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Wii U To Have Achievement System Called ‘Wii U Accomplishments’?

A Wii U achievement system may have been leaked by a NeoGAF user. The image above is an alleged screenshot of the “Career Design Document” for upcoming racing game Project Cars, which is scheduled to release in 2013 for Wii U, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. Based on the document, Nintendo’s forthcoming console will feature ‘Wii U Accomplishments.’

108 thoughts on “Wii U To Have Achievement System Called ‘Wii U Accomplishments’?”

    1. They do if they’re done right and can even challenge you to do new things in new ways. But there are games that have some games that have achievements that are only “Complete Chapter 1, Complete Chapter 2, ect.”.

        1. Pretty much. The last story* was on how 3rd-party developers would be showing Wii U games at Gamescom, and it’s now Gamescom.

          *I only now see what I did there.

  1. If it does have accomplishment system , it better have rewards for your MIIs ( Ex. Head wear , T-shirts , etc. )

  2. I was thinking, more or less, they would theme their achievement system off of one of their main series. Like Pokemon, for instance. They have ribbons, to mark victory in a contest, and badges, marking victory for defeating a gym leader.

    1. I would love the reference if they had called them badges, but thinking about it separately makes it sound a bit juvenile :(

  3. Nice to know, but I kinda want to know how the accomplishments will differ from each other. Xbox 360 gives out different Gamescore values, and PlayStation gives out different types of trophies. What will Nintendo do?

  4. I hope the Wii U will be released October 30th. If they did this Nintendo could take the Assassins Creed 3 sales from other consoles. It would be foolish to not try and capitalize on Ubisoft next installment. One hand washes the other Nintendo…. It’s not to late to learn that lesson.

      1. if i were an Assassins creed fan, i would just buy the game on xbox rather than wait for wii u version as i would want to play it asap. if both were together i would pick up both at the same time.

        1. I am a huge Assassin’s Creed fan, and a huge Nintendo fan. I am going to wait for the Wii U version (if I have to).

    1. It’s a leak. We won’t know until Nintendo has their say in it. When it comes to leaks and rumors, we can’t automatically assume it’s legitimate without the target saying so.

  5. Well, What else were they going to call it? Medals? Crowns? Either way, I hope that the first-party games don’t go overboard with them and put in almost impossible accomplishments. Does anyone know anyone insane enough to go for the MR. PERFECT achievement?

  6. Im already thinking of achievements in nintendo games, like the infinite 1-up trick in Mario, using a bottle as weapon in Zelda, ect. XD

  7. Nintendo confirmed the excistance of trophies achievement of some sort… What I read is that they will be optional and not necessary for all of the games (unlike xbox that made it mandatory for every game)
    Hope it get a good use

        1. Their were a rumor that Rayman Legend will be multiplat, so we’re unsure about this game been wiiu exclusive or not.

    1. Well the big N will be putting more focus on Wii U PR after New Super Mario Bros 2 launches in the states so yep. Big announcements should be coming up fairly soon =D

    1. Indeed its true. and, just like mii plaza, I bet we get hats for our miis with the accomplishements, and show them of on Miiverse :D

  8. Knowing Nintendo and seeing that the 1 million coin reward in NSMB 2 is pretty much worthless, I’m guessing the accomplishments will do jack-shit. What I mean is that they will probably be like a text and light up if you’ve unlocked them, like Miiverse Plaza accomplishments on 3DS. You’ll probably not get something like trophies nor points for them seeing as how Nintendo thinks that a piece of text and hard accomplishments is enough to satisfy customers. I don’t know about you guys, but I want to show off my accomplishments in some way as well as getting as much accomplished in a game as possible. Which is why the accomplishments can’t be like Miiverse which takes forever to complete, because if I buy the Wii U, I’ll probably take my time with the first games but then I’ll buy more games and it gets too stressy if I keep on adding accomplishments to complete on my list.

  9. Welcome to 2006 nintendroids :p

    Its cute reading all these comments. When wii was out , fanboys were like achievements are crap and useless. Nowo that WiiU MAY have them, you are all really happy and act like nintendo is a gaming god and invented achievements

    Hypocrist at it’s finest

    1. You always talk shit about people putting dicks, i mean words, in your mouth, now your saying that we called achievements useless crap, therefore putting words in our mouths.

      Hypocrisy at it’s finest, wouldn’t you say?

      1. I think you should refer to previous articles before the wiiU concept came

        Oh and btw I don’t think you notice but there are a lot of fail clones of me. You have to be a bit special needs to not notice that.

    2. You claim people have poor grammar and yet I have found several grammatical errors in this post. Good Job Aeolus. Hypocrisy at its finest.

      Also, I enjoy my steam achievements better than any console achievement. The only console that knows how to do achievements well is Sony and I couldn’t care less if Nintendo did it or not, would be good, but isn’t really a must have …

    1. Why? Achievement/Trophies are great, they extended the life timeof your game, challenge you to do new things amd play in different way (Deus Ex had a Pacifist one, to kill nobody, that was very cool), plus its pretty fun to compete with friends ect

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  11. If you watch the Ubisoft previews reels from Gamescom they hinted at the “accomplishments” also. The Sports Connect video and the video for Rabbids land featured trophies. Put this and that together. It probably will end up that the accomplishment reward will be game specific. In the Sports Connection video they look a little hike Heisman trophies, where as the Rabbids Land vid they look more like gold cups with a R on them.

    And you can take you favorite accomplishments and show them off on the MiiVerse.

  12. Glad to see something anyways! It actually fits in nicely, and I’m sure it’ll add replay value to a lot of games, especially Mario. I know I’ll go back even more than I already do to nab up some accomplishments!

  13. Aww, I was waiting for them to be called Medals. I know at least 2 of the 5 3DS games I own have their achievements being called like that.

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  17. Well, I’m expected to be called “Stars” (Which is similar to PS3/PSVita Trophies).
    But I hope it will be mandatory, because I’m very curious about reconfirming mandatory achievements in Wii U (Even in 3DS in their firmware update)………….

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  19. Now while achievements will probably make the Wii U sustain itself, I hope it is enough. I am a Nintendo fan, always have since I had a GameCube back before I could remember. Long Live Shogun Miyamoto and Diamyo Reggie!

    1. While others like Sony fans and Xbox fans say “we have lots of exclusives… somewhere”, we rule that market division! No troll or fool can tell us that this is not cool, because they grew up with a console made by a Computer/Tech Company, not the true deal. Nintendo is my life, Miyamoto my lord, and my sword and shield the WiiMote and Nunchuck (the gamepad my armor); “I will give my life to see it be rebuilt!”
      -Kiyomasa Kato

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