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Series 2 Of Kid Icarus: Uprising AR Cards Launching This Summer

Nintendo has announced that the second series of Kid Icarus: Uprising AR Card packs will be distributed at a number of events starting Aug. 3. Building upon the popular first series of cards distributed around the launch of the game, the Series 2 AR Cards feature different characters, enemies, weapons and items that appear in Kid Icarus: Uprising. Also, for the first time, players will find AR Cards representing various locations found within the game.

Consumers in the United States can collect packs of these special AR Cards in the coming weeks at the following events (quantities are limited, available while supplies last):

  • Retail Events: Consumers in the New York area who attend Kid Icarus: Uprising events at the Nintendo World store will be given Series 2 AR Card packs starting on Aug. 3. The events take place every Friday from 6 – 8 p.m. Eastern time. Additionally, consumers will also have the opportunity to get Series 2 AR card packs at game-play sessions at select retail locations later this year. Exact dates and details will be announced at a later time.
  • Consumer Events: At several upcoming consumer events, Nintendo will be handing out packs of Series 2 AR Card packs while supplies last. Penny Arcade Expo (Aug. 31 – Sept. 2, Seattle) and New York Comic-Con (Oct. 11 – 13, New York) attendees are encouraged to stop by the Nintendo booth for Series 2 AR Card packs. Nintendo will announce additional plans for these events at a later time.

40 thoughts on “Series 2 Of Kid Icarus: Uprising AR Cards Launching This Summer”

  1. At first the title gave me another impression, i thought it was about another Kid Icarus game, but after reading the whole post, it’s just about AR cards, so bad that this events take place only in the US

        1. 1. It doesn’t cost anyting using the bseorwr on Wii (additional than what you pay your internet provider).2. When the Internet Browser was first released years ago, it was a trail version (beta).

  2. Cool i hope another nintendo team makes a sequal for wii u….this game is epic and they should just revive starfox and this and falcon racing for good….

    1. Were not making plans for a sequal for Kid Icarus Uprising for a while, a looooooong whlie. Sorry about that, at least Pit will in the next smash brothers.

    1. Exactly, the Yankees get all the awsome ore-order bonuses and other Nintendo stuff while we get almost nothing that they don’t :( iv only managed to collect 6 additional cards, from club Nintendo and Nintendo power lol

  3. I’m always at the Nintendo World Store for their Kid Icarus tournaments (and I already knew about this in advance), so this should be great!

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  4. What the hell is this bull crap? I was expecting these to be sold at stores the day the game came out. I thought they were supposed to be like Pokemon cards, not limited collectibles that are only available at certain cities in the world.

  5. As if I can get them from all the way where I live. =__= They need to go more international. My country isn’t even on the 3DS list.

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  12. Other then MGS4 I agree with you fully jjafuller. Gears of War looks just toltaly brutal, intense and different for a third person shooter. Halo 3 I’m sure will be fantastic but xb360 showed nothing else that fantastic. I watched the MS keynote and the bullshit about windows gaming was awfulPS3 blew chunks other then MGS4 and GoW2. No good games no franchises NOTHING. Big blow losing exclucive rights to GTA4 as well and don’t get me started at the $500 price. E3 sold me on a DS and I heard news today that Metroid Prime for the Wii is a launch title so I maybe getting one of those as well. Nintendo did a 360 in my eyes after their showing at E3. They had games to show footage to show games to play and my god they even look fun to play. ef

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