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Here’s The First 54 Minutes Of New Super Mario Bros 2 For Nintendo 3DS

Tilmen from Nintendomination has managed to get his hands on a Japanese copy of New Super Mario Bros 2 for Nintendo 3DS and has rather kindly uploaded the first 54 minutes of the game for your viewing pleasure. New Super Mario Bros 2 was released in Japan today via retail and digital download. Japanese consumers who tried to purchase the game from the Nintendo 3DS eShop encountered some problems with the servers, but Nintendo has said that this issue has been resolved.

101 thoughts on “Here’s The First 54 Minutes Of New Super Mario Bros 2 For Nintendo 3DS”

    1. I love it when you idiots think “unique” = entirely different and unrelated game that it wouldn’t even count as a Mario game.

        1. Nintendo Can Suck My Dick

          +1 these are the same queers that bought megaman 9 AND 10 and are complaning that after part 90210 they still want more megasameshitman lol

          1. How about you guys are losers for coming on a Nintendo site when you don’t even like him . You’re so tough by saying this on the internet. Mario games are always fun and stop bashing them.

          1. Yeah, and it sucks. But I’d also like to make the point that people on this blog are so quick to knock games like CoD because they’re just rehashes of the same game, when they continue to buy the same Mario game, a serious argument can’t be made if you’re doing the same thing you’re trying to argue against.

            1. this is pretty much the first mario game to be like this…
              new super mario bros wii had that awesome multiplayer, but this one doesnt seem to offer anything new
              i still will get it though, because 2d mario games are always fun

            2. But everyone is trying to make fps more like cod these days, how many are trying to make a game like Mario? Im a big battlefield fan and I was sorely disappointed on how much it was like cod, and every other modern shooter game this gen, I haven’t purchased another cod after cod4 but I have played enough generic fps on pc to get sick of it. Nintendo only released 1 Mario side scroller on wii and the only other good notable side scroller this gen to me was donkey kong, Rayman and trine.

              1. Glad to see you mentioned Trine. There are plenty of indie side scrollers that offer a unique experience, Braid being one of them. There’s still creativity in indie games, sad it seems hardly anyone on this blog wants to game on PC.

    2. Sorry your life is so boring and shitty, that all you can think to do with yourself is come to this website and act arrogant.

      Do you know why Nintendo makes Mario games? Because we fucking buy them.

      You see, when a demographic is interested in a product or service, a company provides said product or service.

      I wonder what hobbies you have, besides masterbation, that we could all judge you for having? Let’s see, you like to flaunt your narcissistic personality, you like to make fun of People who love the variations of Nintendo games, … What else? Did your xBox or PS3 break? Did you lose your ranking in Call of Duty or Halo? Jeezz, that’s just aweful, but you don’t have to go looking for a group of people (such as N fanboys) to take your misfortune out on.

      Above applies to all trolls that come to “MY-fucking-Nintendo News” and are somehow shocked to find NINTENDO fans who LIKE to by Mario and Zelda over and over again.

      Sometimes a troll has a point, but when they act like assholes about it, we just don’t give a fuck.

      1. Have you ever thought that maybe there was a time when I loved Nintendo? And I’m just really disappointed that they churn out the same rehashed games?

        I’m not necessarily shocked that Nintendo fans buy Nintendo games, but I am surprised that they’re happy with paying for playing pretty much the same game, over and over again. And this doesn’t just go for Nintendo fans, if gamers want more variety, they have to stop being satisfied with getting the same thing all the time.

        And can’t Nintendo fanboys think of other insults beside masturbation and dicks up ass, stop being immature little brats, you’re giving other Nintendo fans a bad name.

          1. I’m sure he isn’t going to buy the game, just like I’m not, but that doesn’t mean we can’t criticize what we see. The comment section isn’t here just for praise.

        1. You don’t get it, I’m pretty sure anyone with a brain would rather play DIFFERENT LEVELS rather than just replaying the NES and SNES Mario games again and again. If people like 2d mario so much, I don’t see a problem with them making new ones that just focus on the awesome levels rather than reinventing the wheel each game…

      2. And didn’t you see that I said I’m sick of rehashed games? So why would I play Halo and CoD? You’re response is just a generic “I’m an immature Nintendo fanboy who thinks anyone who has something bad to say about Nintendo is a troll” response.

      3. Wow, you talk as if you know how his whole life has been and is going by one 12-word comment. Shoving all of those personal insults out there is covering up for any argument you don’t have. And when was he insulting anybody? The only point I agree with you in your pointless post is the fact that when Nintendo makes Mario games, people buy them. They absolutely eat that shit up, no matter how much the game HASN’T changed.

      1. Wtf is M$? Microsoft? What are you implying with the money symbol? Every company loves money, and finds ways to get it.

        Where was Microsoft even mentioned in the first place?

      1. I died on the first level of 3D Land, and last week a friend of mine died in the fucking first level of SUPER MARIO BROS. (you know, the one that was released fr the NES almost 30 years ago). Sure, it was the first time she ever ouched a video game in her life, but still…

    1. if you read the video desscription, hes trying to film in the highest quality whislt playing so its pretty hard apparently

        1. yeah true, he wasnt very good but atleast we can see the game
          yeah i was thinking the same thing actually
          i cant wait for the australian one to come out :D

            1. Personally I don’t know. There are still more features to be announced for the Wii U version. the 3DS version looks allright but I cant shake the felling that it’s similar to NSMB1 and that’s not good I woyld much rather play the DS version than this because of the Mario VS luigi mode. After the far too easy and short (I’ve got 5 shining stars and I had to limit myself to a stage a day) SM3DL I’m more reluctant to hand over my money.

