Monster Hunter 4 has overtaken Resident Evil 6 to claim the most wanted spot in this weeks edition of Japanese publication Famitsu. Four of the top five games were for Nintendo related formats. These games include Dragon Quest X, New Super Mario Bros 2 and Animal Crossing: Jump Out! Not a bad week for Nintendo.

  1. [3DS] Monster Hunter 4
  2. [PS3] Resident Evil 6
  3. [Wii] Dragon Quest X
  4. [3DS] New Super Mario Bros. 2
  5. [3DS] Animal Crossing: Jump Out
  6. [PS3] Tales of Xillia 2
  7. [3DS] Devil Summoner: Soul Hacker
  8. [PS3] Yakuza 5
  9. [PS3] Dead or Alive 5
  10. [3DS] Bravely Default: Flying Fairy


  1. “Bravely Default: Flying Fairy” is shaping up to look like a great game, hope it comes to Australia along with mh4, both look amazing.


  2. From that list, the ones I want to play the most are:

    Dragon Quest X
    Animal Crossing: Jump Out
    Tales of Xillia 2
    Yakuza 5

    Not in that order, but I still can’t wait to play them. I hope they are all localized.


  3. Hahaha funny aqua but monster hunter 4 is the best and nintendo is not charging online for dqx thats square enix. I see a lot of sales for the 3ds. When mario, projectx, bravely default. Show in japan hope the latter gets localised


  4. wiiu or dreamcast2 will fail because of 7 reasons:
    1):wiiu is weaker than ps3 and its not even a current gen console
    2)wiiu has bullshits like miiverse
    3)wiius GPU is WEAK
    4)shitendo should anounce the wiiu after microsoft anounce their console
    5)wiiu sucks and it doesnt have good games
    6)xbox360 is more powerfull than the wiiu
    7)shitendo should stop making consoles and start making softwares for both microsoft and sony


    • 1- FAKE! FUCKING FAKE! TROLL! 2- Miiverse it’s great and it will be more special than your $50 xbla. U mad, bro? 3- Again, FAKE! 4- Why? So that the 720 could be first next gen? Nope. 5- LOL!!! FAKE!! AGAIN!! 6- Fake for the 4th time! 7- Never! Nintendo has the most money! If MS will make a console too expensive, they will go fucking bankrupt, son! HAHAHA


  5. I bought a 3ds XL on Friday and so far I like it.
    Nice design but I think it really is not that big. I have the feeling that the 3dsXL is very small and it easily fits into my pockets.
    How ever, it still has the screen scratching problem (where the lower screen touches the upper screen and causes scratches). I now had my Nintendo 3ds XL since Friday (7PM) and I already had a few scratches on Saturday (9PM). Well not scratches. Kinda looks like dots (
    So if you buy a 3ds/XL do not forget to buy screen saver.


  6. Out of all the games on the list, I would like to try:
    Monster Hunter 4
    Dragon Quest X: Mezameshi Itsutsu no Shuzoku Online
    New Super Mario Bros 2
    Animal Crossing: Jump Out
    Tales of Xillia 2
    Dead or Alive 5
    Bravely Default: Flying Fairy
    and maybe
    Yakuza 5


  7. あなたがこれを読むことができれば、あなたは素晴らしいです。(あなたが翻訳者を使用した場合は、あなたが実際に日本語を知らない)


  8. Just like Tri, we’re stil waiting a long time for an arrival for Tri G.

    And MH4 hasn’t even released in Japan yet. Imagine waiting on that to be localized if Tri G doesn’t come to the west.


  9. Awesome! Monster Hunter 4 should sell like a beast in Japan. I’m surprised DQX isn’t number one but I think it will still sell great. You know what would make Resident Evil 6 sell more copies? Putting it on the freaking Wii U for crying out loud!


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