. That’s what’s going on here. That’s how this is happening.

                          You acted like a jerk right off the bat by asking me if I’d rather “melodramatic, far-fetched cutscenes” and “more annoying characters”. You then continued to act like a jerk by posting all of your opinions as if they were fact – which would have been tolerable and typical, except that you then decided to act all high and mighty by talking down to me as if I were stupid and inferior to you for not agreeing with you… over Sonic games, no less. And then, to add insult to injury, you called me and everyone who agrees with me “fanboys”.

                          And don’t say you didn’t do it, because you did. I, in the meantime, have stayed calm. I’ve responded to you with a level head and a relaxed attitude, so you’ll be fine. And you can just get over being called a jackass – that’s the least you deserve for your stuck-up behavior. You had it a looong time coming, and count yourself lucky, because if you were talking to most Sonic fans (on the internet, anyway), your feelings would get a hurt lot worse.

                          No, not “tbh.” You mean to say “imo.” It is not a fact that Sonic has been fine to great since 2007 – it is an opinion. Not a fact, an opinion.

                          Do you get it yet? It’s not a fact, it’s an opinion. Not a fact, it’s an opinion.

                          Opinion, not fact. Opinion, not fact. Get it into your head. It’s an opinion, not a fact.

                          Wait, what? I thought you said one of the things you liked most about Generations was its supposedly more open-ended level design? What are you talking about now?

                          Well, that’s great that you thought Colors was a good game… but it’s still just an opinion, and not a fact.

                          It’s my opinion that Colors was degrading, insulting, boring, juvenile, and painful. And that opinion is equal to your opinion.

                          Do you get it now? Your opinions are not better than mine. They’re not better than those that agree with mine. They’re not better than anyone’s. YOU’RE not better than anyone. You are equal, not better. Equal, not better.

                          It’s not a fact that Colors is a good game. It’s an opinion, not a fact. Not a fact, it’s an opinion. And it’s an EUQAL opinion, at that, not a SUPERIOR opinion.

                          You know, nobody’s making you play any Sonic games that you don’t want to. In fact, nobody’s even trying to make you play Sonic games that you don’t want to. But there ARE going to be Sonic games at some point in the future that you don’t like. The games will not follow what you want forever. Accept this, and find a way to move on with your life.

                          1. I’m posting because you won’t shut up already…..
                            So quick to defend the Adventure games at all cost…. That’s your major problem. You see people saying what they think, and you automatically think they are trying to state it as fact. Your one of those guys who can’t handle opinions. Anyone thinks differently and you use that as an excuse to make it seems like they are wrong. That’s all you do, that’s all you been doing and that’s probably what you do to other people.

                            How is that being a jerk? I’m just saying what’s on my mind. Again, this is the type of stuff you can’t handle. It drives you nuts knowing that others can think different to you. I wasn’t acting “high and mighty”. I’m just sarcastic. Thats how I roll. And that’s not far from the truth, when it comes to the Adventure games, you do whatever you can to make them seem better than anything else. You expect me to say imo after everything I post…? Will that make you feel better? Well, IMO that’s just redundant…

                            I guess that metaphor just felw over your head….
                            By the “Which Lane Should I Take?” Phase, I meant the guys at Sonic Team were having trouble finding a good direction the series should take. Game’s like Shadow the Hedgehog, 06 and Heroes show how all over the place we were going. Yes…. I know that’s an opinion…. I said that earlier…. And wow, that’s not very nice againist Colors…

                            You make it seem like I hate the direction Sonic is going now, when it’s obvious that it’s going the way I thought would never come back since 06. You guys are more or less, the upset ones here. I’m just telling you the truth. SA3 ain’t gonna happen. And even if it did happen, what else could they do to add upon the first 2 games? It wouldn’t even be a sequel since so much has happened between them. They would most likely use a different gameplay formula that you guys would send Iizuka death threats from. It would be just like the Sonic 4 fiasco. And if that happens, then this fan base and Sonic are doomed. You should accept this and move on with YOUR life.

                            P.s Congratulations, you said the word “Opinion” 17 times…. I swear you guys treat opinions like some sort of golden shield that is worth over like, 3 million dollars or something… -__-

                            1. You’re right: I won’t shut up. It’s public forum, and I have every bit as right to use it as much as you do.

                              No, that’s just what you were actually doing. Not everybody who likes Sonic Colors and Generations does it, either. You just happen to be somebody who does. Again, that’s your fault, not mine.

                              It’s not being a jerk to say what you think, but it IS being a jerk to say it with the condescending attitude that you do. If you simply stated that this is what you like, and this is why without being so antagonistic, this wouldn’t be happening. But since you act like you’re right, and everyone else is wrong, this is happening. If you didn’t do that, then there would be no problem. But you do do that, so there is a problem.

                              Sarcasm is acting high and mighty. And no, that wasn’t even being sarcastic. That was just having a superiority complex and acting out of that superiority complex. That’s not how you “roll.” That’s just being a self-righteous jerk and thinking you’re better than everyone.

                              The Adventure games are not the very best video games ever made, and nor did I say that. They are just good Sonic games that I happen to enjoy.

                              No, I just expect you to be polite about the way you disagree with people. Obviously, the choice to rude or not is up to you, but if you think you’re just going to run around sneering down your nose at people and expect them to just go, “oh, okay”, then you’ve got another thought coming.

                              No, they don’t. Heroes was far from being unusual or experimental. It was just a lighter sequel to SA2 with teams of characters instead of one character at a time. Shadow was created at the request of fan mailings, so yes, it was partially experimental. Sonic 06 wasn’t an experiment at all – they knew exactly what they wanted to do with it, but they were cut off by SEGA’s desire to release the game for the Christmas season that year.

                              Oh, wow… Do you have any grasp of what the word “context” means at all? I even prefaced that statement about Colors by telling you that it was just what my experience was with the game. Therefore, you have no excuse to be offended by it.

                              No again. What I’m telling you is that, while I understand what direction you want the series to go in, you’re just going to have to accept that it won’t stay that way forever. Eventually, SEGA will have to cater to their other fanbase, as well. And you’d have to be pretty delusional to think that that won’t happen.

                              Is that so? And by what means did you use to go to the future to find out if a Sonic Adventure 3 will ever happen? Because you certainly can’t say that it will never happen from where you are now. And, for the fifty-billionth time, you don’t say what is true or what is not.

                              Dude, is this really that hard to figure out? Let’s break it down… Takashi Iizuka has said three things: Generations is the end of that style, he wants to work with Sonic Adventure gameplay again, and he wants to create a new Sonic. That means there are only two options to proceed with from here. Either they will have to…
                              A) …sit down and fully flesh out the 3D formula or…
                              B) …they will have to create something new.

                              That’s the only way this can proceed from here. Now, the next game may not be titled Sonic Adventure 3, and perhaps there will never be an official Sonic Adventure 3. But eventually Sonic will have to go back to being in 3D. He can’t stay behind everyone else forever. Eventually, people will stop playing him in favor of newer and more advanced games if this keeps up. Don’t think SEGA aren’t aware of that. Why else would they even be bothering with a new style of Sonic? Another reason is because Colors and Generations have higher Metascores, but they just aren’t good enough for everyone.

                              What do you mean, what could they do to add upon the first two games? There’s a lot of things they could do. But what they would likely do instead is spend a good two or three years really fleshing out the formula. And that would be good enough for most people.

                              You counted the number of times I used the word, “opinion”? Oookaaay… Yes, I use that word a lot. That’s because opinions is all that matters when it comes to video games.

                2. And as I’m sure YOU of all people are aware of, that game didn’t need to turn into 3 different games in order to have variety. They all played the same, but had their own unique abilities to keep things different and fresh. Sonic had his Insta-Sheild ability, moved the fastest of the three and could gain special powers from the Bubble, Fire and Magnetic Barriers. Tails could fly and could travel places no other character could and had an advantage for clearing stages quickly. Knuckles could glide, climb walls, and use his power to break through multiple shortcuts that add different level design and a bit more challenge to the player. Oh, and each level had completely different open environments and level specific gimmicks that added a fun factor and difference in each level. You could really explore the areas and get better routes and a bunch of hidden goodies. Whereas, SA2’s Speed and Mech levels were long endless linear corridors, with little to no exploration or alternate routes (Which is sad for a 3D GAME) and virtually NO platforming (Speed levels).

