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Ubisoft Says ZombiU Is “Very Hard”

Ubisoft Monpellier’s international product manager Nicolai Bouchai has explained that ZombiU will challenge the most hardcore of gamers when it’s released later this year. Bouchai says that they have developed the game for those looking for an exceptional challenge on Nintendo’s forthcoming console.

“We really want to target and challenge the gamers with ZombiU because this game is very hard.”

“So for example when you finish the game you will unlock a new mode called Survival Mode. You will have to finish the game with only one life and only one character.”

“We know there are a lot of gamers expecting a lot with the Wii U, so that’s why we want to deliver this experience and dedicate it to the gamers.”

116 thoughts on “Ubisoft Says ZombiU Is “Very Hard””

    1. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

      thanks ubisoft . i hope this game is awesome.
      its gunna be one of them. some reviewers will complain of latencey , some reviewers will like adapting to a totaly new gaming challenge.
      bring on the touchscreen!!!! and gyro. this game looks set to of cracked gyroscope controll’s within this game .

    2. can...can i marry you...42


    1. I disagree…there should only be one difficulty level, two at most…it should either be ‘Battletoads’ difficult, or, if they want to ‘appease’ more people, it should be ‘Viewtiful Joe’ difficult, which is 1)Really Hard, and 2)F***in’ Impossible…thats the way it used to be, and occasionally, thats what I want, an actual challenge that makes me want to crush and destroy the very controller itself, because its actually very rewarding to beat a game like that.

      1. Couldnt agree more. Too many games have “difficultly” but other than just taking more damage, its the same, you just end up dying until you know the pattern, or just do it anyway, or spend way too much time just dogding. Its silly.

        A game should be either built difficult (Ninja Gaiden ect) or present a challenge in a different form, like in MGS where you do a no alert playthroughs, or dont kill anyone playthroughs.

  1. This is awesome, was hoping for it to be.
    Games are getting way too easy nowadays (yes, also the non Nintendo ones), so this is great.

  2. Sorry, my boner only grows for new super mario bros U, pikmin 3, lego city, scribblenauts, mass effect, tank (x3)

    I dont understand this game, i mean, how do you beat a game when it doesnt have a checkpoint or a savepoint?

    1. ROFL. New kid on the block. Back in the NES days with mario bros 3 I had to play it and leave it on all night without turning it off to beat the game :P

          1. I was four too, but I still knew my way around the game, school kids and magazines helped a lot. Even without shortcuts the game was little more than an hour long.

            1. Super Mario 3 is not just an hour playthrough. Not even with the shortcuts.
              Did you skip Iceland and the HammerBros suit?
              You fucking slacker.

      1. I remember those dayys. That’s how you know when someone hae been there in gaming fo years. Do you remember being breathless after you’re 30 attempt to make a game cartridge work?


    Stop lying Ubisoft you piece of French crap.

    ZombiU will be a boring shitty game that will be 3 hours long and it will blow up your Wii U.

      1. PFTTT


        Do you honestly believe that this crappy game will be a exclusive game for the Wii U.

        It will get ported over to the 360 and PS3.

            1. SmartGlass doesnt even have buttons? It wont happen, the market of people who own a vita and a ps3 is insanely small, and smart glass would need to keep switching back and forth. Oh, and the game is called ZombiU. U!!! Thats like having Kinect Adventrue in the Wii

              1. Could still be a name change though. I’d rather it stay exclusive to Wii U though. Also, it gives us fire for if it does launch on the other next gen machines that their launch has “ports” and whatnot :).

        1. But it suck ass. Because it won’t have the features of the wii u pad & it’s a plus to talk down upon their versions

              1. No you shut the fuck up.

                The game will get poor reviews and it will be full of glitches because a French company makes shitty games.

                Fuck the French and it right wing way. Fuck it to hell.

                1. It does mean something. It hints towards affiliation with the Wii U, and it would seem out of place on other consoles. It’s like expecting ‘Wii Sports’ to appear on the PS3.

      1. I know :| kinda sad seeing those games go that way. I still have hope for Dead Space 3, but RE and Silent Hill are long gone.

      2. Indeed. From what I’ve seen from trailers and gameplay, it looks pretty horrid. Nice to get a real horror game again. I feel like the last horror game out was Amnesia: The Dark Descent, so it’s about time.

          1. The fact is that those games are made by independent developers, and not “mainstream” companies like capcom and such.
            They are loosing their keen edge for horror games. The last good RE game to me was RE3 (maybe RE4 too but I didn’t like the 3rd person “over-the-shoulder” perspective view), and they just don’t scare that much anymore.

            Now, SPC? Not the best looking game, but the premise and the gameplay itself is truly well done, not to mention that shit was scary as hell!
            Slender? Made my wife play it. She is still mad at me.
            Amnesia? and all those custom stories you can download? They can keep you awake for days.

            Mainstream horror games are not what they used to be anymore and I hope this next generation they retake that course again.

            1. Slender and Amnesia are more experiences, but SCP could easily be released and funded by a big publisher, because its such a vast idea, solely based on supernatural monsters, the developer would have only their creativity to blame. Horrid Humaniod is classic freaky shit, Mind Altering Coffin is just fucked up, and The Sculpture….dear god, thats incredibley unnerving, and scary, seeing as it only move when you dont look at it 0_0

  4. This has me worried. How short will the game be so you can beat it on one life? Probably not as long as Resident Evil for sure…

        1. I did, but the co-op and single player are totally different, theres no AI on single player, its still dead space, but im worried about the fact human enemies were there….hopefully thats not a frequent thing…otherwise, looks good, new necromorph designs, awesome setting, fingers crossed

  5. If it’s hard enough to make you wanna kill yourself after you died countless amount of times then Ubisoft you will have restored my faith in the gaming world.

    That’s what is lacking in most games today, a real challenge, not that crappy acomplishments challenge.

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  7. All I can say is no kidding Ubisoft. 5 minutes into I die over and over again. Ran out of ammo,too many zombies to kill with a crossbow in a small space. Or get caught checking the radar screen. Some folks are going to hate that other will love it. Me personally i like it because it makes it more realistic no potion,herbs or safe room at the end just real in your face zombies.

  8. *Cracks knuckles, pops neck* I like a good challenge. If I can play adequately with sin & punishment star successor and cave story, then I believe I can hold my own with this game

  9. Makes Sense, I mean how can we prepare for a real zombie apocalypse if the game is too easy, and isn’t realistic enough.

  10. If the game is not that short and as challenging as they are claiming it to be.
    Then Survival Mode will probably become the best game experience I will have this Decade so far.

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