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Wii U Can Do “1080p Without Breaking A Sweat”

Developer Two Tribes offered to answer questions – via Twitter – regarding Wii U’s version of Toki Tori 2. The developer revealed that its team has been working with the Wii U console for a few months, and its “coders found it easier than expected” to make Wii U games. Two Tribes thinks that the Wii U is ‘awesome’ and claims that it can display games at “1080p without breaking a sweat.”

226 thoughts on “Wii U Can Do “1080p Without Breaking A Sweat””

      1. Best Buy has Sony’s PS3 3D TVs on sale for $199 with a PS3 game and pair of 3D glasses. You can sell the PS3 game if you dont want it. The 3D works for my 360 and my computer and has a component cable for my Wii also.

    1. You should get an Asus VH242H. It’s a monitor but it has an HDMI port and works very good. I am using it now. oh yeah and literally, you only need 200 dollars for this 24 inch screen on eBay.

    1. You haven’t heard this before, there isn’t really that very many games that can do 1080p, most even only come close to as doing 720p and 1080i, but not 1080p.

        1. “i” stands for interlaced. That means you only see half the image on the screen at any instant.

          “p” stands for progressive scan. That means you see the full image at any instant.

          By this explanation, “p” is always used for real HD formats.

  1. Cue the trolls taking shots at two-tribes as a non-credible source just because they don’t produce the “core games for real gamers” that they all masturbate to.XD

    But in all seriousness, it’s good to hear someone who has had a few months of experience with the system vouching for its capabilities.
    We get so much nay-saying from the no-lifer trolls around here that some positive tones in a news story is a welcome change from the cave-man-quality drivel being spouted by haters recently.

    1. Have you notice how many posts past and the trolls no say nothing? They are fucking pathetic.

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          Babies should never be on the internet if they cry over a forum message

          1. I wasn’t aware that somebody cried over your ignorance. I am aware that’s it’s very unprofessional to run a site where that kind of dumbassery is allowed. So I assumed you’d be banned. Sickr and Alba seem to like to keep things somewhat professional aside from the occasional lighthearted teasing and the console wars, etc. But that stuff is just more traffic for their site and not really offensive. What you posted was just unnecessary really.

              1. Forgive me for being grammar police…but it’s spelled ANAL-us, not Aeolus. I know, I know, everybody gets it wrong, it’s okay.

                  1. But I am :) , and wii u is current gen so who cares ?? It’s graphics are still shit !! And it can’t even support the new madden 13 engine coz its too underpowered

                    1. that’s it im giving up my nintendo fandom because an local minority individual posted a comment bashing something thats unfinished i hate nintendo im gonna keep buying games on my ps3 xbox 360. and never buy a nintendo product again. lead me into sony ness.

                        1. what the hell dude apparently you didn’t pickup on my sarcasm. and also being named aeolus clone 2.0 and telling the aeolus’s there all clones, And that there opinions and so called facts are not gonna convert a nintendo fan, and they are a minority voice in a world with 7 billion other people in it. wow dude think outside the box man

                        2. hi there yeah nintendo wii u needs a fishing game thats global even where lock ness monster lives

                        3. Source? cause last time I hard they just didn’t have time to fit the engine to the system.

                        4. hi there your wrong madden is borring engine becuase it is a boring sports game glad it suports the cry tek engine becuase crysis 3 engine is million times more fun then madden engine

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            1. Honestly, the fact that Usain won is good. Fine by me. But that doesn’t mean that you need to get racist. The only reason anyone is “mad” is because you’re slamming other countries. The Olympics is supposed to bring countries together.

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          3. Aww man, i forgot Usain Bolt was competing today. I’m mexican but i say gratz bro, you have a really impressive generation of athletes

          4. And you are inferior to Jewish people ( sarcasm) Sad! racist troll sad! Anyways congrats to your Usain lightening bolt. Jehovah blessed that man. xbox rocks! I will buy the Wii U only for zelda, metroid and Mario. Maybe even star fox. Gears is better than metroid though.

