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New Super Mario Bros 2 Review

New Super Mario Bros 2 once again attempts to set the bar for two-dimensional platformers but falls short on offering a fresh, energetic take on the series, though like any Mario title, it offers an abundance of charm backed up with numerous hours of blissful entertainment. It feels a little odd referring to the title as New Super Mario Bros when it doesn’t necessarily bring anything new to the table, but what it does do is provide you with yet another fun-filled escapade.

One glaring omission in New Super Mario Bros 2 is the complete lack of online multiplayer. Without a doubt this additional feature would have increased the longevity and replay value of the game ten-fold. One can only hope that this is rectified with the forthcoming New Super Mario Bros U on Wii U. As it stands, the replay value is dependant on whether you wish to collect as many coins as possible. I must confess that this isn’t something that caused me to revisit the game.

Despite not featuring any startling new gameplay innovations, New Super Mario Bros 2 stands as a more-than passable entry to the long-running franchise. It doesn’t match the splendour of the Super Mario Galaxy games, or the recently released Super Mario 3D Land, but as a whole it’s a genuinely good accompaniment to the best-selling New Super Mario Bros series.



146 thoughts on “New Super Mario Bros 2 Review”

  1. It was expected in my opinion. The game it’s not bad, but it simply doesn’t has the same appeal that it had in 2005 and 2009.

    1. DEFINITELY not. New Super Mario Bros. DS brought back the side scrolling classic Mario, New Super Mario Bros. Wii was more refined, and introduced 4-player co-op in a side scrolling Mario game for the first time EVER. What is this game doing? Throwing tons of coins in your face? What do you do with those coins? You can’t spend them, and once you reach 1,000,000 what do you get? Lmfao, a new title screen. But there’s a co-op mode! Yeah, have fun playing while BOTH players have to have the cartridge (which isn’t as big of a deal to me), and have fun fighting over the camera which only fixes to one character and doesn’t allow for you both to explore. Probably the worst co-op mode I’ve ever seen, along side games like Fable 2. It does look fun to a small extent, but not enough to warrant a purchase from me. Almost everything is recycled. It just seems like a lazily made title to help sales, most likely 3DS XL sales. Just gonna wait for EDGE’s review.

      1. I definently agree with you, so far New Super Mario Bros games have been quite a lot of fun, even though this one doesn’t seem to have that originality that Mario usually has, the formula for the games is still great fun and I think I’ll really have fun with this

        1. He is a Sony fanboy who claims his opinion is fact and thinks every Mario game is exactly the same, I’m not going to bother arguing with him because he wont accept some people (shock horror) don’t like the exact same games he does.

          1. hes actually not a fanboy if he told me he oplays NINTENDO games aswell… jeez he doesnt need to like every game you like

            1. That doesn’t make him less of a fanboy
              He doesn’t need to like every game I like, but he does need to stop bashing others for their taste in games and stop calling anyone who disagrees with him a fanboy.

              1. Did you even read your own response that was 100% hypocritical. “That doesn’t make him less of a fanboy He doesn’t need to like every game I like, but he does need to stop bashing others for their taste in games and stop calling anyone who disagrees with him a fanboy” So you can call him a fanboy for his taste in games but he can’t call other people fanboys for their taste in games.

    1. no my dislike for no online multiplayer.. this is so ignorant of Nintendo… wtf is their problem with online…

      1. Consider the benefits of playing online. You can (theoretically) play with someone whenever you like. Okay, that’s great. But can you communicate with them? Can you be a proper team with them? Can you ask them to slow down if they have control of the screen (my only real problem with multiplayer)? It just wouldn’t work properly. Not everything with multiplayer needs online multiplayer, that goes for a LOT of Nintendo’s games where the multiplayer requires good communication between players.

        1. Only some games need multiplayer, I think that a Mario bros. game shouldn’t have it. But I don’t think I’ll be getting this, don’t have the money right now and I’m too busy.

        2. Do you know why you can’t do any of those things with most of their online games? It’s because Nintendo is pretty strict about not letting their customers talk to strangers online. Geez, I’m 20 years old I think I can take care of myself. It’s understandable why they wouldn’t want children doing that, but they do it anyway on Xbox Live! And don’t tell me they’re afraid of getting sued. Exactly how many times was Microsoft and Sony sued for that reason? HOPEFULLY, they will change their attitude about online with Miiverse and Wii U.

