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Assassin’s Creed Director Claims Journalists Are Too Soft On Japanese Developers

The creative director of Assassin’s Creed 3, Alexander Hutchinson, says that certain elements of Japanese games are flawed including the storylines, but he says journalists don’t seem to take this into account when reviewing the games.

“I think there’s a subtle racism in the business, especially on the journalists’ side, where Japanese developers are forgiven for doing what they do.”

“Just think about how many Japanese games are released where their stories are literally gibberish. Literally gibberish. There’s no way [a western developer] could write it with a straight face, and the journalists say ‘oh it is brilliant’.

“Then Gears of War comes out and apparently it’s the worst written narrative in a game ever. I’ll take Gears of War over Bayonetta any time.”

“I just think the simple question should be; is the story any good?”

133 thoughts on “Assassin’s Creed Director Claims Journalists Are Too Soft On Japanese Developers”

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      1. wow these Alex must be mad, most of the best games are Japanese made, I’ve never seen any CoD, Guitar Hero or FIFA in any top 10 games of all time..

    1. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

      this is some racist french ns asty bitch with glasses. we all know japanese gaming is and always will be better than the majority of garbage that comnes out of the west ”johnson , pass me the rocket launcher , it’s time to finish this ” ……………

          1. I apologise on the behalf of the whole of Britain for that behaviour. Seriously, only one in a 100,000 are like that, and those few people I do not consider British citizens.

      1. Wtf that’s. Supposed to be a line from halo?? Well its not. And you know quit following steryotypes. Just because halo is a shooter doesn’t mean its a bad game.why do. The only garbage that comes out of tthe west is cod. The rest of the games are all well made, you need to look past that and quit being a ffanboy and accept that there are more to games then just japanese, there’s a whole world of developers who create new and fun games and genres in all regions. You make it sound like japan makes no bad games which is completely untrue

        1. i kinda agree to you there but i dont think the only garbage in us is cod. i dont own cod but i mean maybe cod has an awesome storyline to a military or history fanatic.

        1. No, this would alienate all but the gamers with cores as hard as titanium. It would be idiotic to make a game beloved by casuals into a game 10 times harder than Dark Souls. It simply won’t sell.

  2. LOL is he stupid look at metal gear solid kingdom hearts or some final fantasies japanese create the best rpgs and storylines imo some west do too but cod etc=crap
    i like assassins creed still
    and LOL @ pic dat hentai>.>

  3. Oh shut up you whiney bastard, just because you make a great narrative doesnt make you the be all end all master of stories in gaming. Bayonetta is good because its FUN. Gears is good because its FUN (with other people). Story isnt nesseccary and i love completely obsurd stories like Bayonetta, Lollipop Chainsaw, or any Suda 51 game for that matter

      1. No-one cares, it had its own style, its was nuts, it was funny, its was ridiculous, and it had Tara Strong

        1. Own style? Button basher like plenty of other games. Luckily I rented it out what a shit purchase I would of made :P

          1. You do know visual style and presentation doesnt mean gameplay? It was slightly monotonous, but so are the majority of button mashers, but when you have outragous dialouge, level design, character designs and soundtrack, like Hey Mickey as a hyber mode song, it balances it out. If you dont like it, shut up, or at least give something valid to the conversation other than say “hurrhurr button masher, me rent game, not good as god of war derp”

            1. troll harder. Jeez you sound so aggressive. I hope I didnt wake you from your slumber under that lovely bridge of yours :P

              The game is shit. Yeah funny dialogue but I want a fun game and not a button bashing repetitive game.

              You clearly like it for the girl only :P fap fap

              1. The game was shit, in your own opinion. As ive played far more repetativegames than that. Go play your “hardcore” games

                1. I am like Mario and zelda… you know… what most people play on here :P

                  Dragonquest X is the big game for me

          2. Style =/= Gameplay.
            Style as in, it was a crude, absurd game and it treated itself as such, it didn’t try to sugar coat itself as some brilliantly crafted game, it was a game that tugged at its nuts and laughed about it.