          5. and how many of those did you win? wait .. none at all? don’t steal someone else’s thunder (pun intended) and tell others to “suck it”
            i’m certain bolt would be ashamed with the garbage you’re spouting

            and what does any of this have to do with the big N?

        1. You mean “intensive”, right?
          Well, I don’t know much about how big a load their game puts on the graphics engine, but it looked like there was a lot of stuff on-screen in that video of theirs.
          Besides, hasn’t it already been proven that art style can make up for any lack in realism, by now?
          We don’t really NEED Avatar-grade realism in games to enjoy the graphics, after all.

          1. I always hear art style arguments from nintendo fans :p

            Toki toki orwatever u call it hardly pushes wiiU limits to be fair. Its got cartoony visuals. I am still not convinced. It sounds like marketing speak to get u to buy their games.

            I am waiting to see wiiU exclusives that look like starwars or watchdogs or the last of us. Even the dragonquest x cutscenes look good but again no footage of the wiiU version. Instead we see shitty SD visuals.
            Before wii came out, devs said the graphics are amazing and look how that turnt out. I would take everything with a pinch of salt if I were you.

            1. I would like to present to you the PS2 game Okami, the Wii games Muramasa: The Demon Blade and Mad World, and the multi-platform game Borderlands.[Yes, Borderlands has too much brown, but still]
              Just those should be enough evidence that a game’s art style counts for a lot more than people give it credit for these days, and I’m sure I’ve left out a ton of other examples from the various platforms.
              I am taking it with a pinch of salt, but it’s basically guaranteed to at least be up to the best of the current gen’s capabilities by all reports.
              That much alone gives it excellent graphical capabilities, you know?

              1. Okami is a ps2 port but wii version was awful. Glad they r releasing it on HD. I give u credit for mentioning that game.

                The wiiU really needs to stand out in terms of visuals. Hardcore gamers want graphics. If they are not there then they will ignore it. Its hard to get them bk espec after the wiils poor third party support and software drought. 2011 was a joke. Only last story and skyward sword.

                Nintendo hasd broken a lot of trust and now they have to learn the hard way. We will see what tgs has to offer

                1. While I’ll agree on broken trust, I don’t believe in the statement about cores wanting just graphics.
                  If that were true, they’d have switched to PC gaming years ago. ALL of them. And they’d have never returned to consoles for anything other than the odd exclusive here and there.

                  1. He didn’t say core gamers ONLY want graphics, but I think he was trying to imply that without industry-standard graphics hardcore gamers are going to be far more likely to turn their attention to the next Sony/Microsoft iterations. Especially after all this 1080p hype from developers

          1. Unreal 3 was used by many developers :p so the engine is important. I am aware there are othet engines. I was playing crysis 2 not long ago.

            Hey even that one year old port batman runs unreal 3

            Omg even metroid prime runs version 2 of the engine :p hypocrisy at its finest

            1. Still doesn’t change the fact that it looks like shit. I iwll say it again. Square Enix’s engine will DESTROY it.

              1. Square Enix’s Luminous engine is rather impressive, but it required 4 GPUs to be run at its best, wich sums up to more than 2000$.
                Of course, it still wasnt optimized, but Unreal Engine 4 didn’t require 4 Top of the line GPUs to pull visuals that were almost as good.

                1. they where running it on a high end PC if game informer has any credibility. and even then they still will only use it for Square Enix games.

          2. I agree U4 is pointless for consoles next gen, we should br using U3 the best we can, it looks awesome. But Luminous is all flash but, its only use is in turn based RPG’s. Theres no rea time battling on screen on anything. You just walk around in a pretty sandbox, enemy attacks, and you enter the same battle mode, just with a different but themed back drop

          1. I thought gameplay was more important lol?

            Nintendo fans fancy taking my boat oars? You all sure love to backpaddle when your pointless arguments backfire

            1. LOL. I game since the SNES era when both gameplay and graphics mattered for Nintendo fans. Get your history right.

            2. i dont think theyre saying graphics are better. they are only saying graphics are importent as well. but not as important as gameplay

        1. That’s true to a point. Nintendo fans, especially longtime ones like myself, don’t usually feel that graphics are as important because so many fantastic and still-beloved games have been made with lower-quality graphics in past years; I don’t feel that the hours I spent enjoying Super Metroid were wasted because it wasn’t 1080p, for example. That being said, though, could a game as gorgeous and evocative as Kirby’s Epic Yarn have been made on a lower-powered system? More tools for the developers to experiment with are never a bad thing.

