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Pachter Frustrated By Nintendo And Wii U

Michael Pachter has admitted that he is becoming more and more frustrated by Nintendo for a number of reasons. The Wedbush Morgan analyst readily admits that he comes under fire from Nintendo fans for his controversial views, but he says that it’s ultimately Nintendo themselves that should be blamed.

“People love to beat me up for bashing Nintendo, but they bring this on themselves. They [Nintendo] give no information, and want us all to proclaim that their consoles will sell record numbers.”

215 thoughts on “Pachter Frustrated By Nintendo And Wii U”

    1. He’s making total sense. It’s not only analysts frustrated with Nintendo for all the secrecy – developers and fans have little insight on the matter, too. I trust Nintendo has its reasons for keeping quiet, but you can’t blame people for wanting to know more. It’s what keeps you coming to this site, I’m sure.

      1. Nope, he’s not making any sense. He just want to bring attention for him. He fears that all the crap he says don’t turn on reality. Like I said on other post, there is a lot of things in game for Nintendo right now and they can’t share everything with us, so as Sony and M$. I don’t know exactly what people fear, it’s about power? Games? Specs? Nintendo already said that the Wii U’s GPU has 32MB high-bandwidth eDRAM (xbox 360 has 10 mb), so this is 3x better than xbox 360, is that what people want to hear?

        1. There is no evidence that this console is “3x” a 360. None.

          Virtually every rumor and even GAF/Overclock/other gaming communities have effectively said 2x.

            1. He just says that what Rick states is a mere rumor, and therefor incorrect. No bashing on Nintendo at all in that post or anything. I don’t if you don’t like the comments this guy makes, YOU are the one who is trolling and should shut the fuck up.
              Also stop pretending you hate trolls if you yourself keep up this annoying behaviour.
              That is all.

                1. Aeolus -> states that there’s no evidence for what the dude before him said.
                  You -> Calling him gay and a shitstain. (Not to mention that stupid joke with ”FIRST” and you add some stuff trying to make yourself clever.)
                  And now telling me to piss off.

                  Yeah… It’s very obvious that you’re not a troll at all [/sarcasm].

                    1. Right… I’m an asskisser for being rational… I shouldn’t be that surprised though, that’s sadly how the internet works.

                1. Quit being a hypocrite and calling everyone who says anything in reply to you Aeolus’ ass kisser. I’ve reported you for being an ass, so stop being an ass before sickr bans you. Nothing you say is rational, and you just spew hate.

            1. It has a R700 series card (not sure which) and 1.5GB RAM, so by default it has a GPU advantage over existing consoles.

              Everything else is not significant, though.

          1. why do you care apparently you don’t like nintendo what is yammering to fans about a console there gonna buy doing for you… im starting to wonder if you get a pay check for this shit or do you literally live behind your screen like a
            good little keyboard warrior

              1. Don’t even try, please. He replaces “you” with “U” as in reference to the Wii U, and “me” with “mii”.

      2. Nintendo is probably keeping it quiet because of other companies waiting to copy or upscale the specs for their new consoles.

          1. REALITY CHECK! Nintendo haven’t announced the specs inside the Wii U because Sony and Microsoft will copy Nintendo’s innovation and add more graphics processing power. And Sony will add a touchscreen controller on their next PlayStation console.

      3. So blame Apple for being secret with their products too. But you know what, like Apple, Nintendo sells as well. So Patcher can kick rocks with his stupidity and actually play a game, or he should stick to writing blogs.

      4. He’s using Nintendo as a scapegoat for his stupidity.

        He just said Nintendo hasn’t given enough information for people to admire the system, yet he has enough information to disparage the system?

        What-the-fuck-ever. “Double Standard.” I hope his ass get’s fired. (Or not hired)

      5. He makes no sense. According to him, Nintendo doesn’t give information, so he shouldn’t have a reason to predict the console’s (and the company’s) failure.