            It’s the same reason Duke Nukem Forever got poor reviews, it was taken to seriously. I highly enjoyed myself because I went in expecting a raunchy parody of triple A FPS games.

            1. Yeah but DNF was just bad in general, and had massive hype. This game had none and yet people approached it expecting a God of War/Devil My Cry calibur of game. But it has character, and thats what made it good. Im playing a game right now called Sound Shapes, it an average platformer in terms of gameplay, nothing new, but everything you collect, jump on, ect makes a noise, and it build into its own music, thats what makes it great.

              1. Agreed, but Duke Nukem Forever is a game that was made a decade ago with litter changed to its final product. The game had been toyed with in the recent generation but is most ways it was still a game made for last gen consoles. If it had come out in it’s current form on the original Xbox it would have rivaled Halo.

                I also agree that character sells a game, I can’t even express my love for games like Ratchet and Clank, Odd World, or even old games like Toe Jam and Earl, those games ooze character.

                1. I love Ratchet and Clank, so much wacky designs and insanity, but it also has great gameplay (not a fan of the new one comingout though, and All4One :/)

                  1. As you shouldn’t, the two most recent games weren’t handled by Insomniac Games. Passing the torch of a game, or in this case, allowing other companies create spinoffs on well established franchises usually kills them. Luckily I got to play All4One because I’m a PS+ user and they let me download it for free, I deleted it after the first level, I hope nothing in it is canon.

    1. To elaborate, a game should be judged and review based on what its trying to achieve. If you make a game that needs a good story, but doesnt, then thumbs down. But if you’re going for an insane obsurd story line, o you can have these weird yet epic set pieces, then thumbs up.

      1. i think reviews are dumb because sure it would be good to see if a game is good, but youre criticizing someone else’s work, when the reviewer has never attempted to make a game

  4. No! mr. ACIII director journalists are soft with Activision and that stupid COD series. American developers suck period, Canadian and European developers though are great.

        1. MGS appeals to a certain type of gamer. Skyrim and oblivion was for everyone. You could adventure or casually stare at the scenary :P Hell my 6 yr old sister was just swimming in the water for hours :P

              1. thats why probaly also that some mgs games got assassin things and assassin great metal gear solid things becuase they both have great stories + sneaking(both different in the games ofcourse)

            1. Yet it was GOTY :P cant be that bad surely? and plus since when was elder scrolls about story? its mainly about exploring and just doing what you want to do. Something MGS hasnt got (linear gameplay and ass long cut scenes)

            2. Storytelling masterpiece when you spend 80% of the game watching cutscenes and trying to figure out what the hell is going on.

          1. I’m sorry, Skyrim was not built for everyone, it was built for the Hardcore RPGer in mind. Mindlessly fooling around inside of the games engine that they weren’t intended for doesn’t make the game for everyone. You can turn any game ever made into a casual game if you didn’t play it as designed, even MGS games. ;p

                1. That’s half the fun of an MGS game, without its heavy emphasis on story the game is practically not worth playing. That’s like taking bullets out of Call of Duty, or the old west out of Red Dead Redemption, or the Zombies from Left 4 Dead, MGS is one of the most story driven games on the market, without the story it’s Splinter Cell.

            1. Same with me, i just hate the gameplay…”swing swing swing swing oh gotta stop, my stamina is low” >_>

              which sucks because i fucking LOVE Fallout 3

  5. I completely disagree. Western developers are highly criticised because of the lack of creativity in their ideas and usually revolving around something that has already been done multiple times, such as World War II etc. Japanese developers most commonly create their own world and therefore aren’t criticised for retelling the same story once again.

