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F1 Won’t See A Yearly Release On Wii U Due To “Casual” Audience

Codemasters senior producer Paul Jeal has confirmed that F1 won’t receive a yearly release on Wii U due to the causal audience the console will likely attract. Jeal says they will do things differently with Wii U after looking extensively at consumers who purchase original Wii games.

“I definitely think it would be something a little more suited to Race Stars first. Let them do the hard work of getting it working on the tech first!”

When asked whether that would be due to the audience, Jeal responded: “I think so, yeah.

“I also think it’s looking at the Wii SKU that we did. It did really well but there’s still questions with sales numbers… whether it is something that annually we could revisit year-on-year [and] would sell the same number of units year on year.

“[For] something like football, you need the newest content and there’s lots of changes, but with F1 the changes with the teams and drivers are really quite minimal, so instantly you’re quite stretched for new content.

“I think when you bring this over to the Wii where the audience is perhaps a bit more casual and they’re less likely to buy it year-on-year, you have to look at a slightly different strategy.”

101 thoughts on “F1 Won’t See A Yearly Release On Wii U Due To “Casual” Audience”

    1. We’re not hardcore gamers, nor are we casual. Hardcore gamers are people who feel insecure playing games, and stick to gory games. Casuals, well…

      1. Wrong. I’m a hardcore gamer and I actually hate gory games. Over-the-top violence turns me off. I even turn the blood off in the Assassin’s Creed games (wish more games had that option).

        However, I buy and play a variety of games regularly on all systems and platforms. Rated E-M, if they’re good, I’m playing them.

    1. its just full of OLD ports and games ALREADY ON CURRENT GEN CONSOLES. Devs are more familiar with ps and 360 tech than wiiU. Why break your back learning the wiiU architecture?

      HAHHAH WHAT A SHAME!!!!!!!!!


          wiiU is just the echo of the wii in terms of games and third party support. Developers reluctant to bring their games (casual audience scares them) or bring games yearly like this article suggests…

          third party games do NOT sell well on Nintendo consoles even COD did nowhere near as good as ps and 360. Only Nintendo exclusives sell loads espec the mario series.

          1. The wii gpu was made in 1998. The wii u gpu was made in 2009 at the earliest. Third party support will not be an issue.

            1. well this article proves your last point wrong since they are reluctant :P

              The wii had third party for about a year but devs got sick of the wii’s gamecube architecture with tacked on motion so they went for the hd twins…and Nintendo fanboys missed out on great third party games

              1. Well i didnt miss out on all the good third party games cos i have a ps3 so that makes your entire comment irrelivant.

                1. Notice I didnt say YOU but NINTENDO FANBOYS who only buy NINTENDO products

                  Please read carefully before commenting.

                1. The only thing the Wii U is next-gen in, is the release period.

                  Nothing else about it is next-gen. It’s a joke of a system that you suckers will undoubtedly go out in the rain and buy.

          2. How’s the Vita doing?

            Lol, anyway, you’re retarded if you think Developers won’t develop for Wii U. Wii U currently has the best line-up out of any system and it’s not even done revealing itself.

            If you’re coming here to be a butthurt Sony/MS fanboy, you’re in the wrong place.

  1. Oh look, another target of hate. Wow, the gaming industry is working 10x as hard to push out douchbags this month hasn’t it

      1. Hey, you know what sound is, ‘TheDragon234’? It’s the sound of your Daddy coming to give you some ‘special’ loving. So how ’bout you get off this site, go pleasure your Daddy like the bitch you are, and let the actual adults talk, hmm?

    1. That’s not hate. He’s thinking from a business standpoint and it’s smart. He’s being objective, weighing the pros and cons. Did you read the article??




                  1. No, you’re not. If you would do what you are saying you are doing, you’d have my full support. Instead, you’re being a little bitch bashing ANYTHING Nintendo related.
                    If you’d be hating on the fanboys you would only make a reply t those who make such comments, yet you make a regular comment bashing Nintendo before anyone said anything fanboyish.

                    You are the PS360 fanboy here, please fuck off now.

                    (and @Sickr, seriously man, get your act together. This community here is fucked up.)

