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Ubisoft Says Wii U Could Be Bigger Than Wii

Ubisoft’s Guillaume Brunier, the producer behind ZombiU, believes that the touchscreen interface of Wii U could make the console more popular than the original Wii console. Brunier reiterated that no one quite foresaw just how big the Wii would become, and he thinks that the same could apply to Wii U.

“When they released the Wii a few years ago, I don’t think developers–and Nintendo–anticipated how big it would become. I think this is going to be the case with the Wii U too. Touchscreen interfaces are so common to everyone right now, that having this as part of a gaming platform is really going to get Wii U further than Wii got.”

75 thoughts on “Ubisoft Says Wii U Could Be Bigger Than Wii”

  1. I already know it will be big, the only thing that matters is when are we going to see that greatness. And looking at all those great games in the launch line-up, i just can’t wait.

  2. Yeah, I believe it will do well and will have a lot of fun games. But a console can still sell less than 50 million units and still have amazing titles the N64, SNES proves this. These had ocarina of time, mario 64, banjo, Donkey kong, super metroid, conker, starwing/ lylat wars, earthbound et al. There are many more classics than just these but to name a hand ful there are hundreds of others.

  3. I really hopeit becomes bigger than the Wii. I want it to be the lead console. I can’t wait to get my hands on one. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. Once everyone understands it better, it will be a big success. Excited to spend my money on this! =D. And review the games

  4. The important thing is that Nintendo uses the head start on this gen to reach out to the hard core gamers, because the the PS4 and NextBox launch you can bet they’ll try to rip off the Wii U somehow, if Nintendo look casual this gen that’ll be it for them and the hard core gamers will go to the other consoles that’s what I think could happen if Nintendo aren’t careful

  5. Well, the console itself is very easy to develop for. Same goes with Wii. Despite the Wii being a huge success, problem with it was that in the case of the motion control, it was a real pain to take advantage of it. Take Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition for example…good game, but control issues.

    Another problem with the Wii is that aside from its shovelware BS that appeared on the system, there were A LOT of light gun games on there (i.e. Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles, Darkside Chronicles, HOTD: Overkill). Granted, this is coming from someone who is a sucker for light gun games anyway. But hey, what can I say, that is TOTALLY no difference than the PS3/360 having TOO MANY FPSes.

      1. The first time i aimed on that game i knew that i had been waiting on the wiimote since dual analog showed its ugly face i never finished a dual analog game in my life disliked it from day one

    1. Hello! RES4 Wii had the best controls you could ever wish for in a game. I just could miss any enemy with the Nunchuck Wii mote combo. Play it first and then post again. We like that you too are part of our Nintendo and real gamers realm though.

      1. Mean’t I could miss any enemies with the Nun chuck Wii-mote control scheme. If Nintendo makes two more first person Franchises based on the galactic soldiers from other M, the Nun Chucks or pro controllers would be marvels on the Wii U.

            1. Well, the controller itself doesn’t have 3D, but it’s been confirmed that if you have a 3D tv, games that support it will be in 3D. :D

              So I guess it’s 3D compatible to an extent, as 3D compatible as the PS3 and such.

    1. Nintendo has already said that it is 3D compatible but that is not a feature that they are focused on right now. So they could utilize the 3D feature in the future.

      On July 5, 2011, when asked about whether or not the Wii U was going to support 3D, Iwata told Mercury News, “If you are going to connect Wii U with a home TV capable of displaying 3-D images, technologically, yes, it is going to be possible, but that’s not the area we are focusing on”.

      HDMI 1.4 out port supporting stereoscopic 3D images. (Under the Video section of the ‘Technical Specifications’)

      1. I totally missed that detail but thats awesome! Although I did just recently get an HD tv so I don’t know that I want to go out and buy a 3D tv now. Maybe if a bunch of good games with 3D features come out. But this is still great news.

    2. 3D support is indeed on the Wii U as James D has stated. Nintendo EAD Ubisoft and other creative development studios will probably utilize this best in the future. Don’t even dream of Activision knowing how to make a 3D game of substance lol.

    1. more questions, does the Wii U need a sensor bar? The wii sensor bar was so thin, like the wire would tangle up and looks like it can be broken easy

      AND can we play wii games on the gamepad, i wanna play Super smash bros brawl on it and mario galaxy

          1. The Wii sensor bar will be usable on the Wii U, and the tablet itself has it’s own sensor bar so you can play Wii games on the GamePad itself. And I think the Wii U will come with a sensor bar as well, otherwise the tablet wouldn’t be able to communicate with the TV regarding the position of each other relatively (note that it’s what I believe after seeing every info available until now, take my words as speculations only).

            1. Will probably use the Wii sensor bar since you’re supposed to be able to use the original Wii remote, I doubt the GamePad has a sensor bar and I doubt you can play Wii games on it, just because it wouldn’t really work if you’re too close to the gamepad, and if you’re far away from it you can’t see it and it’s kind of pointless.
              Although actually after saying that I remember that golf part of the 2011 E3 demo, where the gamepad was on the floor with a golf ball on it and the wii remote was used to hit the golf ball, that may use a sensor from the gamepad I guess so I may be wrong, but it may also use only the accelerometer/gyroscope from the wiimote plus.
              But even then, it’s unlikely that Wii games would be playable.

      1. The Wii U’s game pad has a sensor Bar. Thus I know since Nintendo is awesome and respects customers, they shall let us at launch or in the future play Wii ( XENOBLADE, the last story, Monster hunter tri, pandoras tower) games on the Wii U touch screen Pad.

    2. Correct there is no camera on the back of the Gamepad, only on the front. No information on the resolution of the front-facing camera though.

      1. so much for having pictures while people not noticing. Now i need to turn the other way to take a picture of the hot chicks

            1. Not necessarily…they could be friends of your family. Either way…do you really need a picture? And are we really having this discussion?….

  6. To me, its thay touch screen I’m most excited for. I think the motion controls will take a back to the touch screen. Ive always been into my gameboy more than my consol, but I think the wii u will really capture my attention cause to me it seems to be a great big DS. Im definitely more excited for wii u than any other.

  7. France is 97% literate, the five brother that formed Ubisoft are originally from France. Unknown to most of you, most of the inventions we so enjoy today were invented by the French i.e cars. So when Ubisoft have faith in the Wii U believe them, and not idiots like Aeleous.

    1. Cars are German, As for any thing good invented by the french cant think of one. French did invent being crap at war.

      1. French inventions include:

        The Diesel Engine
        Scuba diving suits
        The Stethoscope
        Sewing machine
        first digital calculator

        So not ‘mind blowing’ but still things a lot of us see in day to day life.

  8. I agree with Ubisoft. Many people dont understand the pntial the Wii U has. I think it will be highly successful!

    1. Lol i’ve been a hardcore gamer for 26 years and i easily, and happily, chose the Wii as my console of choice this generation, plenty of great A+ core titles for anyone who wants to look, even if they are outnumbered 50:1 by the crap games

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  10. I can see this happening especially now that nintendo is in the hd business. you know the saying, never doubt nintendo, and their hardware.

  11. Wii U has so much potential. The tablet controller concept is quite intriguing. And with all those controller options, including the traditional control scheme and the Wiimote controls, I don’t see how anyone would not be the least bit interested in Wii U (unless of course they’re graphics whores).

    1. hi there yeah tablet controlers makes wii u bigger market sells becuase look at the ipad market sells 90% tablet market soo nintendo went with mini ipad

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