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Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 “Will Be A Very Original Experience”

James C. Burns, who plays Sgt. Frank Woods in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, has told gaming publication Complex that the forthcoming game from Treyarch will be a completely original experience. Burns then went on to say that it’s going to be one of the first Call of Duty experiences where you get to make decisions that ultimately affect the outcome.

What should gamers expect from Black Ops 2?

“It’s going to be a very original experience. Treyarch has gone to the edge of the universe. This is going to be one of the first interactive experiences where you get to make decisions that affect the outcome. So you could very well be playing at home, and you go and meet a friend of yours, and you are going to have two different outcomes to the game. Everything has been upgraded, from the narrative to playability of the game itself.”

95 thoughts on “Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 “Will Be A Very Original Experience””

      1. True. That game looked to be a disappointment.

        And before you jump the gun, I’ve seen a playthrough of all the main worlds from the japanese version of the game.
        Still don’t believe me? Check out streetpassdubai @ YouTube.

        1. That you don’t seem to like it doesn’t mean nobody will like it. But I’m not saying that you were saying that or something. But I like NSMB2, it looks really promising with the new game modes, power-ups and levels.

          1. I like nsmb2 but even i admit the game really lacks originality. Everything in that game has been done before, and while it may still be a good mario game, it’ll definately be forgettable.

            As for cod I’ve never really had a problen with the story mode (hell very few people even play the story mode in cod) its the lack of originality and innovation in the multiplayer thats earned it all the haters.

      2. I have never heard of a game called New Super Mario Rehash 2.

        It must be awesome and ten times better than this shit.

            1. Huh.. I guess NSMB2 IS an actual new game. I thought it was just a copy of the Wii and DS versions. Oh wait… it is.

              1. NSMB2?

                I thought we were talking about Super Mario Rehash 2

                Oh by the way New Super Mario Bro 2 isn’t a copy of the Wii and DS version.

                You are wrong on so many levels.

        1. Lol, a kid in my school was having a go at me for playing super smash bros and said he only likes realistic games and his favourite games are call of duty and grand theft auto

    1. Ikr this cod is the best so far can’t wait till ghost comes out but why do they make a new cod every year???????

  1. I don’t deny that the story might be original, but I bet it’ll be the same repeated, stagnant gameplay.

    1. I happen to be a Nintendo fan that also plays CoD. I agree that it’s not good for you but it’s not as bad a game as you think

    2. You mean, the gameplay will be the same silky smooth gameplay so many other shooters strive to achieve?

  2. I PRAY that they impress me. When COD4 came out, there wasn’t a better multiplayer suite to be found. I hope this is the game where they truly deliver on the first great COD narrative.

  3. Please upgrade the controls of the game. i seriously feel like im fighting with a wet paper bag when i play CoD which is why a major reason why i prefer Battlefield 3 over it

  4. Aeolus likes to suck off monkey dicks, and the monkey is Icy Dead People, and they also seem to be a idiots

    That was the best joke anyone has ever made, good one.

    1. It is supposed to be funny that your name is “a idiots”, or did you just make a mistake, because if its the latter, it’s a really unfortunate one.

  5. Yeah. I’ll believe that CoD can be original when Santa Claus gets shot down whilst flying over North Korea, before crashing into the ocean and coming back to life as an atomic Santa monster, attacking the U.S. Also Santa being real.

  6. I’ll believe it when i see it. And it doesnt matter what narrative changes you make, the game still sucks. In fact, the 1 thing COD has gotten rightis story. “Improving” it wont take away the fact its still a boring coridoor shooter

  7. I will Pass on this even if it comes out on the Wii U. I shall but it after it eighth month anniversary. Too many Wii U games deserve my money, with longer stories and gamer satisfaction.

  8. I know that cod games are usually the same but at least they have learnt from mw3 where fans hated it, fps games can be very good its just things like cod that seem to have in my opinion given them a bad name – i never heard ppl complain about metroid prime – a very good fps, BO2 is probably gonna be the first full cod game on a nintendo system so fans shud at least give it a chance – otherwise all the third party support ppl want wont happen as they wont bother because they will see nintendo fans as narrow minded fans who dont give games a chance because its not mario or zelda

    1. ^This…besides, I’m all for a variety of games, and I was in Gamestop pre-ordering The Last Story the other day, and I was watching a video walkthrough and commentary on it, and it actually looked pretty decent…so I’m always for more titles to make the Wii U more appealing, as “more appealing” = more games for system = me as gamer so very happy =)

  9. If they use the WiiU tablet to its max they will surely have a unique experience. No more cluttered screen,no more pausing to look at the map,no more checking if you have the right equipment. etc etc

    1. Why do so many people hate the fps genre? There are some really good ones filled with art and great gameplay. Halo being one example. People seem to dislike them because they haven’t been very original lately, well its the same same with rpg’s the only original rpg to come out in years would be xenoblade chronicals

      1. i don’t hate the FPs genre. I love Bulletstorm, Metroid Prime, Borderlands and other great FPS. The thing is, CoD it’s getting less exciting every year. At least Halo 4 looks badass ,Black Ops 2…… Not so much.

      2. I never liked dual analog fps games motion controlled fps games are way better and way slept on i mean a player using a ps move would have big advantage over a player with a dual shock sadly people seem to not realise this

  10. oh yeah treyarch that picture above looks nothing like the battle rifle and nothing in the black ops 2 trailer looks like anything from halo looks like you failed again im not buying this crap! call of duty sucks! all thye freaking do is release a game every year that never changes

  11. ‘This is going to be one of the first interactive experiences where you get to make decisions that affect the outcome. ‘

    Isn’t that, in essence, what all games are? You playing through a story and deciding what happens? Like completing the quest or doing nothing?

  12. Meh, I think I’ll pass. Call of Duty been a huge letdown since Modern Warfare 2. I hope Modern Warefare 4 is the last game in the series since they are running out of major wars to adapt into a plot. I rather play a fast paced and more original shooter, like Sin & Punishment for example.

  13. Gameplay pretty much the same yawn…
    When the game let’s you play as an Alien, Woman, Bear or Dog then I might buy one…

  14. Original? Doing things that were done all the way back on the super Nintendo are being hailed as original?

    By that logic, a remake of pac man on the new consoles is original too then.

  15. Doesnt sound that origional…there are many games that have diferent outcomes based on what you do throughout the game. Marvel Ultimate Alliance, Dead Island, Mass Effect 3…even Pikmin lol!!!

  16. No.

    No it won’t. It’ll be just like the others, with the same exact game engine, same Michael Bay-style “blow as much stuff up on screen at one time as we can” direction, same looking guns, and same crap story.

    It’ll just be in a different time (the near future). Big deal.

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