                  How is this??? Just because Sonic can boost? Ugh, I hate when they use that crappy argument. Play a level like Sky Sanctuary Act 2, Seaside Hill Act 2, Crisis City Act 2, Planet Wisp Act 2 or (ironically) CITY ESCAPE ACT 2 and tell me that “Boost to Win” crap. You will definitely die in a never ending loop if you think you can just run throughout the entire level and make it out alive. Actually the controls in Generations are LIGHTYEARS tighter than SA2’s, especially while moving. While in SA2, making the slightest movement while running at full speed will cause overprecisely go in that directection. Something that majorly plagued games like that abbomination Sonic the Hedgehog 2006. Bad camera angles…? Funny you mentioned that, because the camera was probably one of the biggest complaints that Sonic Adventure 2 had, and for a big reason. “Generally archaic design”….. I supposed by that you mean platformers now adays dont actually allow more open space, challenge and the actual “platforming” part of it like SA2? Right… If any thing was boring it was being shoved in a hallway through the entire game’s levels or in a big open space for 12 minutes aimlessly digging for emerald shards.

                  1. Yes… and those slight differences are so unnoticeable, I didn’t even know they were there until I read about them on the internet. When you boil Sonic & Knuckles down, it’s the same game with three different characters. The game only gives you the option to use different abilities. It never encourages or forces you to use them, as it should.

                    SA2 was meant to be linear to address the (stupid) complaints about the Adventure fields in the previous game. Yet Colors and Generations are literally nothing more than hallways. Nothing at all. And they’re still hallways, whether you boost or not.

                    You just called Generations’ controls tight, and then explained exactly why SA2’s are better at the same time. Precision. Generations lacks precision – in all aspects, not just its controls.

                    You can complain till the cows come home, but here’s the facts: SA2’s camera points in the direction you need to go. Generations’ does too, but it’s ruined by the laughably-pretentious speed and imprecise controls. That’s how it physically, factually is in the game. It may have escaped your notice, dude, but complaints and praises are not always right.

                    You’re confusing “exploration” with “different paths through the levels.” Just for being a fully 3D game that doesn’t breeze by in an afternoon, SA2 has more exploration. Generations gives you a lot of paths through the levels, but so does Sonic 06. That doesn’t make or break the gameplay.

                    Whoa… If it took you that long to find the emerald shards, then that’s your fault, not the game’s. Jesus… Even with the inability to detect more than one emerald shard at a time, the treasure hunting wasn’t THAT hard.

                    1. So, basically you are saying I should be forced to play as each character? Why is that? Not a lot of other games don’t force you into different play styles or to play as other characters. I doubt you’ve played the full game “Sonic 3 and Knuckles” that much…. or in fact AT ALL….

                      Sooooo…. let me get this straight…. THIS, is your definition of a hallway:



                      Didn’t think so…
                      So, you still going on about SA2 having such “great” controls. Whatever, don’t care…. you can’t prove it anyway.

                      “SA2′s camera points in the direction you need to go.”
                      Uhhh…. no? Hardly. Especially in the new so-called “HD port”. In fact, it gets even worse.
                      “laughably-pretentious…” Argh, why am I even talking to you anymore?? You probably just watch people play these games, opposed to actually playing them. It seems you just can’t find your way, so you just keep repeating yourself over and over, hoping for me to repeat myself. It’s getting annoying.

                      And for the record, it doesn’t take me that long. But on a players first playthrough, it will most likely take them that long, or even longer on levels like Pumpkin Hill, Aquatic Mine, Meteor Herd and….. Mad Space….. ugghhhhh….

                      1. Forgot to sign my screenname on that last post.

                        But anyway…why should you have to play as other characters? Uhhh… because if they’re there, you should be forced to play as them. Otherwise, there’s no point to them being there. And having only one playable character (or even just only one playable style) is boring. So the natural solution is to include other playable characters that are required to be played as. Duh.

                        Oh, don’t act like Sonic & Knuckles is such a great game that anyone who doesn’t worhsip it to the same extent that you do hasn’t played it. It’s a fantastic game, but it’s out of date, and that’s how it is. Whether you like it or not.

                        The screenshot of Sky Sanctuary is just a vista shot. In other words, it certainly looks impressive from a distance, but when it comes down to actually playing it, it, you go through it in a straightforward, linear fashion.

                        And you proved it by posting the screenshot of Seaside Hill. Because there’s a very nice-looking background there and all, but not only is Sonic right in the middle of his linear gameplay, but he’s doing so in a side-scrolling section – which is even worse than the 3D sections.

                        The point is, Generations is one of the most linear, claustrophobic products made for this generation of gaming. That doesn’t mean it couldn’t have been fun if it had been slower, but it’s hard to take enjoyment out of a game that does most of the playing for the player. You can disagree with that as much as you like – but that’s still the way it is.

                        Technically, I could upload videos of myself playing SA2 to the internet, but there’s already a hundred thousand of them that already demonstrate the exact same thing. There’s nothing to “prove”, dude. That’s not how video games work. If you didn’t like the controls and camera, then you didn’t like the controls and camera. That’s your issue.

                        The HD port is the exact same game as the Dreamcast and GameCube versions before it – the only difference is the graphics. The camera has not been changed and neither have the controls, which means that the way the game functions in HD is no different at all from the way it functioned before.

                        First of all, you contradicted yourself by saying that I haven’t played it, and then telling me that I probably don’t like it just because I “couldn’t find my way.” The old you-hate-it-because-you-suck-at-it argument doesn’t work. I hate it because it isn’t a game that appeals to me. It’s that simple.

                        Secondly, I wouldn’t have to have played Generations to know it’s way too fast and way too narrow – so narrow that it’s not possible to lose your way in one of the levels. I could have figured that out just by watching a trailer of it. But, I have played it, so… ;)

                        Dude, the only person keeping this conversation going is you. If you don’t like it, stop replying. It’s actually very simple.

                        It doesn’t take you that long? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Then find a real reason to complain about the game.

                    2. Dude, you are way to determined to keep this going on forever, the moment when you shut up, I shut up and we all go home happy. Cept, you probably have another 25 paragraphs prepared for me already by now telling how much you hate me, right? Gotta love how opinions seem to have warped your mind…. You are so obsessed with finding a way to say “you are wrong and I am right” without letting go of your little Opinion Philosopy. It’s cool though, I’m sure professional ranting could guarantee you a successful future… Look at you, showing your emotions on the internet, and having a temper tantrum like a kid, how embarrassing…
                      I doubt you are over the age of 13, it shows in the way you use you “word assults”. And I will say this again 1. Where in the HELL, did you hear ANYTHING about Iizuka ever saying he’s bringing back the Adventure gameplay..? I’m just curious, link me or something….. 2. How does “New Standard Sonic” equal dated gameplay abandoned a long time ago?
                      And it’s obvious that all that stuff happened in the games, but look at the constant switches in tone and stupid story tropes. Iizuka-san himself even said they were having trouble finding a proper route for the series to take. So don’t try to lie.
                      I meant story wise slappy…. what else can they do??? They pretty much ended everything that happened to do with the Adventure arc back in 2006. There is no way to make a sequel to a game can’t and doesn’t need a sequel….

