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Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Delayed To 2013 In Europe

Earlier today, Nintendo of America announced that Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon will be available in the first half of 2013 in the Americas. According to Nintendo UK, Luigi’s upcoming Nintendo 3DS game will be released in Europe during 2013 as well.

30 thoughts on “Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Delayed To 2013 In Europe”

  1. good. then it could be either something theyre addig to the game, or moved ot from Halloween to make room for Wii U October launch

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  3. no surprise as it was the same for USA earlier today, I’m ok with this as I have Paper Mario and Prof Layton to look forward to!!! :D not to mention this friday new super mario bros 2 :DDD I havnt had a new 3DS game since Christmas people!!!

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  5. Pay no attention to this username

    Nintendo probably realized that they were releasing way to many games to close together and at the same time wiiu was launching. It’s just a shame that luigis mansion had to be the casualty for the holiday season.

  6. This was literally the ONLY game I was looking forward to for this year. I’m really hoping for an unannounced Wii U launch game that grabs my attention. Oh well, at least it’s also delayed in Europe and America isn’t alone. That would just piss me right the fuck off.

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  8. That’s annoying, but given Black 2, Layton, the Wii U and its launch games that I want, it’s probably for the best, no way I could afford it until next year anyway, and this way I still get it at launch.

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  11. Damn it’s delayed but oh well if it means it’s going to be better then that’s fine with me and now I can focus on more Wii U games. Also look’s like the only 3DS game coming out that I want around the holiday season is Paper Mario: Sticker Star and there’s also Pokemon Black 2/White 2 on the DS as well so it’s not all bad.
    Also next year it means there will be more 3DS games to come out such as Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon (of course), Animal Crossing Jump Out, Fire Emblem: Awakening and there’s proabley lots of surprises for the 3DS as well next year, hopefully a new Zelda, Kirby, Metroid, Star Fox, Donkey Kong or even a Yoshi game that would be awesome.

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