                  2. Lol, I totally rendered everything you said useless, but just because I’m comlaining to Sickr in the same post I’m not ”fighting my own battle”?
                    How about you first reply to the things I said which were directed at you. That’s the only part you’re not replying to because you know you’re wrong :”’).

  3. Yes, because every console successor in history has kept the same audience from the prior console.

    Oh hang on. PS2 was the casual console of choice. PS3 had minimal casual appeal.

    1. and wii had casual games and shovelware and is now collecting dust :P whilst xbox and ps has a strong online community. Doesnt matter if you pay for it or not. Still a community

        1. yes it does. You said ps2 is casual. So is Wii. they are both consoles with games (well only ps2 had ALOT of GOOD games) and plenty of shovelware.

          Totally relevant.

          1. No, not at all. TonyHarisson’s point was the different audience attraction between consoles from different gens from the same company.
            The point being the Wii U can be very successful despite attracting a different audience.

            Totally irrelevant.

          2. And the PS2 successor was purely hardcore. Which means it didn’t automatically keep the same userbase from one console to the next. Which was the point here.

              1. :”””””) Look at you, only replying at the comments of which you know the writers are idiots, and ignoring the comments above (meaning you must have read them, just didn’t reply), of which you know they make your ”arguments” useless.

                Have fun keep acting an idiot.

      1. At least wii u version will look better than xbox and ps3 version ive got 3 slim ps3s and 3 slim xboxs for sale anyone wanna buy one

          1. and I thought you werent a graphic whore….. HYPOCRITE

            Jeez nintendo fanboys always going on about gameplay now that suddenly is 7 years late with HD.. the fanboys are crying with joy over graphics barely any better than what ps3 and xbox have churned out recently…

            welcome to 2005 kids

                1. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

                  the wii has better exclusives than the 360 .
                  ps3 does have some good exclusives though .
                  but seriously all you ‘wii haters’ .
                  if you werent such a noob to gaming , you would realise the wii has some truly awesome exclusive games .
                  dont reply saying ” it has a mario game duhhhh”
                  because super mario galaxy 2 completely pwns all 360 games . nuff said .its more fun , more complex better designed etc etc .
                  one day gates will slide his junk out of you turd box troll .

                  1. bill gates doesnt work for microsoft anymore u prick. He stepped down and is doing charity work.

                    DO YOUR HOMEWORK hahahahahahahha!!!!!!!!

                    1. Good for you! Now respond to the rest of what he typed :””).
                      Oh no wait, then it turns out you’re terribly wrong again :”)

      2. vigil games said darksiders two ran on wii u like the high end pc vrsion. get over it , the wii u is way more powerful than whats currently here, and its getting third party support just like the 360 did because its the first of next gen. who the hell even cares about this game anyway lol

        1. how is REHASH mario bros 2? Finished it yet? did you like the 1 million coin present… A WALLPAPER HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

          1. Is mario your only insult? He is stating project cars is better than F1 (Which it will be on every platform) and your only insult was insulting a 3DS game? Right. Can you please at least come up with decent insults?

          2. Why the hell are you bringing Mario when he is talking about Project Cars being better than this F1 shit which 100% true? What a weak troll you are.

          3. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

            IF YOU PLAYED NSMB2 , YOU WOULD SAY ”WHY WAS I TROLLING ON THIS ?? THIS IS ACTUALY REALLY GOOD!!!”. now go away and get a life .
            go and enjoy watching the playstation dynasty slowly collapseing .
            whilst they are trying to put out the ps4 , they got a titanic to worry about .
            microsoft and nintendo gunna dominate . RIP sony .

  4. When we start buying games that are deemed hardcore they’ll jump on the bandwagon. I remember when the wii hit developers were qouted as saying we missed a great oppertunity by waiting.