  1. Nintendo will give us info when theyre ready. unlock Patcher who says something will fail b4 know everything about it

    1. He’s not right. He’s butthurt.
      What Nintendo do with their consoles is their business. They don’t need to reveal everything, besides even if they did what would that change? Patcher would still say things like: “The Vita can do what the Wii U does but better” or “Smartglass makes Wii U a pointless gimmick” he is anything but right

    1. He’s frustrated because, by his own admission, he doesn’t ‘get’ Japanese game devs and pubs. This is mainly because he lives n a world where, as a child and teen, he was a dork that was endlessly picked on for being a loser, and now that he’s ‘hip’ with the ‘hardcore’ losers and dorks (irony?) he will do any and everything to protect that ‘hip’ status which, for that crowd, involves trolling Nintendo relentlessly, even if it means being wrong again and again and again.

      The saddest part is this dude is over 50-years-old and acts this way, something *most* of us get over by our mid-20s, on the outside edge.

  2. to be perfectly honest nobody want to hear from pachter ever. he shows no understanding of the gaming industry at all

  3. Of course only patcher would say something like this. When your on top, everyone wants to bash you.

  4. I’m usually against hating people, but I’m sorry, when did they say it would sell record numbers? They called it a revolution and thats it. So Pachter you put on yourself because all you do is suck off the other companies and claim you’re an analyst.

  5. He does somewhat have a point there. He’s an industry analyst, and if he doesn’t have too much information to go by, then he has to make a possible outcome based on what he does know. No matter how much he sounds like he’s trolling or something, he has to go by what he knows rather than rumors and stuff.

    1. So basically hes annoyed because for the past few weeks hes gotten no info on Nintendo, so hes had nothing legitimate to say, so hes mindlessly bashing them and being told to fuck off, and thats why hes frustrated

    2. People like you go through life riding other peoples sacks. Nintendo has always been discreet about their business. They respect confidentiality something foolish parents don’t teach their children anymore. So wait patiently Nintendo said fall, this is summer; what’s wrong with some people.

    3. What Nintendo do with their consoles is their business. They don’t need to reveal everything, besides even if they did what would that change? Patcher would still say things like: “The Vita can do what the Wii U does but better” or “Smartglass makes Wii U a pointless gimmick” he is anything but right

  6. They don’t NEED to say anything. The Wii made record numbers, didn’t it? Please shut the fuck up. Sometimes I wish he was fired.

  7. Clearly he has no clue how a business is run. Nintendo have been around for 30 years. I think they know exactly how to run a business and when to release info. They probably would have told us at E3…if Microsoft and Sony woul just retailiate and copy them. It took Microsoft less than a year to react to the WiiU, and make SmartGlass. 1 year. No fucking originality. I know PSMove was proposed back in the early 2000’s but nintendo clearly gave them that push to release it.
    Shut up Patcher, whiney bitch.

        1. The Vita connecting to the PS3 was so it could be used as a second screen (aka WiiU), and it just so happens that it has a touch screen too.

        2. Non-Specific Action Figure

          i’m not gonna hate on the ps vita but remember the Gameboy advance that you can connect it to the GameCube yeah

          Together Wii U.

          1. Thats true. Its probably requested from people though, rather than just a way to compete. People wont pay $250 for a vita to get a wiiu experience for probably $100 more

        1. Nintendo started as a company in late 1880, obviously not in the console business and long before Mario’s time :P though they did start off as a game company of some sort.

  8. Nintendo has indeed not given much info about the Wii U, that much is true, but Michael Pachter, being kinda right this time, still bashes nintendo even if they do something right.

    He needs to get his head out of his ass and be patient like the rest of us instead of coming to completely unresearched and unproven conclusions. Seriously, his ass is jealous of all the shit that comes out his mouth.

  9. as if anybody gives a shit what he thinks. let nintendo do their thing. whatever happens I’m sure they’re ready to handle it.

  10. No…we beat him up because he is a douche bag that gloom and dooms just about everything. He doesn’t come across as insightful or informative..rather a bitter old hack that just likes to complain.

