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Nintendo: ‘We Don’t Want Hardcore Gamers To Feel Left Out’

Wii U hardware producer Katsuya Eguchi claims that the Wii has a small number of multi-platform games because Wii Remotes lack features of traditional video game controllers – for example, a Wii Remote does not have analog sticks. According to Eguchi, Nintendo is offering the Wii U Pro Controller to hardcore gamers so that they will not feel left out. Eguchi believes that adding the Wii U Pro Controller may make it easier for multi-platform games to come out on Wii U.

“Adding a Pro controller may make it easier for multi-platform games to come out on the [Wii U] system. Wii remotes don’t have things like analog sticks. To make it as easy as possible to enjoy certain multiplayer experiences it was important to have that Pro controller.”

“We’re all gamers as well and we appreciate the interest of those [hardcore] gamers, and we don’t want them to feel left out, so we’re making big strides and changes in that area.”

295 thoughts on “Nintendo: ‘We Don’t Want Hardcore Gamers To Feel Left Out’”

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    1. What I don’t get is that Wii U gamepad can do everything that Pro controller do but with many others features and they insist that Pro controller is for “Hardcore gamers”… I doubt that anyone will want to play on Pro controller if gamepad is avaliable (unless for a long period of game time)

      1. That’s the point. It give you another option for multiplatform/multiplayer games. Some “hardcore gamers will not want to play a game like Street Fighter/Tekken etc with the relatively large Upad. This controller is perfect for that.

        Some people were concerned about losing the use of the Gamecube controller for the next Super Smash Bros. That fear is gone now.

        My question about this controller and the Upad is: If I don’t have a Wii Remote or Classic Controller Pro and I want to play a Wii game like Xenoblade. Will the Upad work to play Xenoblade? Will The Wii U pro controller work for Super Smash Bros Brawl? Can Sickr or any other knowledgable person answer this for me?

        1. wtf i cant use this to play smash im better off using wii remote
          the a button was in between the b and x(jump) now its at the botom under b and x ]=< im still hoping that gc controller can work on it or they make a gc controller for wii u

          1. What are you talking abot? The a button looks like it’s in the same place it’s been since SNES days. The four face buttons are pretty much the same as on all other traditional controllers.

            This controller actually looks like an update on the GC controller in terms of shape. That’s a very good thing. It’s acually just the Upad without the screen.

        2. I wonder that as well. I have a Classic Pro, but I hope this controller is usable for CC-compatible Wii games. I think it will… from the look of it, it seems to combine the hardware of a Wii Remote with that of a Classic Controller, and could use that to emulate the connection between them.

          It’ll probably be compatible with Virtual Console games, though, and this will be another interesting feature: You can use the GamePad on a stand to see the game and a Pro Controller to play the game, leaving the TV unnecessary.

          1. Dude! That’s a sweet fucking idea. I didn’t even think about that one. The Wii U’s got everything. If the full potential of this system is realised, it will change the gaming world forever.

          2. The n has enhanced the industry 4 out of six gens excluding nes and gcube they cooked the portable market from scratch upgraded that 2 out 5 gens how much do they have to slice before people act like they know

        3. Hardcore gamers play street fighter/tekken with an arcade stick. And if they don’t they can’t call themself hardcore :).

          1. That’s your opinion. There are a lot of people who are beastly at Street Fighter using traditional controllers.

      2. I think its just an excuse by 3rd parties, because after the Super NES, the 3rd parties gave up on Nintendo home consoles due to the whole cartridge v.s. CD situation. So now they try to find every excuse in the book in order to not put games on Nintendo systems. Nintendo is trying to make it so that there will be NO excuses, but will this work?


        Third parties are so fickle sometimes :'(

      1. My experiance with Fi
        Going to the first temple starting up
        Bring bring Your battery is low in case you did see the red image in the corner
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            1. Her so called sacrifice at the end was really halfassed. It was obvious from the beginning she wouldn’t be around at the end anyway. I mean, really, when was the last time you heard the master sword talk in later games. Never. No need to act like it was sad when it hardly lived up to that.

        1. Worse than Navi? Fi wasn’t even that annoying. Either that or you’re just one of those people who thinks it’s cool to hate either one of them because other people do, or you have some problems dealing with virtual characters that isn’t even close to annoying. Maybe you just haven’t seen the end yet. @_@

          1. Um, no, she was. Like, a lot. At least navi’s interruptions were frequent in the beginning. With Fi, it’s all through the game. All through the fucking game.

      2. It was annoying how sge did tell you to do everything. Especialy when on a Hero Mode playthrough, she shuts up -.- tutorials should be optional from the start, although i understand they were there to show new players how to play, most of us here are Zelda veterans

  2. Damn right. This is what Nintendo should do. Focus on the audience they won with the Wii while not forgetting the audience they lost with the Wii.

      1. the core gamers never left they just realised that they couldn’t get awesome games like AC and Bioshock on the Wii so they went dual ownership.

        1. thenintendoreviewer

          I see a lot of that with people I know. People who own a Wii for Wii exclusives and a 360 for left 4 dead and other games that didn’t come out on Wii.

    1. If the u gets support like microplay sonysofters will still say its for kids even though it will have no equal

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      1. Calm down he asked a question just because he isn’t as updated on the news as you doesn’t make him dumb he probably has lots more to do than check a website everyday for more information.
        This is why we can’t have nice things.

          1. I can only talk for myself but I am mostly anti android and apple. Atleast for gaming. Those 5 min games with the godforsaken P2W system suck Monkey Ball!

            1. for gaming on the things you can expect a negative backlash from most of the pepole on the website as for the phones hate them all i’m rather paranoid about andriod and apple is too expensive for me i have a cheap little nokia and i’m fine with it

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    1. I stand it, but not how strongly missused it is by the new gamers that think they’re hardcore because they only play M rated games.

      1. thenintendoreviewer

        Too true. The term has been getting really misused these past few years. You’re not hardcore just because you play M rated titles.