    1. LOL when did they say that? The Wii had SHIT tech that can NOT handle current gen games. Unless they GIMP their games….but if they did that then Nintendo fanboys will moan that our version is lame. Also third party games dont sell well on the Wii…. hell even COD didnt do well on the Wii…the Wii’s online… ROFL LMAO!!!!!! WHAT A JOKE!!!!!!!!!!! Thank god it was free for you. Can you imagine paying for such a shit service? Smash bros could of been great but nope… FUCKED ONLINE! haha atleast PS all stars will deliver great online :P

      Nintendo’s fault for being arrogant and stuck up thinking HD visuals was just a fad and using gimmicky motion…yes ps and 360 r doing gimmicks…but I dont buy that crap LOL Nintendo’s 3rd console now with lack of support. N64, GC Wii…

      wiiU FOURTH TIME LUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Yet another 5 year old lame troll talking in caps.Just what this site needed.Now for your prize…nothing…you acomplished nothing with this lame and obvious trolling.Go annoy your non-excistant friends on xbox live or PSN because you have a really sad life.Get a life.

      2. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

        you mentioned ps all stars . now gtfo . you know how mod nation racers compares to mario kart???
        that is how ps all stars will compare tosmash bros .
        its a horrible little clone . i hope it gets awful reviews .
        it probably will .
        there is only one brawler on earth . SSB !!!!!.

  5. The Wii U, I believe, will do what was difficult for the Wii. Developers (third party) now have a console that”s able to showcase their works of art. Therefore, the Wii U should get more multiplatform games, which should lead to more “hardcore” gamers supporting the system.

  6. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

    this is BS . from what i see the wiiu already has LOTS of hardcore games coming to it .
    so i dont get this . codemasters can shove there games up there ass hole then .
    nintendo has already confirmed they are trying to aim the wiiu at casual and hardcore .
    is he trying to say nintendo fans like me are casual ??????
    that mofo does not have a clue . what about the 450 hours i spent on monster hunter tri ?? mr codemaster . you will produce games for it when everybody buys it idiot .
    its just like the 3ds vs ps vita . the 3ds is better . nuf said . better games , more fun better .
    does that mean the ps vita is more ‘hardcore’ ??? no it meas it is a flop .
    this article is BS .
    i would take a console with 3ds like games than one with ps vita like games any day of the week .
    Codemasters . i now hate you .

  7. “F1 won’t receive a yearly release on Wii U due to the causal audience the console will likely attract. ”

    But your logo for F1 Race Stars looks like it would be a kiddie game. Am I missing something? I am unfamiliar with F1.

    1. They usually make super car racing mods. Race Stars has been a pc kiddie line of games theyve been making for the “casual” audience. And its always been terrible. This game is going to sell extremely poorly. Then they’ll blame nintendo for not supporting third party when codemasters isnt even willing to bring their hits to the new console. Thus ending with codemasters not being a wii u dev. I’d be glad if they did that, project cars will be better

  8. …there isn’t a set audience for Wii U because it HASN’T BEEN RELEASED YET. And a cartoony karting game doesn’t fit with a casual audience? Fuckwit.

  9. honestly I am glad they won’t be releasing a yearly installment of this franchise.. It sounds like the changes won’t be drastic enough to pay for a yearly installment. However, if the reason is because the Wii U is perceived as a casual system it doesn’t make sense because this game pretty much screams casual to me.. :/

  10. I don’t find it problematic that he thinks a Wii U version couldn’t sustain yearly releases. I find it problematic that he thinks this game could sustain yearly releases, period.

    Not every game can do that, in fact most games can’t. To assume that this game could be an annual franchise on one platform vs. another is just silly.

    And to use the argument that the Wii U doesn’t have an install base yet is also silly, because the game itself doesn’t have an install base yet.

  11. Seriously we need to stop taking these developers crap and petition the crap out of them, im sick of these developers getting away with such bullshit /rant

  12. Has anyone in the comments actually read anything other than the headline? He says that the “casual audience” (bad wording) are only branded that way as they are less likely to buy it year on year. Which is true of Nintendo fans. No matter what changes with Wii U, I hope they’ll never be stupid enough to buy yearly releases. I bought Fifa 10. I don’t buy 11 or 12. Now I have more of a reason to buy 13! I think a better release model would be to release every other year but release DLC to alter following the transfer season. The same true for games like Madden, NFL, F1, NBA and that kinda genre. It would mean they make money from the DLC but are also able to release a better game, meaning better reviews, meaning people that are more willing to buy it.

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