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Original Freakyforms Will Be Removed From Nintendo eShop

Freakyforms: Your Creations Alive! will be removed from the European Nintendo eShop on August 16th. Nintendo didn’t give a reason for the decision, but perhaps it’s because the retail version of the game, Freaky Forms Deluxe, was released in Europe on July 28th and will be downloadable from the Nintendo eShop on August 17th.

The original can be downloaded from the Nintendo eShop for £5.40, while the retail version is £19.99. If you purchase Freakyforms: Your Creations Alive! prior to August 16th, you can always re-download it onto your Nintendo 3DS.

22 thoughts on “Original Freakyforms Will Be Removed From Nintendo eShop”

  1. Nintendo needs bigger franchises on their godforsaken eshop better games too I wanna see smash bros 64 Pokemon red fzero smash bros melee 3d retail downloadable freaking street fighter 3 metroid fusion. Starfox mariokart marvel vs capcom classic all that good shit cmon Nintendo step it up!

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  3. i dont even have a 3ds, so its ok. Yesterday/this morning there was so much wii u news. now its 3ds news :( come on guys, i need more wii u support!

  4. Jerks. I have heard of companies removing games from online stores for good reasons but “So people give us 4 times more money.” is a shit one. I like Nintendo, they make the best games and they make really good consoles but one thing I hate is how little they respect their customers. I know I’ve probably awoken the fan boys but seriously, name one time Nintendo have gone “above and beyond” with their community.

  5. I bought this (the Japanese version) about 6 months ago. It was fun for a few weeks then I got really bored of the format. Making the monsters was fun but the quests and the levels were so repetitive. Also, I kept getting streetpasses from other people with the game, who gave me monsters that looked like penises. Ugh.

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