                    3. Dude, you are way to determined to keep this going on forever, the moment when you shut up, I shut up and we all go home happy. Cept, you probably have another 25 paragraphs all prepared for me already by now, telling how much you hate me, right? Gotta love how opinions seem to have warped your mind…. You are so obsessed with finding a way to say “you are wrong and I am right” without letting go of your little Opinion Philosophy. It’s cool though, I’m sure a career in professional ranting could guarantee you a successful future… Look at you, showing your emotions on the internet, and having a temper tantrum like a kid, how embarrassing…
                      I doubt you are over the age of 13, it shows in the way you use your “word assults”. And I will say this again 1. Where in the HELL, did you hear ANYTHING about Iizuka ever saying he’s bringing back the Adventure gameplay..? I’m just curious, link me or something….. 2. How does “New Standard Sonic” equal dated gameplay abandoned a long time ago?
                      And it’s obvious that all that stuff happened in the games, but look at the constant switches in tone and stupid story tropes. Iizuka-san himself even said they were having trouble finding a proper route for the series to take. So don’t try to lie:

                      Retro: “Sonic Colours and Sonic Generations have received the best reaction of any Sonic games since Sonic Adventure 2, both from critics and fans. What changes do you think explain the positive reactions that have been achieved?”

                      Iizuka: “Before Sonic 4 and and Sonic Colours where I was the producer, it seemed that the whole direction wasn’t really in tune. There wasn’t really an idea of how to portray Sonic. When I became producer, I was able to portray Sonic in the way that he really should be portrayed. This may have had an impact on the way the new games have been received.”

                      I meant story wise slappy…. what else can they do??? They pretty much ended everything that happened to do with the Adventure arc back in 2006. There is no way to make a sequel to a game can’t and doesn’t need a sequel….

          2. Last thing we need right now….
            Sorry, SA3 ain’t happening. If it did, then it would most likely suck. What we need is a 3D game like Sonic 3 and Knuckles.

            1. The Genesis is gone. And the Genesis is never coming back. My first video games were Sonic’s Genesis titles. They are fantastic. But newer is better, newer is what sells, and newer is what’s here to stay. Those days are over.

              Apparently, you missed Takashi Iizuka’s announcement that Sonic would be a brand new affair the next time a major console release comes around. When this announcement was made, the majority of the fanbase yelled for an SA3. It’s all but confirmed officially. If you don’t like, then don’t play, and don’t complain. No one’s making you play the game but you. There will likely be many that love it.

              1. Okay…? What does that mean? What I meant by that was creating a game that could actually rival Sonic 3 and Knuckles and the other Genesis title’s genius. And it certainly isint gone, I have one right here in my room… XD

                Newer isn’t always better. Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 for example…..
                And apparently, you didn’t read that article correctly. By a “New Standard Sonic” Iizuka meant he wanted to create a perfect style of gameplay that would fit Sonic and would please all those who play the games. That “majority of the fanbase” you are talking about, were a few random people that were at the Sonic Boom convention. Not really a majority if you ask me… And by “New Standard Sonic” you think he was talking about creating a sequel to a game over 11 years ago…? *Sigh* I wonder if you folk actually read this stuff before you post it…. SA3 is a dream that needs to be forgoten, it ain’t gonna happen and it’s obvious….

                1. They’re never going to make a 3D Sonic game like Sonic & Knuckles. And yes, I have a Genesis, too. But why would I play it? I’ve got any number of more modern Sonic games to play, and if I really start to feel like I want to play and old Sonic game, I can download it on my PS3 or Xbox 360.

                  Like with everything else, it depends on how you look at it. I enjoyed Shadow, but I wouldn’t want it to become a regular thing. Sonic 06 was meh. The only big complaint I have about it was its loading problems. And of course the INSANE amount of lost potential. If they lived up to that potential and adjusted the formula a bit, it would fix what needs fixed with the Adventure formula. And if anyone complains after that, then they’re unreasonable and it’s time to just ignore them and get one with Sonic’s future.

                  Oh, don’t give me that. A new Sonic means a new Sonic. And of course they’ll try to please as many fans as possible, that’s what every game company tries to do. But to do that, they’d have to please their adventure fans, as well. So you’re just going to have to accept that what happens with Sonic WILL include things you don’t like.

                  No, there were way more than a few people that started yelling for Sonic Adventure 3. Way more. And people have been yelling for it for years and years.

                  You’d have to be pretty delusional to think that SEGA are going to make every game like Colors and Generations… especially when they outright said that they aren’t. It’s true that there’s probably not going to be another gun game anytime soon, but that’s okay. However something else Iizuka said is he wants to work with the Adventure style again, as well. There WILL be other games like Sonic Adventure… even if those games aren’t titled Sonic Adventure 3.

                  1. I’m sorry to come back so late, but I thought this needed a bit of adressing, why wouldn’t they make a 3D Sonic game that functions similar to Sonic 3? One of their more highly recieved games… I don’t see why they wouldn’t. They did the same for Sonic Adventure with 06…. but I’m sure that itself spells out why SA3 ain’t happening…. But that’s the direction, more or less, that they are kinda going with most of the new games, which a lot of people were happy for. And that is one of the reasons that I don’t want a Sonic Adventure 3. Why kill what’s going good now?

                    You enjoyed Shadow…? Uh, ok I guess, but that doesn’t pertain to me… but 06 was “meh”!?!? No way… it is far worse than “meh” my friend. How badly the game ruins Sonic’s reputation and almost destroyed the franichise is NOT just because of loading times. I could go into every little detail of why 06 is the worst Sonic game on the planet, but enstead I just tell you, go on YouTube and look at ClementJ642’s Sonic 06 review.

                    I know this! And they will find a way to please the Adventure fans, but that doesn’t mean make a sequel to a game whose ark in the series ended 6 years ago. They tried that with Sonic 4 and look how that turned out… I just want a Sonic game that feels like a proper Sonic game, and not one that tries to feel like some hybrid rpg with a stupid storyline. Call me crazy, but that shit was cool back in 2001, and is getting laughed at now. 06 made sure of that.

                    I know, and it’s sad. If not half, a little more of the Sonic fans don’t want Sonic Adventure 3. Most of you think it will “Save” Sonic… when truth be told, he really doesn’t need any saving at all. I just want the series to be on par to what it was back then with the Genesis era by introducing new creative ideas for people to enjoy, but still have that charm and fun nature that we had from Sonic CD and S3 & K. Mario’s been successful because he followed a core style throughout that just kept advancing and improving. Sonic’s been going all over the place, because from 2001 to 2006 he was trying to still find what he was even going to really be.

                    Me??? Delusional??? HA! You guys have been complaining to Sonic Team to regress backward to an experimental state they abandoned a long time ago FOR YEARS, and have been expecting them to do that, and you are calling ME delusional??? That’s just too rich dude XD
                    Let me just say something, you Adventure fans take every bit of Sonic news you hear, and twist the OP’s words to make it geer more towards your SA3 interest. You have been doing that for years, and it gets so, sooo, never endingly SOOOOO, annoying. Let me AGAIN say this dude, he said with the Sonic games he wanted to try something “NEW”. He wasn’t talking about the series tone at all. In an interview, Iizuka-San (All hail Dark Lord Iizuka!!! :P) stated: “I don’t think Sonic will ever become photo-real,” This meaning, he’s straying away from the Adventure game’s realistic approach and:I think Sonic will always remain stylised and will have that bright, colourful world. What the high hardware spec will allow us to do is make that more convincing.” and this is because: “We’re not after realism. We’re after making it more convincing. So we’re still going for that stylised, bright and colourful Sonic look. We’re not going for photo-real.”
                    So that’s the icing on the cake ixnaying your SA3 or future SA fantasies, as much as you try to switch people’s words around, it won’t lead to the result you want. He said, he wants to “Try something new” for precisely that… to try something new… he didn’t say anything about “Going back to the Adventure style of gameplay”… but to try something new… meaning new gameplay for Sonic and possibly other playable characters. If it works out like 3&K, I will be more than happy.

                    1. 1) You’ll never get another S&K game unless you go to an alternate universe in which nobody ever moved on from 16-bit gaming.

                      2) Sonic 06’s flaws had everything to do with its rushed development schedule, and nothing to do with it being a 3D Sonic game. Because that’s what the words, “Adventure formula” really mean – “3D gameplay”.

