GameStop is apparently preparing to compile pre-order estimates next week for Wii U. This apparently ties in with the marketing materials which have popped up in a number of GameStop stores. The source isn’t too sure whether this is just a few local stores, or whether it’s being rolled out nationwide.



  1. How retarded ..they havnt even anounced the price/release date of that gay price of shit and now their taking preorders ..HOW RETARDED !! Nintendo is so stupid ..ANOUNCE THE GODDAMN PRICE AND RELEASE DATE YOU FAGGOTS !! SHITENDO is gonna die !! Stupid Nintendrones are buying this piece of junk that can’t even handle next gen games ..stupid wii tards


  2. Guys, if you just ignore the trolls, they’ll fade away and it’ll be better for all of us.

    (Though I have to admit it’s kinda funny to read all the stupid stuff they post)


  3. @ness,you are wrong.Nintendo makes something new every time like a brand new software system,controller,hardware etc.Sony and microsft are still selling these uncofortable controllers which are the same and old. They also they copy.I grew up with Nintendo games and that’s why i am not a retarded gamer like you and the other modern kids.Many mature games are bad for all people’s phycology and for all ages,so shut the fuck up and i advise you to start playing something cassual and not only and i repeat not ONLY hardcore games with too much violence on it.Final,super mario is the main reason that you have xbox or a pc or a playstation.etc.If you don’t like Nintendo then leave this site and go to troll to an another blog or website.

    You are THIS^


  4. i dont think my comment was very easy to spot because of the trolls, so can someone answer this?

    i have a digital gamestop giftcard, so could i possibly order online?

    AND how would i get proof that i preordered it if i do online?


  5. off topic:

    but will nintendo/ their supporters show up to that conference? i think its called gamescom. and does it have live feed like e3 2012?

    NOTE: if ness or his cunt spams here, just ignore him and continue along, nothing pisses a dick off more than ignoring. :)


  6. Here is finland, we haven’t (yet) recieved anything marketing material regards WiiU. But you have been able to pre-order it for like a year now.

    Regards, GameStop worker in Finland


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