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Adam Sessler ‘Confident’ Wii U Being Delayed To 2013

Former co-host of X-Play, the other being Morgan Webb, claims that Nintendo’s upcoming console will “not provide the needed stimulation” to the video game industry. Sessler is “increasingly confident” that the Wii U will be released in 2013, instead of launching this year.

According to Sessler, it is not good if the Wii U were to launch in November because it will be more expensive than software that will be releasing around the same time, including Borderlands 2, Assassin’s Creed 3, Halo 4 and Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

181 thoughts on “Adam Sessler ‘Confident’ Wii U Being Delayed To 2013”

    1. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

      i know right !!!! Assasins creed 3 is 1080p 60fps on wiiu !!! i am w8ing for that definitive version .

          1. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

            thats just your opinion man n i HATE gaming on pc’s it is awful . no dedicated controler etc. just horrible. the graphics look basically the same .
            the gamepad will be awesome with AC3 . it just will

            1. you can plug in a wired 360 controller, and also just look at a comparison of the console and pc versions of sleeping dogs, and tell me that the graphics arent much better on pc.

              1. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

                they dont look that much better . i know . nothing to shout about .
                like the difference between a ps2 and a gamecube .

            2. It’s just like gaming on a 360 if you plug in a controller. Graphic differences are because consoles are holding PC games back, developers mostly develop for the console version and make slight (if any) upgrades for PC. If you play Battlefield 3 though at 1920×1080, rock solid 60fps on something like a GTX 670 then the difference is palpable, and certainly a more refined experience. I do doubt that AC III is running at native 1080p and 60fps on Wii U though.

    2. Halo 4 won’t be released on the Wii U, only the 360. Assassin’s Creed 3, and Black Ops 2 are the only ones that are coming to it.

  1. Yeah, it’s not good to release the new console right before the lucrative festive period when it will sell like hot cakes. Of course. What a tool.

    1. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

      apparently 4 360 games is the new benchmark of console price and entertainment.
      jeeeez people like me who have a 360 and are buying a wiiu aswell !. he doesnt consider a lot of us are buying the wiiu for its many launch exclusives .
      who cares about the ps3 and 360 NEmore ??? they are completely outdated by nintendo’s GAMEPAD . nuff said .

  2. Yeah, if there’s anyone I wouldn’t listen to when it comes to video games, it’s the ex-hosts of X-Play.

    1. I wouldn’t call him ignorant, he’s definitely arrogant. The more you hate him the more websites value his opinion because he’s a center of heated discussion that gains them hits, Sessler also profits from all the free publicity. Far from ignorant.

        1. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

          my wallet is in its second evoloution , now i just need to get it to level 36 .
          baaam WALETZARD !!!!!!

      1. Besides that, the Japanese market will trump the US market in sales no matter the outcome, if the trend follows recent
        Nintendo sales charts than there is no doubt the console will sell well with or without the holiday blockbusters competing for our wallets, especially in Japan.

  3. Yeah, Nintendo is so stupid and will release after the Christmas season. Of course! Makes perfect sense…NOT.

    Adam, we’re all glad you left X-Play, now if only could get Morgan Webb out of the way. It’s like every time you open up your mouth shit is coming out, literally.

    You just don’t want it to release this year because you somehow hate Nintendo nowadays, you really want them to see them fail, don’t you? Just like how you bashed your viewers because Zelda won your Community-GOTY, it’s all just proof.

    This guy is full of it, he can’t stand Nintendo. Don’t pay attention to him, don’t let him get the money for this BS.

    1. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

      don’t say that MAN . i doubt thats true . i am expecting a late november , early december release date for europe . remember i have had a 3ds XL since the 28th of july .
      so i doubt its gunna be delayed that much . maybe the wave of consoles wont be as big in europe as nintendo would of hoped . but it will still be on time .

  4. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

    ”some idiot xbox fanboy , doubts Nintendo again .”’ is all i can hear .
    why dont these guys stfu ???? what are they trying to achieve ?? why be sceptical Habout something that is not even out yet . it doesnt mean squat. same sort of idiots who said ”the ps vita with its graphics is the future of handheld gaming ” blah blah blah , the vita is the titanic . wtf do these guys know ????? NOTHING that is what .
    patcher and co will eat their stupid little words when the wiiu once again out sells the ps4 and 720 .
    its on the cards .
    these guys are so indenial about nintendo , they probably think ”the 3ds total domination of japan right now means nothing , because the vita has better graphics :/” .
    just indenial fanboys . i dont care for the xbox 360 . it has 2 good exlusives thats it .
    its a teenagers console and it sucks .
    now move on .