                      3) Because what YOU think is good isn’t always “good” to everyone else. SEGA don’t care what you think. Remember Sonic Unleashed? It got mixed reviews. But it sold over 5 million copies. Sonic 06, too, was listed as SEGA’s financial savior back when it first came out. And if you don’t think they’ll sacrifice good reviews for games that will appeal to their core audience and generate more sales, you’ve got another think coming.

                      4) If you know that I don’t care what the reviews say about other Sonic games such as Shadow, what would posses you to think I’d care what some 30- (possibly 40-) year-old ranter wannabe on YouTube thinks? That guy’s pathetic. He took five or more parts to throw a temper tantrum over a six-year-old video game, when all he had to say was, “I don’t like it, and this is why not.” Shoulda taken him no more than 5 minutes. Also, you misspelled “instead”.

                      5) The only way to please Adventure fans is to make 3D games. So that’s what they’ll do. The things you and the people who agree with you hate about Sonic games will never go away because there will always be fans of them. Don’t forget, the series is primarily aimed to kids, and if there’s one thing kids hate, it’s games that are aimed at them. SEGA knows this. That’s why they chose to start making darker and more mature Sonic games.

                      6) Sonic Adventure 2 was in 2001. Not 2006.

                      7) Correction: you want a Sonic game that YOU THINK is proper. But guess what? Not everyone shares the same definition of a “proper Sonic game”. SEGA knows this, too. Hence the reason they’re still going to make games for everyone else.

                      8) You must not get out much. RPGs are what’s in these days. Ever heard of Mass Effect? The Elder Scrolls? Dragon Age? All very popular games that sold a lot… and hey, they even got good reviews, so that should be enough for you. ;) Good luck trying to convince people that RPGs suck.

                      9) You don’t know how many fans do and do not want a Sonic Adventure 3. You made that up just to suit you.

                      10) See point number seven for why your bullshit about Sonic “not needing to be saved” is exactly that: bullshit.

                      11) See points number one and seven for why the series will never be considered of Genesis calibur again. If you need help piecing them together, ask your mom or dad.

                      12) I’m not even sure what kind of mental gymnastics led you to crazy conclusion that Sonic Adventure was “experimental”.

                      13) So, according to you, SEGA and Sonic Team aren’t going to make anymore Adventure games even though those games are only twelve years old… but somehow, you think they’re going to go back to the gameplay of S&K… which is almost a full 20 years old? No. They’ll go back to the Adventure games just by making another 3D Sonic game. They’ll never make another S&K just because they’ll never make another Genesis game.

                      14) He specifically said that he wants to work with the 3D gameplay again. I’ve provided you with a link showing you that he said that.

                      15) What does photo-realism have to do with it? None of the Sonic games have been photo-realistic, including Sonic 06. They’ve been realistically-animated, but they’re still stylized. That has nothing to do with Sonic Adventure 3, though.

                      16) He did only say he wants to TRY something new. That doesn’t mean he will. And there’s only so many ways they can try something new now. They’ve used 3D and side-scrolling gameplay already – they’re out of options. We know that the next game won’t be like Colors and Generations, so that means only one of two things. It’ll either have to be completely 3D (also known as the Adventure gameplay) or completely side-scrolling. There IS nothing else new. If they release something and call it “new”, all that really means is that it will be one of the same old things, just with different packaging.

                      One final thing: do you know how bad you make yourself look when you throw fits like this? Pretty bad. I’m afraid you’ll have to find another way to waste time on the internet now, though. Because, while I’ve been thoroughly amused by this second, I’m now ready to be done toying with you. ;) Have a nice life, pal. And good luck… You’ll need it.

                      1. 1. Wow…. just wow…. I’m not sure how you did this, but you managed to become even more of an incompetent reader then when we first started this debate. When did I ONCE say anything about returning to sprite based gameplay? Plus, as I said, Sonic Colors was pretty close to this.

                        2. I literally think that You are incapable of reading basic sentences…. do you speak English? When did I say the reason Sonic 06 sucks is because it’s a 3D game??? You are making me out to be someone who hates Sonic being in 3D, which I am not…
                        “Because that’s what the words, “Adventure formula” really mean – “3D gameplay” ….This is normally where anyone would have decided the person they were talking to was too stupid to fuction normally, but you know what? I’m gonna help you. Is Sonic Heroes an Adventure game? Is Shadow the Hedgehog an Adventure game? Is Sonic Riders an Adventure game??? What does it being 3D have to do with it being an Adventure game? I seriously hope you are trolling me.

                        3. I am one of their customers, so of course they care what I think, just like how they care about what everyone thinks. You may not like what I think, but that thought doesn’t stop mine from being a here. You know what the keyword is here? “Think” And you know why? Because you don’t fucking do it. So by your “logic” hyping the fuck out a barely finished video game for a 15th Anniversary because our company wanted it out for Christmas is the perfect means to making a profit? If that was the case, many companies would be making shitty games.

                        4. You: “I don’t like this guys opinion, so I’m gonna talk shit about him behind his back!!!” So, your an idiot AND a coward, that is perfect!!! Glorius!!! Nevermind all the obvious flaws this guy points out from this game, I don’t agree with him, so he sucks!!! That’s you. What are you, 5? You realise that most of those overreactions were staged right? If not, then no way should you be allowed to handle a computer, let alone go on the internet. His fans requested him to do a review on the game, and he himself is not a ranter. He doesn’t do reviews like that, but if there is ever a game that is this bad, I’m sure one is allowed to overreact. It’s like expecting someone not to rage quit over Superman 64 or Big Rigs. Considering how dim you are, I doubt you are allowed to correct someone’s spelling mistakes.

                        5. Uhhh…. they have been making 3D games for a while now, and I don’t know how that has been a main factor to making them happy. Tbh, the only reason an Adventure Fan would be happy now, is if they rerererererelease SA1 or SA2 in HD on every console that comes next or if they make a Sonic Adventure 3. Neither which I particularly would care for, but it’s you SA fans who are the important one’s… right? The reason they made “darker and more mature” Sonic games, is because of SA2 was well recieved. If it never came to be, we would be having games more like SA1 and the Classic’s now.

                        6. I know…. I just said that. Stupidity, Corwardice, oh! Now I guess we can add redundancy to your profile.

                        7. Wow, your first legitimate point in this entire article…. Way to go. Later on we are throwing you a party, havin’ a cook out, be there….

                        8. I never said anything about not liking RPG’s, there we go with this reading thing again! :)
                        Oh, we gotta add illiteracy to that profile of yours. When I said rpg hybrid, I meant it as in, I don’t want this in a SONIC game. I guess I wasn’t being specific enough before.

                        9. Bullshit…. In almost every SA3 thread out there or any of the stuff pertaining to a sequel to SA2, you can find an equal amount of people who hate the idea.

                        10. …..What exactly are you pertaining to…? Are you saying because not everyone thinks Sonic doesn’t need to be saved, that makes the people who think he doesn’t need to be…. wrong…? Wow, you took your one and only legitimate point, and screwed it over by your own faulty logic. You know what? Fuck you, your party is cancelled.

                        11. Awww, look at you trina be all sarcastic and smug, so adorable :D
                        Sorry pal that’s my territory. So, you are saying Sonic Team looking back for a few great things they did to add them to their new ones is never gonna happen? Colors? Generations, anyone?

                        12. Because genius, remember what I said before? About the team struggling to find Sonic a proper identidy? And gameplay? That’s why. Any fool could see that. Well, besides you Adventure fanboys anyway, but you’re a “special” case.

                        13. I feel like your redundancy is causing ME to sound redundant. Why do you do this to me? I was talking about the STYLE dumb ass. A classic styled game in 3D with the newer gameplay they are creating for next year. Since saying “proper” for this makes me into a bad person for some reason, that’s the best way I will be able to describe it. Almost like saying Mario World isn’t a proper Mario game, but Sunshine and Bowser’s Inside Story is for you. You are constantly twisting my words to try to make yourself sound smart, but it isn’t working dude! You can’t put you and the word “smart” in the same sentence.