  3. Give me a fucking interactive map and item control and I’m good. I’ll switch to the pro when the gamepad needs charging or isn’t useful to the game. I really want to lay in bed playing games or watch netflix on DAT CONTROLLER SCREEN.

    1. There is no lowly spec of the console at all you little liar! SHUT UP! you don’t know what you’re talking about.

      1. It’s not that. Did you saw the new Durango specs? That thing has like 4 gb of RAM. Double than the amount of RAM the WIi U will have.

        1. Wellwellwell… I’ve seen rumoured that also state that the Durango will have worser specs overall than the Wii U. We have to wait until official information is revealed.

            1. Sonysoft needs something new with a good price if the u is 4 hundred and the clones come in at 6 to 7 hundred easy wiipeat

          1. I just hope Wii U will be DirectX11, because if it’s not , then it’s not gonna get third party games..

            1. It won’t. The card is R700 series, which only support DX 10.1.

              That’s why Epic doesn’t officially support it as a platform for UE4, stating developers can port it to the console if they please. The exact same statements as UE3 on Wii years ago.

                    1. Buddy, you’re a fucking idiot. I think this conversation is too advanced for you, please politely step the fuck out.

                    1. The CPU looks almost identical to what’s in the 360, just with more eDRAM and cache memory.

              1. “WiiU uses a R700”

                Erm, did Nintendo say that? No. Are there about 4 other rumouredgraphics cards? Yes. And youre forgettingsomething, the graphics card in the WiiU is custom made. Its not one you cam buy, it was made specifically for the WiiU. So saying, “its this series of card, or this series of card, from this date”, is stupid. It’ll be designed on an existing card, buts its been modified. This is coming from from Nintendo themselves, a custom made Radeon GPU. Not an R700

                1. Of course its a modification. They modified an existing card. So of course its still comparable with an existing card.

              2. EPIC already said that they CAN port UE4 if some dev want that and it doesn’t matter, Wii U do not use DX, it’s OPENGL! STOP SPREADING THOSE KIND OF CRAP!!!!!!

                1. No shit it doesn’t. UE4 requires DX11 and OpenGL 4.2, neither of which the Wii U GPU supports. Stop grasping at straws and learn your shit.

                  1. Another thing moron, Most updates of OpenGL are made by software, few updates requires new hardwares, don’t you knew that? It’s different comparing DX, every update (9, 10, 10.1, 11, 11.1) means new hardware… once again, GO STUDY MORE BEFORE SPREAD THIS BULLSHIT.

              3. Wii U do not use DX, it’s OPENGL! STOP SPREADING THOSE KIND OF BS!!!!!! and EPIC already said that if a dev want, they can port UE4, moron…

                  1. Against facts, there is no arguments… Now, stop spread this BS! Nintendo consoles, as sony’s, both uses OPENGL. What matter is if the engine can compile in others APIs. Have a good day and go study more…

        1. Did you just have a conversation with yourself and tried to make it look legit lol, I didn’t Nintendo haters would stoop to such a low…

            1. Good come back, nice!! I’m confused if Nintendo is everything u preach so passionately about….the “DOOMED” message. Why is that u know more about the Wii U then u do about the Next Xbox/PS4? U do realize that ur action don’t line up with ur message….Nintendo sucks yet I can’t stop gathering every morsel of info I can about it and what it can do. That’s a lot of work for a system u could careless about. But by all means preach on Brotha…And fire shall rain down on Nintendo the book of Aeolus chp 5 verse 20.

  4. What I don’t get is why people don’t see that the WiiU gamepad is the same exact fucking thing as a WiiU Pro controller. The only difference is there’s a screen in the middle. It’s know different than playing on a 3DS or a vita. Why does the screen in the middle automatically make it “casual!?” People are blinded, by many things, but mostly their want to classify Nintendo as a casual company, and it makes me sick. The only reason the WiiUPro is necessary is because there’s a limit to how many gamepads you can use, and they help balance that out. Not to appeal to the hardcore. Nintendo’s already doing that with the WiiU. With or without the pro. SHEESH.

      1. It comes down to ergonomics that are friendlier to your hands when holding it for extended periods. Those who have used the Wii U Gamepad have reported it as being surprisingly light, and the Wii U Pro controller is only more so. Too, you can play w/ 4 U Pros, whereas you can only use up to 2 Gamepads at a time.

        True, a partial motivation is to satisfy those who are just that against a controller having anything but “sticks and buh-tons,” but those are couple reasons for the U Pro to exist.

    1. The fact that people think of Nintendo as a ‘casual’ gaming company is entirely their own fault. Not one of their 1st party IPs are any more mature than the average Saturday morning cartoon. In some cases (Mario for instance) that doesn’t matter, but for others (such as Starfox and Metroid) the gameplay isn’t unique, innovative, or even just plain interesting enough to make up for it.

      I mean seriously, look at the visual style of Return of Samus on the Game Boy and then imagine what that would look (and feel) like on a modern console. Now compare than with the Metroid: Prime series and the latter does not fare well. Nintendo needs to realise that they need to strike a balance between stylisation(cartoony in most cases with Nintendo) and realism. Would it have really hurt to have a Metroid (or even Zelda) game with a graphical style (not necessarily quality – let’s not forget that some of the most atmospheric games ever made were back on the PS1, land of rough polygonal heads with barely drawn-on faces) that doesn’t look like it was pulled out of a comic book?

      And where’s the depth? The fact that so many fans cite Ocarina of Time as one of the greatest games of all time just shows how shallow the narrative and small the scope of other Nintendo games are – OoT has precious little by way of plot, and has a game world that is put to shame in terms of size and scope by pretty forgettable games like Vexx. Heck, even the Fable games have bigger, better worlds than any 3D Zelda game so far, and they’re shallow as a puddle in summer. Hyrule is a world with such a rich lore and (if we scale the world of the original LoZ up sufficiently) a vast, sprawling land to explore, but Nintendo seem happy to settle for tiny hub-based worlds. Skyward Sword took a big step in the right direction here, but exploration-wise it’s still not exactly on Elder Scrolls level.