  5. I deeply hope that it being delayed in any region until 2013 is untrue. Christmas sales will be vital in helping get the system off the ground. At this point I don’t care if the release dates aren’t close together (like they were for the Wii) at long as it’s out by the end of December.

  6. Is it just me, or do the people from G4 (former or otherwise) just dog the WiiU and Nintendo in general more often than not?

    1. It’s not just you. They clearly dog it constantly. Why they are, or were, on TV giving their opinions is beyond me. That channel has grown way too obnoxious. And the people who have left it still are.

  7. Adam Sessler is a fool who hates Nintendo because Nintendo beat PC gaming and Adam Sessler is talking out his ass. He has no information, nor any good argument. Scew Adam Sessler, he doesn’t even have a job.

  8. He actually hopes that what he claims won’t be true. He’s just saying what he thinks that probably will happen.. You can see that if you look at the source.

  9. Man is this a fking blog!!! This Blog writes every bullshit people say!!! Nintendo confirmed at E3 2012 that the WiiU will be released this Holiday!!!

    Who is this guy anyway? And what does him think to know when the WiiU will be released? Man is this an Idiot!!! Nintendo would not say to anyone when the release is, especially not an unknwon person like Adam Sessler!!!

  10. Ah, Adam Sessler.

    When I think of people who I would take the advice of LESS than I would Michael Pachter… well, Adam Sessler’s one of the ones on that very short list.

  11. I got news for you Adam, it’s not gonna be delayed here in America, why would Nintendo pass up a great opportunity to rake in money? Maybe it’ll be delayed for certain other countries like Austrailia or New Zealand, but definately not America

  12. Oh, okay. This fool has no idea what he’s talking about.

    “According to Sessler, it is not good if the Wii U were to launch in November because it will be more expensive than software that will be releasing around the same time”

    Embarrassingly stupid statement.

    1. That is incredibly stupid its beyond stupid how the hell is gonna compare those games to a system??? Wtf why those games or why even say nonsense like that??

    2. Thank you…. 1+ this
      Comparing hardware with software is just stupid.
      Sadly this guy actually has followers
      Wii u will have a great launch this holiday season.
      Why would it be after the holiday when people bought all their new stuff for christmas

  13. I think it makes sense to release it before the new year since lots of people will want it for Christmas etc…. and many people want it right now so we want it now!! As long as it’s all sorted and the hardware and software is all ready to be used etc…

  14. Why is every idiot “analyst” in the country coming out of the woodwork to diss the Wii U? It’s like they’re paid by Microsoft to schedule interviews and say dumb shit.

      1. No it is not, the lineup is entirely shaped by ports and time exclusives and maybe 1 must have first party title. I don’t buy consoles for games I can already get.

        1. So you’re saying no other console launched with a similar strategy? You seriously expect the Wii U, or any other console, to get massive support at the start of its life? No console in history has gotten that kind of support at the start of its cycle. You start slow, and grow. Wii U is a new console. It still needs time to be experimented with. I don’t see a problem with the launch lineup. Is it awesome? No. But is it a bad lineup? No it is not. I assure you that the next Playstation and Xbox will start in a similar way, with plenty of ports and 1 time exclusives. It’s logical thinking.

          1. I see a problem with trying to re-sell old games and think people are really going to buy it in this new global recession. It isn’t going to be getting anywhere significant besides the Nintendo fanboys upgrading from Wii.

            Nintendo’s first party lineup is once again vomit inducing.

            1. The ports are the responsibility of the third parties. Nintendo didn’t pick Assassins Creed III and Batman AC for the Wii U, the third parties did, and they’re doing this to test the consoles capabilities. But if you’re upset about all the ports, that’s not something for Nintendo to concern themselves with, so the blame doesn’t rest on them.

              Third parties decided that they didn’t want to do it with new IPs just yet, not until they can see what it can do, and see how it will sell at the start of a new console cycle, and I think they will sell pretty well. Batman AC AE will be adding new features that are exclusive to the Gamepad, and it will be interesting to see how it, along with other games, works, and I think many gamers may be interested as well.