                        14. NOW I’ve figured you out!!! By your definition of 3D game, you think he means Sonic Adventure 3!!! I cannot tell you how hilarious that is XD
                        New 3D Sonic game, means Sonic Adventure 3. I’ve seen people like you who think once a new game is announced just the slightest thing that sounds “Adventure esque” to you guys means an all new continuation to the AMAZING Adventure Series!!! So hilarious :)
                        I guess what? You got me in a good mood dude, so I guess I won’t destroy this “point” of yours too hard.

                        15. Strange… most of you Adventure fanboys seem to deem the Adventure games and 06 as realistic games. I guess that’s atleast something you know. Buuuut, then you went and killed it. What exactly is your definition of “stylized”? Because I’m not sure you and Mr. Iizuka are on the same page here.

                        16. …Oh sweet Jesus, I can’t breathe!!! Brilliant!!! XD
                        Good God, this made my day. Bro, it’s no secret you seriously, and I mean SERIOUSLY, ride the SA3 hype train, but this!?!? ….Just brillaint, this is. Your “theory” of what the Adventure gameplay is needs a bit of readjusting, so let me fill you in. To understand what Sonic Adventure game is, we need to break down what exactly makes up the Sonic Adventure “brand”.
                        1.A moderately intricate plot involving multiple interconnected storylines orbiting around a single world-threatening event.
                        2.Multiple playable characters, or often multiple “teams” of characters. Anywhere from 2-3 characters all the way up to 12+.
                        3.A town or towns populated by human character NPCs who offer the player dialogue and atmosphere.
                        4.Very basic, simplistic RPG elements including a rudimentary quest system.
                        5.Equipment upgrades hidden around the world that gradually expand the player’s abilities as the game progresses.
                        Since Sonic Adventure 2, we’ve had two games that fill this description: more recently, 2008’s Sonic Unleashed, which despite my own personal love, was critically despised for most of the features listed above. The other game? Well…..


                        You know? I’m not gonna read your one more thing. The thing is, 1. you are pretty much the dumbest Sonic “Fan” I have ever seen. I mean, your I.Q. is just, like….. does something this even pretain to you? 2. It’s probably poorly written, like the rest of your “points”. Lol, I can’t even type with out laughing a little, because truth be told, you actually think “Won” this little debate of ours. Actually, this list you created is definitely blog material for “Stupid Sonic Fans (Adventure Fans and TRUE Sonic Fans) Alike”. I swear, you could put anything you say in one of the stupidest cartoons out there, and it would fit perfectly. I was perfectly civil with you in my last post. I said my 2 cents, and even agreed with you on some points. But to make yourself look like a big shot, and to continue your life long “Adventure Crusade”. It’s kinda sad, but I was actually thinking of saying maybe afterwards, we can agree to disagree, and move on with our lives, but you just can’t have that in a world like this I suppose. But I gave you a little incite of what makes you one of the saddest, most obnoxious, most pathetic excuse of a Sonic fan, or whatever you are:
                        A. Your overbearing stupidity
                        B. Your cowardly nature for talking about others behind their back
                        C. Your lack of the capacity to take 10 seconds atleast to read what people you are speaking to are saying, or even what you say so you don’t sound like an idiot.
                        Annnnnnnd D. Your “hope” for another Adventure game.
                        The sad thing is you will never know how pathetic it is, precisely for that of a 3rd of A. and pretty much all of C. But hey, I’m glad I’m not you…..

                      2. By the way, the picture I was pertaining to in that link is at the bottom of the page. Thought you might need to know that since almost everything you do seems to lack in every department.

                        1. No worries, I left a comment there. It’s just that even Clement has better things to do than fight with people who don’t like the same Sonic games as he does. Sure, he obviously doesn’t have a whole lot to do since he memorized the entire SA2 script, but still.

                          I’ve also left comments for Ryan Bloom before. You know, the guy who posted that point-by-point “definition” of a Sonic Adventure game to his tumblr that you shamelessly ripped off? But, unfortunately, even though BlazeHedgehog has good self-control when he meets someone who disagrees with him, he’s still too full of himself. And just because he says something, that doesn’t make it true.

                          But, hey, you’re making progress. So far, I’ve yet to see another misspell. ;)

                          1. Hah, what…??? This is never meant to be a fight dude. I just thought hey, last time we had this arguement, there was one last reply this guy left that I never did comment on. So I decide, hey, maybe I’ll let off a little easy and not really slam him like I did before. I just let you know how I feel the Sonic games have really declined before, and what I think would set a better direction for them, but of course we know that you seeing anyone’s opinion put down on the internet other than your own drives you completely mad. And you made it out that some how my first post yesterday was ment to antagonize you, when I was simply just saying what I would like to see. It’s almost like, as mentioned before, you didn’t READ my first comment. What’s up with you and this reading thing anyway? Why don’t you do it? Do you have something against it? Whatever it is it made you look like an utter dunce throughout this entire debate. But as I’ve said time and time again. My problem with you Adventure Fans is you never even think twice to go back and see the own stupidity in your comments. But the reason you can’t, is simply because you don’t read.

                            Huh, so you know of BlazeHedgehog huh? I wouldn’t call it ripping off, but when you think about it, psh… wait you? Think? What am I talking about… Well, when you view this in a more intelligent persons view he is right about that list. What I notice you Adventure Fans tend to do, is to get all insulted whenever someone mentions 06 and SA2 being within the same category, because one can be seen as a fairly decent game (My view: Pretty mediocore/ Most of you: Best Sonic experince throughout the series…. sheesh, go figure.) and the other as an abysmal turn for the worst (Me: What I just said/You: a rushed game that’s only held back by glitches… which is WAAAY off the mark.) Oh don’t give me that bullshit, as stated before, I only came here to state what I think, and then hopefully just put this whole thing behind us. Let’s agree to disagree. But nope, that doesn’t work for you. You have to WIN, cuz your RIGHT!!! :D No… your not.

                            “But, hey, you’re making progress. So far, I’ve yet to see another misspell.”

                            Uhhh… okay? Pointless knowledge ftw…? Are you trying to make yourself look smart again dude? I sorry, but as long as you are in this Universe, as the person you are right now…. I don’t really think “smart” can be added to your profile.

                            1. Oh, cut the act. Stop trying to make it sound like you were just an innocent bystander who was attacked just for expressing yourself. This went from a discussion to a fight because you chose to behave like a petty, pretentious, and immature brat – instead of just disagreeing with me like any civilized, polite (and normal) person would do.

                              And you know that’s what happened, too. But you’re the type of person who likes to run around causing trouble on the trouble on the internet and then trying to blame everyone else for the things that YOU do.

                              This is your problem. Yours. Not mine. Not anyone else’s who disagrees with you. Yours. Deal with it.

                          2. “Oh, cut the act. Stop trying to make it sound like you were just an innocent bystander who was attacked just for expressing yourself.”

                            Hey, it’s the truth after all….

                            “This went from a discussion to a fight because you chose to behave like a petty, pretentious, and immature brat – instead of just disagreeing with me like any civilized, polite (and normal) person would do.”

                            No, this went from a discusion to a fight because you were acting like a 3 year old girl who can’t take other peoples thoughts with a grain of salt. My post before your “list” or whatever, I was talking about why I prefer games akin to CD and 3&K in 2D and 3D. I was also trying to tell you they could find a way to please the Adventure Fans, without making a Sonic Adventure 3. But you weren’t listening. Some how you took me saying what’s on my mind as some kind of global threat. And you made that list to “get back” at me for thinking differently. Stuff like that is the reason nobody likes the Adventure Fans.

                            “And you know that’s what happened, too. But you’re the type of person who likes to run around causing trouble on the trouble on the internet and then trying to blame everyone else for the things that YOU do.”

                            So, basically you are calling me a troll for having a different opinion. Spoken like a true Adventure fan. You all feel like you are being threatened because people don’t take your wishes seriously, then you attack others trying to make it out like they are these EVIL people with different opinions.