      Now, it sounds like I’m some kind of rabid Nintendo hater, but that couldn’t be further than the truth. The original Mario and Zelda games were what got me into gaming all those years ago, and I count Mario 3 and Mario World as perhaps the best platform games ever made (although for me they face stiff competition from Sonic 3). Then there’s gameplay – while I maintain that the Metroid: Prime series is below average when compared to any decent shooter of its time, Zelda, despite the lack of scope, really does make great use of its various items and is usually balanced to virtual perfection. No other series does dungeons as well (gameplay-wise) – fact. And even the weakest modern Mario game is brilliantly creative and unique by any standards. Not to mention the fact that I have yet to play a Mario game that hasn’t been addictive and fun. Also, there’s innovation at Nintendo, and a willingness to give new ideas a fair chance. Back on the original Xbox, I loved Blinx (a time manipulating cat with a hoover for those of you who don’t remember it), but the first game had a rock solid difficulty curve, so the sequel got practically redesigned from the ground up and lost most of what was good about it. If that had been made by Nintendo it would have been more finely tuned in the first place, and they would have stuck to their guns for the sequel, tweaked the gameplay, maybe added to it, but they would never have lost faith in their creation like Blinx developer Artoon did.

      So, I have high hopes for the WiiU, as games like ZombiU show that gaming with ‘mature’ content can fit perfectly with Nintendo’s experimental, innovative hardware design ethos, but make no bones about it, they need to overhaul a few of their in-house franchises if they want to escape the (often accurate) perception that they are a ‘casual’ games company.

      1. “Starfox and Metroid) the gameplay isn’t unique, innovative, or even just plain interesting enough to make up for it.”

        HAHA a fanboy pretending to be a nintendo.

        Metroid is not unique? WOW have you actually played one? Metroid can be compared with Bioshock with it’s deep theme and badassness. Hell this game has one of the best 1st person shooting I ever seen.Plus it’s an adventure game! The boss are actually really epic and some normal enemies.

        Let me list games that have nothing innovative or even an actual mature theme.


        Uncharted: nothing you named about it is new or interesting. Basically a movie with generic shooters and weak Ai.

        Max Pain: Good game but did nothing new or interesting. Being a drug addict doesn’t make something auto mature.

        God of War. Button Masher that hasn’t changed since God of War 1. The story is average at best. Ending on 3 was bad.

        Killzone:Nothing new.

        Halo 4: No comment needed.

        We can continue. You are either a troll for saying this or ignorant.

        Metroid: Prime series looks great. I think really what you want to say is WHERE IS MY HD. I can play that game today and still look around and enjoy the work put in.

        “comic book?” Comic books?Do you mean them not looking actual generic shooting men who you can’t tell apart from each other? You mean making characters that hard to even remember there name because they look so generic. No thanks.

        “Ocarina of Time as one of the greatest games of all time just shows how shallow the narrative and small the scope of other Nintendo games are – OoT ”

        Link one of link parents died by ganondorf. His mother died just getting her child to survive. This is theme introduced 1-2 hours into game. You are a boy who goes on a quest to defeat a strong wizard/magical man or whatever lol. You meet deku in game and he dies right in front of you after supposedly being like your dad in the story. Look at how many people die in this story in 1-2 hours already. Then you go out of this small world you always lived into a world at that time that is HUGE. OMG I can go to a Castle or Mountain or To place with Fish People[ocean place kinda] or Ranch or to desert or many even go back even deep in the forest. To a kid or adult at the time this was like a freaking fantasy dream. It’s not how huge it is it’s what they did with it. It felt like the ultimate adventure! EPIC. Next you go to the Zelda and than you do your save the world thing that is very popular with games. I will also like to note when you went to the villages every character HAD a personally. Today when you play games most characters are like dead souls or one/two characters are somewhat interesting. Everyone there had a point and purpose in someway. I could talk about the characters that i loved that were NPCs but I will not because of writing length.

        Zelda Boss: Were epic.

        First you fight a freaking weird looking eye ball birthing creature.
        Second: A giant rolling ball lizard who can breathe fire.
        Third:Jellyfish power plant thing that was very unique.
        Fourth: Ganondorf Clone who can go into paintings an you must find out which one is him.
        Fifth:a DRAGON A FREAKING DRAGON! A battle in a volcano to was epic.
        Sixth:Water temple is it’s own boss imo. But the water vortex thing
        was an epic idea.
        And so on.

        And we didn’t even cover the themes of places or dungeons.
        The music that is still getting millions of views and being enjoyed.

        This game had more creative than most games today I would go as far as 90%.

        There is much I could go into about Zelda game.

        Zelda will never be a Skyrim because it’s dungeons have purpose
        and puzzles. There all so all very unique from each oppose to Skyrim where it’s just go in and out. Which nothing is wrong with that but isn’t how Zelda works.

        Skyward was a more linear game than the past ones but Zelda is known to never give you the same experience twice something Elder Scrolls will not do. I will say I would have liked a little more sidequest and more opened. But what they did was put more content in there places to make them last out more. It was a cool experience can’t wait for the next one.

        I’m sorry if your not a troll but I can’t let such bs get away.

        1. Well, let’s start with the Starfox and Metroid statement. With the exception of Starfox Adventures, Starfox has had the same Rebel Assault style stuck-in-the-early-nineties gameplay in every game. Metroid, (ignoring the 2D versions, as I have yet to play one of those that hasn’t been awesome), just doesn’t live up to its potential. You compared it to Bioshock, but the problem is that the Metroid: Prime games do little to distinguish themselves from games like Bioshock which have similar gameplay (Yeah, I know, no other shooter has all of Samus’ suit abilities) but significantly more atmosphere as a direct result of much higher production values. I also just feel that the aforementioned suit abilities do not fit in a FPS style. There just isn’t enough exploration in the games to make something like the morph ball really shine. No, by comic book style I mean lacking in detail and scope, a gameworld that feels artificially constrained to the context of the immediate action, that doesn’t feel like it exists as part of a larger setting. Your experience may have been different, but that’s what Metroid:Prime felt like to me.

