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Nintendo Says Nintendo Land Is For Passionate Gamers

Although Nintendo admits that Wii Sports and Wii Play are not full games, the publisher promises that Nintendo Land will be a huge title. According to Nintendo senior producer Katsuya Eguchi, Nintendo Land will have more depth and longetivity than Wii Sports. Eguchi believes that passionate gamers will appreciate Nintendo Land and will “sink their teeth” into it more than they did with Wii Sports.

“Wii Sports was very fun, but there was a desire to have experiences that had a bit more depth or longevity to them. Something that more passionate game fans might be able to sink their teeth into a little bit more.”

“I really love going to smaller scale theme parks, even carnival, old-style theme parks. Within it there are these miniature worlds that you can dive into for just a short period of time and lose yourself in the style and the atmosphere of that particular world.”

144 thoughts on “Nintendo Says Nintendo Land Is For Passionate Gamers”

      1. Not so different from what happened to me in a race on Mario Kart 7. And in this other one… Blue shell, red shell, star, putting me in last place right before the finish line, then the guy with the star just wants to be a dick and reverses into me before going through the finish line… >.< haha it sucked.

      1. True, although as far as I saw and played, Donkey Kong’s Crash Course, Luigi’s Ghost Mansion, Animal Crossing Sweet Day, and even the F-Zero game within NintendoLand were completely and utterly for playing with kids. Don’t get me wrong, they were fun, but after playing it, it just became stale, nevertheless the little kid to my left went on to play it 3 or 4 times more after my first try.

        So really only those playable titles can really be considered for kids, because everything else that has been announced, isn’t, which includes Takamaru’s Ninja Castle, and Zelda Battlequest. And considering that’s only half or a bit more than half of the games of NintendoLand, maybe the rest are like he says, for more passionate gamers.

  1. Looking forward to throw a Wii U lauch party @ my house forcing my friends to play this game with me :)<3 Just to figure out that they need a Wii U :D<3

        1. AWWWW SNAAAAAP he has a girlfriend and you don’t
          but seriously that is a damn good idea I’m probably going to steal that idea

          1. Point was that he claimed that I had no IRL friends who would like the Wii U. Point is that I have alot of IRL friends who’re interested

        1. um no COD is casual due to its easy and play (ex: kids play this), something like battlefield is hardcore.

      1. yes. the fact is that offline play by yourself is boring on this. the only game that looks fun to play by yourself is the star one. if its not a pack in then why the hell would i pay 50 bucks to play a single minigame. I had NOBODY in my house to play with and i doubt any of my friends irl want to play nintendo games. the only way im buying it is if has online. playing this game with voice chat would be incredibly fun.

        1. Why would that even be a thought in your mind? How much time did they spend at e3 talking about the Nintendo Network, 5000 hours? For one of their launch titles not to support online play is something stupid people would think.

          1. Oh, I have friends. They’re more into Call of Duty though, playing these games with my family surprise, surprise.

        2. In a video it talked about voice chat while playing Luigis Ghost Mansion mini game which looks pretty fun. So that sounds like online play to me.

  2. Still not sold. Multiple levels of the same type of gameplay doesn’t influence me to buy it. If it is bundled I will get it; if it is not I will likely never own it.

  3. That’s a pretty bold statement to make Nintendo considering how subjective that can be. I get what you’re saying but we live in an age where 70% of gamers have turned into ungrateful cynical assholes. I don’t think Nintendoland is going to win them over even if it does turn out to be deeper than it initially looks.

    1. Just like Pokémon… I have NEVER seen a game with a deeper tournament meta game and I’ve played many different kind of games on tournament or semi-tournament level :S

        1. That’s sucks. I will be a Nintendo fan until the day I’ll died. and I’m gonna make sure my future generation remembers the good old times too.

    1. Me too. I got a chance to play it in a Chicaho Wii U Experience convention and loved it. Luigi’s Ghost Mansion and Takamaru’s Ninja Caste are my favorites so far. I loved the idea of this game since the reveal and it gives Takamaru (the samurai in my gravatar) more American publicity.

      1. I envy you. I’ve heard of Nazo no Murasame Jō/The Mysterious Murasame castle and I can say that it looks like a fun game in DIRE need of a sequel/remake.

        1. I have Samurai Warriors 3 which features Takamaru. I still have to beat the Murasame castle, but no one plays online anymore :( and I don’t have anyone that would really want to play with me on it. Some parts are kind of hard by yourself.

