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Nintendo Power To Cease Publication

Nintendo Power will be closing its doors according to a report from Ars Technica. The publication says that Nintendo Power has always had a difficult relationship with Nintendo, and claims that Nintendo were uninterested in renewing the contract with the magazine. Nintendo was also disinterested in taking part in a number of digital initiatives that Future had planned for the long-running magazine.

141 thoughts on “Nintendo Power To Cease Publication”

    1. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

      dont worry Americans . another magazine will move in for you guys.
      in UK we have ‘Official Nintendo Magazine uk” .
      maybe you will get ONM us .
      do you guys not have any secondary magazines ??? in UK we have N-gamers and a couple others.

      somebody (probably NOA) will capitilize on the absence of Ninteno power , which doesnt look as good a magazine os ONM UK . which is official nintendo goodness

        1. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

          hmmmm yes. i suppose online stuff is the future.
          but i love collecting my ONM UK’s the stack makes an image on the side for gods sake!

          1. LMFAO My Xbox magazine subscription is still going STRONG. hell even playstaion m. Is doing great ironic isnt it hahaha cheaptendo how could ya kill shitedo power lmfao ya PWNED yourself lol wtf ahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahah die motherfuckers and stay you ass down bitches

        1. When I used to live in the UK, I thought it was a decent magazine. It allowed me to see games that I wanted, giving quality previews and reviews (with the odd exception of course. I found it to be quite handy.

          This was about 5 years ago however, so I don’t know about now.

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      1. lmfao damn shitendo are the biggest jews this side of philly my god lmfao oh well time to renew my xbox subscription to get all the news and real power. hey shitendo its called stop being cheap and being a team player

        1. WOW!! Can you please tell me when Nintendo was actually expensive because they seem to be the cheapest company out there.

  1. I’m not surprised. It used to be good back in the N64 era when I subscribed but now I basically just look at the pictures. Plus all the information is old by the time its published, I read it online already.


  2. :( That was my gaming bible back when I was a kid. Now I depend on this blog for news and Nintendo Life for reviews. Sucks to hear they can’t go digital.

  3. It is such a complete shame that Nintendo Power will become a defunct publication. When it comes to the best gaming news, this is the best source since other gaming news sources are generally biased.

      1. If a gaming magazine was your “livelihood”, then you probably aren’t doing productive things with your life.

        Want to hear a joke? Gaming Magazines.

        1. Im sure he meant the livelihood of the writers. These magazines don’t write themselves you know. And it takes an entire crew and hard work just to make one of these magazines. And if he meant the livelihood of the buyer, Sorry you didnt have the joy of running to the mailbox to see if you got your next issue, but i did. Your just a sorry being, you do nothing but sit on your ass and sound like an ass

          1. The writers should know very well that the age of magazines would come to an end. It’s their own fault for getting too attached. They’ll undoubtedly find a better, more worthwhile job.

              1. It inevitably will actually, noticing more an more PC manufacturers doing away with optical drives in their laptops. Alienware MX11, Macbook Pro 2012, etc.

            1. I’m amazed you weren’t referring to them -and- the fanboys, normally you guys are retarded enough to lose sleep over this.

        2. you have no room to talk your the one who spends his days on nintendo fan site trolling because your too stoned to get a job

  4. Even though I don’t like in America, this is still very sad… Even though I don’t buy magazines unless there is something specific I want to read like an exclusive review or interview, I hope Nintendo Gamer and Official Nintendo Magazine don’t go down the same road.

  5. Will we see a comic showing Nester in an old folk’s home? That would be a good way to end this.

    Oh, Nester for Smash Bros!



      Hey asshole, they’re gonna give you your money back or a gift sometime later the year, just wait.

  7. I don’t want it to go i just subscribed, I like having something in my hands even if i still use the blog anyway i mean reading a magazine is awesome.

  8. NooooooooooooOOOOooooooooOOOOOOOOooo0ooooooOO!!!

    Reading stuff in print was so much better than reading stuff solely off of the internet will be. D:

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      2. The One Who Wrote This

        Pretty much like the other dude said.

