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Game Party Champions Coming Exclusively To Wii U This Year


Warner Bros has just announced that Game Party Champions will be arriving exclusively on Wii U later this year. The game fully utilises the Wii U GamePad and includes a number of activities including ping pong, table hockey, and hoopshoot. The game is being developed by Phosphor Games.

78 thoughts on “Game Party Champions Coming Exclusively To Wii U This Year”

    1. So much for the support from WARNER BROS….. BATMAN ARKHAM CITY OLD GAME and a ripoff of WII SPORTS…. BWHHAHAHAHAHA

      This is gonna be a WIIPEAT (hur hur) of the wii in terms of shovelware software and only exclusives saving its skin…


      1. So then I guess. Ps4 is gonna 3peat (hur hur) of a high price hectic no good titles launch. And xbox 720 is gonna take 2 full circles to make a double red ring of death.

          1. Well shit sonys rolling in money as we speak but there not going to keep doing something thats gonna lose them money.

    1. Shovelware exists for everything. 360 entire success and break even was only finally achieved when they made the kinect. And casuals are stupid and will buy it, while we’ll buy Darksiders 2, AC3, Pikmin 3, Rayman Legends and whatever else you wana buy

        1. It hilariously funny. Gaming cant survive solely on the hardcore market, Sony know it, Microsoft know it, and Nintendo knew it 7 years ago -___- things are gona chamge next gen. If Sony release a machine over $400, they could be in alot of trouble, and potentially drop out, theyre taking a massive hit at the moment, they lost over $320 million in 1 quarter….if they pull a ps3 situation with the ps4, they’re dead. Why do you think Microsoft only mention the fact that they want to have the xbox part of the hub with all their other products (windows 8, so hardcore or knowledgable gamers are out of that pot). Nintendo have a good system coming, it appeals to me as a core gamer, but i respect the fact that it has the ability to satisfy casual gamers. But im not buying the WiiU becausd its a beast, i want the games. That the only thing that matters in the end. You can have a nice powerful machine but its pointless if the games a non existent (Vita)

            1. Oh hellno Bitch you did not. Just knock mop. Ill open up a can a troll whoop ass on you. I don’t care if you crack Wii u because your 2 cent means nothing. But this has gone to far bronies unite.

            2. Very stereotypical of you. May I ask what you watch so I can laugh at you for no reason for watching them?

                1. Depends which generation of My Little Pony. The earlier ones were quite obviously catered primarily for girls – but the Friendship is Magic series is catered so that adults can watch with their children. When you pay attention to the show, that becomes obvious.

                  Anyway, please tell me what you watch for me to mock.

        1. So you buy shovelware? please stop. Noone wants to see shovelware in shops and online.

          funny penis joke. what are you? 5?

          1. When does age ever come into any argument as a viable measure of intellect? And anyway, shovelware sells. Plain and simple.

  1. Expected as much. Does it change my views on the system? No. Does it make me not want to buy a WiiU? No. So whats the problem? Nothing. There isnt a limit to how many games a console to have.

  2. Basically Warner Bros. said “Nintendo’s doing Nintendo Land so lets do Wii Sports U for them” as they rub their hands together in a menacing way

  3. This seems like junk, with that being said im so happy with how the newest eshop worked out. Nintendo has managed to keep all the junk online but arranged it in a way so that your not bombarded by the endless sea of shovelware. im sorry, was this article even about an eshop game? Mario is out with the XL in 11 days so the eshop has been on my mind.

  4. So much for the support from WARNER BROS….. BATMAN ARKHAM CITY OLD GAME and a ripoff of WII SPORTS…. BWHHAHAHAHAHA

    This is gonna be a WIIPEAT (hur hur) of the wii in terms of shovelware software and only exclusives saving its skin…

      1. yet 360 has the best online and a huge online user base. Wii is almost non existant. Even Sony is miles better than the Wii’s online.

          1. I thought you never played an xbox… how would you know? and how is the once before hacked unstable psn network going?

          2. I love how u never challenged the huge online userbase part. Because you and I know it is true. And I would rather pay for a GOOD ONLINE so I can have FUN ONLINE and PLAY DEMOS OF NEW GAMES and ACHIEVEMENTS

            not a laggy smash bros or my credit card nicked (ps3)

            1. Please bitch you pay $60 a year for p2p servers while ps3 get dedicated servers. And they dont even tell you how much you buy because you have fucking poits that you replenish by the thosands. Xbox live where hidden fees happen you know before you red ring :P

        1. Yeah and there red ring is miles above what ever technological errors exist today. Plus there 2 actually good 1st party titles so you have a ps3 with less games. *gasp* it cant be.
          I: (

        2. The 7th gen was over a year ago the wii just sat down so sonysoft can have some much needed sales it’s called giving to the needy starfox,f -zero, and exitebike are just a few games that could have kept the train moving

      1. I can list several times the amount of “shovelware” you list on the PS360, so what’s the point in trying to point this out? You’ll embarrass the console you go full fanboy for even further.

      1. Sonysoft needs something similar or better to compete with the gpad once it hits the streets its will spread like a virus in a zombie movie if the n gets 70% support it could make u untouchable regardless of power

            1. No man using specs just feeds a starvin troll. Just let him think his xbox 720 is gonna be more powerful than pc chuck norris and the hulk.

            2. We’ve been through this before. Prove it with a source and stop posting this if you can’t.

              And you can’t, so stop fucking posting it because, and I will repeat:


              Jesus fucking Christ.

                1. I’m convinced you have fucking Aspergers or some some sort of disorder that compels you to be stupid in every one of your comments.

                  Go kill yourself, not like anyone gives a shit about you anyway.

          1. If sonysoft doesn’t upgrade that twelve year old controller ps4 and 720 will barely be next gen regardless of power the games will still play like a gamecube just like ps3/360

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  6. Games like these are normal for a library. It’s usually just a collection of mini Sports and Party games. The epitome of “Shovelware” really. It’s almost, almost a guarantee to profit, as it has a standard mass appeal to the gaming demographic.

    I personally don’t care for titles like these, but I understand the significance of it’s purpose and the versatility of a gaming library.

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