          If you must make juvenile comments then yes, I do want to see a game like this in HD. The extra detail tends to add realism, which is important, especially if you have got used to higher fidelity graphics, sound, etc. which anyone who hasn’t confined themselves to only Nintendo consoles will have done by this point.

          As for your list, I can’t stand the CoD series, never played Uncharted, have no interest whatsoever in Killzone, haven’t played Max Payne 3, and think God of War is mindless crap. I might consider sticking Halo 4 on a Christmas list or something, but since the main story concluded in Halo 3 I really have no interest in paying for it – Reach was just more of the same with some extra visual and multiplayer polish. However, say what you like about the fact that Halo 4 looks like more of the same, but you can’t deny that the series revolutionised the console FPS, 1 for general gameplay and AI, 2 for multiplayer. I don’t consider any of those titles ‘mature’. Putting words in my mouth in an attempt to imply I just like dumb gritty nonsense isn’t going to work here. Mature gaming lies in things like Silent Hill 2’s bold move to explore the basic sexuality of its main character through its enemy design, Heavy Rain’s depiction of the hopelessness of the series of events leading up to losing your child, Alan Wake’s willingness to completely immerse itself in style and content normally reserved for novels and tv shows, and to credit the player with the intelligence to not need to be spoon fed every detail of the plot. Kratos running around getting red on him is not my idea of mature gaming. Most AAA ‘shiny violence’ games are more my idea of gaming hell. Except Mass Effect, but after the first game I was willing to put up with the slow degeneration of the following 2 games in order to spend more time with the characters.

          The fact of the matter is that my primary interest in gaming lies in 2 genres – Horror and RPGs. As a result I am used to much, much more atmosphere than that of M:P, and much more depth and scope of story than any Zelda game post-LttP. So, let’s look at your Zelda comments…

          The death of Link’s parents is mentioned and forgotten in the space of a few minutes. Sure, great, give the character a tragic past, brilliant, but just mentioning it and showing nothing of the effect it has on the character does not make it deep. It makes it throwaway.

          A boy going on a quest to defeat a wizard is one of the oldest rpg cliches in the book. The thing that made the original LoZ different was the feeling of exploration, the fact that you knew nothing about this world and had to work it out on your own. 3D Zelda has never managed to recreate this – The worlds are not big enough (with the possible exception of Wind Waker, which I actually thought was the best 3D Zelda to date, with the exception of the fact that I hated the graphical style) and there’s far to much hand holding.

          As for the variety of locations, sure there was plenty of variety, but every single location (including Hyrule Field) felt small. It was odd, you got the impression of this grand scope, you could see what Nintendo were going for, but it was all ruined for me by the fact that the tiny actual size of the areas was completely at odds with it. For instance, going ‘deep into the woods involved traversing 3 or 4 areas that could each be navigated in under a minute. The ‘maze’ leading up to the forest temple was a little longer, but not much.

          The characters had personality, yes, but I never contested that.

          As for the game having more creativity (as I am assuming you meant to say when typing that the game ‘had more creative’) than 90% of games nowadays, you’re probably right. Nowadays there is a distinct lack of creativity in the industry.

          Back when it was first released however, it was a very different matter. During the N64’s console generation, the Final Fantasy series was hitting its high point, with both 7 and 8 (and even 9, as much as I hate to admit it) providing much more depth of story and characters, and much more epic a world than OoT. Of course, you could argue that Zelda is not a regular RPG, it’s an ‘Action/Adventure’ game or an ‘Action RPG’, but in that case that very same console generation yielded the only Zelda clone to prove better than the current instalment of the game it was copying: Alundra. Sure, it was 2D, so it was easier for the developer to make the world bigger, but it had just as much innovation in terms of items, the main premise was much more interesting, and the supporting cast was much more fleshed out due to the fact that the player got to actually see (and explore) inside their dreams (well, some of them, but enough that they felt complex and interesting, like real people).

          Every side character in OoT did NOT have a purpose. If you’re saying that every person at the Market had an important role in either the story or the gameplay then I suggest you go back and play it again. Many of them are just there to provide window dressing. Sure, they have fairly vivid personalities, but any half decent game with RPG trappings will manage that.

          As for OoT’s bosses and dungeons, I completely agree with you. The bosses were imaginative and varied, and I even said in my original post that no game does dungeons as well as Zelda games do dungeons. I wasn’t saying that Zelda games should be more like the Elder Scrolls games in general, just that the Hyrule I grew up with (and necessarily had to flesh out in my head) seemed much closer in terms of the sense of scope and exploration to an Elder Scrolls overworld than the small, boxed in Hyrule of OoT. Imagine a Hyrule as big as that, with as much to explore, as much to find and do, but with all the personality, lore, clever gameplay mechanics, etc that characterise Zelda games. Can you really say that riding around a little square of land on Epona is better than the idea of being able to climb to the top of a mountain several km tall using only the hookshot and your own initiative just to be able to watch the sun set behind the Kokiri forest, the light filtering beautifully through the trees, casting vivid oranges and reds against the walls of Hyrule castle, creating a long shadow on the other side, the smoke billowing realistically around the crater atop Death Mountain in the distance, smaller settlements, rivers, hills and forests dotted around the land, all accessible if you travel far enough in that direction. That kind of thing is possible with current hardware, it had been for years now. That’s what frustrates me about Nintendo – they have the ability to realise this beautiful, epic world, but they never do, and not because they can’t, but because they won’t. Frankly I criticise because I love Hyrule as a setting and think it deserves better treatment than it gets.

          I can forgive you for thinking I was some kind of troll, but the fact is that I remember Nintendo in the 8bit and 16 bit eras, back when they were unmatched, when every Zelda game was epic and breathtaking (for it’s time of course), back when Metroid had its own distinct gameplay across sprawling, vast planets, rather than being an average fps with a few adventure elements thrown in, back when they didn’t struggle to meet the potential of rival hardware, they matched it or dominated it. With the advent of 3D gaming, the only Nintendo franchise that hasn’t suffered has been Mario. I see potential for this to change with the WiiU, which is why I’m excited about it, because everything that Nintendo should have been doing this generation will be finally be possible.