        You just copy the URL from the URL bar and submit the post (after doing the rest of the comment).

  9. I could not be more disappointed. I love Nintendo Power! I was literally reading it when I saw this post! How can they do this!? T.T
    Whatever…. It was a fun for (about) 300 issues…. I’ll miss you, Nintendo Power.. Hope you move on to do something new and better.

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  11. This really sucks for me! If it wasn’t for Nintendo Power I would never have gotten interested in great games like 999, No More Heroes, The Conduit, Madworld Red Steel, and other obscure franchises. Heck they even got me into Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, Ninja Gaiden, and Castlevania. Is there nothing we can do to revive this great magazine?

  12. Man this suck. Thats one of the magazines Im currently subscribe to. ALso I was there when they were celebrating their anniversary at the Nintendo World store a few years back. This is some sad news.

  13. ^Trolls ‘having no natural affection’.
    I feel bad for those who depended on the mag- employee or customer. I subscribed at one point- i liked seeing all the art people would send in and, of course, the reviews. I still have the Smashing Live CD they sent out with all the Melee music fully orchestrated!
    Best wishes.

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  15. This actually doesn’t bother me one bit. Ever since Future acquired this magazine, it went downhill… I never renewed my subscription once it was up, bought the occasional magazine, but was so disappointed with the content, that I just didn’t bother. Hopefully this means Nintendo will be starting up their own new magazine.

  16. I’ve been a subscriber ever since Nintendo Power’s earlier years (from 1995 to present), and I do admit that the quality of the magazine has gone too far downhill for Nintendo to any longer support.

    Before November 2008 in North America, we had no true conventional means of accessing new Nintendo news, previews, features, and inside-looks at new games and content for Nintendo products. On that month, the Nintendo Channel was released on the Wii console. For the first time on a Nintendo console, this allowed Nintendo to make their own specialized means of communication towards customers in the digital realm of news and entertainment concerning the company; therefore, the process itself is made much faster, far more convenient, and less of a deficit in Nintendo’s wallet.

    We all saw this coming–print media has been on a downhill slope ever since the beginning of the new millennium due to the fact that digital media is far superior in almost every respect. Smartphones, tablets, personal computers, e-readers, email, electronic newsletters/magazines, electronic banking, digital coupons, and social networking are all great examples of this upward shift we’ve seen towards digital media.

    If I want to look up reviews on my games, I can always use other gaming websites that get their reviews finished much earlier than the magazine does (such as IGN, GameSpot, GamesRadar, Destructoid, Nintendo World Report, Nintendo Life, etc.) and can even compare reviewer scores using aggregate sites like Metacritic. When I want to get special gifts for being such a dedicated Nintendo fan, I have Club Nintendo. Don’t forget that we’re about to move into a completely digital landscape for games as well–we’ve already begun to see the shift with New Super Mario Bros. 2, and I would go as far to say that the next generation of Nintendo consoles will have all of their content pushed to users digitally with no support for physical media any longer.

    Once again, we all are seeing this happen before our own very eyes. If you don’t want to deal with it, then it may be better for you to seek out help as this is what happens with everything in the world. As time goes on, we develop better technologies and ways to both deliver and consume content. To me, if it helps streamline and convey this content for me to purchase in a more solid format (such as the Nintendo eShop is now doing with an account-based system vs. the Wii Shop Channel/Nintendo DSi Shop of last generation) where I feel like I am actually purchasing the content and placing the games I buy and download to my system in a collectible format, that’s all that matters.

    Sure, the collection is digital (rather than physical), but I get the same amount (if not more) satisfaction from looking at my growing collection of digital games occupy my Nintendo 3DS’ Home Menu and its various folders that I’ve made to organize the content. I am sure the level of satisfaction will increase with the Wii U’s Home Menu setup and the next generation of devices from Nintendo.

