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Mass Effect 3 Wii U Features “Off TV Play”

A Bioware representative has revealed that Mass Effect 3 for the Wii U will feature off TV play, meaning that you will be able to play the entire game on the controller away from the television. Other developers have yet to say whether their games support this mode.

57 thoughts on “Mass Effect 3 Wii U Features “Off TV Play””

        1. i hope new mario bros u

          darksiders 2 does also AND PLEASE ASSASINS CREED 3 offplay0.0 if you can singleplayer that offtv or multiplayer online off tv…then OMG:P

          1. New Super Mario Bros U has already been confirmed to have off TV play. And as for Assassins Creed 3 who knows.

        2. You should be able to play any game that uses dual analog or button mashing motion controlled games would probably be awkward

  1. That was very genius of BioWare. You can play Mass Effect 3 on the Wii U Game Pad while your little sibling or dad watches TV. If Nintendo can do that with New Super Mario Bros. U, so can BioWare.

    1. Everyone developer can do it if they want, Nintendo said so. Its not like BioWare is god for thinking of this for the game. Not to be mean its just that your comment sounds a little cocky.

    2. Darksiders II developers said that its take them 5 minutes to make the game works in the controller , so its not big deal .

  2. The thing about the “Off Screen” feature, is that it seems to works best in games that are setup more traditionally. If you build your game from the ground up to REALLY use the Wii U’s feature of two screens, you can’t include the “Off Screen” feature since you’ll build the game based on two screens.

    So, it’s a PERFECT for 3rd party ports. Even if you took a 3rd party game and ported to Wii U without taking advantage of the system’s individual features, “Off Screen” play alone would make it the definitive version for me. And, as the Darksider’s Devs already confirmed, it literally takes only 10 minutes of work and a few lines of code to activate the “Off Screen” feature in a game. So it’s no effort, and a HUGE extra feature on identical 3rd party ports.

    1. Right at the 6:08 mark. Dev talking about how easy it is to add the “Off Screen” feature to a game on Wii U. The whole interview is great, too.

      1. We know you are both the same person, this sad little need to big yourself up as some kind of legitimate troll is pathetic. Have fun making yourself known on a website only a fraction of people on the whole internet visit. Grow up, because you are beyond boring.

              1. Um no, I’m not Aeolus. I thoight he was the ignorant one. I’ve been on this blog far longer then he has. But I do believe people do talk to themselves on here, which is in fact, very weird.

  3. If this has off tv play does this mean the gamepad doesn’t have any additional features like arkham city since i don’t see how you can those features if it has off tv play.

    1. Maybe it’s both or just an option? a very nice option indeed then:p
      I think the screen shows map etc or maybe some features while your playing on the tv. atleast i hope so still nice……When my parents want to watch tv i can just turn it to the gamepad^^

      microsoft copies it owait…(smartglass)
      sony left….

      1. yeah thats the sweet part, if a annoying brother nags to watch tv, he can have it his way and i still can play :)

  4. Nice! And a question, i saw on NSMBU on the tablet you can only make places for the characters to walk on, but can you play by yourself or even as a character in NSMBU with the tablet?

    1. They have shown that if you play the game alone you can use the GamePad (as opposed to a Pro or Wiimote), so presumably it will support Off TV Play. If not, that’d suck. I know it’s a small screen, but it would be cool if you could prop it up and have 2 people sit next to each other to play on it too.

          1. I’d say that was a mistake on her end, and she mispoke. Nintendo themselves said there would be something on the game package to indicate when a game uses that feature.

  5. That’s it, I’m sold. I live with five younger brothers and sisters so playing an M rated game on the living room tv doesn’t really work out but this will work great for me.

    1. first of all, awesome picture! second yes! I will pick this up! This is why i love Nintendo and developers that support it, they bring some awesome stuff so our gameplay is more enjoyable :)

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  7. My TV and 360 fight over the HDMI cable, with the 360 usually winning the fight. With the wii u, I can finally watch some damn TV and play some games (but not this one)

  8. THE WIIU GAMEPAD WOULD BE GREAT FOR POKEMON PLEASE! I wanna see regular pokemon, not pokemon rumble, or pokepark, JUST REGULAR POKEMON!

    I have a ds lite, but it broke :( and im saving up for wii u so i cant get a ds lite or 3ds. So PLEASE POKEMON!

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  10. Perfect. I’m going to pick this one up. There is no question that Nintendo is bringing the heat this holiday. Your wallet is gonna beg for mercy. Leave luck to heaven.

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