                  1. Right, people with existing HD platforms are really picking up a game they can already get for those platforms, but on the Wii U instead.

                    Makes heaps of sense.

                    1. Superior how, and do cite if the “superior versions” ever sell anything significant.

                      I bet you can’t, because you know whatever makes it “superior” is so negligible that it’s nothing but fanboy fluff.

  15. I wouldn’t be surprised if this happened, but I’m pretty sure it won’t.

    This is just another trollspeak from X-Play. They did this with Skyward Sword almost a whole year ago, and they’re just doing it again.

  16. How can he make the claim that it will be “delayed” when they haven’t even released an official statement on their planned release date?
    You can’t delay something without some sort of base date to delay it off of. He’s just working off of speculation.XD

    1. Because Nintendo has categorically said that the Wii u will launch “this holiday season”. That’s a confirmed date of 2012.
      Now, if it were to be released on 2013 it would be safe to say it was delayed, wouldn’t it?

  17. PC gamers hate Nintendo and console gaming because they just pirate games on PC. They think if Nintendo stops making hardware, Nintendo will put its games on every other platform, total bull. They will lie since they are already thieves.

  18. Some of the Wii U launch window games will probably get delayed, but there’s no way they’re gonna miss out on that Black Friday cash. It’s coming out in mid-November for $300. END. OF. STORY.

    1. your picture goes well with your comment, in addition to that i agree with you confused state of response to what Sessler said.

  19. You’re all being ridiculous fanboys. I love nintendo, and own exclusively nintendo systems, but to flip out when someone says something even slightly negative is ridiculous. Nintendo stock is dwindling, that’s a fact. So his comment that wiiU isn’t going to wow the industry is probably pretty correct because it hasn’t yet. Stock fell after e3 because nothing impressed. And I you weren’t all idiots you’d see that he probably means these games, AC3 and C0D especially, will be cheaper on other systems most likely. Or, already playable on systems people have so they won’t need a wiiU to play them. If I have AC1,2,-brotherhood, revelations on Xbox, why would I want to get the Wii version? Especially with the special features ubi usually includes for owning multiple versions/achievements.

    1. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

      nintendo’s tock is fine . they are going to make a horrible amount of money off the XL and NSMB2 and pokemon BW2 . nintendo is doing just fine ,
      sony is the one who is ‘dwindling’ .
      nintendo is doing fine right now . they are starting to make money off the 3ds sales now . so it will only get better for them from here on up ,.

    2. Because “ACIII with 1080p and 60 fps” (both not even confirmed, mind you) is apparently a selling point for the fanboys.

      Then when the game comes out and the truth is revealed that it’s actually 30fps like digital foundry found it to be, they’ll obviously try to come up with excuses or brush it off.

      1. Wow… don’t get your panties in a bunch.You’re acting as if videogames is rocket science.Fanboys what are you going to do, am I right?

    3. he didn’t say something negative, he said something that doesnt make any sense. Missing the holiday period would be downright fucking asinine for any hardware launch where it’s an option.

    4. Welcome to the Internet, where your whole conversation applies to just about any fandom. You see, there is a major difference though. You don’t see Nintendo fans going off to Xbox or PS3 boards complaining that our system is is better, yet you see the inverse pretty dang often. We have plenty of reason to be upset when someone comes out and says “This will fail” with little or no reasoning to back it up. At least we keep it within our own websites!

  20. I thought he was a supporter of the Wii when it came out, why now all the hate for Nintendo? G4 seems to hate Nintendo more and more, why?

  21. I think he means that everyone would rather buy these games for $60 rather than buy a new system because it’s just plain cheaper. Id rather the Wii U system launch sooner rather than later but for Nintendo it should mean more profit.

  22. It doesn’t matter what he believes in. Nintendo is going to launch the Wii U this year, and that’s a FACT! And of course it’s going to be more expensive than software, smart ass, it’s a console… does he think it’s a game?

  23. This Adam Sessler is really dumb if he think that Nintendo won’t cash in on the Christmas rush and make a head start against Sony and Microsoft.

    Nintendo said that the Wii U is being released this and it will be until they say otherwise.