    1. Actually its true for both sides, mario is the same thing over ansd over, cod is the same thing over and oover, pokemon is too, so are a lot of games, because right now everybody is too scared to change up a series or make a new ip to focus on because they are still making tons of money off of their old ones, realy the ony originol games lately have been from indie developers. Other than that its just really been clique rpg story, and extended world war 2 reanactment, I know theirs some great games on each side but all the genres are mostly stale in each region

      1. I know, but as I said, Western developers are criticised because multiple companies do the same thing, whereas Japanese developers usually have different things for different games.

  6. “I’ll take Gears of War over Bayonetta any time.”

    Does this mean he thinks Gears of War has a better Story than Bayonetta?
    And this guy is the creative director of Assassin’s Creed 3?
    Then I guess I know which WiiU launch title will suck due to it’s lack of creativity…

  7. Alexander Hutchinson can just fuck right off since he is so wrong.

    Japanese game are far more creative that western, hell Assassin’s Creed is boring and doesn’t impress me.

    Hell remember the good old days when both Japanese and Western video game was bright and colourful?

  8. Pokemon Trainer Tobi

    Does not know what he is talking about . Look at xenoblade. Zelda. Kingdom hearts. Kid icarus uprising. Dragon quest. Devil may cry melal gear,tales series, mother, shin megami tensei series, last story, hell even pokemon have some great story lines (ruby,black,red,). Alot of japanese games have crappy story lines (monster hunter lost planet). Even

  9. Pokemon Trainer Tobi

    Gears of war you got to be kidding me halo . That has great story lines. Its like saying mario has a great story line or call of duty now thats just dumb

      1. im pretty sure he meant just regular mario games. Paper Mario is practically its own franchise (and a very excellent one at that)

  10. Japanese games are way better than American games. I’ll take a JRPG with a crazy ass story over the “shoot, shoot, stab, stab” war simulators currently being shat out by the west. At least the Japanese devs are creative enough to come up with new ideas and then brave enough to take a chance on those ideas. Once a Western dev finds a successful formula they’ll milk it dry until it loses all appeal. See the Western FPS genre for proof. Leave luck to heaven.

      1. True story if Mario didnt exist :P. I love Mario but come on its the same story :P why not use Wart or someone new instead of Bowser?

        1. i can agree that Mario does have a repetitive story sometimes. but then they have stuff like Paper Mario where Bowser isnt even the main enemy or even helps you

        2. Just saying but even though most have similar stories, what about Super Paper Mario? Bowser’s Inside Story? Those games have some of the best stories in gaming Imo

    1. I agree, regular Mario games have the same storyline everytime but the M&L and PM games have epic storylines. They should atleast’ come up with something new though, but atleast mario is better than COD

  11. How is grunting and groaning whilst shouting “Dom! Drop the hammer” a good story.. Gears of War had a mediocre story with bland characters. Whilst Bayonneta has a decent story with some creative characters.

  12. Japanese-developed titles such as Ace Attorney, Okami, Ghost Trick, Persona and the like are excellent examples of great games with fantastic stories that delight and engage players…

    Personally, one will choose such a title with a good narrative and good gameplay than one with excellent gameplay and no narrative – there’s always exceptions to this rule, of course, but for the most part we prefer a tale decent told whilst we enjoy our gaming sessions!

    [ except for Battlefield 3 or TF2, of course! ]

              1. Hmm…well, regardless, we haven’t managed to get it yet ether way. XD We are sure the game is decent enough, however.

  13. i find it ironic that he’s the racist one by thinking Japanese game stories are inferior and saying the journalists are the racist ones

  14. Pokemon Trainer Tobi

    No story line or interesting gameplay a game in japan thats how it works in japan. Am not a hater but cod does not have any interest to of i have play shooters like max payne. And loved it, the story was alright, action was well put. Not like cod : kill terrorist. Rescue civilian, Destroy hide out, Reach location there is nothing to it we already know whats its going to be about. though activision said black opps 2 will have multiple endings thats says nothing about the story

  15. So apparently this “creative” director’s job is to work on a game that provides no creativity or originality and bash developers that try to do something different. Its difficult to take his comments seriously when he loves the “creativity” of gears of war and assassins creed.