                            “This is your problem. Yours. Not mine. Not anyone else’s who disagrees with you. Yours. Deal with it.”

                            No, it’s yours… It’s was spelt out when you responded to my first comment to you yesterday. You need to work on finding a way to except others for having different thoughts, enstead of acting like a tool.

                            1. Oh, and something you were wrong about a while back. No, Sonic 3 and Sonic and Knuckles are not the same game. That’s like saying SA1 and SA2 are the same game….
                              Sonic and Knuckles is an attachment to Sonic 3 to make the game complete. It was meant to be a part 2 to Sonic 3. That’s why the full game is called “Sonic 3 and Knuckles” and not just “Sonic and Knuckles” as you keep calling it.

              1. I know this is like… out of place. but Sonic 3 and Sonic and Knuckles were meant to be the same game. Just split in two. Put both cartigages together and you get Sonic 3 and Knuckles, which is how Sonic 3 and Sonic and Knuckles was meant to be. But I’m sure you knew this already. All in all…. Sonic 3 and Sonic and Knuckles ARE technically the SAME game.

              1. 3D does not = Adventure. As stated before, those reasons are what makes up a Sonic Adventure game. Just because a game is in full 3D doesn’t mean it is a Sonic Adventure. It just means it’s a Sonic game…. in 3D… and precisely that. That’s why I was so confused with what you said about Iizuka making another Adventure Game. But even with you sorta mixing his words up:
                1. Iizuka hasn’t really made any clear note about what his plans are. He just said he wants to try something new.
                2. That doesn’t mean we are going back to the Adventure Style or Atmosphere. Where he has taken the series now, is akin to the Classics with the surreal colorful environments and creative settings. Say what you will about Colors script or dialogue. But the game was still found to be a fun, feel-good game by many. The sales emphasize this as well.

                1. A Sonic Adventure game is any game that they choose to call a Sonic Adventure game. That’s how it is. There are millions and millions of games that do more advanced versions of what the Adventure games do that aren’t even in the same series. A Sonic Adventure game is a game that is called “Sonic Adventure”. This is basic, obvious shit that the many Sonic fanbases shouldn’t even be arguing about. Sonic-related arguments are usually pretty stupid, but that its “fans” have now sunk so low that there are actually people out there debating rather or not a game called Sonic The Hedgehog is actually a Sonic Adventure game or not when it’s very simply not a Sonic Adventure game for not being titled a Sonic Adventure game by the company that created it is pathetic. There are three Sonic Adventure games in Japan, and two Sonic Adventure games everywhere else, and that is the way it is. Period.

                  And another thing that is the way it is, by the word of SEGA themselves, is that old school Sonic fans will not always be catered too. Before Colors even came out, there was an interview conducted (that I’ve mentioned and linked to before) about how it’s not possible to please all Sonic fans with one game, and so SEGA will cater to both it’s major crowds: those who are old school and those who are new school. You cannot fully escape, and nor will you ever, that there will always be some Sonic games that will continue to have:
                  *dark plots,
                  *Earth-based settings,
                  *dramatic voice acting,
                  *one-shot friend characters,
                  *fully 3D gameplay,
                  *side missions,
                  *multiple playable characters,
                  *RPG elements,
                  *rock/orchestra music,
                  *and realistically-stylized animation.

                  There may not be any guns, swords, werehogs, kissing scenes, or photo-realism (although SEGA are likely to do whatever the kids want; Shadow the Hedgehog was created by popular demand from kids, after all), but there will definitely be new school Sonic games.

                  You can’t escape it because there will always be fans of those games who will spend money on them but won’t spend money on games like Colors because it doesn’t have what they want. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: the world is a lot bigger than the 30-40 people on this whole planet that write the reviews for Sonic games. The employees at SEGA probably like having nice reviews (who doesn’t?) but not as much as they like making money. And you can’t deny, even the lowest-reviewed Sonic games sold well.

                  Speaking of sales, Colors’ sales weren’t all that and a bag of chips. Like other Sonic games, it sold reasonably well, but it’s not a huge, big time blockbuster, or anything like that. The only thing Colors has that the other newer Sonics don’t have is that it was (mostly) liked by those whopping 30-40 people on Metacritc. But the rest of the gamers in the world who play Sonic are just as undecided and divided about it as they are everything else. So it’s no big deal.

                  Besides, not everyone who bought their game liked it. I know I and everyone I know (off the internet) ended up throwing it away. Most of them didn’t even finish it. That game was just a nightmare…

                  1. Exactly!!! That’s why I can’t figure out why so many people are hell bent on a sequel.

                    That depends souly on what the team’s receptions are. Once they see people want these things, they will make them. But the thing is, so many people have different idea’s with what way Sonic should be potrayed. I personally feel the direction the series is going now, with it’s overall tone and style is very fitting. But there are those who will enjoy the features you listed right there. I will admit I can enjoy these things at times (ala Sonic Unleashed.) But I still believe the more surreal setting is the way to go.

                    There is nothing really to escape now….. Well, besides the City, there is nothing to escape.
                    SEGA and Sonic Team have been doing very well lately, and might return to their former glory if the work hard enough. But you forget, games that are recieved well, DO earn money. Games like Sonic 06 earned a lot of money, but this was because of how well they hyped the shit outta it. But this…. this wasn’t fair. It was more of a one sided deal. SEGA made the money, but the consumers suffered. Well, the one’s who hated or disliked the game. I can’t speak for the ones who did enjoy it….

                    That’s rather strange….
                    Throwing away games seems like a waste of money if you didn’t enjoy it, but okay. As far as these games go, yes, the fans are divided. But that still doesn’t mean that the team isn’t doing their job. These guys actually care about the fans unlike those idiots at Capcom.

                    1. Because it would signal the return of the Sonic games they want. Sure, most people who like the Sonic Adventure games currently probably like at least Heroes, Secret Rings, Unleashed, and Black Knight, and most of those people probably even like Shadow and enough of 06. But the thing is they all know where the Sonic style they want came from. Me, personally, I don’t care if the title of the game is called Sonic Adventure 3 – although I don’t deny that I would have absolutely no problem if it was. Just as long as it doesn’t have the same problems Colors and Generations. And by that, I mean no more cringe-worthy overtones, no more simplistic gameplay aimed at 6-year-olds, no more crap music and graphics, and ESPECIALLY no more Roger Craig Smith as Sonic.

                      Yes, but more people want them than a person would believe just based on reading a Metascore. Like I said before, a Metascore’s only about 30-40 people in the entire world, and not even all of those very few people hated the 3D Sonics. And then, you’ve always got those articles that people write about what they don’t like about it and what they want to see change about it. The trouble is A) these articles almost never agree on anything and B) most of them make the most unreasonable demands of all.

                      Don’t like guns and swords in Sonic games? Don’t like having six playable characters per game? Don’t like the anime voice acting or the stories to involve furry romances? That’s all fine – but only person is calm and collected about it. But it’s not fine to want the games to never do anything besides run really fast down straight paths occassionally jumping and dodging to the side, with a bizarre and abrupt side-scrolling mode forced into it. It’s not fine to want Sonic to be the only playable character in every game (and it’s starting to get really old, too). It’s not fine to want no voice acting at all or to want there to be no humans in the plot at all (which would leave SEGA to come up with some kind of pseudo-fantasy world of their own that would just unavoidably be more God-awful than the likes of anything found on Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, or the Disney Channel.

                      In addition, you have to figure in that most of those articles are written by the same few critics that gave the games lower reviews… so that’s even fewer people that SEGA know for sure don’t like the 3D games. And the remainder of the articles are written by 16-17-year-olds that claim to be “retro gamers” but weren’t even alive or old enough to play and appreciate a video game during the “retro” years. And then, once one figures in the unprofessional and usually childish ways these people act, which SEGA usually do, that much they did say, what you’ve really got is just a vocal minority throwing really loud fits online over games that they try to make it sound like they hate worse than “ANYTHIN’ ELSE EVAH” but that they will never, no matter what the games ever do that they don’t like, stop spending money on.