      1. As long as I can slap animal crossing in that sucker, I dont care how many p’s ill run. I hope they make animal crossingU. Im still starved of animal crossing 3ds.

        1. That’s right my friend. I’m still waiting for animal crossing 3ds & one of these games sould be perfect in a WiiU

      2. And finally someone reinforces what Nintendo says a while ago. They said it could run 1080p at 60fps easily, but their own launch titles wont be using that. That made everyone think that it had some problems running at 1080p and 60fps.

        1. It’s a shame their launch titles won’t be running at 1080p 60fps though. Makes me hope they wait with their next big 3D Mario and Zelda titles (F-Zero too, please!) and make sure they run them at the higher res and frame rate.

          1. From what I’ve heard, a lot of the new games started production on the Wii, so boosting them up to 720p would’ve been a challenge, but 1080p was too much of a jump and they would’ve had to completely re-do the graphical side.

      3. It’s kind of confusing to figure out what the truth is about the system when so many different developers say opposite things from each other.

        1. Like I said before. Toki toki is hardly graphic intensive so ofc its easy to get 1080p.

          Same applies toscribblenauts.

          1. Scribblenauts takes a heck of a lot more juice than you’d think, considering how many objects can be on the screen at once taken from a nearly infinite possibility of objects.

      4. This makes me uneasy, Nintendo systems should not be able to do 1080 P. Especially HD. With ease, even my 360 and 720 will do 1080 P. Imagine fable and gears in 1080 P native. Gears 4 and Halo 5 shall be epic on xbox720. With kinect 2 support and smart glass, Nintendo and Sony will be jealous at our two exclusives. We also will have fable 4 with kinect 2 support. So what if the Wii U is more powerful than my 360 we have exclusive contempt for all COD games on 360. Won’t mind playing Zelda in 1080 P though, that Shigeru Miyamoto is a gaming genius. He is like gaming itself. Anyway enough praise we have Microsoft studios and rare ware to challenge your metroid creator.

        1. Why the heck are you uneasy that a Nintendo system has 1080p? Are you worried for other consoles? Competition makes everyone better. It’s a good thing.

          1. Cause I used to have fights with Nintendo fans for their 100 million console selling Wii. Now they have HD what will my xbox use to fight. Plus Zelda and Metroid in HD have me being pulled to buying a Wii U. What if I get the Wii U and not want a 720? That’s my reasoning.

            1. Lol @ Fail troll.

              How will Nintendo or Sony be jealous of Halo 5 and Gears 4 when they’re just average games? The Wii has the most A+ exclusives this gen, tho not many people care to find them. The WiiU will be the same, AND have all the best 3rd party content :)

              1. Best 3rd party content ?? LMFAO !! Crisis 3 not coming to wii u !! SO MUCH FOR CRYTECH SUPPORT ! Bioshock not coming , GTA v not coming , bf3 not coming etc ….LOL wii u 3rd party is a joke !

                1. Yet you’ve failed to realize that there WILL be games powered by CryEngine 3 on the Wii U. But wait, there’s more. According to Crytek producer Mike Read, they are now working with Nintendo and will be creating a brand new title only for the Wii U.

                    1. You’re the one who’s bullshitting, shit for brains! You pay no fucking attention except riding Sony’s dick. Quit wasting your fucking time and get a life!

                2. Injustice (created by the developrers of Mortal Kombat, best fighting game ever)
                  Zombi U (actually a survival)
                  Call of Duty Black Ops II (The wii u is finally gonna make this game actually fun to others)
                  Assassin’s Creed III (best version)
                  Darksiders II
                  Mass Effect III (extra content)
                  Batman: Arkham city (redone)
                  you dont even know if bioshock or GTA is going to the wii u so shut the fuck up you fucking dumbass.