  24. Ok then, so having a Holiday release would be bad because of four games coming out, one coming out at the very least a month and a half before the console comes out (most likely more), one being an exclusive to the 360, and two of which are going to be on the Wii U anyway? Jesus Christ this guy is an idiot…

    Isn’t Xplay the guys who gave Other M a 2/5? These guys have no idea what they are talking about…

  25. Or you can say its launching with some bery good games, so people know theyre getting quality games to go with a new system. Depends which way you look at it. Theres never really an easy time to release a console

    1. Also, people would be pretty pissed if they turned around and said “LOL next year”. I cant see them doing that and i cant see them missing out on the chance of making money in the holdidays

  26. What I think this guy means, is that the wii U will have a hard time selling games that are already going to be released on the consoles that people already own. I’m sure the wii U will sell good enough during the holiday season, and will most likely NOT be delayed. But I don’t understand why he is “increasingly confident” that it will be delayed.. this confuses me.

  27. lets wait for 13/9/12 to come around, I just wish people would stop guessing dates and wait for nintendo to say so.

  28. 4 things wrong with this: 1, it’s Adam Sessler… he’s a dick. Funny but a dick. 2. He believes it’ll be delayed when in fact no one even knows when the console is gonna come out. 3. HARDWARE ALWAYS COST MORE THAN SOFTWARE. 4. He’s “increasingly confident.” Now I won’t disagree with the fact that Ninten had a pretty quiet start due to E3, but it’s gettin some momentum goin and more support from all around.. But overall everything will be brought to light on Sept 13 and after.

  29. I just realised from the photo that the sync button is on the front of the Wii U instead of being in a little compartment with the SD card slot like it was with the Wii.

  30. Talking out his arse. He’s a clarvoyant/astrologer like that other prat Patcher. No content in what they say, but always hard to completly rule out. They just need to grab you attention, take some known facts and build a house of cards with them. Patcher in particular is no more realiable than than Mystic Meg, but can be just as compelling.

    1. Try reading what he’s actually saying. He isn’t saying anything bad, just that Nintendo is unnecessarily taking a risk by releasing it now. Most of the titles being advertised for the WiiU (not all, but most) either are already out or will be available on cheaper consoles, that’s dangerous for Nintendo. They could instead delay it for a while and build up a stronger launch catalog.

      I think Nintendo will be fine, though they would do better if they had a stronger launch line-up

        1. Exactly. Its prime for market. Nintendo always release home consoles around the same time. And id rather get AC3 and even Black Ops 2 on the WiiU, and alot of people will think the same. Not to mention exlcusives. If theres nothing really interesting to buy at launch, it wont sell that great (3DS, Vita most recently, and the 360, ps3).

          1. Yes, lots of good games are coming out in November – On all consoles. That’s what Sessler is saying.

            “And id rather get AC3 and even Black Ops 2 on the WiiU, and alot of people will think the same.”
            Outside this site, that’s not what I’ve heard at all. We’re in tough times, a sizeable amount of people don’t want to shell out a couple hundred bucks for a new console when most of the games they want will be playable on systems they already have. Yes, we know these games will have WiiU-only content. But what do you think is a stronger factor, extra game content or an outright shortage of money to even spend on the stuff in the first place coupled with a cheaper alternative right in front of them?

            I’m not saying Nintendo is gonna suffer hardcore or anything, I just think Sessler is, atleast this time, on the right track here. Realising the WiiU, with it’s current launch line-up, in November is odd.

      1. I did mate, but I dont think you get that what he says is a load of drivel. It’s no more founded than your horoscopes are today. It might sounded clever and reasoned, but then logic in this manner allows him to be wrong with authority. He is wrong.

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  32. WOW. You guys are harsh! Not that i think he should be talking about something he doesn’t know a thing about. but people can say whatever they want, you don’t have to throw a fit…

  33. ”[I am] increasing[ly] confident that the WiiU will a) not come out this year. b)will not provide the needed stimulation to the industry. I will probably eat my words on one of those points. By then I hope to have a video platform to apologize on. Selling console this Nov. with a price north of Borderlands, AC3, Halo 4 and CoD combined and announcing in Sept?” – Adam Sessler

  34. It may be easy to pirate a Wii game, I doubt it, but you can’t play a Wii game on pc or anything without a Wiimote, nunchuck and Wii sensor.

    1. There are workarounds to that. Glitchy on a lot of games but only because it’s still being developed. It’s not as impossible as you’d think (I was surprised when I found out too)

  35. i’m not sure how what he says add up. It will be more expensive than the software releasing around the same time what?