                      And what makes it really sad? Most of the people complaining about new school Sonic are all in their late 20s to early 30s. Here we have grown men arguing with teens and pre-teens on the internet about the direction the kids want the Sonic series to go… and it’s a series made for kids. To make it even more ridiculous, it’s the kids who want the Sonic series to maintain edgier tones and added gameplay gimmicks, while the adults literally just want to sit down and play through a two-hour-long suckfest for one afternoon and reminisce about their own childhoods that are supposed to be over now.

                      Sonic Unleashed was the first seventh-gen Sonic I played. I adored it, but I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t ’cause of the Werehog. I didn’t like, even back then, what they’d started to do to Sonic. I was constantly rolling my eyes and/or resisting the temptation to throw my controller. I kept muting the sound because of the music and finding excuses to replay Werehog levels or hide out in the HUB worlds completing side-tasks. I bought all the DLC for the game and have yet to complete more than two daytime stages of it, because I just can’t get over it. I went back and played Sonic 06 a year later, and liked it… annoyed though I was by its loading. I had played Shadow quite a lot before then, too, but the games I kept going back to consistently were the Adventures and the Storybooks.

                      By the way, how do you find the setting of Generations to be at all surreal in any way, shape, or form? Even worse is Colors… A giant county fair in outer space with a gun mounted on the side of it called a “color ray” is just… ugh. And the music… That music is the stuff that can take a perfectly bright and sunny day and turn it into drudgery and misery… At least the final boss music makes good with such a weak theme song, but still…

                      Rather of not there’s anything to escape depends on how a person thinks of the games. I’ve not met anybody at all who likes Colors or Generations in person. Now, that doesn’t mean that I’m saying that everyone in the world hates it just because I don’t know anybody who likes it, but still… You’re actually the first person I’ve seen in two years online (besides BlazeHedgehog) even that cares to even spend any time or effort defending them. I will say that I’ve seen complaints about Heroes, Shadow, 06, etc., but they’ve been much, much less as the time goes by, and I’m meeting a ton of people who prefer new school stuff with Sonic.

                      “…games that are received well DO earn a lot of money.” Not quite. Reviews don’t guarantee good sales. And neither reviews nor sales guarantee that people will like it. I bought Colors because its intro video made it look like it might actually have a fairly decent experience for me packed in there somewhere and ended up throwing it away. I rented Generations because I’d learned better than to trust the trailers (which, ironically, gave me a far more foreboding feeling than Colors did) and returned it that same afternoon after finishing it at the bare minimum. A couple of other people with me that day even had time to finish it.

                      It always gets to me when people who don’t like Sonic 06 make it sound like the greatest travesty in the history of gaming. So what, it was a hyped game that didn’t live up to it (all the way)? Oh, well, it’s not that big a deal. It’s not like gaming’s about getting what we want, however we want it, whenever, and exactly as we want it.

                      And really, honestly, truly, seriously it just isn’t that f*cking bad. Flawed, to be sure. Unfinished, definitely. But the worst game ever? It’s not even a serious contender for the tile of “worst game ever made.” It malfunctions during gameplay about once in a blue moon with constant, daily play and there’s only one consistent glitch I clan think of off the top of my head. Even the loading is something that can be overlooked by after just an hour or so of playing it.

                      I don’t worship the ground it walks on, and when it first came out, I wasn’t all that excited by it. But when I read GameSpot’s review, I remember rolling my eyes. They’d said some of the same things about Shadow, and it wasn’t giving me a bit of trouble. A friend of mine played the XBLA demo and got me to try it, and I liked it as a demo. For some reason, I didn’t play it until the next Christmas season, even though my brother bought it before he even had an Xbox. But, having played it more often now, I can say with credibility that I like most of what it was doing and that I’d like to see them flesh those ideas out. Some of it would even mesh with a few things they’ve got going currently now, actually…

                      I could stand more awkward side-scrolling with those responsive controls. I could bear a slightly-more saturated art style if the characters were taller and thinner like that. I could endure no HUB worlds if the tone were more mixed and didn’t constantly and consistently treat its audience like they were mental retards. I could put up with playing only as Sonic, provided that he had some cool upgrades like that. Heck, I could even take doing the same thing for most of the game provided the characters moved slower and felt as flexible, yet powerful at the same time…

                      Why is that so strange? It’s not like I could’ve gotten my money back. They don’t refund people just for not liking their shit. And I wasn’t having any fun with it, so why keep it? Besides, I could’ve done something stupid like run it over with my car, or something. Some people really DO do that kind of thing.

                      Yes, SEGA listened to at the very least a portion of their fans when they made that game. And yes, SEGA have always tried to listen to as many of their different fans all asking (and unfortunately, none-too-maturely, as a general rule) for something different. I don’t know jack about Capcom, as I have never played any of their games or researched into them, but true about SEGA.

                      Now, before you get all bent out of shape and start ranting back to me in all-caps, I do not (officially, because obviously, I do believe them) claim any of the things I have to be anything more than my own opinions, experiences, perspectives, and preferences. I have remained calm throughout the entire post, and I’d like you to do the same.

                  2. I can understand you not liking the game, but a nightmare? The only nightmares I really remember Sonic related was one of the sorriest games I’ve ever played through, and that was Sonic 06. I can’t really find much nightmarish about Colors, except maybe the Purple Wisp, which reminded me of this nightmare I had when I was 5… don’t ask…. But I can assure you, as much as you dislike Colors, no way can a game like Colors be worse than that unfinished piece of garbage Sonic 06.

                    1. I use the word “nightmare” because that’s exactly what it felt like. Like all my worst fears about Sonic had just happened. Sonic is my favorite franchise, without a doubt – even though I don’t like Colors or Generations. To see what they had done to it immediately made me wince. And by the end of the game, my muscles were clenched so tightly together, as if to protect myself from it any further, I had to consciously relax myself. And my joints were sore.

                      Like with everything else, it depends on the person playing. I’d much rather have unfinished games that I can stand and even enjoy and/or like over finished games that make me want to drive a railroad spike through a cow’s head just by hearing or reading the insulting title of it. So, while I am able to respect (if not understand) a person who likes Colors – as long as they treat me like an equal, don’t talk down to me, mock me, and be reasonable and calm about their preferences – I simply cannot agree.

                      Again, I at least tried to be calm. At least try to do the same.

                      1. I’d say….. that’s pretty sad. I mean, REAAAALLY sad…. But that’s just my thoughts. I guess fun and whimsical isn’t for all people but hey, if that’s your version of a nightmare, play the SA’s an sweet dreams to you, bucko. After the game, I definitely saw room for improvement, but a bright future for those at SEGA and Sonic Team.

                        Well I can 100% disagree with that note. I can find no joy from an unfinished game…. It’s unfinished…. It’s like, eating a steak and finding out that it was barely and rushed. I don’t get joy from that…. not at all. Game’s like Superman 64, Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing and 06, games like these I cannot find anything even remotely redeeming about them. You could probably say, “Oh well, could have been a whole lot worse!!!” But… actually, I don’t think it could. I don’t really care if you don’t respect Colors, but that fact that you could actually even say with a straight face you can ENJOY Sonic 06 just seems positively mental to me. I told you, I wasn’t here to fight when I came back on Nov. 21st. Just felt like saying what was on my mind of what I think the series should be.

                        1. I’d say it’s sad that you’d use the word “fun” in even the same sentance as “colors”, even if you aren’t talking about Colors the game – or that you’d use the word “whimsical” at all.

                          I have my fair share of “fun and whimsical” games. I like or even outright love every Mario game I’ve ever played, for just one example. But, if you’re looking for “fun and whimsical” from a pre-teens’ Japanese emo furry anime series… well, that’s on you. This isn’t a toddlers’ game. It’s not meant for Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network fans. It’s not for 6-year-olds, SEGA said so themselves when they admitted that Colors was targeted younger than the core demographic.

