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Here’s The Batman Arkham City Wii U Box-Art

Warner Box has revealed the box-art for Batman Arkham City Armoured Edition for Wii U. Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition contains all of the content from Batman: Arkham City, which includes all the downloadable content. The game is scheduled to be released this Holiday season alongside Wii U.

150 thoughts on “Here’s The Batman Arkham City Wii U Box-Art”

          1. Its a colouring error, the real image is posted everywhere else and its the same blue as every other cover

          2. That is a weakass connection to make. Saying that Xbox360’s green color is a subtle hint to ripping off Sony’s bluray color makes more sense than what you said.

        1. is there a really good joke hidden in these posts or is it just a stupid thing you guys you guys do (include “Stop Now” dude)

          1. Still looks like garbage. Aqua and yellow? Are they having a laugh? Nintendo has the worst designs ever. Just look at the terrible, bulky, plain and boring original Wii dashboard… it looks like a pre-school drawing board.

            I’m a graphic & UI designer, and have been doing that as a career for 12 years. Believe me when I say: Nintendo’s design choices are fucking TERRIBLE.

        1. its not “wrong” per say. its really that there seems to have been a problem/ malfunction when copying the image. if you look closer you can even see the electricity and his armor not even being the right color either

  1. That box art is amazing. Batman looking badass as usual. I wonder if it will sell at full price or less because it’s an older game? Maybe they’ll charge $39.99 for this one, instead of $50-$60. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. that’s up to the developers, not nintendo
      personally i doubt it
      ports to pc that are released almost a year later also sell for the full price even if it’s just the basic game with no improvements (see gta IV for example)
      and this game has been specially adapted for wii-u

      1. Non-Specific Action Figure

        i would say no they will sell it to 50-30 or less because it’s an undated game.

        Together Wii U.

          1. ah, popo isn’t here to listen to reason, he’s here to make you guys respond and annoy you guys, like that annoying 5 year old kid in primary school that has no friends. My advice, ignore him. not hard.

          1. Yeah. Watch his recent videos. He’s retracted a lot of what he previously said based on developer comments lately. Wii U is underpowered for its time. Severely. And it’s graphics, draw distance, physics, etc. are all going to suffer for it.

              1. Typical Nintendo fanboy: can’t rebuttal a valid point so they just resort to childish insults and name calling.

                Sickr, where you at on THIS guy? I got warned just for speaking my mind against Wii I calmly and politely. Yet this guy is free to toss around language like this?

                Favouritism much?

        1. I put the link to that video on this site for a troll encounter months ago, still good to see that it is still being used for its primary purpose :)

          1. Except Rich himself has made newer videos about developer comments recently saying he is now worried its not powerful enough and being “on par” with XBOX 360 and PS3 is laughable 6 to 7 years after those consoles came out.

            And he’s right.

              1. Eh, its showing the wrong video. Watch the one titled “Wii U Is A ‘$400 Xbox 360 Seven Years Late'”, where he comments on the anally devestated former THQ employee.

    2. Would probably be full retail, but considering you get the DLC which is about $12, as well as the new features, its a good deal.

    3. Probably $40 since that’s what they’re charging for the GOTY edition on PS3 and 360 (which, by the way, has one of the worst boxarts I have ever seen).

    4. Still not going to buy the game for that price if I can find it for 20 bucks on 360 or PS3. Don’t care if the DLC affect the price, since I bought Borderlands GOTY for 18 bucks and it contained all the DLC as well as extras. Waiting is probably the best option if you don’t want to rush out and buy this game.

      1. worked for xbox. lmfao first nintendo steals their gamepad concept now theyre stealing their artbox but painting it teal to be subtleat xbox rippoff and sonys bluray smh keep it classy shitendo

        1. How did Nintendo steal “their” gamepad concept? If you’re talking about smartglass, that can’t do half of what the Wii U gamepad can.

          1. he’s talking about the pro-controller

            their looks are very similar yes, but that owes to the fact that controller design (luckily) doesn’t undergo a lot of changes anymore nowadays and has pretty much been perfected
            they could have tried a completely original design for a pro controller and might have failed
            instead they went for a well established and received design as a basis and modified it which is the much smarter approach i would say
            i don’t see the problem in nintendo borrowing from microsoft when microsoft has borrowed so much from nintendo over the years… including the concept of a gamepad in the first place.. they didn’t bother to develop their own control scheme either when they entered the market, simply because it was so successful

            1. Oh i see. Personally, even though i dont like the 360 ( or more Microsoft to be exact) the controller shape and feel is great…however, i hate the buttons :| triggers are to delayed, analogs are too slippy, ABXY and bumpers can get stuck when you press them after a while or loose all spring, and then theres that fucking dpad :| pro controller looks awesome, the shape and comfort of the 360 but button quality of Nintendo

        2. Shut up Mr. Popo, Kami’s dead, get over it, go back to looking like a black and white minstrel rather being blue in Kai

        3. you seem to have forgotten where the basic concept of a gamepad originally stems from
          and you also seem to have forgotten how to spell

            1. um yes they were
              the NES was the first console to use a gamepad like the ones we know today
              and if you’re going to argue how about giving counter arguments? because i’m not seeing a lot of those
              get your facts straight next time

    1. arkham city is hands down one of the best games i have ever played. its is definitely worth a purchase, esspecially for the wii u .

