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BioShock Infinite Confirmed For Wii U?

According to Click’s Mark O’Beirne, BioShock Infinite will be coming to Nintendo’s forthcoming console. After BioShock Infinite is released on February 26th, 2013 for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC, O’Beirne claims that developer Irrational Games will begin development of the Wii U version of the game.

Update: Word on the internet suggests this is fake.

117 thoughts on “BioShock Infinite Confirmed For Wii U?”

    1. The word “version” isn’t used in the original article. It’s probably going to be the same exact game except with Wii U features.

    2. I’d prefer they would take advantage of the hardware instead of just porting it with a bunch of added features.

    3. It’ll probably be in the same sense that Arkham City Armoured Edition is a version, like an enchanced game. Most likely they’ll beff up the visuals, and add some new features, will probably come out autumn 2013

    4. its actually a very good thing that they are taking the time to actually make it for the wii u specifically rather than port it. i would much rather have a polished version of it tailored to all of the wiiu’s strengths rather than just port it over and slap a few features on.

  1. “According to Click’s Mark O’Beirne, BioShock Infinite will be coming to Nintendo’s forthcoming console.”

    Awesome! What a nice surpri- :D

    “After BioShock Infinite is released on February 26th, 2013 for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC, O’Beirne claims that developer Irrational Games will begin development of the Wii U version of the game.”

    -shit… :(

        1. It should only be a trend for games that started development on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC before the knowledge of the Wii U. Bioshock was in development for a long time. It was never thought to come to the Wii U. Now that the Wii U is coming out they are going to come out with a Bioshock port for it. In the future they will make the games at the same time as the other consoles versions are made.

  2. YES! When I decided to go Wii U instead of replacing/repairing my YLOD PS3 (for the 3rd time), this was the #1 game that I was disappointed that I was going to miss out on. Been looking forward to this one since it was on Game Informer cover last summer.

    1. Except everyone else will have beaten it an be done with it by the time you even get to play it…..

      Play the game now or wait several months for a 10% better version.

      Up to you but it’s like waiting for the GOTY edition of a game vs getting it on release day.

      1. There are quite a lot of people doing that, since it’s announcement last year, I have yet to buy batman arkham city on pc because I’m waiting for the wii U version, though the big discounts they had at EB games and steam have tempted me, I’ve held back.

    1. If i am a piece of shit then youare 500 trillion times more piece of shit and by the way i am not peteriuss

      1. I contest that.
        Bioshock is a genuinely genius piece of work, but Borderlands simply has more to do than Bioshock does.[although the story isn’t as great for Borderlands, but BL2 should fix that]

    1. Yeah, it’s not exactly confirmed and Take-Two mentioned nothing of it on the investor’s call a few days ago.

      However, it could still be true. We’ll just have to wait and see. I’m going to contact Take-Two, 2K games, and Irrational Games to find out of there’s any basis to this claim.

    2. its true…. geez, this site uploads either CONFIRMED information or RUMORS. Since they didnt say it was a rumor than it is confirmed.

  3. Playing bioshock and its sequel you will never get a more awesome experience. I bought. Both for Xbox and ps3 and if they’d come out for Wii u I’d buy all of them over again. If u played metroid prime and dug that experience then should buy them one of the greatest games ever and they are cheap priced too. Man I’m talking non sense so excused me these news if true excited me I just make love to my girl tonight.

    1. Does it? Thats pretty awesome. Im looking forward to every console having high capacity optical disks next gen. 360 held developers back, seeing as the disk were so small.

  4. YES YES YES YES YES YES FUCK FUCK FUCK YEAH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The game I’ve been waiting for now coming to the console I’ve been waiting for since E3 2011!!!!!!!

    1. The two or three specific trolls we know of must be pissing themselves in pure rage now.
      Either that or they’ve taken to sucking on their feet again, since they seem to put their feet in their mouths often enough.XD

    1. There was also no mention of the game not being possible as a future release, either.
      They’re only talking about their current release schedule during the article, and not really about any further development plans other than what’s already been planned out.
      Hope remains.

      1. Didn’t gearbox say that they couldn’t say much about the wii u? Maybe nintendo is keeping 2k and take two from talking about massive titles like gta and bioshock too much. It’s a big hope, but yeah… Ima keep hoping anyways.

      1. Because you can get the other versions for other consoles before this is released, which I will be doing.

        For Nintendo purists, enjoy having one of few hardcore multiplats, I guess? They only suffered like an entire generation without them after all.