    1. He lives in sony’s basement, they rape him and fuck him constantly unless he spouts out random shit about nintendo

  11. He should stop bashing nintendo and instead start bashing sony and microsoft for the fact that their next systems the PS4 and Xbox 720 will have used game bans on them.

    1. Misuse of the word “fact” is a lethal flaw in your otherwise good argument.

      Here’s a part of an interview with him where he actually talks about it and where he says that it would be horrible if they did it which he assumes that they will not. Because he sees it as common sence not to.

      Happy reading.

      1. Ah thanks a bunch.

        And yeah I tend to say the word “fact” since it’s a very commonly used word around me. It’s a bad habit, feel free to replace it with whatever word you feel fits more appropriately.

  12. He’s a dickhead but Nintendo is pretty frustrating. And if the hardcore fanboys would stop and call Nintendo out on their shit instead of being like, “Wow, Nintendo is giving us folders for the 3DS?! This is amazing, groundbreaking stuff. I love that they’re only blue!” maybe shit would get done? But instead most of you just accept any half-assed attempt at something Sony and Microsoft did years ago and just down Nintendo’s cock like a thirsty Bieber fangirl and because of that, that’s what Nintendo does, and will continue to do, because it’s fans let them get away with it. Some of you never acknowledge any of Nintendo’s flaws and that’s even more annoying than someone like Pachter.

    1. O rly? Patcher acts like Nintendo doesn’t know how to run a fucking business, while they started in fucking 1889, before his fucking grand, grand parents were alive.

    2. Only people like you would use the term “fanboy”. It’s the stupidest thing ever ,considering that half of these people are girls. What ever happened to just the word “fans”, which is what I am. The folders do suck, they should come ing colors and be able to have more than one letter in the title, and over all are just uncomfortable. “down Nintendo cock like a thirsty Bieber fangirl” You seem really mature, I should listen to what you have to say. Nintendo has tones of flaws, like they listen to consumers but they don’t always listen “Mother 3, Star Fox, F-Zero” but they do try to do things we don’t expect we wanted until it comes out. And the people that don’t see this, then it’s there loss.

    3. Do I smell it? Yes, it is the smell of double moral in the morning. Sony has done “half-assed attempts” at Nintendo’s stuff for AGES.

      Also, I hate the idéa behind the 3DSxl, I hate that they don’t release new Mother or F-zero titles. Do you know why we accept those flaws? Because they’re doing so many good stuff. Many N fans are actively complaining when Nintendo do stuff wrong, but the ones outside of the N-community don’t see it. Project Rainfall made NoA releasing some of the best games for the Wii in America (I live in Europe so I had the luck to play them before they aired in the states so I understood the rage). II am also aware of that the Microsoft fanbase is in anger because of Microsofts sudden focus on kinnect and the SmartGlass. But they’ve gotten away with worser things like paid online WITH adv.

      The N fans are the most demanding fanbase in the video game community. Heck, even Nintendo themselfes have complained about that we’re too demanding. The reason why most of us accept that they want to keep the information is because we’re fully aware of that Microsoft and Sony is like vultures waiting to snatch all the info they can get and slighty improve it. Nintendo don’t want them to be able to do so that easily and their method can be questionable, but in this bussiness it might be the best solution.

      Nintendo is trying to run a company, they can’t afford to give in to inpatient people when they know that Sony and Microsoft (well, atleast Microsoft) will take notes of their every single misstep.

  13. You know…I don’t like this dude for bashing Nintendo…but he does make a valid point. You can’t really hype the Wii U if the bulk of its details are left in the dark.

    1. For the first time in his entire career he actually did have a valid point, but he is still years away from a nobel prize.

    2. His “point” isnt even his! This “point” has been “pointed” out by a lot of people. You know what I think? All these people need to get outside and get some excercise instead of staying couped up waiting for the stupid specs to come out. WHY ARE PEOPLE SO DAMN IMPATIENT!?!?