                          If you’re serious about that, you need to stop being so picky and bizzare. “Unfinished” and “unenjoyable” are not the same thing, not by a long shot. Sonic 3 was unfinished, and so was Sonic & Knuckles. They were still good games, with or without each other. That you can’t even find (or rather, admit to finding) even one thing enjoyable about Sonic 06 just because of it being incomplete is also on you.

                          I’ve never played 64 or Big Rigs, but I do know that Sonic 06 has far fewer flaws then they do just by watching them. There are worse games, in fact, than even Big Rigs and 64. They aren’t even in the same league as 06.

                          I could say that, and I would be right. Playing 06 has nothing to do with eating steak, although that’s at least a semi-decent analogy from the standpoint that some people like their steaks rare. I don’t, but still.

                          I can respect Colors for this much: there ARE people who like it, so therefore it is doing its job as a game. But rather you like it or not, rather you agree or not, the same is true of 06. Besides, you are not obligated to like 06 or even the people who like it. But you ARE obligated to respect the people who like it as fellow human beings that are of equal worth and value to this Earth as you are. You’re not a better person for liking Colors/Generations, and I’m not an inferior person for liking Shadow/06.

                          And because of that, you should make the conscious choice to treat them and talk to them better than you have here, and to not be so rude and snobby. And if you can’t/won’t do that, it is also your problem, and not the problem of the people who like Sonic 06.

                          Now, obviously, the same is true of the 06 fans – they are also obligated to treat those who disagree as equals. But as a general rule, it’s old school Sonic fans (which includes Colors/Generations fans, as those games were ultimately made to throw a bone to the old school fans) that run around the internet with their noses in the air and a stuck-up, arrogant, I’m-better-than-everyone-who-disagrees with me attitude. Not the new school fans. And if you find it “mental” that I encourage respect and fair-treatment, that’s scary.

                          Well, that’s good. Typically, I’m not looking for a fight, either. But the minute a classic fan sees someone who doesn’t worship the classic games (again, the word “classic” applies to Colors and Generations in Sonic’s case, because they are made according to the classic games’ old standards), they see it as a justification to treat that person like dog shit on the bottom of their shoe. And then, they act surprised if that person dares to fight back instead of lying down like a doormat and just saying, “Oh, okay. Step on me again.”

                          In short, I can say exactly what I feel makes for a better Sonic game, the same as you can. And I have just as much right as you do to expect people to be polite and civilized about it. There’s just no way you can twist THAT around.

          3. sonicwarrior shut the fuck up for the love of God. no one likes u pussy and the effect keep up the good work defending sa2b. and for sa3 i hope it has chaos

                  1. And I do like sonic I just don’t like him be in the only playable c now it was cool in sonic 1 but the 1st sonic game I played was sonic 2

                  2. I mean I don’t hate sonic I just don’t like him being the only playable c but I know they are fine tuning he’s game play for now so a have to be p

          4. Sonic Adventure was the first game I’d ever beaten, so it naturally holds a great nostalgic connection for me. And while I still enjoy playing it on occasion twelve years later, I admit that it has become rather dated. The formula, however, still holds as much potential as ever.
            I’d love to see a game with the level aesthetics from Heroes, the quality of story and writing from Unleashed, the tightness in controls of Adventure 1, and the actual playstyles something new and unique. I don’t mean scrapping the formula entirely, but a fusion of Adventure and Modern Sonic, Tails as has was in SA1, Knuckles playing like the Werehog only with more platforming elements, and pretty much as she was in SA1, and whatever other characters they choose to add playing as original ideas. This would provide the game with a life similar to that which captured me all those years ago, but would be the farthest thing in the world from a rehash.

          5. i’ll take that with a pinch of salt, honestly. the first two definetley were spur of the moment games, and only sonic adventure 2 got a third of “it” right (EVERYONE only wanted to play the sonic and shadow levels, with chao garden). they do have a tough time holding themselves up nowadays, whereas games like super mario 64 or crash bandicoot 3 still play fanastically.

            1. If I were you I wouldn’t take this with a grain of anything… Or even a MORSEL.
              This is just BS speculation just like the other 5000 times. Besides, these domains were registered by somewhere from FRANCE. Unless they have a “SEGA of France” I was unaware about, it’s safe to assume this is all bullshit. But that’s a good point, most people just enjoyed the Sonic levels from SA1 and SA2. This is part of the reason people used to never like “Sonic’s Shitty Friends”…. Because they played so radically different from Sonic, it felt like you were playing a completely different game. There was no core gameplay that all the characters followed, so you can enjoy the game fully, which is something they need to take into consideration for the next game.

              1. Hey Sonic Warrior!

                I wanted to reply to this comment because I wanted to talk to you about the Sonic the Hedgehog Franchise. I had been reading this forum of some sorts because I was interested in what you and The Effect were talking about. I wanted to ask you some questions about the franchise as well as share some of my own points of view. I’m not trying to impose and force the way I think a game should be but I really love Sonic and I wanted to talk to you. So I hope you’re not offended or anything, and I really hope you reply. I’m sorry for replying a while after the comment but I truly just want to simply talk to you! By the way, my favourite sonic game IS Sonic Adventure 2. HOWEVER, it doesn’t mean I hate Sonic games like Sonic classic and sonic colours and generations… I may be a fanboy by saying I like virtually every sonic game (except a few like labyrinth… secret ring…) but I still want to hear your opinion on things!

                  1. AWESOME!
                    Well, the thing is is that I am an Adventure fan. I grew up playing the Sonic adventure games because i was born in ’95. I didn’t playing games till i was at least 5 in 2000. I introduced myself in the world of video games so it wasn’t until 2 – 3 years ago that i truly went back to play many older games before my time like metroid and megaman. I grew up with the n64 and gamecube era. in fact id rather call the dreamcast era the gamecube era because i like to but sonic adventure through sonic riders all in the same boat. However before I have played virtually every sonic games including those from sonic 1 to sonic 3d blast.

                    I’m not sure how old you are but it seems that Sonic 3 and Knuckles is your favourite game. I know that you said that it was because that the game had good gameplay but id like to know what makes you really like that game. You love this classic sonic game however i don’t know if for example you would like sonic 4. sonic 4 tries to be like its ancestors however some say that it failed horribly. I liked however i prefer a lot of other sonic games over it. what do you think?

                    btw just to clarify, if is say 2d game, i mean one that is purely sprites, so the ‘2d’ elements of unleashed are sidescrollers. 3d games are games with models to me so both the classic and modern levels in generations are 3d to me since they both use models.

                    1. Sonic 4…. is a mixed bag. The two are good games, but not good Classic Sonic games (which is what they were going for). The physics are wonky, the level design is very automated, some of the music sounds like dying cats, there’s tons of rehashed segments and I don’t ever really find myself going back to it all that much. But, it does a good job in the nostalgia factor, some music tracks are good and it can be fun at times. But like I said, I don’t go back to it that much. The best examples of how to do a Sonic game in 2D are pretty much:
                      Sonic 3 and Knuckles
                      Sonic CD
                      and Sonic 2
                      When you play those, and Sonic 4 side to side, you see what I mean.
                      And yes, Sonic 3 and Knuckles is my favorite Sonic game ever :P

                      1. interesting… Alright, I understand where you’re coming from, if that’s the case what do you think about Sonic Lost world, or at least what do you think of what’s been released.

                        The game looks AMAZINGLY like Sonic X-treme, right down to the plot. One of the plots of Sonic X-treme was that people called the doom 6 wanted to rule the world or something. I mean it makes perfect sense too. There’s the ‘classic’ (kinda) gameplay as well as all the animal friends. The only people in it are the original 5 (Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Eggman).

                        I’m excited for it, but what do you think? I for one am not really looking forward to ANOTHER candy level…

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          11. Omg guys… calm down! Some of you really act like spoiled children. Play the games you like and be happy.

            There is no need to fight over this nonsense 🤦‍♂️

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