        1. 3 generations. The Wii, GC and N64. the GC had some, but the number of multi plats was really small so it doesn’t count.

            1. IDK. It missed GTA, half-life, Silent Hill, Burnout 3, max Payne, Fatal frame 2, a Hitman game. maybe it didn’t miss too much, but it was clearly not at the level of the SP2 and Xbox in terms of multi-plats.

              1. Speaking of Half Life (no, not any 3 news..) is there any more news on Valve bringing anything to the WiiU. There was a rumour that Portal 2 was coming, and then that big rumour that Steam would contributeto creating an online service, or just have Steam on WiiU

                1. Still no news and it’s pretty clear Nintendo Network doesn’t have affiliation with EA and Valve like rumored.

                  No reason for Valve to skip Nintendo systems for other games, though. It’d be a bad sign if they did.

        2. “you Nintendo purists”

          You are aware, the mass majority of people on here own a 360 or a ps3 too?

          And everything you said was pointless. Some people might wait, and i know i am, to buy this for the WiiU. My main console this gen was the ps3. When the WiiU comes out, that’ll be my main, and the os4 will either be there for my exclusives or be my main once again. And again, it says “development will be being on a wiiu version after its released for the ps3, 360 and PC”. You dont have to develop anything for a port, just port it over.

          1. “You are aware, the mass majority of people on here own a 360 or a ps3 too?”

            I highly doubt that. The people who do probably don’t even fully own it or buy anything for it.

            If a game is coming out first to a platform I readily own, I will buy it for such. Ports aren’t going to interest me in buying a Wii U. I want to see clear next-gen titles exclusive for it for that to happen. But that’s just me.

            1. I wasnt aware you knew everyone here. I admit, apart from last week when i bought metroid prime trilogy and DKCR, i havent bought anything for my Wii since Skyward Sword, and probably before that, the last game i got was Other M or something. Ive spend more money on my ps3 and its games than all my gaming systems and gaming combined. But, AC3, Darksiders 2 and Bioshock will look and run better, and have features that interest me enough for me to wait.

        3. You must have some of the lamest friends. Are you sad they have to work hard to Master an eighth gen machine the Wii U. Plus we are getting all DLC for free, eat that hahahahahahahaha.

            1. Which people like you would have to buy again because you’d already bought the original version before the Wii U version came out?

  5. …Great if its true! I just don’t wanna come tomorrow and see ‘Bioshock not confirmed for Wii U, but possible’, or something like that…

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    1. Its a FPS game, and one of, if not the best.

      The first one was about a guy whos plan crashed, “luckily” near a lighthouse, and he travelled down to it, and ended up discovering an underwater Utopia, which got pretty fucked up, and there was genetic splicing, you can shoot lightning bolts out of your hand and fire ect, thanks to a substance called Adam. Little sisters were “made” to harness the Adam, and Big Daddys, which are these big dudes in old underwater sub suits, protect the Sisters, and you end up helping out this guy called Atlas, and anything else would be spoiling it :p

      2 is based i think 5 years after the first, and you play as a Big Daddy called Alpha (i think thats his name)

      This game, i dont know much about xD

  7. Honestly it sucks its coming at a later time. on the other hand i love that irrational IS going to work on wii u :D this is amazing news and i wont play it on my pc ill wait for it to come out on wii u ^^

  8. I like the sound of this. I really hope this trend continues well into the next “generation” of games. If the Wii U can get high quality 3rd party games, I won’t feel the need to get the next Xbox or Playstation. I own a 360 so I can play great games like the Mass Effect series, Fallout and Elder Scrolls series, etc. If Nintendo can pull these big developers on board, it will make me want the Wii U even more.

  9. I really don’t care for this games or the first two, but since my Nintendo family wants it I guess it’s good news.

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    1. No, they didn’t mention any specific platforms for games in that earnings call. So this is most likely real.

  12. This makes no sense… as the gime will have been done being developed… considering it’s the same game… there’s no reason why they would begin development all over again for the Wii U… It’s either in development for the Wii U Now… or it will never be developed.

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  15. i would get the Wii U version of infinite while a friend gets my 360 version (unless dlc comes out), i would keep every thing is in the collector’s edition , except the game it self. I am that big of a bioshock fan.

  16. Hi guys. Just want to say, sorry for being such a fucking troll. Some screenshots this morning have finally made me believe in Wii U. Get N or get OUT!

  17. Good news for Wii U users. Though it does suck that we have to wait until 2013. This article is still not confirmed yet, many changes will come out in the next few months. Wii U version could be amazing for BioShock Infinite.

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