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Nintendo Luring Mobile Developers To Wii U?

According to Emily Rogers, a writer for Not Enough Shaders, Nintendo is trying to attract mobile developers toward Wii U. A new game called Star Beast is in development for mobile devices, PC and Wii U, and will be released on the Nintendo eShop. The game’s genre and release date are, as of yet, unknown. Which mobile games would you like to see on Wii U?

130 thoughts on “Nintendo Luring Mobile Developers To Wii U?”

    1. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

      ”Which mobile games would you like to see on Wii U?”

      None , i would like to se real games please. for casual gamers this could be huge though.
      playing there touch pull games on the gamepad. win win for us and nintendo.
      i would have snake from the 90’s nokias anyday .

    2. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

      cheers , now rumours that wiiu is just a smartphone will arive.
      wiiouya . joke wiiu is god of consoles

      1. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

        yeh , i want waverace , and 1080(p) snowboarding.
        its a no brainer nintendo , give us 1080’p’ snowboarding. now .

        1. The Wii was perfect for those games and could have brought a lot of sales to Nintendo, instead they ignore these games.

      2. You agree we need original titles but say we need new games in already made series. I’d rather see a new IP than any of those

      1. Down in Lynwood, California hipsters get stomped estilo de mariachi. anyway seems like nintendo is fans of would be wii u haters with every piece of news they come out with. And making fans proud and impressed .

    1. this is for eshop. nintendo already making their own game! let the 3rd party developer make their own game for the eshop…

    1. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

      the wiiu will be able to run everything on the internet.
      even those porn sites that you love.
      miiverse looks set to be the new gaming blog’s and forums of choice.
      i genuinely think with word of mouth miiverse will be huge.
      microsoft and sony will copy it though. sonyworld and microchat are coming soon :/.

      1. Except XBL has had community arcades, party chats and videos with Avatars, etc. and PSN has had Home. Both have network integrated community forums and blogs. So…. who’s “copying” here?

        Everyone can have their networks and do what they want. There’s no need to throw in the “copying” card in there. Give that argument a rest a while.

        1. You make good points but neither have done what Nintendo is planning on doing now. And that’s fully integrating it into the games themselves. Which offers more than you may realize

          1. I know what Nintendo is doing from what I have seen. They offer something different. The same way Sony offers something different on the SEN/PSN from what Microsoft has on XBL.

            They all have their own way of handling community integration in games and their network.

            Nintendo is taking some pointers from what already established gaming networks offer – and it’s very possible that anything that they offer which is different will be integrated in some sort of way on other networks in the future.

            But seriously, the whole “copying” argument is old.

              1. it never cought your attention, and since you’re the pinnacle of what’s great, home sucks right?

                talk about a fucking hipster lmao

    1. ^^ this
      everybody has it on there smart phone/ tablet but yet i only see them play it for like 2 second’s its just a fad like the wii remote was.

    2. Its overrated but considering the price, can expect much. When it comes to mobile games its probably one of the best made at a good value.
      Still only a 5 minutes boredom killer though

      1. it’s a fucking physics game. a guy makes millions by making a game and all you do is swipe your finger. and temple run horrible graphics and finger swipeing

        1. Yeah, it also costs 69p/$1. Its hardly a monopoly, they have to sell 50x as much to make as much money as a retail game.

        2. And temple run is FREE. The guy only makes money if you buy the coins, which i never did, so screw that guy.

      2. Well their trilogy collection will be $40 ($30 for 3DS cart) on PS3 and Xbox360 on discs, I would bet we would see the same likely strategy if they brought it to the Wii U.

        I for one do not like this strategy but the sad part is, people are going to buy this and prove these prices are justifiable to the industry when giving us so little for so much. Right now a lot of people have a hard time affording games due to the $60 price tag and offered so little in content because of their push for day-1 DLC.

  1. Not surprising, its prime for indie and mobile developers.
    Not that id buy them, but every little help, and never know, some might be good

    1. app store is all about free shit. so they pack games with so many ads you cant touch the screen without getting sent to a link. thats why i barley buy apps for my phone/ tablet and definitely not buying it for the Wii U.

      1. Well these wouldnt be those games, theyd all be paid for games. Also, the developers have more room to and tech to work with. Companies like Rovio, Zynga ect could probably make some really interesting games if they were more like £5-10 indie games.

          1. Philip… you’re underestimating indie developers. Unlike the Wii, the Wii U will not have all of them shovelware. The Expandables 2 on PlayStation Network is shovelware.

          2. Limbo, Deadlight, Super Meat Boy, Bit Trip, Trials, Hybrid, JOURNEY, N+, Fez, Braid, Sound Shapes, World of Goo, Sonic 4 for christ sake, and that only to name a few. Indie games are insanely good when made by a good developer.

  2. Plants Vs. Zombies :D It is the only iPod game that I really like! I would say Angry Birds but there is already an Angry Birds Wii U game in development I thought? “Angry Birds In Space” right?

        1. Plants vs Zombies is on everything. iOS, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, Android, Vita, Nintendo DS, Mac, etc….. It’s not just a “PC” game, although that’s where it started.