  5. Good thing I am not in this “hardcore vs casual” nonsense. I play whatever game I feel is fun, whether it is simple or complex. The “hardcore vs casual” debate is ruining the fun of gaming. Just play the games you enjoy and do not worry about games you do not care for. There is plenty to go around.

  6. I’m going to pick up 1 of these and a Wii Remote Plus, then I’ll have 3 ways to play. Leave luck to heaven.

  7. Seriously, developer and most gamers do not get it. Hardcore gamers are gamers who play games with long learning curves. (Ninja gaiden anyone?)And there are different types of hardcore gamers. Those hardcore gamers we are mention here are trully casuals who hate changes and thinks games with adult settings are hardcore without mention about the gameplay mechanics. Just ignore this wannabe hardcore gamers and go on with more creative gameplay mechanics.

  8. Although the Game Pad does the job just fine, since it has all the right buttons on top of the middle screen for even more options, there will always be that one group that whines about it being different and wanting what they’ve always had.
    It’s that entitled bunch that Nintendo decided to favor when they made the Pro controller.
    It isn’t needed; it’s just catering to the people who refuse to get used to anything they’ve never tried before.
    It isn’t a bad thing, since it will win them more sales, but I find it sad that a move like that is actually needed in the first place.
    Some people……ugh.>_>

    1. You see, there’s this pesky little thing called ergonomics to consider. Nintendo spent the N64 and Gamecube days perfecting their controller design (in terms of how comfortably it fit in the hands, not necessarily in terms of button placement – the Gamecube pad was horribly laid out), so they know a little something on the topic. The pro controller clearly exists because holding the Upad is not going to be anywhere near as comfortable as holding a more standard controller. It’s pretty much a rectangular block with a few curves thrown in, of course it isn’t going to fit in the hands as well as something much closer to the Xbox pad (I mention that not because of how close the pro-controller is to that design, but more because the Xbox 360 pad is generally hailed as the most perfectly designed control pad in gaming so far). So, when the screen isn’t being used it makes sense to have a more comfortable alternative. It’s not about people refusing to get used to something they’ve never tried before (that ridiculous argument would also apply to the ‘classic controller’ for the Wii, just FYI), it’s about applying design knowledge to creating a better gaming experience for the customer.

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  10. Too bad they will be. But not like it matters, since core gamers give up on Nintendo consoles every generation, until there are none of them left.

        1. I said what I meant to say.
          You’re blind if you think Core gamers don’t enjoy games on Nintendo systems.
          I can count at least three or four dozen people I’ve met just this week alone who still enjoy a round or three of Brawl, and most of their time otherwise is spent on shooters with their PS3.
          You’ve got an incredibly narrow-minded and false opinion of what a “core” gamer is, if you’re under the delusion that none of them play Nintendo systems.

          1. I’ll say it again, core gamers are not playing Nintendo systems for core games.

            I don’t think it gets more simple and straightforward than that.

            1. …they play them for the few hardcore games Nintendo still produces, e.g SMG, Zelda TP+SS, DCKR, Smash Bros, MK, etc. While they’re scarce, they’re still levels above the majority of the games flooding the industry on other consoles. In short, Nintendo consoles are still valuable in the fact that they’re the only machines that are going to play the premium content found with Nintendo’s IPs. Once you’re done with the Nintendo hardcore you can go back to your PS3/360 and enjoy their respective exclusives and multiplats.

              Is it really that hard for you to understand?

              1. SMG is not “hardcore”, and neither was TP/SS, most certainly the latter.

                DKCR maybe, Smash Bros turned casual compared to Melee and I really, REALLY hope that “MK” doesn’t stand for Mario Kart.

                1. your really love nintendo don’t you? here day after day trolling with ur bull like a school girl who was rejected by a crush its happen everone needs hobbies just your is sucking nintendo daily u wake on nintendo d*ck at least have some breakfast first

                2. I feel like I’m a core gamer, I have racked up over a weeks worth of gameplay on battlefield 3 yet I still hop on my wii when I’m tired of the senseless shooting and play animal crossing, metroid prime 3, red steel (yes the original), cod 3 which had a waaaayyy better gameplay than it did on the 360 thanks to the controller, the godfather: blackhand, super mario galaxy, star wars force unleashed again another game that had better gameplay than the other consoles because of the controller, trauma center yea its not that exciting but i have put hours into that game, and of course ssbb.I have put countless hours of gameplay into all of those games mastering them. Now if you are saying that because I play these games that automatically doesn’t make me a core gamer then you know what, I don;t want to be part of your “elite club” of gamers.

                3. Sonysoft didn’t start to sale until they dropped below 350 if 360 was still 400 would it sell more than the wii because wii has only dropped a hundred since launch sonysoft should be careful for the 8th gen

            2. If you dont like Nintendo then maybe you should go comment on a Sony or Microsoft news page. Is there like something you are trying to prove to us? Because in my opinion, I dont think its working.

            3. Actually, I think you’ll find that ‘core’ gamers are playing whatever the heck they happen to enjoy on any hardware capable of running games. A real gamer isn’t blindly loyal to a console, they’re loyal to gaming. I’d love to see you play Monster Hunter Tri and pass it off as casual. Let’s also not forget that the 3DS just got the only decent Diablo-esque dungeon crawler on a console for years.

              Oh, and of course the Resident Evil Remake, considered by most survival horror fans as best traditional Resident Evil game next to RE2, was a Nintendo exclusive (and payable on the Wii). Then, while on the subject of RE, the 3DS got RE Revelations, which is similarly considered by many to be the closest thing to a return to form for the series since RE4 took it way off course.

              And then we look towards the WiiU and see games like ZombiU. If you could kindly point out where any aspect of that looks ‘casual’ then maybe it might be possible to take your assertion seriously.

