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Wii U Releasing Before November 13th?

GameStop is listing most Wii U games with a tentative release date of December 31st. Based on the retailer’s website, the Wii U versions of two games – Rise of the Guardians and Ben 10 Omniverse – will launch on November 13th. It was rumored that Nintendo’s forthcoming console will be released in time for Black Friday, which is the 23rd of November, so perhaps the Wii U will launch during the first half of the month.

58 thoughts on “Wii U Releasing Before November 13th?”

    1. No fucking way. They didn’t even START Marketing for something worth $400, why would they release it like a month after starting the marketing campaign? Think.

  1. I noticed that, but didn’t think about it. 2 of the games had that date instead of the holiday or Dec placeholders that the majority had.

  2. DAMN! The last rumor I’ve read was the Wii U’s launch date is Black Friday. I’m sure President Iwata or The Regginator will vacuum that rumor when they announce it next month.

  3. Davin (aka Platinum Lucario)


  4. It’s going to be like the Vita, where they released games before they released the system. The system will release on November 18th in North America.

  5. That would be Awesome November 12, 2012 is my birthday I turn 16 Years Old that would be a Awesome Birthday Present! :D

    1. Bop Bop Bop!!!Nov. 16th is my B-day and I turn 18!!! So I really am hoping it comes out in November like… around my birthday so I can get one really awesome present!!! Bash Bump Blamm!!!

  6. Holy shit. Enough with the rumors. ZOMG Wii U MIGHT RELEASE 4 BLACK FRIDAY. NO WAI, IT MIGHT BE OUT A FEW WEEKS EARLIER. Is it really hard to wait until we get an actual date? We’ll know the real date before November anyway, sheesh.

      1. Sorry for coming to a news site expecting a little more than just speculation. Besides, it’s not like figuring out the release date is going to make it come out any faster, and you have no way of knowing if you’re right until Nintendo gives an official date. I just don’t see the point.

      1. He’s referring to the picture in the tittle of the article. It belongs to the movie “Legend of the Guardians”.

  7. By everything we have heard in the past months i think the Wii U will launch between November 13th and the 21st in Japan,America and Europe and in Australia and the rest of the world between te 21st of November and December 6th just think about it

    1. I think Japan will get it earlier than North America, like the 3ds. So either Japan gets it November and we get in december or they get in october and we get in novmeber

  8. Poo… I won’t have ANY money until CHRISTMAS so I will just have to be the person who gets the “awesome new console” later and say “OMG I GOT A WII U!” 2 months later than everyone else and look like a total newb.

  9. not gonna work , becuase paper mario sticker star comes out november 11 ( a sunday) if it cam eout before the 13 th it wold have to be november 4 and the wii u sales will just hurt paper mario, so i say the 18th is highly likely but i can be wrong

  10. Doubtful. However, some 3rd party games will ship to stores before launch. I’m sticking with Sunday, November 18th date. That seems more in line with past launches. Question is will the games be for sale or remain hidden in back rooms till launch.

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  12. I called this I said 11th or 18th (both Sundays) Those two games arent 1st parties so it’s definately possible to lauch the Tuesday after (which may only be 2 days from what we’re seeing here) My body is READY!

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