  14. he comes under fire from anyone pretty much all the time
    he should be used to it by now

    maybe he should just stop “proclaiming” things altogether rather than to start proclaiming that the wii-u will sell record numbers.. because unlike he is claiming nobody actually asked him for his “educated guesses” be they positive or negative
    everyone would be a lot happier

  15. Biggest asses in the world :

    1) Anyone that is an exbot fanboy not xbox360 gamer but fanboy. RROD, COD touted as an exclusive and you still buy the garbage machine.

    2) Anyone that listens to Pachter and thinks he deserves to be given an audience.

    3) anyone that is a gamer, not parents but a gamer and owns a kinect.

    1. wait!!…I own a Kinect! and Xbox…but I hate Microsoft and I LOOOVEEE Nintendo and think they are the best and everything!…. I have an Xbox cuz I play Minecraft and my little siblings use Kinect for their games. Other than Minecraft and the Banjo Kazooie games I bought off the Marketplace, the Xbox sucks big time.

  16. Patcher, the Wii U WILL sell millions. How? It will be powerful, it will have 3rd party games, it will have a good online with youtube and stuff like that. Wii U it’s the future. Deal with it, Patcher.

  17. He has a point. Last E3 Nintendo said they would give us all the info at E3 2012. E3 2012 comes around and now we only know a handful more than we did last year. I understand the fear of being copied by Sony and Microsoft, but do we really need to wait until the last second before launch for all the details?

    1. I do hope Nintendo will announce more stuff until November! I will buy a Wii U sure, but it kinda needs more games.

      1. Eh, to a extent i agree. Theres some games i cant wait to try, Nintendo land, Pikmin 3, NSMBU, TANK TANK TANK!, etc. Yeah, more games would be cool.


        paper mario
        luigi;s mansion
        mario galaxy

        versions for wii U

        1. I am buying Pikmin 3, Assassin’s Creed 3, Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 for the Wii U.

            1. lmao you rich bro? i gotta save $ for the wii u via gpt sites (get paid to ) and i do surveys and get paid for it :)

              1. Well not really, since I will have to wait a year or even two to get other 6-7 games for the Wii U, plus I may need to save up because I would have to buy a PS4. Not bothering with the 720..

                  1. wanna do what i do? i just do surveys and get some gamestop giftcards, been doing this for a couple of months and got 200$ of gamestop, but if your interested

                    1. welcome :) remember about the forum, it helps you with surveys and stuff. Remember, just ask for me and i will help you!

              2. try for temporary employment
                unless you’re living in myanmar it’ll net you a lot more
                those survey sites are a waste of time and one of the most reliable ways of infecting your PC with trojans and malware trust me

            2. and hey i never tried mass effect, as im young and the first console was a wii. The first handheld was a ds lite so obviously i havent EVER played mass effect, but it seems cool, can you tell me what its about/ can do in the game

              1. mass Effect it’s a series of third person shooters with RPG elements. You shoot the enemies and you use items to heal kinda like in a RPG. You also make some choices along the way that helps the conclusion of the games. You control Shepard of course. That’s it. It’s a fun series, I don’t see why people are so bitchy about the ending.

                1. lmao i couldnt play it, cuz i didnt have a xbox/ps3 but its coming to the wii u right? Either way, if it comes to the wii u , i have to try it :)

    2. I understand the frustration, but I think they are also building excitement. I am considered a XBOT but even I see the blatant rip off of WiiU with “Smart Glass”. It makes me lose a lot of respect for Microsoft that they really cant come up with any of their own ideas. Its embarrassing really.

    3. He may have a point, but that point is not a excuse for what he is trying to say. If Nintendo is waiting until the last moment to reveal details, then is because of a reason or something is going on. I know Nintendo don’t do this just for stupidity. They taking slow steps on this one. the same goes for super smash bros. Would you guys rather have super smash bros next year? what would happen if that were true? the game will be terrible.