              Frankly your argument that core players are not playing Nintendo systems for core games has no real evidence behind it and only illustrates that you clearly haven’t been paying attention to Nintendo gaming for a long time. Or maybe you have no idea what ‘core’ gaming actually means and think that ‘core’ is some sort of euphemism for ‘Call of Duty’?

              I wonder if you can even attempt to justify your claim with evidence or if you’ll just repeat your same uninformed nonsense over and over. If you can justify yourself then great, I’ll happily listen and give your argument fair thought. If not then frankly get back under your bridge before you get ravaged by a goat.

                1. If you didn’t read it, you have no idea whether the points are irrelevant or not. If you want to have a grown up debate, make the effort to do the reading. All your comment says is that you either a) have no interest in intelligent discussion, or b) read the entire post and have no rebuttal.

                  Either you want serious discussion or you have no idea what you’re talking about and just enjoy trolling. If you want the former, then make the effort, if it’s the latter then you’re a bigger waste of sperm than if your dad had just jizzed into a Kleenex. Make your choice.

              1. I too didn’t read that but i will be a hard core gamer playing zombiU and I will put countless hours of gameplay mastering that game

            4. @ Aeolus
              You’re an idiot if you think that Nintendo system’s don’t have any of their own Core games outside of third-party offerings like CoD, hence you’re wrong on all accounts.
              If anything is simple and straightforward, it’s the number of times you’ve made yourself look exactly like what you are; an elitist troll who can’t see past his shooter scope and the blood in his Graphics.

  11. The all made a mistake to let Nintendo release first. Possibilities are endless, people are broke so a company that gives them a quality low cost next gen system has already won. Then there is OUYA between the Wii U/ PC and ps4/xbox720. Xbox only really sells in the US Nintendo is world wide followed by sony. This new generation no Matter what exbox makes Microsoft is coming out last.

    1. I really hope they add rumble to the pro controller, if not no big deal I guarantee there will be a 3rd party version of it that does have rumble

  12. DirectX11 or gtfo, Nintendo. This is 2012, you can’t use a poor DirectX 10.1 GPU that can’t even run Crysis 2 properly. Nintendo, if you wanna get hardcore gamers, get a Radeon HD 6770! I saw videos on Youtube and even if it is a year old GPU, at least it is DirectX 11 and it can run Unreal Engine 4 properly.

    1. Even with a rumored Radeon HD 4850, it’ll still match, if not beat, the 720’s rumored Radeon HD 6670 and, besides, GPU’s are always modified and optimized when they’re made for consoles so they can get the most out of it. Oh and Nintendo doesn’t use a DirectX, they use OpenGL.

            1. Hell, the PS3/360 didn’t even run Unreal Engine 3 at “max power” and, besides, NO system can run an engine at “max power”. You mean, take advantage of the engine to it’s fullest.

            2. A GTX 680 was used for the demo they should, absolutely nowhere mentioned that would be the requirement to run any sort of UE4 game at ultra settings. Nowhere.

                    1. Guess you’re not very well informed (although that wasn’t any more obvious):

                      Red Steel 2 was supposed to be based on a heavily watered down version of Unreal Engine 3…which turned out to be UE 2.5.

                      And not to mention Epic’s comments back then:

                      Epic already showed off UE3 on the PlayStation 3, back in 2005, at Sony’s briefing ahead of the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Things have come a long way since then. Don’t, however, expect to see UE3 on Nintendo’s new console – at least not in any official capacity.

                      Thanks to some pretty advanced technical requirements on the graphics and central processors, the Wii finds itself unable to run UE3 in its current form. That might not be the end of the story, though, as Rein explains: “I’m sure one our licensees will, at some point, squeeze it down into the Wii, the way Ubisoft squeezed UE2 into the PSP, for instance.”

                      Please stop being slow or incredibly simple. Do your research and educate yourself instead of coming up with “I don’t know what this proves”.

                  1. I’m very well aware that that the Wii doesn’t run Unreal Engine 3. No need to be Capt. Obvious, here. Oh and this was probably the first time I said “What exactly was that supposed to prove?” so you’re not really an argument or a point here and, again, wtf was that supposed to prove?

        1. Scaled down is nothing to talk about if it looks nothing like what the engine does on a more powerful machine.

                1. That was such a heavily modified version of UE3 that it was effectively “3.9”, and required about 3 GTX 680s to run so smoothly if I’m not mistaken.

              1. No, look at Unreal Tournament and tell me that the ps3/360 used it to its full potential. It would probably work out better for developers to still use U3, because they can make it look and run damn close to a PC.

              1. I don’t know, but MS said they want to make the strongest console of next gen. They don’t fuck around at all when it comes to power, so it may be true.

              2. Argh. Why doesn’t Nintendo just release the specs or at least give us some hint about the Ram or something. I know, gamelay over graphics, but really now. Why so secretive?

                  1. Not really, they’ve done this for ages and haven’t came out discussing specs since perhaps the Gamecube. Wii U has nothing to talk about in the specs department, the next gen will be very much like this one, when the console is eventually outclassed by vastly superior hardware.

                    Fast forward 5-6 years later, they’ll retire the Wii U yet again and come out with their latest “innovation” that lasts for one generation.

                    1. They’re not taking any “break” they can’t compete. The Wii U’s specs are once again, not up to par. They’re not doing powerful consoles anymore until Iwata gets the fuck out, which won’t be happening anytime soon.

                      Might as well deal with it. Also, I’m not even sure how you came up with that reply, proof of your lack of intelligence if that’s what you interpreted.

                    2. It wasn’t, Yamauchi was still the president during the Gamecube’s development so Iwata had very little to do with how the Gamecube turned out to be in specs.

      1. That rumor was longgggggggggggg burned to a crisp. Remove any and all mentions of 6670 and 720 in the same sentence because it is not going to happen. But if you -want- to believe it, suit yourself. The more wrong you’ll end up when the truth comes around.

        They’ll be stuck with an outdated version of Open GL.

          1. It clearly does if you’re trying to defend them with specs.

            HD6670 in a 720? Epic and Crytek would crucify Microsoft, how dare you mention that foul rumor.