  2. I hope reviews like that send a message to Nintendo. You kind of cheapen Mario with these easily-cranked-out games. Its sad to wonder,’will the little plumber will ever surprise me or wow me again, or will a million of THESE games come out?’ I haven’t played this NSMB game, but I already feel like I have, so what’s the point? (after scathing comment, readies Deku shield)

    1. easily-cranked out? I admit this one is a bit much, and it looks like NSMBU might be the same, but that’s it. 3D Land, the Galaxy games, and most of the ones before it were all highly original and great quality.

      1. I was commenting exclusively on the NSMB series. The 3D Mario’s are most excellent… this comment’s a day late, so… might be talkin’ to myself…

      1. lol i think your jelly or has some serious hating on nintendo….don’t know what but it’s pretty bad if you troll all day becuase you hate something or someone.

  3. Wow… Not a single comment yet about how biased the reviewer was because the game didn’t score a 10/10. I am impressed :D I opened this and expected people to be like “Y U NO GIVE GAEM 9001/10?

    1. Well.. it’s probably because, and this is my opinion and probably a lot others’ too, but this looks like the worst MODERN Mario game yet. What I mean is that it doesn’t offer that much new in form of gameplay, although it’s a good Mario game, it is the worst MODERN Mario game in comparison to others. For example, Super Mario Galaxy offered cool “space” mechanics blended with Mario style gameplay. Galaxy 2 is, yes a sequel, but it offered a whole lot more of variety in gameplay than the first one. New Super Mario Bros on the DS was cool since it introduced many new things to the Mario franchise. NSMB Wii is like Galaxy 2 for NSMB DS, it improved many new things and included for the first time, on-screen multiplayer. 3D Land offered gameplay in form of 3D levels that are as simple as 2D levels. But New Super Mario Bros. 2 just borrows the coin-collecting mechanic from the Wario franchise and doesn’t include anything new. The music and level designs are from previous NSMB games as well as power-ups and other things. Just wanted to give examples and short summaries of each modern Mario game and how I feel about each game.

      Personally, I think that the new NSMB game for the Wii U looks a whole lot better than the 3DS one, which is why I’m going to save my money for it and not buy the 3DS one. Keep in mind that I am a die hard Nintendo fan, but rushing out with games like this one isn’t appealing for me. Sorry for the long reply. :P

      1. not rly hating. its the same game as the ds version just with MOAR COINS how is he jelly exactly? when THIRD party games get better scores than 8 out of 10? heck even COD gets over 90 in metacritic…


          1. you are clearly a retard if you dont understand what I said.

            Basically I said how can sieg be jeolous if xbox and sony have a much bigger games library that ACHIEVED HIGHER scores than this pathetic mario game? I love mario but this game is destined to be the laziest mario game I ever seen apart from doki doki panic ofc.

            Sieg may be a troll but for once he is right. get over it

            1. Sorry but nope, I’m not ‘clearly a retard’
              I can’t even argue with this since it doesn’t make much sense
              I know the games lazy, but it’s still going to be fun, the 2d Mario formula is fine as it is, I don’t need major changes to enjoy it.
              I don’t know what your saying about xbox and sony getting a much bigger games library that achieved a higher score, there are games that scored higher than this on the Wii and 3ds too, so fucking what?
              He isn’t right at all.

            2. Come on mate, it’s now been over 25 years since the creation of Mario, yes it might it differ much from the last game but don’t you think, that after 25 years if people AND reviewers are getting sick and tired of the Mario 2d platform we should of at least seen a dip in overall ratings and reviews at least 15 years ago? Cod yes is copy and paste but it’s been at least 5-6 years or since Cod4 and there has been more hate towards that game saying its the same in the past few years then Mario has over at least the last 10-15 years

              1. Hold on are you replying to me? Yes I agree that the New Super Mario games shouldn’t get as high ratings as games like Galaxy, 3d land or things like that. They have been a little bit lazy with this one by the look of it but it most likely will still be fun even if they don’t change it too much.