        2. I agree with you, my friend. All he needs is to be payable in Super Smash Bros. 4 to gain more popularity and fuel interests in a revival.

  4. NintendoLand was fun and it was a great way to get everybody involve. So you guys won’t be disappointed with it. I tried the Link a-venture section and I love it.

  5. this game looks pretty entertaining. i’ll probably pick it up even if its not a pack in. it seems like nintendo put a lot of time and effort into it and they also have a lot of faith in the wuality of the game, so i’ll give it a shot.

  6. I have to honest, this game does look fun. And we’ve only seen about half of the games, and only one stage/level within those.

    I still hope it packadged with the console, only because i think it would be a good move for Nintendo as a business, and it’ll introduced new, young and old casuals as well as hardcores to their key franchises, which well follow in the later years

        1. Do you know what game I really want to see. The Yoshi and Pikmin one. It seems like you get to ride the yoshis so maybe it’s like mario kart. And I’m a big fan of pikmin so I know I’ll like the pikmin one.

              1. I duno, they seem set on the 12…i thought it would be because another conoany own the rights meanjng trre was a game being made, same way how kirby and pokemon are missing from this too

  7. looks more on the casual side to me. passionate gamers will be too busy playing games with much more depth than a mini game compilation.

    1. Nintendo likes to please both. But I think the casual audience will get a better kick out of it, although we haven’t seen everything so it may be a game that dedicated gamers can sink there teeth into, who knows?

  8. I’m a very passionate gamer, deflowering my brand new Wii console with Skyward Sword was a whole ceremony for me. Story lines mean everything.

    1. With anyone else, that would look like youre just saying “woo” or “yay”, puttig your hands up , but eith your gravatar, it look like you just found the hookshot or something

  9. Lol, this is what they see as games for passionate gamers? So they basically call this a hardcore game? Yea, if things like this were their plan to please hardcore gamers then they SURE are going to catch their attention. /sarcasm
    Really, Nintendo? I don’t know about anyone else but I think if Nintendo is seeing games like Nintendo Land as games for passionate gamers, it will be hard for people to take Nintendo serious anymore. I mean, it’s just a bunch of minigames, how is this supposed to be for passionate gamers? The Legend of Zelda is for passionate gamers, Super Smash Bros. is for passionate gamers, but Nintendo Land definitely is not.
    Nintendo has been disappointing me a lot lately with their recent actions and statements. I thought I knew Nintendo better, this is not what I thought they were.

      1. Passionate gamers are hardcore gamers.Being a hardcore gamer means you are dedicated to and passionate about gaming. Being a hardcore gamer means you want to get the most out of your games and you want satisfing experiences.

      2. oh wait i misread that, passionate is not the same as hardcore yet hardcore can be passionate and vice versa

    1. Iwata ruined Nintendo. Yamauchi was the true hardcore president that helped deliver hardcore games to their fans in the past.

      The solution is to Fire Casualoru Iwata.

        1. The same IPs doesn’t mean they’re as good as the old.

          Show us these games being announced or implied, rather than “pretty much confirmed”. Not like it matters, because they could easily butcher both.

    2. ^This
      And other than Nintendoland, it seems like the only things Nintendo ever calls hardcore anymore are 3rd party games. Nintendo needs to put effort into THEIR actual hardcore franchises. Zelda, Metroid, Smash, Starfox, F-Zero, god forbid even a new Earthbound game that makes it out of Japan!

      1. Everyone would be lucky if they made mother 4 hell it doesn’t need to be released in the outside japan just the game existing would be lucky enough for any of us mother fans.

        1. Other M, NSMB’s existence, CasualSword, LOLSTARFOX PORT, F-Zero absent entirely edition, Casualbros brawl.

          Yeah, plenty of effort went into these.

          1. Other M was my FAVORITE Metroid game, NSMB’s is fun, Skyward Sword was AMAZING and had a great story line, I have no clue what “STRFOX PORT” is?? and F-Zero being “absent” desnt prove a lack of effort. Lastly, dont even try to say Super Smash Bros. Brawl is a bad game. TONS of effort went into that game. The Super Sash games only get better with each installment… Nintendo puts out more effort than any other gaming company. They are more innovative while the others companies try to one up each other through copying successful ideas.