  36. This is kind of pointless. He said on his twitter feed that he thinks Nintendo will delay the Wii U. He’s not being hateful, he just thinks Nintendo is going to take more time to advertise it and then release it later. No big deal, guys. There wasn’t anything hateful in what he said. Did he say the Wii U would fail? Did he say Nintendo sucks? No. He said he thinks they’ll delay it. And the part about “needed stimulation” can be interpreted many ways. I assume he means that he doesn’t think the Wii U will encourage creativity like Nintendo wants it to. Which, once again, isn’t Nintendo hate. Just caution. He also said, “I will probably eat my words on one of those points.” Sessler is a smart guy. He’s worked in the industry longer than most.

    You don’t have to care about what he says, but you have literally no reason to insult him, since he did nothing wrong. And shame on you, alba. There was literally no reason to post this. You used a man’s personal twitter feed to incite more hateful comments (as if this site needed more of that), and literally no good came of it.

  37. Bing Bang Boom!!! This sounds like a joke… only April Fools aint for a while… Nintendo is goin to launch it in the fall because of Holiday season. That will generate GREAT sales. Also Nintendo says they will have the console ready for early release and they will release it early, because they DONT CARE about Xbox and PS. They said it like 10 times in the past month. So if Nintendo isnt scared of Xbox 720 and PS4… I doubt they are scared of CoD and Assasin’s Creed… Bop Bam Boom!!!

  38. I’ve learned not to trust his opinion anyway. He’s likely just speaking from his bias against Nintendo. The only compliment I can give is that I’m grateful he admitted he’d eat his own words. If the Wii U will not provide a boost to the industry, then what will. Oh, that’s right, graphics. Because graphics are totally what the entirety of gaming is about. Where is his basis for the game not being released this year?

    Even if he’s gone from X-Play, that doesn’t mean he’s any worth listening to. I don’t get why people say he was one of the few good people left there.

    1. The comment he’s making isn’t against Nintendo though…like, he’s not really bashing them. He’s just saying that the decision to release the console in November arguably isn’t the best option Nintendo has, so it’s strange why they’re seemingly rushing it out to the markets (I guess they wanna get it out before christmas hits? I dunno)

      And no one says graphics are what the entirety of what makes a game great – I’ve never seen anyone say that outside of people accusing others of saying that. It’s always regarded as something that enhances the gameplay experience, which is enough reason for hard work to be put in developing it. If you think that amounts to “durr graphics = everything” you’re an idiot.

      1. But Christmas would definitely be an ideal time to release it. I know I’m only one person, but I got the Wii for Christmas one year and intend to do the same with the Wii U. Surely other people would think the Wii U would be a worthwhile Christmas present.

        My statement about graphics was more of a stab against one of Sessler’s main complaints with the Wii. When Skyward Sword had yet to be released, he and Morgan Webb used the graphics as an excuse for why it would suck. Graphics are certainly important, but look at Xenoblade. That game is graphically inferior to plenty of other games, even those on the Wii, but that’s hardly that big of a problem because the game is just so awesome.

          1. Just gave a brief look at Conduit, and those are very impressive. I don’t think the Wii’s graphics are as bad as people make them out to be, but I think it’s more important if it’s better than the 360, not the original Xbox.

    1. nothing you said is true, might be delayed in Europe, i want you banned form this site sickr and or alba you listening . This Troll doesn’t even deserves EarthBound main character’s name.

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  41. I always liked XPlay until Sessler left. The guy has a true mind for gaming like no other. I remember after E3, he was shocked and felt the same way I did, with Nintendo having a pure lackluster show and having a NSMB2 come out and undercut the momentum of NSMBU, and focusing on Nintendo Land for the last 30 minutes of the presentation. I totally agree with this; I think Nintendo’s best bet on success is to delay it until next Christmas. Have an E3 conference that gives the games people want (new Zelda, 3D Mario, and other Nintendo titles). Announce a name change for Wii U (it will clear up a lot of confusion). Have maybe a 10 minute showcase showing Wii U launches such as NSMBU and Nintendo Land) and focus the rest on future titles (AND SMASH BROS:) I just don’t see Nintendo ever succeeding in the long term with Wii U. I are it bogging down, just as Wii did. And they need Nintendo Land packaged in. If all those things don’t happen, I don’t see Nintendo outdoing Microsoft or Sony next Gen.

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