      A lot of people should just hold their pants and be patient because haste makes waste, and I’m glad Nintendo are not listening to them.

      and about pachter, he needs to hold his pants as well. Bashing Nintendo is his own fault, not Nintendo’s. He makes the comments, and normally, we respond to it. It happens all the time, so one advice to pachter: Do not blame something else just because you are receiving beat ups from fans due to your own comments.

      1. Exactly, they seem like they are trying not to screw up the Wii U launch, they kinda did with the 3ds. ANd about not reveiling anything, when they annouced smash bros, we realized that we;d have to wait a while, and we yelled at nintendo for posting about it too early, not they dont say shit and yet people arent happy

    4. Mike S, I would LOVE to know what is soooo damn important as to why you need to know everything now!? Waiting to the last second is a good plan to prevent Microsoft/Sony from copying too much. Whether we know the spces or not, the Wii U will still launch in a couple of months. Just be patient…

  18. nintendo have their reasons on not to give full detail about wii u, so patcher, patience is a virtue, translation: wait till nintendo give full detail when they are ready and not tell nintendo to speed things up, nintendo knows what they are doing so STFU.

    1. This. I dont get why he hates, he is probably one of the trolls on the nintendo blogs. Its like, THEY ARE PLANNING EVERYTHING, he can wait to masturbate, cant he?

  19. Wait, HE IS TIRED?! WERE TIRED OF HIM TALkING SHIT ABOUT NINTENDO. If he wants respect, HE has to EARN it, and not douching on the internet.

    1. Wait, he KNOWS he has haters, yet he still douches on the internet.

      Its like someones sucking him, he KNOWS he likes it, so he does….

      1. Well… Heard about a guy named Jared Milton? He says that it’s wrong to hate on Justin Bieber just to then tell us about how bad and homestuck all people who play pokémon are and that pokémon is only for losers… He is truly what you talked about. Pachter isn’t.

  20. Who is this guy anyway his name has been on my radar for the last like 5 years yet everything he says is never right or it is just plain obvious? Didn’t he talk trash about the Wii when it came out saying it wouldn’t sell well and said basically the same thing with the 3DS. Wait a minute didn’t he say that the Vita was going to sell well but now says it isn’t because it is too expensive…. Why people listen to a guy that doesn’t seem to know anything about sales or video games for that matter?

    1. im a 15 year old and have more sense than him. I mean, you cant GUDGE a system that hasnt EVEN REVEILED its price/release or EVEN ITS FULL SPECS. He really makes me laugh, if he can get a big job, then i must get a bigger one!

  21. FACT: Michael Pachter HATES Nintendo and us. Does anyone know WHY he hates it so much? He’s a freakin’ pessimist about anything that isn’t Microsoft. Anything, ANYTHING AT ALL that this SELF-RIGHTEOUS LOSER says is ABSOLUTE SHIT. ANYTHING! Also a fact. I’m tired of this guy and I know that I’m not the only one. I’m fairly certain that no one here gives a crap about what comes out of his mouth.

  22. Well marketing takes strategy. You dont want Nintendo to reveal too much too early. The information we have will suffice for now. Expect more information in the next two months, especially pricing. And he sounds a little impatient…

    1. I think the big thing is that Nintendo knows if they reveal too much Microsony will try and duplicate Nintendo’s ideas in an attempt to make Wii U less viable. Microsoft is already trying it with Smart Glass, but it’s dumb.

      While I’m frustrated that we STILL haven’t heard anything really NEW or AWESOME about Wii U recently, I’m guessing it’ll come soon. They can’t hold out much longer, Gamestop is about to start allowing pre-orders of Wii U games. I’m still frustrated that we haven’t heard anything new about Smash Bros 4 recently, but I guess no news is probably good news right now.

      1. The smartglass in no way resembles the wii U controller besides the screen that’s it, Wii U tablet is for game controlling,and smartglass is to bring the social features of 360plus normal tablet functions on the go, only a blind ignorant fool would see them as the same idea. Or a complete fanboy. I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be harsh, its just that I’m sick of people confusing the smartglass with being a copy and paste of the wii U tablet, because it is in no way comparable. If anything the inspiration was the other tablets on the market.