              1. Because it is, what’s on paper has very few similarities to that card. Definitely a mid range R700 instead.

                    1. These sources, would have been made a note of and proven on Gaf it were legit.

                      This has not happened, period.

                    2. You must love watering down the facts just because it’s on a forum containing gamers.

                      news flash: Gaf is one of, if not THE most reliable source of rumors being bullshit or not. If the insiders in the thread have confirmed the series of card it’s based on, that’s what it is. Simple as that.

                      One way or another, I’ll be proven right, so it doesn’t bother me in the slightest whether or not you want to believe it. At all.

                    3. Ok, that’s cool. Again, you can believe what you choose to believe. It doesn’t bother me in the slightest. I’m just waiting for all three to come out to see which one I really want.

        1. Ok. I am tired of you talking crap about Nintendo. I dont think you even know anything about the Wii U! You are just trying to get people on your side with “realistic information” so that way people will start hating Nintendo because of you making comments about how weak the Wii U in graphics or power or whatever. I dont even think the sources you are using are even real! So please, If you dont like Nintendo, then go talk on a Sony or Microsoft page about how much you like it and talk good stuff about like what processors they’ll be using or if they expanded their flash memory for their storage capacity or whatever, yet you talk shit about Nintendo and how weak their system is. I really like Nintendo. I’ve been playing ever since the Game Boy Advance was released and I sticked with Nintendo, but I get upset because there is some guy (YOU) that is talking trash about Nintendo and that it will be very weak and outdated and none of that is even true so just get out of this talk page. Go say how Sony and Microsoft is good at a Sony and Microsoft news page. Come on! Go! Im sick and tired of you getting into fights with other people and telling retarded stuff. Please just dont bother this page anymore. I hate it.

          1. If I was you, I wouldn’t get upset over it. That means he’s getting inside your head without even trying to do so. I just take his comments as they are and reply as nicely as I can, regardless of how he types his replies, which, by the way, have gotten way nicer. All I can say is that you shouldn’t get sensitive over it.

        2. If you cared about ‘core’ gaming half as much as you claim to you wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss OpenGL. You do realise that the majority of independent game developers are using OpenGL due to it being easier to use than DirectX, right? Sure, it’s not very well supported on integrated Intel chipsets, but then by your definition surely no ‘core’ gamer would be trying to play a game on a laptop anyway :P

          1. Easier to develop means nothing if it does not look next-gen. Wii was easy to develop for too and you got almost nothing but shovelware as a result.

            1. Look at mobile games like Shadowgun. They use openGL and are more than capable of near-current gen graphics. And this is with inferior graphics cards to those of the current gen consoles. The fact of the matter is that DirectX is just a set of libraries allowing the programmer to communicate what they want to the graphics hardware. OpenGL is just a different version of the same thing. Using the same hardware, a talented developer will be able to get the same results from either DirectX or OpenGL, it will just require more manual work to get the same level of polish from OpenGL. For someone who claims to be a developer, you really do like leaving out details if they, oh, let’s just say completely invalidate your argument.

    2. I also get that Nintendo it’s trying to sell the WIi U at a loss and it needs a good price, but for a console that needs a lot of power and yet to be cheap, the price has to be 350-450.

    3. You do know that the Wii U fully runs CryEngine 3 right? All Crytek have to do is stick a Crysis 3 game with a Wii U logo and we are playing it :). Research yourself don’t listen to Alveolus or the other Alveolus wanna be that throw anonymous source information. Developers themselves have stated they really can’t say much cause Nintendo has a gag NDA on them. Just save up cause Wii U is epic.

        1. Think about the NDA this way, your family has investment plans that will one day facilitate a cruise to Jamaica; would you want your money squandering uncle or aunt in on it and mess up the trips resources? Ending up with you taking a trip to Wyoming. The uncle being SONY playstation division and the unscrupulous aunt Microsofts xbox division lol.

      1. That’s the thing. CryEngine 3 runs fully only on a DirectX11 GPU, so the Wii U may use Radeon 6770!

        1. CryEngine runs on the 360 and PS3 too, stop listening to Gamer’s hype attempts. He’s a known brand loyalist for Nintendo pretending to know what he’s talking about. Caught him in the act multiple times and then he has nothing to say afterwards.

          1. I know you are not talking about me Aveolus. If there was a brand that am a loyalist to it’s apple. Am here so type what you may. You know people have jobs and other school and business ventures we don’t stay on the troll stroll 24/7.

      2. All current gen systems besides the Wii run CryEngine 3, stop overhyping the ever loving fuck out of that engine, because it is not anything be impressed about once UE4 and Luminous comes along.

        1. yeah, but the PS3 and 360 don’t run the engine that well, specially the PS3. The PS3 version of Crysis 2 had worse resolution and a worse frame-rate than the PC version. Even the 360 version had better graphics than the PS3 version.

          1. The point is, they can run them. Wii U will be able to do it better, but still nowhere near to how PCs or the next-gen probably can.

            Also, 360 multiplatform titles generally look better than the PS3.

          2. What Crytek wanted to sat t that the Wii U, unlike the PS3 and 360, will run the engine without any FPS problem or anything like that.

            1. That’s when the Gamepad isn’t streaming anything. Which is interesting, because Nintendo effectively gimps any shot of showing some performance over existing consoles with that very controller.

              Just like the DS and the 3DS with dual screens (worse scenario since 3D is effectively mandatory in every game).

            2. And what exactly is so special about a system that can run CryEngine 3 a bit better than two other SIX YEARS old systems?

      3. Nintendo isn’t going to say anything, the Wii U’s specs show it to be little more than an overclocked 360.

        1. I don’t know. Crytek once said that the max. power of the PS3 and 360 it’s the min. power of the Wii U.

          1. Problem is the “max” may or may not be as better as one would think, especially with what’s on paper.

        2. Okay Microsoft employee, or payee. The 360 if you didn’t know held the powerful marvel that is the PS3 this generation. If 1/2 the developers were not lazy we would have had games made for the PS3 then simpler ports made for the RROD scratch box360. Uncharted 3 enough said. Am Nintendo but I recognized how Sony was sold short by our local Seattle second in position software company.

