2K Games: “Nintendo Is Such An Impressive Company”

During a recent interview, 2K Games president Christoph Hartmann was asked to share his thoughts about Nintendo’s upcoming console. Hartmann thinks that because Nintendo is such impressive company and has many years of experience, the Wii U will do very well. Hartmann claims that consumers will eventually understand what the Wii U is about and “see the beauty of the console.”

What are your feelings about Nintendo’s new hardware?

“In general, we at 2K are always going to be positive about new hardware out there, but we are also cautious about things we aren’t experienced with. We don’t want to flood the market; we’d rather pick our opportunity and work well on our projects. About the Wii U itself, Nintendo is such an impressive company, they have over and over again put handheld and consoles out that are impressive. They have so much experience that I am sure they are going to do it again. With any new console, especially where something original is added, it will take time for consumers to understand it and see the beauty of it. I know that they have such clever people at Nintendo that people will see the beauty of the console, though it may take some time.”



      1. There have been reports that Borderlands 2 will be on the WiiU, though it has not been officially confirmed.


  1. He honestly took the words straight outta my mouth. I remember many times when I had to explain the WiiU to friends and customers. At the end I ultimately told them that they just have to sit down and play with the system to understand the true beauty of it.


  2. But didnt you’re boss say he was skeptical of the WiiU? Oh, everyone is jumping on it? Okay, well now i understand, assholes -__-

    Anyway, they helps back up the Bioshock Infinite rumour if 2K, whi had no support for Nintendo and the WiiU not 2 months ago, are now saying this


  3. wow..really good to hear more feedback from developers such as 2k, imagine when we get to next year and what is in store for WiiU..


  4. A very smart and poignant staement. It’s true, Nintendo will deliver the goods again. Just like they always do. Leave luck to heaven.


  5. Tell us something we don’t know… this is REALLY good for Nintendo. Lots of developers are saying good things about Wii U and Nintendo. Now the next handheld Nintendo makes, should have 720p and a large launch window. It would sell more than 3DS. :)


  6. They’re right… Pity their only Wii game was Carnival Games. If you like them so much, why not actually support them and release your games on the best selling console?

    Don’t have much confidence they won’t make the same mistake with the Wii U.


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