  1. So the problem I have is the music and the easiness. The first castle boss……….that was like eating a cracker. And thr music is the same and the castle music sucks it should sound scary.

      1. The bwah noises are my favourite part, the way the koopas dance to it :D
        But this games music… Its like they didnt even try

        However using the smw boss music, that was neat

          1. Yes, the way how theres a faint bah noise constantly for the overworld theme gets annoying. It’s better with the normal bah sound.
            btw you can hear a faint beat you get leaf power up.

  2. Why would anyone watch this and let the video spoil all the fun? I don’t get it. I didn’t watch it and I’m not going to. Doesn’t it make much more sense to experience a game on your own? I think it does.

  3. This game is nice but very dissapointing it kinda makes me question that they should’ve made this game.Everything is basiclly the same, but I’m still getting it. It would’ve been really great if you could create your own levels for everyone to play. They have to do this with NSMBU for it to be different from the rest.

    1. if you’re disappointed with how it looks but you’re still going to get it you’re only going to perpetuate the gaming industries mentality of “lets make the same game, people will still buy it”

      1. I’m not doing it. This is not what I thought it would be. It’s recycled and washed. Not even new music, bosses, and ideas. The leaf is Mario 3; the white suit is Mario Land 3D. Nintendo has been doing this for awhile. If they can make Zelda new like in Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword, give us something different with Mario.

  4. The only think that sort of irks me is the recycled music and aesthics(?). The level design looks top notch as always and it doesn’t look too easy. Those last few minutes were painful to watch and it shows why Nintendo made the Invinviblity Leaf (My NIECE is better at Mario than this person). Also, I hate those damn spiked blue Cheep-Cheeps already. Those Rip Van Fishes in Super Mario World were a pain in the butt.

  5. I enjoyed Mario in the years, but this time I can’t keep doing it. Game companies – Nintenodo included – must held accountable for rewashed and recycled games. This game is nothing different from New Super Mario Bros. for the DS and Wii. Only new thing is coins, which in truth, we all collect coins. So getting more is a gimmick in my mind. I’m a Nintendo fan but won’t be buying this again. I got it when I brought my DS and Wii.

    1. Agreed.

      The graphics are the SAME. The music is the SAME. The gameplay is the SAME. Almost everything is the SAME, besides the fact that Nintendo spammed a million coins into the game. New power-ups and the same old running through 8 worlds to save Peach from Bowser isn’t going to cut it Nintendo. This also looks incredibly easy. Look at how many coins you get. I bet you wouldn’t get a game-over if you forcefully killed yourself a bunch of times. Also, look at the mid-way boss in world one. Two big-ass dinosaurs, taken out in one hit each, and taking into consideration how bad this guy plays, it looks SO easy.

      1. Agree. Nintendo took New Super Mario Bros. from the DS, and they just added coins.

        I’m getting sick of companies doing this crap. And to the people who say the game looks disappointing but will still buy it – you’re the reason why we have these recycles. If the game looks bad or the same, why buy it? Nintendo has you like that? Like I said, I’m a Nintendo fan but won’t let them get my 42 dollars with a good game 5 years ago. That can’t happen.

        1. I dunno if you where talking about me, but your right. Nintendo acually rehashed this game oviously people know this game is a let down. Part of the reason people buy it is because it’s the latest mario game. Oh and someone is buying this game for me that’s oviously why I’m getting it. You’ll just have to get over it.

  6. New Soopah mario brathas! Too! Man that dude is amazingly funny! I want iwata to say that.

    Nitwendo twee ds
    Weee U!

    Man he sounds cool!

    Weegee’s man…sshion too!
    Papah mario- stickah star!

      1. Nintendo Wannd! (its not wand, think of it like land with a W)
        Pikmon twee!
        pokamon (i say poke- E- mon, so im not sure if i say it weird)
        twee ds XL

  7. I’m perfectly ok with 2d Mario games that aren’t entirely new experiences or whatever, just I don’t want to pay that much for it

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  9. i bet the trolls hating on mario games on this site can’t play worth a F! they are probably just as bad at playing mario as much as the dude that played in this video.


    i remember seeing the title of this site as MyNINTENDOnews not mysonynews, mypcnews, mymicrosoftnews, myapplenews……i thought it was for NINTENDO FANS ONLY not for people that hate nintendo. If Nintendo is not your console of choice for whatever reason anymore there’s no need for your presence and bashing here. Go to IGN and hang out with moriarty and the rest of those queers…..

    1. Just because you aren’t going to be stupid into spending 40 dollars for the same game that you probably already played or had, does not make you lesser of Mario or Nintendo fan than anyone else. Unlike Sonic, where the fag boys want the same rewashed shit all the time, people in Nintendo land want something new, thus the DS, Wii, and Wii U. We liked that, so can’t you do that for your other 2D Mario games? You do that for Paper Mario, Metriod, Kirby, Zelda, and others; Mario can’t have that?

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