              1. Ur a stupid cunt … Ur being a hypocrite coz ur calling me a Sony dick rider ! Wen u are a Nintendo dick sucker !! C’MON EAT MORE OF THAT MARIO SHIT UP !! LMFAO !!

      5. I’m under the impression that the readers on this blog think that if a game has good graphics(720-1080p) it is automatically going to suffer gameplay-wise. Is that true?

          1. It seems like everyone. I don’t know how many times I’ve read stuff like “Developers should stop focusing so much on graphics and concentrate on gameplay.”

      6. Finally found a comment section that isn’t filled with Aeolus or the other usual trolls spinning ignorance around everyone else and laughing at them while starting pointless wars just to find a new troll here being horribly offensive and racist. “Maker” deserves a ban, badly. The comments sections here have just been on a downhill slide since E3 unfortunately. Hopefully that changes around mid-November when the new hardware is released, because love it or hate it people will have it for themselves to judge and can stop coming here with outrageous lies be it that Wii U is: “The most powerful thing ever! Stronger than PS7!!1!” like some think it will be or “Wii U is shite, so weak, PS4 and 720 will demolish it. THEIR GRAPHICS ARE GONNA BE MORE REALISTIC THAN REAL LIFE!1!!!!! Stupid Nintendopes!”. However the thing turns out, when it’s out, we’ll all know, so hopefully the BS dies then.

            1. Haha u Nintendrones have an iQ of toaster !! Go learn some gaming history and realize how badly Nintendo fucked up !!

              1. wow IQ of toaster? look up history to see how Nintendo fail? no this comment fails, you fail as a fucking troll. you cant even come up with good insults let alone good arguments. Least Nintendo didnt get hacked, nor fail at trying to show off something that was made for kids

              2. I’m more a PC fanboy but I know Nintendo have been one of the most successful companies business wise. You can’t deny that either, Sony Playstation has been quite successful too. Xbox is just a joke though.

      7. All you Nintendrones will be playing with your piece of crap wee wee you, while I’LL be playing with my new 4k PlayStation 4!


        1. yep ps 4 gonna look clean with 4k that even Pc dont have. of course something with a $250 price tag (wii U) will have nothing on something with a $1000 price tag (ps4) make way for the ps4 the system that only does everthing and excel’s at nothing.

          1. you do realise if Sony makes a system that powerful it’ll bite them in the ass hard. first off making a system like that is gonna cost way too much money they’ll never get back second, they will charge it even more then 599.99 which means nobody will buy it so then the system fails Sony fails and they just drop out of the console making franchise.

      8. It may not break a sweat, but it sure might break a TV.

        *puts on glaring sunglasses* …CUZ IT’S THAT POWERFUL OHHH YEAHHH.

      9. No matter how much certain trolls try they can’t hide the truth. The Wii U is a true next gen system and can handle 1080p with ease. This was confirmed a year ago. Just because every single game on the console isn’t in 1080p is not a knock against the console, complain to the devs for not taking full advantage of the hardware. Besides, launch titles rarely do.

        Certain trolls purpose is to place doubt in your mind about Wii U and make you think twice about buying it. It will never work. If advertised and priced properly, Nintendo won’t be able to keep that thing on store shelves this holiday. Leave luck to heaven.

        1. Wii U is an overclocked 360. Of course it can do 1080p on this turd no problem. It has simplistic visuals. They need to show me more intense games doing such to have any credibility.

          Funny how the only 1080p native titles on the system are simplistic games…just like the majority of ones on PS3 and 360.

          1. you do know they’re hiding it so others wont fucking rip it off. when they showed off the wiimote guess what eventually Sony brought out something similar to it that supposed to go against it. then in 2011 they show off a tablet controller. next year? Microsoft comes out with a feature that makes tablets into controllers. companies steal the basic idea from others you dont even know what they do when they reveal each others hardware.