      1. I heard him say once that he liked Nintendo’s Tablet controler. He said it was easy to hold and use. He said it was very innovative…this is the only GOOD thing he has ever said about Nintendo(that Ive heard)… other than that he is a freaking moron!

        1. I think he’s also said that Nintendo has the best First Party titles.. But I might be remember things wrong.

  23. Lol, that’s right Nintendo keep ignoring this pointless Dude. Pachter just can’t handle not being treat important by Nintendo, so he hate on them cause they don’t give him inside info so when he make prediction they end up being wrong…

    1. Exactly. Patcher is frustrated by Nintendo because he already says a LOT OF SHIT about the Wii U and has fear that all the crap that he says don’t turn on reality. He is causing 90% of the flame war lately.

  24. lol put Pachter’s name in anything and you guys go crazy (taxi). I’m gonna become President of Nintendo and make a system called the Nintendo Pachter just to see what you guys do. >=) If you’re true nintendo fans, you’d buy the system no matter what.

  25. I despise this man and his constant badgering. He never seems satisfied. I can agree with being frustrated about waiting on a release date, but honestly, he just bashes them for everything.

  26. im sorry patcher is Nintendo picking on your again…GET A LIFE. your so lame patcher, just stay out of gaming all together you have never bin right. and then you claim that the reason your always wrong is because your just forced to make bad predictions based on a lack of information. couldn’t your just say “I need more information” or….idk just think before you speak…loser

    1. He has been right ALOT of times mind you. We’re only told about the times when he’s wrong on this page. Overall he’s accure. But when he speaks about Nintendo he’s more inaccure than normal.

  27. Nintendo hasnt released the specs for a reason! All those morons who demand to know them (ESPECIALLY MICHAEL PACHTER!) need to shut the hell up. There is no need to release the information except to satisfy their IMPATIENT NEEDS!!!

  28. Obviously everybody wants to know more about it. But its nice getting it and being surprised. Its like wanting to know about the entire movie before seeing it.

  29. Let me translate this for the uninitiated: I want Nintendo to talk because:

    1. It makes my real job a lot harder when I don’t have accurate info.
    2. It makes my night job (bashing Nintendo) harder when I’ve run out of clubs to use so please give me some more.

    Also: nice strawman he constructs there. I don’t think Nintendo is expecting anyone to proclaim how they’re going to sell record numbers, but good luck w/ that stupidity, Mike–I’m sure it plays well to the teenage male PS360 fans that love rubbing your…well…

  30. Even though I hate patcher with pasion. he’s made some valid points, nintendo has frusturated everyone at the moment, developers can’t talk, gamers are clueless, and nintendo are telling us not to worry. We can’t guarantee it will be a success just because its nintendo, most gamers are worried that nintendo is going to mess up, if nintendo wants hype, they should tell us more, let developers talk about/show off alittle bit of their games. Reveal the price point, and tell us a little bit about the specs of the wii U, just to reassure us that the wii U will be a viable system for multiplatforms. This is probably the one thing patcher has said that I will ever agree with. Except the bashing he got, he brought that upon himself with his ignorance.

  31. I don’t know if a lack of information is worth bashing a company over. You can’t use that as your excuse.

  32. Nintendo already gave the hint. They aren’t revealing too much because they feel their competitors will just bank on their idea or concept.

    It seems all this time, Pachter was like any other frustrated, insatiable, yet hungry “core” Nintendo gamer. Remain calm, and understand that the company is doing this for business and marketing reasons. It’ll be easier if you put yourself in their perspective.

    Though I can understand a typical analyst being frustrated due to a lack of insight and info.

  33. I love how Pachter’s response to Nintendo giving little to no info is “I’ll make shit up, and think it’s true”.


  34. It’s funny how he wants Nintendo to reveal all info. He who’s an analyzer should know that that would be their worst possible move because then Microsoft and Sony would make Systems with SLIIIIGHTLY better specs and therefore win all the “hardcore” gamers once more… They will still do so, but the easier they can do it the lesser time Wii U will have to get a hold on the market just as the 360 did.