          2. Metroid Prime 3 and Other M was still a great game. Skyward Sword had the longest development time and had the largest number of people working on them. Star Fox was ported because people wanted them and Miyamoto already wants them to be made so they’re going to be made. F-Zero was only absent for ONE generation, like Metroid was on the N64, that doesn’t it doesn’t exist. As for Brawl…you’re seriously going to sit here and tell me a lot of effort didn’t go into Brawl? Yeah ok, if I had any doubt that you despise Nintendo with a burning passion, it’s gone.

        2. My point was that none of these are currently coming up for Wii U, which is supposed to be a hardcore console (except for smash which will come out in like 3 years). And really, any new games of these franchises of the past gen have mostly been either crappy, outsourced to other companies (in a bad way), or casual.

  10. i hope the fact that Nintendo Land is being compared with Wii Sports implies that Nintendo Land will come with the Wii U

    1. i would love this game with the wii u. If it doesnt come packaged, then not getting it till its on sale or something. i need to get NSMBU and rayman legends first

  11. i have passion….



  12. If you ask me, Nintendo Land is just meant to introduce unfamiliar people to some of Nintendo’s franchises. It does look fun but, if it’s not packaged with the system, I’m definitely not playing it.

        1. yeah but if theres like not alot of games to get AFTER i get all the good ones, then would probably get this

  13. Hearing more about wii u games gets me very, VERY hyped, kinda like sugar rush. Eventually, we wont stay this hyped, so PLEASE nintendo, tell us something that we can hold onto until the Wii U nintendo direct. I wanna feel nice in my pants

    1. Nintendoland, Mario sells too well to not make the amount of money they could get for selling it separately.

  14. I’m a sucker for arcade comps like Metal Slug Anthology and Namco Museum, and looking at Nintendo Land in a similar manner I’m very keen on having it in my collection (hopefully it is a pack-in title).

  15. If marketed right this could be the epitome of the child and casual market! I mean, its like a little taste of EVERYTHING Nintendo makes! It’s like the crack dealer giving you a free hit, YOU. ARE. HOOKED. You cannot tell me this won’t get people to play the game series’ the mini games are based on! It’s actually ingenious, but would definitely have greater market penetration as a pack-in/free download. In the long run it would do better as a pack-in to a)move systems to children/casual gamers, and b)get to those children/ casual gamers into other games Nintendo has to offer. Here’s the logic: You buy a Wii, you ONLY play wii sports, you dont know what else is good on the system and you dont care. You see Wii sports resort on Tv and think “oh more Wii sports! I should buy that!”. Now imagine that you love playing the f-zero mini game and its your first real taste of the series, when they roll out an actual f-zero game you’ll say “Oh shit that looks badass! Why am I’m still playing this shitty mini game when THAT looks waaaay better?!” I think it would go EXACTLY like that, and I’m 100% sure this is Nintendo’s goal with Nintendoland. Pure. Fucking. Genius.

  16. Ok this SHOULD come with the Wii U. The wii came with wii sports, and 3ds came with those AR cards and play games with them. There HAS to be some game to come out with the Wii U, and it SHOULD be this, it basically shows all of the Wii U features O_O

  17. This game looks cool, as a PACK-IN title. Nintendo cannot realistically expect me to purchase this shallower, pick up and play multiplayer game(and it will probably excel at that much like Wii Sports) when there are so many launch titles I want, half of which the moths in my wallet will not allow me to purchase after the system and a pro controller. This needs to be a pack in…I’m passionate, but I am not paying extra for this game. Period.

  18. This game has the potential to be a sleeper hit. It looks pretty cool, but you need multiple controllers to get the full experience. Leave luck to heaven.

  19. You mean, passionate mini-gamers. Don’t measure our value by whether or not we’ll actually buy this game. I don’t need to buy this game to prove I’m a “passionate gamer” and you, Mr. Eguchi sir, have no right to make such a standard. Especially based on a game like THAT.

  20. Nintendo is starting to totally lose track of what the fans want. Only the utmost blinded to the truth Nintendo fanboys will say Nintendo Land is the hardcore game fans are dying to buy on WiiU. Nintendo Land would be fun, but I don’t know anyone who will pay separate for it. Also, I know this is far from a system seller. With Wii, Nintendo’s plan was easy and simple. It was the same way with 3DS and DS, as well as every other system before. I just don’t understand Nintendo’s philosophy with WiiU.

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