    I’m not sure why, but I don’t feel the level of satisfaction I once did when purchasing games at retailer stores. They don’t have extensive game manuals to delve into, their box art doesn’t appeal to me as much as their Home Menu icons and previews do, and I don’t really like the idea of bringing multiple game cartridges with me wherever I go any longer. My life has become hectic as I’ve gotten into my adult years as I’m always on the move and don’t have the time to manage all of that physical media on my person.

    As always, I will never forget the good ol’ days where we looked forward to every new issue of the magazine; but if the past couple of years have been any indication, then it should be clear to every other Nintendo fan out there (myself included) that we all saw this coming. It is such a pity, but now I feel more enthused to wait for the next Nintendo Direct or Nintendo events (such as the upcoming Wii U Presentation on September 13th), rather than my next issue of Nintendo Power. That same gut-wrenching sensation that I once received from purchasing new games at retailer stores only occurs with me when I am waiting for games and demos to finish downloading now, and I’m certainly not surprised to feel the same way about many other forms of entertainment out there. Time moves on, newer forms of technology continue to bring new innovative experiences, and it’s time for us to accept that.

    R.I.P. Nintendo Power
    1988 – 2013

    1. “I would go as far to say that the next generation of Nintendo consoles will have all of their content pushed to users digitally with no support for physical media any longer.”

      I disagree since we clearly aren’t there yet or will we be by the time the next Nintendo console.

      Also that would leave out people would don’t have high speed internet connection.

      Nintendo won’t make the mistake that Sony did with the PSPgo.

      1. You have a GREAT point there, Mr-Joker, and I do retract my statement there. At the moment, I myself prefer buying physical copies of games when available (for the purpose of owning the actual game rather than a license), but I have no problem shifting when that time does eventually come. :)

        I did overlook the fact that Nintendo looks more towards the acceptance of newer technologies before delving into them. It’s a reason why I think the Wii U is destined to succeed.

        LCD/LED HDTVs have become the new SD TVs in terms of their adoption rates, which paves the way for Wii U much like the Wii did great because (at the time of its release) HDTVs used to be expensive (running $1000+ for a decently-sized TV set).

        I think when most households connect their Nintendo 3DS/Wii U systems at a rate that seems acceptable to Nintendo (downloading around 10+ games per system on average), they will continue with their current marketing strategy, which I think is suiting both sides of the spectrum with people who prefer physical vs. digital or vice versa better than any other current offer from other companies.

        I say give us the choice to choose physical over digital or vice versa until the adoption rate is high enough and digital media can be distributed in such a way that we actually own a copy of game rather than just the license to play it. If this is how the next generation of games are held for every console, then I do believe we’ll see another very interesting generation of consoles this next time around for the so-called “eighth-generation.”

        It would be a pity if Nintendo is the only company (based on rumors surrounding Sony and Microsoft from IGN and other news sources) that embraces the physical and digital spectrums, seeing potential in selling to both rather than just one…

  17. renewed my 1 year membershiP in january so i’m guessing it’ll last until jan 2013. this sucks so bad. i LOVE this magazine. the only magazine i subscribe to.

  18. When looking back at volume 186 (the Metroid Prime 2: Echoes issue) and comparing it to the newer issues, I do notice a drop in quality.

    This issue had mini-guides to games such as Kirby and the Amazing Mirror and Pkmn: FR/LG. In addition, the issue had a Custom Robo comic. Man, I LOVED that comic! In addition, the book felt a LOT heavier than the current issues.

    I think it has lost its charm overtime. Still, I liked Nintendo Power over Game Informer.

    It would be nice if Nintendo re-did the magazine thing and made it feel more like the old Nintendo power (with the appropriate captions and the like). Maybe hire some of the older members.

    Well, I always have the internet as a resource. But the NP magazines brightened up my day whenever they came.

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  21. It’s stupid reading your pity comments.It’s just a mag no more profitable with poor rating because their topic is getting dry since sometime.Period.Now get a life fools.

  22. Nintendo is starting to become stupid. No offense, almost all Mario games has the same gameplay: platforming, beating the same villain, rescuing the same damsel, having the same powers and more. Come on Nintendo, show us something different!

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