  3. lol, I remember Emily Rogers. She’s the one that made up a lot of Wii U rumors back when it was called Project Cafe! xD

      1. Who goes on the gay e-shop ? Lol , how about you stop impersonating Ness and play you’re childish Mario games and gay and nerdy Zelda shit..

      2. And you didn’t hack him , you are just a wannabe clone and there are 2 of you ..and I know who you are ;) you can tell who is the original and who isn’t ..

  4. That 25th Anniversary Megaman game for iOS. It needs to be a game for a videogame console, not for a shitty phone.

    1. Heck, long as Megaman 2 and X are on there, im good. ( i know theyre on the Wii, but i havent bought them and i have doubts on the transfer system)

    1. You obviously haven’t seen the immense support Ouya is getting. And forget Ouya, you realize that most gaming systems out now, including Nintendo systems run many mobile games as well?

      1. Not to mention it’s getting Final Fantasy III, also known as Final Fantasy VI in Japan, at launch. That’s more than enough to convince me that it’ll be worth getting either at launch or after it.

        1. Er, you got your Final Fantasies mixed up. The Ouya’s getting the III, the one that was remade for the DS in 2006. There’s no news whatsoever about a Final Fantasy VI rerelease.

          1. I think the mix-up is that originally Final Fantasy VI (in Japan) was known as Final Fantasy III in North America because the original III was not released stateside.

            However, since then, the real FF III has been localized, so … yeah. Numbers are back on track. =p

            Ouya will be getting the real Final Fantasy III.

            1. So you say rovio is a ps3 developer ? EA just makes some mobile games so they can make quick cash ..that dosnt make them mobile developers ..Seriously , you’re deffending gaytendo too much

              1. PSN has a whole Minis catagory, which are basically mobile games. And the point is, if a “real” developercan make monile games, like EA, Sega, Namco and Capcom, whats to say mobile developers cant make indie games for consoles?

              2. Aeolus Evil Twins Brother

                My dear young stupid brother, please get your spelling check, you do know very well that our mother work hard to pay for your education, but I am sadly disappointed. As for the change of subject, they said Mobile Developers and for that move, that would work very well for marketing the Wii U, so it’s a good move by Nintendo. They were doing everything to promote Wii U and make Wii U successful.

                One thing, though, there is a price and release date that has yet to reveal…

  5. If Nintendo manages to pull in a large amount of Mobile Devs to lessen the small dent that the mobile market has put into sales, they’ll do even better than the Wii did in terms of profits.
    Which means more money for more non-mobile experiences.
    I approve.

    1. Indie developers deserve all the attention they can get. Sure, a mobile developer can Angry Birds on the WiiU, and people would buy it, but it defeats the object of having a game like that, its designed as a on the go boredom killer, so these developers, especially the ones who make RPG’s, could “let loose” on the console, not to mention we’d actually be able to use buttons for once. Id love to see a game like Infinity Blade, or Zeonia (i think its called), be made bigger on the WiiU.

      1. I actually own Zenonia on my 3DS, and it’s an extremely grind-heavy game that isn’t really as fun as you would think it would be, IMO.
        I still like it, but they could have done better.
        If putting their games onto the Wii U gives them the opportunity to expand upon the ideas that they’ve been putting on mobiles, making them bigger and better than they could ever be on a phone, then I’ll be all for it.
        But they need to take that critical step.

  6. Guys calm down. Its not they’re saying. Make our Nintendo games mobile style
    No. Theyre just getting as much games as they can. Before ps4 n 720 comes out. They wanna male it like 3ds vs. Vita. I support this. Hopefully Nintendo can help make them better with games

  7. thats cool i guess lol. i mean fruit ninja is pretty damn fun on the kinect, so i guess mobile games could do ok on consoles.

  8. Well, I like both hardcore games and indie games. So as long as those mobile devs do a good job, I’m fine with it.

      1. hipsters=/=indies
        Hipsters: Smelly dudes and dudettes with thick rimmed glasses who spend enormous amounts of money on apple products and wear expensive, non “mainstream” clothes. They think they’re cool because they’re soooo underground.

        Indie games: Independent game developers non affiliated with big companies and not owned by a publisher.
        Games like Minecraft, Super Meat Boy, The Binding of Isaac, Owlboy, Iconoclasts, Aquaria,Cave Story, etc. All of them are not “casual” games,

        Get your facts straight.

  9. I don’t even care if they flood it with shovelware, as long as they include a large, diverse software library and some good games…

  10. I won’t mind some “casual” or “mobile” games occasionally, as long as the eShop doesn’t become a flood of unknown apps like the App Store.

  11. Cool I guess, I wouldn’t play them but this may sell a few more consoles. Besides, some mobile games are somewhat decent like Age of Zombies (even though that’s also a Playstation Mini).

  12. Love how people are assuming that if they make mobile games for the Wii U we won’t get any full games. We’d get both. Best of both worlds. And could help lure some stray sheep back into real gaming once more.

    Personally I’d like to see a new variation of Sim City on there. The last one (creator) didn’t do much for me.

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  17. Megaman.EXE needs to return and be innovated. He was the inspiration for my interest in technology. The concept and storyline and be developed more as well as the gameplay to make it a beautiful megaman game. But megaman: legend of the network and phantom of the network, which was exclusively for Japanese mobile phones should come to the west for WiiU

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