    But as usuall, this was not as bad as the title said and is propably even taken out of it’s concept in such a bad way that he might even have meant the complete opposite.

  35. Why would Nintendo need to give Pacther any information
    he’s just gonna report gloom and doom for nintendo and collect a paycheck at the end of the day

  36. Who cares if you proclaim that “their consoles will sell record numbers”. all we want is you to quit being biased towards nintendo and do your damn job right. Anything nintendo your like “DOOM!!!” and guess what? BAM exact opposite. Anything else you actually are accurate. Even though your predictions are obvious.

  37. i know i would be frustrated if i was paid to bash a successful company. seriously, if he keeps this up and the Wii U dominates the market, he’s screwed.

  38. Patcher, you’re bringing the bashing onto yourself for being negative about things that have already been given explanations:
    They’ve said they’re keeping their cards close to prevent similar proposals from being developed by others.
    If you don’t like it, then turn your eye AWAY FROM NINTENDO FOR A WHILE.
    Seriously, the only one causing you frustration, is yourself, by letting the delay in information irk you so much.
    Show some damn patience and quit reporting using negative remarks that have little logical basis behind them, and you won’t get nearly half the crap you usually do from fans.

  39. That’s because he doesn’t know how to appraise ideas, afraid to stand on his own and afraid to be wrong. He needs polygon counts and ram size and frames per second so as to tell consumers that they aren’t being sold short and tell them what to think. The Nintendo hate band wagon will just be a self fulfilling prophecy if it ever does come to fruition anyways.

    Just another bottom feeder swimming with the current to save his neck and keep his job.

    If you view video games as art form, then the systems they are developed on are not something that can be appraised or whose worth quantified. It’s like trying to appraise future art by the quality of canvas and brush and paints.

    Consumers and dumb-ass analysts try to say that because console x has a higher polygon count than console y, then console x is going to be better, sell better and console y will fail horribly. Bigger is not always better. But when you are in a pissing contest the PS3 will always win against the wii.

    Gaming consoles can only become better faster and stronger for so long until they reach their limit. For instance, the human eye can only see at 60 frames per second. Anything past this is lost on the human mind. Therefore it is pointless to make a game that runs in 120 frames per second. The same goes for polygon count, and CPU speed etc…

    Yes playing the same old upgrade game I suppose seems to be a smart choice. You get to upgrade your console to be a beefy powerhouse. Hate on Nintendo therefore trying to crush the competition, cast them aside and then benefit from their ingenuity in the same stroke. But when the potency of video game consoles reaches critical mass, they upgrade game will be a waste of money.

    The PSP is more powerful than the DS. But the PSP is a generic analog 6 button handheld and the DS had dual touch screen gaming. The DS sold more, and to be honest I have never seen a person playing a PSP in public after the first year they were out but I still see people playing their DS’s.

    oh and now the PSVita with WAIT FOR IT
    Touchscreen controls. Wii introduced motion controls? the rushed sixaxis addition, the XBOX kinect, the PS MOVE I mean come on.

    It’s simple, fun games will always outsell shiny games in the long run. Because the novelty of updated graphics wears off, but fun games are timeless.

    HD crap is still just crap.

  40. One of the things I love about Nintendo is that they flat-out don’t give a shit what their critics say.

    If Nintendo listened to all the whiney, self-loathing ‘hardcore’ gamers and their detractors – then the gaming lanscape would become a sad, sad place.

    Whilst M$, Sony, and Apple zigs – Nintendo zags – and I respect the hell out of them for doing so.

  41. So he keeps hating Nintendo and Sony and now hating nintendo fans…

    I wish I knew his Xbox live account then so I can get him ban…. oh wait I don’t have a crapbox.

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  45. Neutron plays halo 3

    lmfao… yet ms and sony will sell 85 million when xbox3 has no info yet? lmfao bullshit assclowns like this are killing video games

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