                1. of course you would say that… with a pic of bowser and everything.

                  dont support this lazy game and mayybe then we will get a GOOD mario for fucking once

                  1. wow i have a picture of bowser that changes me in what way?
                    We do get good marios all the time, theres a difference between good and original, look at a game like sonic the hedgehog 2

  4. This is a badly written review… Spends too long comparing the game to the rest of the series and not enough time talking about the good and bad of the game itself.

            1. He IS AEOLUS… look at the IP address… the same!

              course you wouldn’t no that since you are a kid who knows nothing about tech

              1. Wait, my ip adress isn’t the same as Aeolus you just made that up. Nice try but if anyone checks my ip adress it’s not the same, you have to be stupid to think people will fall for that

      1. Once I get a copy of the game I’ll write a better review, then. I don’t have the liberty of getting review copies sent early to me so I can review them nor am I paid to write reviews so my apologies for not already having one.

    1. No it’s a copy and paste review from all the other reviewers. Doesnt say anything other than BS… Mario games are Mario games are Mario games… always have been always will be. People what do you want from a 2D Mario game… Do you have any clue… it’s been quite a long time for a 2D portable Mario game, and your acting like one came out for it a couple months ago. What freaking innovations are you looking for… It looks and plays better than Rayman Orgins… so what’s the deal… DDo you want blood in Mario is that going to sell you on innovation. Im upset about the fact of no online Multiplayer but other than that, NO problem…

  5. Nintendo
    1) Nintendo is the greatest video game company
    2) Nintendo’s EAD led by Shigeru Miyamoto San is the gratest video game development team ever.
    2) New Super Mario Bros. 2 is a wonderful game.
    3) The 3 DS has games and games and more games.
    4) The when you have the means buy this second game and they first installment Super Mario bros. for the DS.
    5) Enjoy this game as the others are jealous, because their over priced handhelds and ridiculous phone contracts has them broke with no game library what so ever.

    1. 2) Played it yet? If so what is it like apart from the same music and the same visuals…

      4) Please re write that

      5) Jeolous? over priced phone contracts? what are you talking about? Since when was mobile gaming and handhelds the same thing?


      1. 1)shigerou pussymoto has altzheimer
        2)miyamoto will die now in a few years
        3)shitendo will close and become 3rd party developers thanks to their dream cast 2 (wiiu)
        4)shitendo doesnt do great games and they steal your money with their current gen console,the wiiu
        5)Computer gaming is now the future of the gaming industry,consoles are dead now

        1. computer gaming can die earlier then console gaming you noob…on piratebay i can download all new games after 2 days of release lol….

        2. 1- What? Son, you should use something called DECENT GRAMMAR. 2- Nope.avi 3- Nope.avi again. The Wii U will be a wonderful system that will make money again for Nintendo 4- Current gen console? I don’t remember the 360 and PS3 having DX11 tesselation, native 1080p, anti-aliasing and Anisotropic Filtering. You should try better, son.

          1. nintendo is playing with you,READ MY THEORY
            a game company wich they make good games in the begining they attract many people.After years then that company makes bullshits and people thinks that they are awesome.
            thats SOS

  6. wah wah wah its a rehash nintendo didnt reinvent the wheel again this isnt acceptable what a shitty game give us something new like imagine mario gets a water backpack people will love it because mario trys something new
    Oh wait

    inb4 idiots think this is serious

    1. inb4? this was all mentioned before you even posted this comment… be a bit quicker next time hmm? I know it’s rly challenging to type fast…

        1. So are you gonna spend FULL price on a rehash?

          And before you even mention Japan and sales… they are the worst fanboys. They literally eat anything with Nintendo on it. Sony not so much and they pretty much hate MS.

          1. Well considering it’s for a completely different system, I don’t own the DS one and I’m not taking my Wii everywhere, yes, since it’s new levels so it will be fun to play through them
            If you think it’s a rehash, whatever, just don’t buy it, I love 2d Mario so I’ll buy it
            I don’t give a single f*ck about sales


    1. hmmm first few games for ps3 and xbox360 where ports/same graphics nealry also faggot they improve with time devolopers know how to use the consoles power

      1. The way it was written was just completely shit, anyone could write better. It took what 3-4 minutes to write and gets a free game early?

  8. It’s… an accurate review, the score and sentiment seems to be there. But it doesn’t seem like much effort was put into writing it, there’s barely any information about the game, the story, graphics/music or anything found in it in general. If it was a news post it’d be great, but it’s not a good review.

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