    1) Nintendo is gaming greatness even haters like IGN state that
    2) Capcom, gamings surprisingly number two great games maker is fully onboard with Nintendo alá monster hunter; heads will roll when resident evil 6 comes to the Wii U.
    3) The 3DS has found it’s grip on the industry again profits in :).
    4) Ubisoft the other third party giant is on Wii U guns blazing with games galore and then some ( Wii U is very easy to develop for with great power).
    5) EA is bringing everything FIFA is a world wide favorite Sony and ms forgot this lol.
    6) Activision will publish every COD iteration on every electronic device ( TI 83 calculator version coming soon ).
    7) gear box, Virgil, Sega………even RAREWARE feel like programing for 3DS again so now haters what excuse do you have?

    1. 1- Remains to be seen with the specs. Directx11, Nintendo! Directx11 2- Heh. Capcom may support Wii U if it is powerful, but then again RE6 looks like shit so I don’t care. 3- Pretty possible. Specially if Vita continues to sell poorly. 4- Same as 2. 5- Meh. Fifa it’s decent, but I rather go with NBA when it comes to sport games. 6- Fucking factual! Activision loves $$$$$$$$$$$$$$! 7- They will do that if the Vita wil lfail.

      1. It does everything that a traditional controller can and more and it’s really comfortable and light-weight too. Why the hell would they have to “adapt” to the Wii-U’s GamePad? It’s like adapting from the PS3’s DualShock to the 360’s Controller.

        1. It is not “comfortable” or nearly as accurate for extended sessions, that’s a medical fact.

          Stretch out any device and places analogs on the side and try that for a few hours, then switch to a more compact, ergonomic one. It’s very well counter-intuitive to a “hardcore” gamer, no matter how standard it looks.

          Not to mention the right analog placement.

          1. The gamePad it’s decent to say at least, but come on. The Pro Controller it’s 1000 times better.

            1. Yes, the latter is better. But I feel far too much developers will shoehorn mandatory GamePad gameplay that the controller can’t be used for. Then it becomes a problem.

                1. So me being on the show floor last year was bullshit? You don’t know the first thing about me, therefore it’s “bullshit” to you, because you probably can’t afford it.

          2. Thats funny, because everyone else who wer to e3 and wiiu experience tours said the controllers are “surprising comfortable” and “cant imagine causing a problem in long playthroughs”

            1. Wait, you were on about the pro controller?! Its near enough the same shape as a 360 controller!
              As someone who owns a ps3 and a wii, i can gracefully say that the 360 is superior, in terms of comfort, although its buttons designs are debatable, so everything you said is total crap

                    1. I’m talking about ergonomics, all of them are uncomfortable. The 3DS is no exception. The blind Nintendo defense is not going to sugarcoat those miserable things.

                    1. Stop being a fanboy. The 3DS has the most threads I’ve ever seen with users complaining about discomfort. The N64 is also commonly voted in the to 10 worst gaming controllers of all time. And lastly, the NES controller is renowned for a simple, yet hand cramping design. All of this can be looked up, my comments don’t post when I insert plenty of links like I *tried* just now.

          3. Have you tried the the gamepad yourself? I believe not, therefor are merely making an assumption based upon opinion therefor one sided or as some call biased. further more what everyone says is merely speculation and opinions and they would be damned to change their opinion on what they think about this console and its controllers.

  14. What classifies HARDCORE now? IMO the Nintendo GamePad is more “hardcore” then the game pro controller, it offers everything that the pro controller offers and then some. what make a controller fit for the “hardcore”? The Wii had game controls that were more challenging then anything on Xbox/Ps3. Red Steel 2 had hard and very engaging controls that pushed your gaming stills to the limit, Metriod 3, L.O.Z Skywardsword, Conduit, DonkeyKong Country Returns etc, had hardcore controls. I think The so called “Hardcore” gamer is no longer the same gamers of old, there kids and immature young adults who only play FPS. Which is why developer have gotten lazy over the past 6-7 years cause they don’t have to change or push anything cause these clowns love buying the same experience just give them more high res explosions and their happy, don’t challenge them with new and different….they will complain.

  15. Actually, i feel left out now. I feel like they will not focus on the crowd that has been supporting them for years, and just going after ps360 fans

        1. The thing is we are talking about Nintendo going after PS360 fans that play Crysis, Halo, gears, Uncharted all day.

          1. No. Ps360 do not play Crysis. Ive been on that online, its sucks.

            And you missed out COD, which probably has more people on its servers than all of those, although Halo probably has a shit ton.
            And so far, besides Black Ops 2, which i severely doubt wont be coming to the WiiU, the WiiU doesnt have any “big” online games. But its not even out? And Nintendo isnt big on online multiplayer anyway, their about local multiplayer, although im sure a ton of people will be playing Smash Bros 4 online. But that doesnt mean that we wont see a big online game, in the for of Star Fox, Metroid, F-Zero, or a new IP from either Nintendo or another developer.

            Sing has mothing to do with what you said, it was just a silly attempt to make the wiiu sound stupid, before its been released, before anyone owns it, and before all the games have been announced

  16. im a hardcore gamer, and i actually like the wii remote and nunchuck the most if the controls are used right though


    No, but a standard controller with be better fir some games

  18. I mostly want to know if the controller will work on VC games. Because I’ve had a Classic Controller from day one, and it’s been frustrating to play Zelda with. I’m not getting a Classic Controller Pro until I find out what games the Wii U Pro Controller works with.

  19. Its to late I already feel left out. alll the launch title FROM NINTENDO (not including third parties) totally suck. There is no Metroid, no zelda, no F-zero, no donkey kong, not even a yoshi’s island. nintendo has really been disappointing me for the last few years. I wish the wii-u could be something like an hd version of the snes. oh well I guess people just dont like games like super metroid or zelda a link to the past.

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  21. You don’t have to worry about that Nintendo, cause if gamers are as “hardcore” as they say they are, then they will play Wii U along with the other systems.

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