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Stunning Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Trailer

Sega has released a new trailer for Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed which gives us another look at the various transformations your kart can perform. Sega revealed earlier today that the Wii U version of the game will be extremely similar to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions, but, the game will have unique features in the form of the Wii U GamePad.

68 thoughts on “Stunning Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Trailer”

    1. History has revealed to us that SEGA trailers are very misleading. They edit the shit out of their trailers when the actual product is shit. This game shall be no different. It will barely be of average quality. That is fact. You cant expect SEGA to make a truly GREAT game out of nowhere when they keep releasing shit.

      Your day will soon come Sega, I for one will not be buying this game. Along with the general population who isn’t covered in whool. I’d much rather play Diddy Kong Racing instead, and that game is bad…

      motherfuckers, dismiss me as a troll, deep inside you know I’m right…BITCH!

      1. Diddy Kong Racing is great. Also your whole post is nonsense as Sega aren’t making the game, Sumo are. Once again someone who knows nothing about what they’re ranting about using their ridiculous opinion to ignore facts.

    1. Non-Specific Action Figure

      this is not a real trailer this is a gameplay trailer it shows all the stuff which will be in the game like the gta v trailer.

      Together Wii U.

    1. That’s what I thought too xD.
      I even thought I say his gloves/gauntlets, and even bow and quiver…
      I was wrong :(

  1. Not hating on Sonic or anything but this game doesn’t really catch my attention much. I’ll wait for the next iteration of Mario Kart. To me, there’s just too much going on at all times on the screen. I like Mario Kart’s simplicity and easy on the eyes graphics. The only complaint I have about Mario Kart is that I wish they’d bring back the feather power up that allowed you to jump and take short-cuts in the original Super Mario Kart for SNES, also they need to tone down the shit with that faggot ass blue shell.

    1. Talking about Super Mario Kart, I wish they’d remake the soundtrack from that game for the next Mario Kart. All those songs were really catchy!!!

      1. I totally agree with you Ahjan. I freaking LOVE Super Mario Kart’s music. One of my favorite is the Donut Plains song. So many memories from when I was a kid.

    2. I commend you for not allowing yourself to be blinded by this Mario Kart rip off. I too will wait for the next iteration of Mario Kart. for Wii U, now THERES a worthwhile investment. Fuck Sonic

      1. Yea, there are lots of Mario Kart elements in this game. And sure people will argue that Nintendo did not invent racing games, etc. But Mario Kart’s special type of racing including sabotaging other racers and such was a product of Super Mario Kart after Hideki Kono decided to make a 2 player racing game after F-Zero (being just a 1 player game) came out. Nevertheless, people will still make games VERY similar to Nintendo originals (i.e., Playstation All Star Battle Royale) But thankfully, these copycats never have the charm, replayability, and fun factor that Nintendo games always bring.

    3. You’re anticipating the next shitty Mario Kart rehash over this proven racer. That’s Nintendrone blind loyalty.

      Mario Kart is completely based on luck and caters to casual pussies. This series actually requires skill.

      1. Guarantee it’ll still do shittier than the next Mario Kart. While Mario Kart Wii sold an astounding 32.29 million worldwide SOLELY on the Wii platform, Sonic & Sega All-Stars sold a measly 3.12 million on Wii, DS, PS3, 360, PC, and iOS combined.

        And talking about rehash, why is it that all the Super Mario and Mario Kart rehashes all do extremely well, yet look at all the Sonic rehashes and even the ones they try to change up, they are all crap?

      2. Nintendrone blind loyalty? He provided valid and reasonable points of view as to why he PREFERS Mario Kart to this game. He even said some negative points on Mario kart … Please explain how that is nintendrone loyalty? I prefer Mario kart too … am I Nintendrone too? Even though I game more on PC? Seriously Aeolus, you use to provide such intelligent arguements. What happened? All you do is call people fanboys and thats it … It’s kind of sad really ….

      3. Mario Kart IS based on luck sometimes this is true, but not COMPLETELY as you stated, there is a reason for this. If you try to play a racing game such as Gran Turismo, you will only be able to play it with another like minded/ well seasoned gamer. There is no way a casual gamer who will always be around (like your mom, dad, sister, cousin, brother, grandpa, etc) will think about playing a game like that when you are an expert and will clearly beat their ass every time. That’s what makes Mario Kart so much fun, the fact that you can be really good at it, yet your mom has a chance to take you out, making you guys want to keep playing over and over.

  2. Oh my god! This is such a rip off of Mario Kart 7, i mean really, you can fly in it. They totally copied Nintendo’s innovation.

    1. They came up with the idea prior to seeing Mario Kart 7 in action. Plus, this actually changes gameplay when you transform. It’s basically three gameplay engines in one, as opposed to MK7, where there where minimalist differences in the way you played, especially underwater levels. MK7 is still fun though.

      1. So MK7 is a rip off of Diddy Kong Racing? Yes, they both may be Nintendo made but that wouldn’t justify ripping off one franchise to make another. Not saying MK7 or S&ASRT are rip offs by any means, they are all simply the same genera of kart racer. A rip off is like that Mario Kart rip off they made that was the same game basically re-skinned or that recent Pushmo game.

        1. DKR wasn’t made by Nintendo. Amazing how often people on here get the simplest details wrong every single time.

    2. Why did you two idiots above me type so much? ITS AN OBVIOUS fact. Yes Jake, this is a rip off of not only Mario Kart 7, but of Diddy Kong Racing also. Sega has always survived off of riding Nintendo’s dick. fuckers

      1. No. Sega are like Sony, but, original. Not like that always worked out well for them ( 32X LOL ) but they still made awesome games. Im sure this game was in developement before MK7 was released, but by the looks of it, its almost like MK/Ace Combat/Wave Racer, which is BOSS

        1. This. I would even rather buy this instead of Mario Kart 7 because of their uncool transformations and terrible roster.

    1. Meh, technically, but you forget one thing. If its fun, does it really matter? I played the original a bit and it does feel different IMO, its not just a copy and paste with Sega characters. However unlike Sony All Stars, this game pleases its fanbase entirely with tracks and characters from different generations and systems. SAS does that, but only partially, but has tons of characters missing, or one we just dont want to see, as well as multiplatfrom characters

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  5. This is going to be awesome, can’t wait, it’s something while I wait for Mario Kart, hopefully there’s people online, and also, imagine if they added classic sonic :D

  6. Its tough because I loved F Zero GX (Nintendo + Sega), but hated the controls of Sonic Riders (just Sega?). It looks good… but we all know how important looks are (Crytek).

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