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New Animal Crossing 3DS Scan Released

A new scan reveals a few tidbits from the upcoming Nintendo 3DS game, Animal Crossing: Jump Out, which will launch in Japan this year. The boy in the upper-left corner is wearing a NTDO shirt, which represents Nintendo, which was founded September 23rd, 1889.

Tom Nook will run the Raccoon Housing and, instead of his old apron, wears a classy green sweater vest. Tom Nook’s two nephews, Tommy and Timmy, will run the miscellaneous good store. And that creepy clown-sloth in the upper-right corner will run the gardening store.

38 thoughts on “New Animal Crossing 3DS Scan Released”

  1. Going to have to admit, Tom Nook looks like such a Sir in this Game,
    Here’s hoping He strolls around Town smoking a Pipe all Day :D

  2. I’m kinda upset that Tom Nook won’t be running his usual store, but at the same time pleased that his new role truly shows the “evil landlord” side to him.

  3. Oh, it’s a SLOTH? Good, I thought it was some sort of hideously decrepit wife that Tom Nook kept in the attic, in Jane Eyre / The Colour Out Of Space style.

  4. I don’t believe the two little ones are related to Tom Nook. Didn’t he mention that he and the boys are not related whatsoever?

  5. Tom Nook looks like a boss in that sweater.

    Oh, and what does that skunk do? It looks like it runs a store, but alba didn’t mention it…

    1. He runs a shoe store. It’s the same skunk from the city in City Folk, only now he isn’t homeless, and in this game you can buy and change shoes completely, so here he is, in his new role of shoe store owner. Truly a rags to riches story.

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