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Ubisoft Already Has Ideas For A ‘ZombiU 2’

Although Wii U exclusive title ZombiU is currently in developement, developer Ubisoft has ideas for a sequel to the upcoming survival horror game. ZombiU features one multiplayer mode and according to its producer, Guillaume Brunier, Ubisoft wants to offer various multiplayer content to the game’s sequel; for example, it wants to add a 2-on-1 survival mode.

62 thoughts on “Ubisoft Already Has Ideas For A ‘ZombiU 2’”

  1. ok besides bing first 3ds needs a really good online FPS so 3ds XL sale really well here in the us because im so sick of how nintendo sites are reporting Japan 3ds sales and what Japan games is most wanted and that bullshit. maybe 3ds isnt doing so well here in the states but a good FPS online will do the trick to get the sales where they need to be.

    1. What does any of that have to do with this article? Plus, the 3DS isn’t exactly selling badly in the west. In the US and the EU combined, it outsells the Vita ~2:1

      1. well lets see because for 1 no one talks about 3ds sales in the US or europ just Japan and second 3ds needs a good online FPS game because people in the US and Europe loves FPS games or shooters at that and last because wii u and 3ds are damn near the same but one is a home console and the other handheld so i cans see things like zombieU having u use a real keypad to unlock a door in real time that makes its so cool

    1. Because Ubisoft cares about money. Holding back features for more money works for everyone else, so why not Ubisoft?

      1. Stop whining. You should be happy Ubisoft is supporting the Wii U and not porting the game to PC or other consoles.

    1. hi there yeah zombi u will be like left for dead on xbox 360 or ps 3 the only differance is wii u flash storage will read write 3 times faster mb/s then ps3 40 mb/ s hard drive soo you get 120 mb/s average speeds wii 512 mb flash comes in at 80 mb/s first hard drive 5 mb and 10 kb/s ibm 305 in 1956

    1. If they wanted to implement the new ideas into ZombiU, they would have to develop, test, and implement them, then rework the whole game so the additions are relevant… all this time and effort means the game gets a massive delay, and it also means more money spent on this game.
      It’s better for everyone for developers to hold on to late ideas for sequels. That way we get their games on time, we get to play and enjoy them and support the series, and with the income they earn from the first release they can go on to support a better sequel, with a lot of the framework already developed and a stronger focus placed on new features.

      That’s how game development works.

  2. Woah woah slow down ubisoft the Wii U isn’t even out yet. There still developing Zombi U and yet there comming up with ideas for the “sequal” . I kinda makes more sence to just include those features in the game right now.

  3. Why not post about the 3DS XL Still having some sort of screen scratch problemo?… Mine has it… darn it v.v


  4. Oh joy… please don’t tell me this is going down the road of the AC series.

    I can’t wait to get ZombiU and the Wii U but think of a sequel early is too soon… though then again the Video Game Industry does have a fever of sequelitis so I’m not too surprised.

    1. It’s not that early to be thinking of a sequel. The game is being released in a couple of months, the final build is probably just about complete, all the ideas they couldn’t quite complete or implement in time are left lying around… of course they’re thinking about a sequel.

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  6. Every game (including Zelda games)..should have multi-player games and a co-op function. There are no excuses not to have them these days.

    1. That isn’t true. Games shouldn’t just have multiplayer thrown in for the sake of it. It needs to genuinely work with and add to the game experience. I’m questioning the inclusion of the “Boost” mode in NSMBU (where you place blocks and stuff) because I don’t see it adding significantly to the game.
      Better to have no multiplayer than shit multiplayer.

    2. I don’t think it is necessary to have multiplayer in any first-person epic game (RPG, Adventure) but for a game like ZombiU, I would want it. but done well, of course.

  7. Just when we thought ZombiU is the only scare fest on the Wii U… we were wrong… DEAD wrong! Ubisoft developing ZombiU II for the Wii U would be an epic idea! Two thumbs up for Ubisoft and to the CEO.

  8. i want it to have a survival mode, a 4 player co-op model, a more diverse weapons around the boards like ANYTHING that is use as a weapon from TV REMOTE to kitchen knifes to screwdriver to pices of wood laying down to wii consoles 360 ps3 to bash there head TO ANYTHING useable in realworld and WORLDS should be base around real world streets to houseing to everything and more zombie modes that would be epic

    1. hi there heah 4 player mode 2 tablet game pads and 2 3ds or 3ds xl thats 7 screens for 4 players thats lot of screens too see at one time

        1. hi there your wrong thats not true the wii u runs the cryteck 3 enginge with a quad core cpu 1 gb d-ram 32 mb cache ram

  9. lol, am I the only one that thinks it’s idiotic to tell people what you want to do in the second game before you even release the first? It’s almost like pointing out flaws, or what’s missing…

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