        2. Lol leave luck to my ass , wii u is just an over clocked Xbox 360 with 1080p , Nintendo is hiding to specs so people will think its next gen but really it isn’t ..just like the Wii , we thought it was next gen but it turned out to be a GameCube with motion controlls ..nintendo has always lied to their fans …

                1. Keep playing baby Nintendo games !! While I play awesome action games with fun and amazing story ..keep on playing ur same recycled Mario and Zelda !!

                  1. That’s coming from a loser who fails at playing Nintendo games like The Legend of Zelda, Eternal Darkness, and Geist. You STILL lose. Keep getting angry all you want, shit for brains. Good day sir.

                  2. Shut up. Right now you son of a bitch. The name of this website is My Nintendo News, right? So unlike a universal gaming website such as IGN any trolls found on here have to purposely load the website that they obviously DON’T want to go to and post troll comments. It would be acceptable for me on another website but for you to be trolling on a Nintendo centric site such as this shows me that you truly must have nothing better to do with your life. Don’t like Nintendo? Fine, but don’t come here acting like an asshole when everybody else just wants to read news about Nintendo.

              1. ness you should change your username to either Aeolus’s Bitch or Parrot. cuz thats all you do. bitch and minic

              2. Did you really use the term “butthurt”. For real? I mean come on, go play your playstation and leave us alone, if you really did give a crap you would leave us alone. I mean come on. Grow up.

      10. Not to be a cynic, but Two Tribes B.V. are hardly a company that pushes the capabilities of a console, maybe the handheld with iOS and Android. If they say the Wii U can putout 1080p “without breaking a sweat” well, the game Toki Tori isn’t really too complex for it to suffer in 1080p.

        1. Little orphan Andy. Just because Nintendo have finally entered into the HD era doesn’t fucking mean that they’re late. You and your childish comment. Go back and play Suckboy!

          1. Stupid foolish fanboy won’t admit Nintendo is late to the HD party …fuck off and get a job and get a true console like a ps3 ..don’t waste ur time on casual shit like the wii u

            1. SHUT UP! I’m tired of seeing your asinine comments all over this thread complaining about a company you don’t like. If you hate Nintendo so much then just go to the Playstation blog for crying out loud! I’m sure you’d enjoy it much more. And finally, you can’t judge whether or not Wii U will suck or be amazing because it’s not in stores yet. Casual shit. Where?

          2. Except they are. A whole 7 years late for that matter.

            Actually more than that, since even the original Xbox supported HD visuals.

              1. No, keep suking miamottos dick and Iwata is can barely speak English LMFAO !! “I bwing yooouu tha neuu peece ov sheet !! Tha wii u !!! ” *nintendrones clap *

                    1. Says the dickless hypocrite who can’t spell his fucking name. Ness… you’re a pathetic, dick riding, gut wrenching, horse fucking, no good, ego-maniacal, pig-fucking bastard. Get a life. Too bad you can’t get some pussy in life. Good day sir.

            1. @ Aeolus you have a excellent point they are 7 fucking years behind. they made a mistake thinking HD T.Vs will never be cheap enough to buy. that was their flaw. but even after all these years. the Wii still outsells the PS3 n 360. imagine the wii u being like that at the start. but with the 3rd party support, the HD graphics and Online goodness. the wii u will keep selling and selling. sure it doesnt look like it now. but thats becuase they’re still secretive about the Wii U

        2. Let’s talk about of the many games running at 546p on X360 or the upscaled ones or the games that can’t fake Hd visuals anymore like Gears of War, Halo or BF3…

          So, let’s welcome PS360 to the oldness, because it already started quite some time.

      11. Oh big deal !! IT’S STILL FUCKING CURRENT GEN !! All u Nintendrones were like ” oh graphics don’t matter ” now your like ” omg !! I want better graphics !! Graphics are shit !!” YOU NINTENDRONES ARE FUKING HYPOCRITS !! Nintendo is the worst game company ever !!