  16. I find that both have games that are stale, but both western and japanese have games that shine, with excellent story lines. Like zelda, xenoblade chronicles,mgs, resident evil, and america, halo, assasins creed, fable, and more on each side, I woke up to early to remeber all of each sides ones.

    1. Fable, halo great stories hahahahaha xbox should just be discontinued with it’s 2 exclusive recorgnition. Sorry to burst your bubble Assassins creed is not an American game. Try france by way of Canada.

      1. Sorry I’ve never played assasins creed so I don’t know, there are much more exclusives but I didn’t feel like naming them all. I know it has less then the others, but it doesn’t mater to me because I enjoy all the consles and I love my 360.

  17. Can I ever come to ths sight without being assalted by barely cover vagina. I mean I can see her cervix from here.

  18. I would have taken this seriously if he hadn’t acted like whether or not a story is good isn’t entirely based upon the personal opinion of each individual viewer.
    I happened to LIKE Bayonetta’s storyline. It was humorous, and from my perspective very well thought out for a fantasy storyline.
    He’s just calling it gibberish because it’s not the kind of storyline he likes.
    Or maybe he’s just too dumb to understand it, I dunno.

  19. “I’ll take Gears of War Over Bayonetta anytime”

    Wow, that just killed it for me. I’ve played both games, and I’ll take Bayonetta over that crap any day. They both don’t have stellar story telling, but GoW is very mediocre. Bayonetta at least has awesome gameplay and crazy sequences.

    I love the AC series, but that also has flaws, like the combat system. How about you fix that first before commenting on other people’s games?

  20. Well, I think people overall are pretty forgivefull when it comes to certain flaws in western games. Especially on the graphic part where they come away with games that are made in 50 shades of shit brown and they also mostly play out pretty much the same as all other western games. Just look at the good reception for CoD:MW3 and look how NSMB is critizised for being similar too NSMB Wii and NSMB. And still those game differ more than the MW series..

    So in the end it’s all fair, right? Also, I prefer the story lines in Japanese games. It’s often just my kind of humour. I really like pervy jokes. Especially Mother 3 has a nice one when there’s a scene where it’s easy to missunderstand it as an old man rape that poor boy. But yeah, not everyone find that funny so…

  21. He’s just angry because assassins creed’s storyline isn’t good. I’ve played AC 1, 2, and brotherhood and I the whole way through I was thinking the story was bland and stupid.

  22. By “Literally Gibberish” he means “Stylistically and Thematically different from a bunch of people with buzz cuts and beards grunting and shooting at each other.”

  23. Western developers tend to focus on story, which is why they’re always under the microscope on this issue. Meanwhile, the Japanese tend to focus on aesthetic, which makes journalists feel that this is a cultural gap. On the other hand though, MindJack, a Japanese game, has been criticized for having one of the most nonsensical stories in modern gaming.

  24. That’s a stupid comment. Yes a lot of Japanese games have stories that are gibberish, but they appeal to other senses than gears of war does. They are quirky and endearing. They accept that the story isn’t a great narrative, and just try to offer a pure entertainment experience with quirky characters letting the game play speak for itself. Gears of War try’s too hard to be taken seriously and ends up feeling corny. Gears has great gameplay, but its pretty hard to feel any compelling emotions for a 7 foot gorilla man with a chainsaw machine gun. Gears cshould take a page from Serious Sam.

    P.S. Have you played Metal Gear Solid 4???

    1. Ironically, that’s the problem with most stories with Western gaming – they take themselves way too seriously no matter how fundamentally absurd they are. Call of Duty involved the Russians invading America stemming from a Airport massacre where security cameras have captured a supposed infamous Russian terrorist and other identifiable accomplices doing it! The games have more plot-holes than a screen-door!

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