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  3. Lookin good! Definitely a day one purchase for me. A great full 3D action adventure game on Wii U. Here’s to more in the future.


    holy shit guys did ya see the new xbox 720 rumers damn nintendos outdate. also check out the new ouya info developers lik capcom and squire enxisare focusing their attention to ouya and said they loved forsome of the grewt games coming for ouya to be cross platform via smartglass HOLY SHIT!

    1. 1. Rumours are rumours, don’t listen to them.
      2. Square have only announced a remake of a Final Fantasy 3, and Capcom have not announced any games for the system.
      3. As far as I heard, and what Wikipedia says, there is no link between Ouya and Smartglass
      4. Go get Google Chrome, download an in-browser spell checker and use it. Jesus Christ, the crap that comes out of your mouth is in the form of false information and simply horrendous grammar.

  5. THIS LOOKS AMAZING! I never played Asylum (because it wasn’t on the Wii) and I’ve been waiting a whole year to play this game that everyone I know has already beaten. I’m a huge Batman fan but I refused to buy a stupid PS3 or 360 because I love Nintendo sooooo much and would never betray them!

    1. LOL! You’re letting your emotions for a company that doesn’t care about you get in the way of playing games that you want. You act like a child who won’t eat their sandwich because it wasn’t cut the right way. Stop riding Mario’s cock you corporate slave.

    2. I have to say, just go out and buy a preowned PS3. There are simply too many games you are missing out on by only having a Wii. I like Nintendo the best out of the three console makers, but seriously, there are simply too many games you are missing. You’ll not give Sony any money, and you get amazing games.

      1. Dont even have to buy any games, just join PSN Plus for £40 an get Darksiders, Dead Space, Boderlands, Just Cause 2, MotorStorm, LBP2 for free :D

    3. Lol I only have a Wii and 3DS but thats because eveyone I know has ps360. so I can play anytime. I love nintendo too, but I play other systems (only because I have so many ps360 friends) Hopefully now we’ll get eveything we’ve been missing. Having to buy another system just to play a few good games wont cut it. I’ll stick with nintendo and wait for my friends to buy the games for themselves.Lately I’ve been able to talk and compare upcoming games with my friends like A.C3, DS2, & Tekken. since they’ll be on the Wii U now we have that in common (plus the fact I’ll be playing the best versions of those games.

  6. That looks so cool. It certainly looks better than looking at some of the disgraceful Nintendo bashing comments my past self puts.

  7. Personally, I think the turquoise (shudder) should be replaced with white, “wii” should be gray and “u” should be blue

  8. Funny how people were hating on the box art a few days ago when it wasn’t confirmed to be official. Saying things like “the yellow line is so ugly!!1!one”. And now, suddenly, you all love it.

    Fucking hypocrites.

    1. 1. I think people are praising the actual box art, not the logo.
      2. Not everyone bashed it, i personally don’t mind it. TONS of companies use the blue and yellow (Ikea, Best Buy, Visa, Blockbusters, just to name a few). it pops out catches the eye, and i like that.

    1. What do you mean by “looked like shit”? Its the same game as on the ps3/360, just with better resolution and maybe framerate

      1. i mean when i was playing there were frame drop and the cape of batman had black plixel issues on it 2 circles can’t really tell you how. and the face of batman was like it was on the wii not real good shape it was like first the upper half then the lower half of the face

        1. Hmm, that seems odd. Most likely its not completely finished development, the 360 and ps3 didnt have those problem, no reason the WiiU would. Probably still bugs to work out, the final product will be fine

    2. The Wii U and Batman Arkham City Armoured Edition haven’t even been released yet. There is zero way you have played it unless you were at Gamescom, which I highly doubt if you like to spend your time being an idiotic troll with no grammar skills on a Nintendo website.

      Even if it ‘looks like shit’ to put it so bluntly, the game isn’t finished yet. You should know that if you took the time to play it.

      1. I dont think hes a troll, and he couldve easily been a Gamescon. I duno, all i know is the final version will look great

    1. Wow. I hope you’re not an artist or designer of any kind. You’re probably one of the kids who had a glittery, flashy MySpace page with tons of animated garbage all over the place and horrible background image/pattern.

      As are the rest of you people who think this looks good.

      1. You don’t know who the fuck I am, loser. I don’t use MySpace like you, Vanilla Icy. All you ever do is whine, piss, and bitch. If I were you, I would just shut the fuck up and move on.

      2. And just because the game box is this colour changes the game, gameplay etc in what way?

        If you do any reading, the first thing you should know is don’t judge a book by its cover. I bet for whatever game franchise you are most interested in, you will buy even if the box art is just all pink.

  9. That is the most revoltingly coloured box art I’ve ever seen. Assuming it’s supposed to be light blue/turqoisey

  10. It seems inappropriate to this new model is like the GameCube. I prefer like the Wii. That color of the box also do not like it would be nice boxes white or transparent as the PS3, is just a suggestion

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