        1. Ness… quit being a spoiled fucking brat! The Wii U is an 8th generation console from Nintendo and they’re delivering better graphics and the most unique play control imaginable. Sorry, troll… but you’re the mother of a hypocrites! Nintendo is the best video game company in the world.

          1. Lol foolish fanboy denies everything I said even though its true ..wii u is just an overclocked 360 with 1080p slapped on ..that dosnt make It next gen you idiot , stop denying everything that Nintendo does wrong u stupid cunt

            1. You’re angry because the Wii U is the only next gen console and it’s already five times the power of both PS3 and X360. You still lose Nessie. Good day sir!

              1. Lol fail .. Ur either retarded or full on fanboy !! If the wii u is SOOO POWERFUL than why dosnt the wii u version support the madden 13 engine ?? But ps3 and 360 can ?? haha exactly !! It weak !!

                1. Because EA didn’t give themselves enough time to optimize the engine to the new console. Assasins Creed 3 runs on a new engine, and with better results on the Wii U compared to the 360 and PS3, like it should, since it is coming out 7 years after them…

            2. Your right, the fact that it has better graphics dose not make it next gen.the fact that it is a new console dose not just an add on like the Xbox kinect or Playstation move.

      12. Fanboy my ass! Not only your name is not only misleading, but also a hypocritical Sony drone. PS3 is not a true console. A true console shouldn’t have your credit card data stolen. A true console shouldn’t make a free video game for members as long as it doesn’t expires. The true consoles that we know are Wii, Nintendo 3DS, Xbox 360 (a better model instead of the original), and especially the Wii U.

        You’ve utterly failed to realize that the Wii U is a system for not only casuals, but also hardcore. Don’t waste your fucking breath, Somy dick rider. You’re nothing but a poser who don’t know fucking shit about video games. You lose!!!!!! Good day, sir!

        1. Hardcore ? What hardcore ?? No GTAV,bioshock,crisis 3 ,Skyrim,bf3 ?? WHERE IS THE HARDCORE ?? ALL U HAVE IS SHITTY ZombiU ..even my calculator has better graphics than ZombiU and the game is fucking boring !! The only thing shown at e3 from Nintendo this year was wii u fit,epic Micky (LOL WUTA JOKE),lego shit , scribbldick and NO hardcore games ..LOL so much for the hardcore audience ..Nintendo are a bunch of fat liers

          1. HA HA HA! Your nose is growing more than your dick, loser. Wii U has hardcore games and it’s gonna be there at launch. Assassin’s Creed 3, Batman: Arkham City: Armored Edition, Darksiders II: Evil Lives, Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge, Cloudberry Kingdom 3 (Rated M), and Mass Effect 3: Bring Earth Back.

            1. hahah wat a joke … I can already get those games for the ps3 ..why would I want to buy a shiny turd to play them ? Lol old games ..where are the new games ?? Exactly !!

                1. The fact isn’t that they’re crap fucking old games bastard. His objective was to point out that Wii U has hardcore games and he accomplished it. Arkham City, Assassin’s Creed, and Mass Effect 3 are undeniably hardcore games, no matter if you’re a whore or not.

        2. I hate to say this but Big Whup! PS3 and Xbox have been doing 1080p for some time. PC has been doing that resolution and much higher for years.

          Wii U is just this generation hardware with more memory. Capabilities of the Wii U isn’t that far beyond what we have today.

        3. Ho hum. Another news piece, another forum spiralling out of control.

          Ness has so much anger! Why? From playing Smash Bros, he always seemed like such a pleasent lad…

          Mybe his PK Powers are infecting his brain? Why else would he continue to babble so incoherantly about a 120 year old Japanese game company? Maybe he’s secretly miffed about the lack of Earthbound games?

          …Though I do admit, Earthbound in 1080p sounds mighty fine!

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        7. I WISH we could just play games for the FUN of it, and stop this God Damn Fan boy war once and for all…. SHIESH….. X( Get a life people. It’s not that serious!

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        20. who gives two shits about two tribes and their very poor games, there shite will give codemasters a run for their money for shitty shitty shitty games and monkey followers like you joker twats here

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